Okay, so somehow I became aware of what appears to be the latest, greatest weight loss scam/MLM (Multi-Level Marketing, aka Ponzi scheme).

Let me just preface by saying that yes, this is a scam. And no, I don’t need to know what it is to make that judgement. You may be wondering, “But how do you know it’s a scam, then?”


I have not, as yet, been able to find out exactly WHAT Visalus IS. I can deduce that it is some kind of vitamin/herb/otherbullshit supplement that people are intended to pay lots of money for.

What I HAVE found, however, is at least 13 pages of Google search results (I stopped looking at them at that point) of fake websites trying to persuade me that Visalus is awesome and totally not a scam and I should definitely get involved and become a reseller.

The first search result is, unsurprisingly, the product’s homepage. What is interesting about this site is that it does not look like the website of a company selling a dietary supplement. It looks like a media site devoted to videos, public events, a “flash mob” video, and various other crap designed to make the company look new and exciting and “a big deal”.

Everything is in video form. There are no articles or text discussion of the product itself, what it is, what it does, or (perhaps most importantly), what it contains.

Instead I am asked to view videos of people telling me how great it is and that I should totally get some and become a fan.


I took a screenshot so you don’t have to give them page views.

As for the other Google search results, they fit into one of several categories:

1. Fake personal blogs

These are websites that have names that make them seem like they are the personal blogs of normal everyday folks like you. Sites like “darrenlittle.com”, “meetstaci.com”, and “andrewmurrayhq.com”.

2. Fake consumer protection sites

There are a number of reputable consumer protection and scam-exposure sites on the internet (such as Snopes, the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report, and others, along with various government websites concerning fraud). If you go to sites like this, you will learn that Visalus is indeed a scam run by crooks.

But if you go by Google search results, you get page after page of sites like empowernetwork, mlmbrothers, visalusscams, homebizscams, and other completely fake sites that exist for no other reason than to attract Google search and provide yet another sales pitch to the gullible public.

3. Fake financial advice sites

These are designed to look like they are legitimate, online sources of news and business information, and industry “tips” on how to manage your money and take advantage of hidden opportunities. They have names like onlinewealthpartner, the25dollarmillionaire, rebootyourmarketing, realestatearticle, and other stupid names that kinda-sorta sound like they might be comparable in reputation to, say, Forbes.com.

4. Fake health/nutrition/body building sites

5. Websites designed to look like they are about something else totally unrelated like electrical contracting and lawn furniture vendors.

6. Fake news radio/TV station sites

I think you guys get the idea by now.

What is really fascinating to me is the sheer brute effort that someone (or some company) has put into creating this fake internet presence and this “sphere” of self-referential “evidence” for a product that is not readily described.

Any company that tries this hard to make themselves look legit is not legit.

I shouldn’t even have to say that. Maybe if I get lucky, this post will get cross-linked enough to actually show up in the search results early enough for people to find it.

13 Responses to “Of Course ViSalus Is a Scam. What Are You, Stupid?”
  1. Jonann says:

    I have been on Visalus for 6 months now and I have lost 51lbs. It has only cost me a total of $150.00. I know you cannot join a gym for that or even get on WW for that not to mention all the other procedures and weight loss programs out there. This is not a scam it really works.

  2. Jesse says:

    Anna, I am surprised that a person can put this elaborate of a website up and be so uneducated at the same time… You obviously have not done very good research on Visalus.. I’ve been with the company since day one and have experienced all the hardships of a start up company and growth of passion.. None of this information good or bad has been ever hidden from the public’s eye… If you actually did some real research you would find all this to be true.. Everything that you posted is misguided information from a hateful heart.. I have no ambition to quarrel you on this, nor will I be back here.. I just hope that theres a glimpse of hope for anything else you decide to give your opinion on before you go slandering a topic.. I leave you with this.. “What you Sow is what you reap, if you are to gain the trust of others and mislead them, what you get is what you deserve.” Good day to you..

  3. kody says:

    What are your credentials and what company would you recommend? There are so many out there.

  4. Myndie Sue says:

    I want to thank you for your research on this. And yes, your link did come up when I began researching Visalus. I had been trying the product for about three weeks and after being told that there are adverse side effects and non-digestible products in it, I cancelled everything I had with them. I wasn’t in it for money, I never tried to recruit anyone, I just wanted something healthier for my son who has down syndrome. I am so glad I had not started him on this yet, there are too many health risks to him without it, with it would have been disastrous. We will just do research on doing it the hard way I guess, by getting off our butts and making the time to exercise and get active. Thanks again!

  5. Samantha says:

    FYI, multi-level marketing and Ponzi schemes are NOT the same thing. Start you argument out on an intelligent level to gain any respect on your view. Albeit narrow-minded, unresearched, and frankly quite juvenile and bitter.

  6. Vort Ameer says:

    You are so right man. I actually got involved with selling with this company, and it is so mother f’d up. They tell you to go up to your friends and family to sell your products to them. The stuff isn’t cheap and even though it tastes all right they make it seem it like it’s the best friken thing that’s come out in the world. They really don’t offer anything new in terms of ideas. All they say if you drink their empty half tasteless drink instead of fries and burgers and if you excersize more, that you will SURE LOSE WIEGHT! First off, I’m fit already, and I have a six pack, so that didn’t appeal to me, but really the novelty they hold to the idea of losing weight by not stuffing your face all day and excersizing is what they count on.

    Also, every single one of those websites and blogs that says it’s not a scam, is actually protecting you from the fact that essentially it is in fact a scam. But really it’s only a scam in the way that its a microcosm in economic life today. To explain, like in today’s reality, we live in a world where a very very very few amount of people actually benefit wholly and, not only this, but supersede all others in their accumulation of wealth in its many material forms. Like this, very very very few people in Visalus are actually able to see the sort of profits that they describe. For obvious reasons these people are highlighted the most, and as a result people feel as though they too are able to reach this level.

    Of course this is completely true, you or me or anyone of us may very well become BMW owner, or reach the $100,000 level. The only thing is though, at what cost. Are you willing to alieanate your self from your friends, are you able to make this you’re full time job, are you able to constantly tell half truths about your products, are you able to cleverly word your presentation of these products to avoid promissing to much explicitly and yet to leave enough to the imagination that people still want to buy? And worst of all, are you able to recruit others on the idea that they too can make large amounts of money, knowing full well that you’ll probably see them leave the program very shortly once their expectations aren’t met and their hopes fizzle out, and they realize they’ve spent too much money in the first place and have alienated thier closest friends and family? ( I never went to anyone in my family or friends to ask to buy this.)

    Something I found is that a lot of these people who do well, have sold many products like these before, weather visulus or some other product. I met a guy through this that worked for world financial group, and was quiet successful doing this as well $100+. The way that worked was you can help to arrange people debts and finances, all good, no problem there. But then like visalus there’s the incentive to sell more, to more people, and sell different products. You can sell all types of different insurances, and stocks, and bonds. Of course all with little to no coverage for unnecessary occurances in the first place, or low divedend products.

    Anyways, I’m getting off topic by talking about World Financial group. But this guy who I mentioned earliear that worked for world financial group moved to visalus with but load of his friends. My point is these guys have wonky moral compasses when it comes to making money. I still haven’t figured out if it’s completely deliberate, or that they just don’t fully comprehend the amount of money they’ve basically swindled out of people at their last job. The fact is that generally people who are succesful in visalus often have a similar past of working with similarly structured companies such as Visalus. Visalus like world financial group, or many companies like it are structured in a pyramid structure, where the people who get in early and are higher up to begin with will make the most money.

    (among some other proffessions I met of these people were salesmann of ( shotty candles, knives, excersize equipment, door-to-door energy contracts(no kidding, they’re called Direct Energy and they tried to sign my grandpa up to this) actually had a complete expose of this company with the faces of supervisors making rounds in my city))

    So to sum, despite its many caveats you could feasibly make some amount of money on this. The fact is 99.9% people don’t fall within the category of people that fit the requirements. And in my opinion that’s a good thing if you need to sleep at night, I wouldn’t feel right selling people things they don’t need and pretending that I’m motivated as a health promoter. I don’t think any modern society could exist without salesman to move products in some way, but when you have an organization like Visalus that has a structure dependent on the fact you need to have an image of a health promoter instead of a salesman, then that crosses the line of underhandedness to me. I have to give credit where it’s due, Visalus is a company that offers it’s people many ways to make money and get started, but the numbers most certainly aren’t on your side, and to tip the the other way isn’t worth it.

    Now some may argue that, or some may have read all this past stuff and decided that they’re truly special, and that they’re not an asshole and that they can still this product in a moral way. The fact is they will force you to sell to friends and family, as soon as you enter, they get you to make a list of all the people in your friends and family that you first want to approach about Visalus, then you’re “supervisor” or “guider” or whatever the fuck they call him is supposed to sit next to you as you make these phonecalls. Now of course you’re only starting off and not a pro like these sick bastards, so what you’re supposed to do is hand over the phone(with your friend or family member on the other line) and let them close the deal. ( just imagine what your friends or family members are thinking about you at this point.)

    Or you may be thinking that with enough motivation or with the right ‘mindset’ you can solve any task before you. I can tell you this way of thinking is probably what bothered me to no end.

    We had to go to this head leaders house and listen to him spew out these business philosophies that you here from 1am infomercials. all along allong the lines of… “hey, are you tired of your job, are you tired of making the same amount of money as the guy next to you when you know you deserve more? do you want to break away from the pack? Do you think that you have something more special to offer than what your 8hr job can offer, or- or – are you tired of having a ‘job’ to begin with? What is a job any ways, right?”….. With this sort of bullshit they invoke a stunning amount ideas and emotions, all meant to seem simple and easy to follow, but which also come with assumptions, and create scarecrow arguments, especially towards the invalidity of the way most people tend to earn their living, as a result making you’re way of thinking and those around you a villain, or an obstacle which must be overcome.

    Who can disagree that they feel they have something special about them to offer to the world, the thing is we all really do. I don’t give a damn what people think, we’re all special, even the guy who happens to be spewing out the nonsense I mentioned above. But you can’t equate this to the idea Visalus is in any way an avenue of this self expression in our lives, or any money making scheme for that matter. To it seems like saying ‘ you love your kids don’t you?! You want the best for your kids don’t you?! Then you want to give them everything they want don’t you?! Then you need to make the most money you possibly can don you?!’ … what I’m trying to say is that you don’t need to resort to manipulating people’s emotions to get them to become good salesman. It’s not professional, it’s not what they teach you in any Undergrad business class, or in any MBA or in any board room or law practice(my dad) or medical school(older brother).

    They try to tell you that this will give you practice in sales, but the fact is professional salesman are never taught to overlook the implications of their product. So if your considering being a salesman as a lifelong profession, I would consider what I’ve said so far closely. Also know that as a salesman, the number one rule is KNOW YOUR PRODUCT.

    This is something that Visalus doesn’t allow you to do. All nutritional references to Visalus are made dependent on company, this means Visalus is allowed to fund the research and choses which information is given to the salesman as well as on the product labels them selves. On the whole though from my research alone, I’ve found some conflicting information, not all of it bad, but in itself should be concerning. A lot of this has to do with the fact the things like the amount of Vitamin b12 for example is found in different levels depending on the study. Although some studies have been conducted independently, some of these are funded by Visalus, which WILL ALWAYS cite these ones over others. What isn’t known yet is the amount of toxic metals and BPH , MCPMB, that is usually at safe levels for these and other shakes such as protein shakes and stuff like that. If you’d like some starting point on info for visalus look up http://healthyfamiliesforgod.com/2011/12/more-ingredients-reveal-more-dangers-with-visalus-products/

    i know for me personally, it gave the fukin runs hahaha, but that might have been other things, but I never got hives until I tried Visalus, and now I get hives for other things too, so maybe it triggered it.

    As I’m sure could be said about many things, whole books worth of pages could fill what I’ve learned about not only Visalus, but companies like it. A lot of which i never mentioned here as this whole writting was just a bit or procrastinatory break in between studying for my differential equations course at my university. NNL ( short for none the less) I’m signing off, and I hope this was all of some use. It’s all up to you from here on out. Good luck

  7. Nic says:

    Love this and I o hope it reaches the first page of google.vi is a scam put together by you g millionaires who are just brilliant at what they do.they se mind numbing tactics such as telling people ” if you want to remain loser and stay broe then do t join visalus” .seriously!they rake people in to keep up with their lifestyles ,they’ve convinced people that they need visalus and will have te same rich life as te founders.any gimmick out there,visalus has tweaked and used t.the products are highly over priced and after tie the over se of the bad soy makes people sick.it usually starts with daily earaches .bloating,cramping and then terrible constipation.stay away from this lie!

  8. Ashley says:

    Thank you for posting this. I do not like how they are scamming people!

  9. Jeff Deas says:

    You don’t know what it is, and don’t need to know to make that judgement? That tells me exactly how much credibility that you have! Wow, pretty judgemental about it not to have the facts aren’t we? I am a new promoter of visalus products and can tell you that it is in fact NOT A SCAM, but rather a legitimate business opportunity for anyone willing to do the necessary work! I am already making a small fortune. You would probably say the same about Amway, do some research and find out real facts before posting such misinformation.

  10. J says:

    ViSalus is a life changing meal replacement shake that is sweeping the nation and helping millions of people live healthier, happier lives. Not lonely doe sit help you lose weight, it helps you get fit and gives you tips, excercises and meal plans to help keep it off! Believe or not believe that is your right but talk to someone who has taken it and you will see that it is not a scam. I personally have lost over 50 pounds and have not put any off it back on and a good friend has lost 100 lbs!

  11. JC says:

    Great research you have done.

    This product is a joke. Compare their box a vitamins to a drug store jeneric and you will see how much money you are getting ripped off.

    Their product is getting more people to sell the vitamin. If it was such a good vitamin then you would see it sold in stores.

  12. Denise Betancourt says:

    Hi, I was looking for any report in Business Bureau and in Ripoff Report as well and I did not find anything abour Vitalus, Where a can find more information in order to know if this is a scam?, Thanks

  13. Mac says:

    I have a couple of friends who’ve started the whole ViSalus thing, and who preach about how it’s going to change their lives (though they place a huge emphasis on ‘recruitment’ rather than sales, which should be enough of a warning flag to anyone who may listen).

    Reading your blog was the perfect antedote to the blubbering drivel that they spout in promoting the whole scam, and a rare spot of honesty in the deluge of pro-Vi propaganda that fills Google’s searches.