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Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr wants to run for President as the Libertarian Party candidate.  The first thing that ran through my mind on reading that was a wish that he could pick former Democratic senator Sam Nunn as his running-mate — just because the advertisements for the Barr / Nunn ticket would be a speck of humor in an otherwise utterly depressing election.

Several years ago, I heard the observation that the sign of a dominant political party in a democracy isn’t winning elections by huge margins. It’s consistently winning the close elections. That’s a sign that the winning party holds the support of the voters on the margin. In 2002 and 2004, the Republicans won the bulk of the close elections.

Now it’s 2008. And in that well-known bastion of liberalism, Mississippi.

I smell elephant roadkill, incoming.

I just noted a comment on an older post of mine accusing me, somewhat ungrammatically, of being a Republican and therefore an idiot. I find this sort of thing hilarious, because I’m not a Republican. In fact, I find myself wondering what definition of Republican people like that have in mind that they consider me to be one.

Is it party affiliation? I’m registered Democratic.

Is it who I plan to vote for in the election? Not John McCain, that’s for damn sure.

Is it which party I support financially? I don’t give a dime to the Republicans.

Is it supporting the campaign in Iraq? I think Bush has thoroughly botched it.

Is it being a religious nut? I’m a secularist.

My guess is that to people like this commenter, “Republican” simply means “Doesn’t agree with the left on everything.” If so, well, I’m guilty of that, but I prefer a different term to describe that — sane.