I’m used to groups like the Stop the War Coalition making dire threats and predictions of huge numbers of protesters at various events. Bush’s visit to London (the first official State visit by an American President in history, and at the specific invitation of the Queen) was supposed to result in 60,000-100,000 protesters flooding London streets in an anti-American rage.

Well, it hasn’t happened.

Fewer than 100 anti-war protesters were standing outside Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night as Bush and his entourage arrived in two helicopters…

And this is my all-time favorite quote:

“We haven’t got started yet. You just wait ’til Thursday!” vowed protester Ann Butler, 63, who had taken the train into London from suburban Kent county in hopes of getting within shouting distance of Bush.

Pardon me a moment while I double over laughing my guts out.

Even London, the reputed locus of British anti-American leftism, can’t even summon a hundred people to protest Bush’s visit there. Highly amusing.

UPDATE: The Edge of England’s Sword has some eyewitness accounts from on the ground. My favorite quote from the comments section there: “Loony Lefties. Couldn’t organize a beer night in a brewery.”

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  1. Cranial Cavity says:

    Mr. Bean…err, Mr. Bush in London

    So, GWB arrives safely in London. After various scare stories in the World’s media outlets, and Britains security services, at least he touched down at Heathrow without taking an SA-7 in the tailfin. It would appear the real threat was…

  2. Oops says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    Protestors Rally Against Bush’s Visit to London
    Published: November 20, 2003 New York Times

    LONDON, Nov. 20 — Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Trafalgar Square cheered and whistled today as a papier-mâché effigy of President Bush, painted gold to resemble the toppled statue of Saddam Hussein, was yanked to the ground at a peaceful rally.

    Marching their way through the heart of the city as dusk settled over Big Ben, the protesters took to the streets to express their anger over Mr. Bush’s state visit, his policy on Iraq and his close alliance with Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    The protest, which the police say was 70,000 strong and the organizers put at 150,000, was one of the biggest-ever midweek demonstrations in London. The police lined the streets along the demonstration route to ensure order, and succeeded in large measure.

  3. Anne Haight says:

    Yes, I did read about that today. The best numbers I have found support several thousand people turning out for protests.

    Ok. That’s fine. I was worried mainly that it was going to turn into a huge riot that left London vandalized (which protest rallies by leftists often do). I was pleasantly surprised that this protest was largely peaceful, with only a handful of arrests.

    Could just mean that British lefties are more civilized. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Frolicking Nomad says:

    I have to quibble with your parenthetical comment on protest rallies by leftists turning into riots and vandalism. That’s actually more a characteristic of anarchists and militant anti-globalization groups than just plain leftists. (Yes, I know they’re not all rioters and vandals. And while I can understand anarchists being into that stuff, I don’t quite get what breaking store windows has to do with not liking the IMF.) Molly Ivins was a big fan of Austin’s famous “Moon the Klan” rally, but not of the WTO riots. And when was the last time you heard Ralph Nader incite violence? Most of us leftist protesters are quite content with making nuisances and/or spectacles of ourselves.

  5. Garelik Jane says:

    There is no benefit in the gifts of a bad man.

  6. brandon says:

    how about 400,000 in new york city????

    our own country, who will vote this man out of office…

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