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This is one of the many reasons I dislike John Kerry:

Kerry has yet to schedule a Tennessee campaign visit, concentrating instead for now on Michigan and Washington, where votes are scheduled on Saturday. His wife has scheduled a visit to Knoxville on Friday, according to Bill Owen, a Democratic national committeeman from Knoxville who serves on Kerry’s state steering committee.

“John Kerry is not trying to run a regional candidacy. He’s running for president of the United States, with an emphasis on the united,” said Kathy Roeder, spokeswoman for the Kerry campaign in Tennessee.

What exactly is this supposed to mean? As a native Tennessean, I can’t help but find this attitude more than a little offensive. And it’s not like Tennessee is a wasteland for the campaign:

Tennessee’s Democratic presidential primary was shaping up Wednesday as a contest that will help decide which of two Southern candidates is the last man standing against frontrunner John Kerry.

State Democratic Chairman Randy Button raised the possibility that the Tennessee primary could decide the race.

“It’s the Tennessee Thunderdome,” he said. “Three coming in and one going out.”

Maybe this has something to do with Tennessee’s state nickname: “The Volunteer State”. During the war of 1812, Tennesseans volunteered in great numbers to fight against Mexico. Tennessee also ranks number one among other states in the total number of soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

But what, exactly, does that have to do with Tennessee’s reputation as part of the United States? Does Kerry have some kind of a problem with Tennesseans having a history of jumping up to defend themselves and their nation?

More on this subject over at South Knox Bubba.

Another case of an asshat environmentalist tree-sitter:

A tree sitter who scaled an evergreen Thursday outside the Capitol to promote legislation protecting ancient trees was arrested by SWAT officers for trespassing less than three hours after his campaign began.

So this schmuck gets immediately arrested for trespassing? What’s the difference between this and the protesters who climb trees on logging properties and stay up there for months at a time?

Oh. This guy made the mistake of climbing a tree outside the Capitol building in Sacramento.

Dude, the protestors on logging lands are trespassing, too. It’s private property. But the authorities never come in and arrest them because they’re afraid of hurting them, or damaging the trees or some damn thing. It doesn’t seem that the Sacramento SWAT had any problems with it:

Soon after highway patrol officers were alerted, fire trucks with ladders arrived and a chain saw was used to cut a path through some branches. SWAT officers cut loose Lewis’ bags, sending them crashing through the branches to the ground below. Lewis followed them down the ladder about a half hour later.

Unsurprisingly, this guy is a member of Earth First, one of those supremely annoying domestic terrorist enviro-Nazi groups. He gives his name only as “Bear”, and his girlfriend calls herself “Sunset”. What is with these people and the hippie nature names?

But this is the best part:

Despite hauling two large bags of gear and buckets for his lengthy anticipated stay, Lewis apparently went unnoticed until a groundskeeper heard him chatting on his cell phone.

So let me get this straight. This guy (with 2 bags of gear) climbs 70 feet up a tree that is located right outside the state capitol building, and nobody notices? Priceless.

To the gentleman I almost ran over this morning on Joseph Speciale Drive:

I’m really sorry. I didn’t see you, as you were standing right in the blind spot where the left side of my windshield has a support pylon. I was also concentrating on the oncoming traffic (I was waiting to turn left) because it is a blind turn.

So your nasty look and mouthed “Excuse me” was probably warranted. But I would suggest in the future that you not try to jaywalk across the road in front of someone’s car. ๐Ÿ˜›

It makes me wonder about first impressions. Did this guy in a business suit take one look at me, with my spiky hair, T-shirt, driving a Lexus with White Zombie blaring from the stereo, and come to a conclusion about my personality and character that is incorrect?

Who knows. But it’s worth pondering. Maybe he’s not an asshole most of the time, either. ๐Ÿ˜€

Today’s remarkable uncanny resemblence is brought to you by the Kennewick Man, the remains of a 9,000-year-old man discovered in 1996 by two teenagers in Washington state.

This story link shows a speculative reconstruction of what this man might have looked like, based on his skull.

I think you will agree that he appears to be an extremely distant ancestor of Patrick Stewart.

Disturbing things observed on the freeway over the last two days:

A green minivan broken down on the shoulder. That’s not so amazing, except that the reason it’s broken down is because the front driver’s side wheel is missing.

I don’t mean a flat tire. Or even a missing tire. The entire wheel is gone.

About two hundred feet down the road I pass the wheel, which has come to a stop on the opposite shoulder and is laying there forlornly.

Large pieces of what looks like white concrete in the lanes, and which people are avoiding frantically. As I go past it, I realize it’s heavy styrofoam, but I’ve never seen car-sized pieces of styrofoam before. Some of it has been hit and there is a floating cloud of swirling foam bits for about a quarter mile down the road.

You just know that both of those folks are having really bad days.

With my new address and the upcoming California primary election, I had to reregister to vote. Because the GOP primary looks to be pretty boring this time around, I am now for the first time in my life a registered Democrat.

I feel like taking a shower.