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I’ve got to buy one of these for Anne.

They really need to sell this in a two-pack with another shirt that says “Guys Love Bush”.

Update: A commenter on the original thread came up with the slogan for the equivalent Democratic shirt: “Chicks Love Johns”. As Glenn Reynolds would say, “heh”.

The makers of Kryptonite U-Locks have replied to my email concerning their tubular lock design and how it can be opened with a Bic pen. I asked if they have any intention of replacing the locks that current customers already own. This was their reponse:

Thank you for contacting Kryptonite. We understand your concerns regarding tubular cylinders used in some Kryptonite locks. The tubular cylinder, a standard industry-wide design, has been successfully used for more than 30 years in our products and other security applications without significant issues. Over the past couple of weeks the internet has fueled information on lock picking methods which we have never seen in the past. Any product with a tubular cylinder could be susceptible to this type of theft.

In 2000, Kryptonite introduced the disc-style cylinder in its premier line of products, the New York series. In 2002, Kryptonite began development of a new disc cylinder system for both its Evolution and KryptoLok product lines, which currently use the tubular cylinder design. These products are scheduled to be introduced in the next few weeks.

If you haven’t done so, please log on to our website and register for the Lock Exchange Program. More information will be e-mailed to you once you register.

Customer Service Rep.
437 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021
Phone: 800-729-5625
Fax: 781-821-4777

Now where have I heard a story like this before?

The Washington state headquarters for the president’s re-election campaign was broken into last night, and police are investigating the theft of three computers from the Bellevue office.

Missing are laptop computers used by the campaign’s executive director, the head of the get-out-the-vote effort and one that had been set for delivery to the campaign’s Southwest Washington field director, said Jon Seaton, executive director of the state’s George W. Bush campaign.

“If you’re just some burglar looking for computers to sell to buy drugs you take every laptop in the office maybe,” he said. “But they knew exactly whose computers to get. They got the executive director’s computer and the get-out-the-vote director’s computer.”

People have been arguing about which other campaign year this one most resembles. I think this is a data point for “1972”, although that would imply that Kerry is going to win, and win big, and then get impeached out of office.

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