Some conservative students at UCLA with a sense of humor recently marched in front of a group of liberal student protesters with a sign reading “This protest needs soap”.

In a letter to the editor of the Daily Bruin, some schmuck named Michael Cox reacts to this by saying:

For those who may not be aware of racism’s history, the group claiming supremacy always argues that those whom they oppress are unclean, stinky and, therefore, subhuman. . .

With the sign, I felt we got a taste, or should I say smell, of old, old-school racism. In my mind, the implication of the sign was that the progressive students were unclean and therefore subhuman.

No, you moron. What the sign means is that leftist liberal “progressives” like yourself are all socially maladjusted hippies who don’t believe in regular bathing and basic personal hygiene.

But watching this get twisted into a “racist” meaning is amusing.

4 Responses to “This Protest Needs Soap”
  1. Michael says:

    For the Left, It is alwaaaaaaays about racism

  2. Augusto says:

    It’s sad that when people don’t know how to defend their position, they have to resort to the racism charge. This trick works most of the time, the person who is charged with racism, either gives up or has to derail the argument to defend herself against the charge. The word is so charged, that it’s just a powerful yet cheap tool to nuke a debate.

    I just wish there were consequences for people who accuse others of racism, when the charge has no basis at all. I was watching a TV show where they were saying the CA DA was a racist, and all the TV talk shows were racist because of the Michael Jackson accusations. At first I thought this was a lone nut case saying this, but now I see that more and more. Not only pundits, but callers making this accusation. It’s incredible.

    Going back to the UCLA case, the student that was quoted, they don’t mention his race which I think they should. If he’s claiming racism, I want to know if he’s white, brown, black or green.

  3. Matt says:

    I love that the idiot who wrote the letter did the following:

    1) pointed out that bigots have historically referred to the uncleanliness of the subjects of their bigotry

    2) referred to the foul smell emanating from those who disagree with him

    I’m so impressed!

  4. Lou Wheeler says:

    They demean and trivialize the term, so that when a real racist comes along they don’t recognize him. Especially, when they are looking in a mirror.

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