I love stories like this.

[Fugitive] Eizember is in a Texas hospital recovering from four gunshot wounds that came from a gun concealed by one of his alleged kidnapping victims.

This guy is a suspect in a double-murder case. Thanks to the victim carrying a gun, he isn’t a quadruple-murder suspect.

One Response to “Victims Defending Themselves With Guns”
  1. JB says:

    Two future precautions Dr. Peebles and his wife need to take:

    1. Learn to shoot straighter (four wounds, with no solid hits, apparently…and they didn’t say, but my guess would be that the good doctor emptied the gun at the troglodyte he only wounded).

    2. Get a larger-caliber gun – the miscreant should never have been allowed to make it to the hospital alive.

    Otherwise, the doctor gets full marks.

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