This is an interesting twist on a natural phenomenon that may be responsible for the mysterious vanishings of various ships in the world’s oceans.

“Methane bubbles from the sea floor could, in theory, sink ships and may explain the odd disappearances of some vessels, Australian researchers reported on Tuesday. . .”

“‘A recent survey revealed the presence of a sunken vessel within the center of one particularly large eruption site, now known as the Witches Hole.'”

This is very intriguing, if true, and there seems to be a decent amount of evidence to support the idea. I have always favored natural explanations for things such as the Bermuda Triangle legends (and upon research, many of those “mysterious” disappearances are not really that mysterious), even though I am open to more mystical explanations. I don’t want to say supernatural, since to me everything is natural by definition, including human civilization.

Some people are fond of the “Atlantis” theory behind the Bermuda Triangle, although I’ve never understood exactly how a sunken city would be devouring ships without a trace, or why. Even if you accept the premise, it breaks down upon further analysis.

The earth is capable of some pretty weird stunts. For centuries people have observed that many animals appear to be able to sense an impending earthquake. This was considered supernatural in some way, some inexplicable sign of animals’ attunement with nature that humans lacked.

As it turns out, earthquakes are typically preceded by shifts in the earth’s local magnetic field, which we know some animals can sense. The shifts appear to be caused by intense pressure of deep shifting soil against mineral deposits, such as quartz, creating a piezo-electric pulse that can be detected on sensitive electronic equipment.

This is just one example of how modern science finds reasonable explanations for things that seemed to be inexplicable or magical in nature. I’m confident that science will continue to discover more such fascinating tidbits. Our civilization is in its infancy, especially technologically speaking. We shouldn’t be that surprised that we haven’t learned the answer to everything yet, especially with only about 50 years worth of recorded data on things like climate phenomena.

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  1. Sean O'Hara says:

    There’s a much simpler explanation for the Bermuda Triangle — it’s a really big patch of ocean with a lot of islands. More boats and planes disappear there for the same reason more people disappear in Long Island than the Nevada desert. If you drew a comparably sized triangle between Indochina and Australia with Malaysia/Indonesia inside, you’d see just as many unexplained disappearances.

  2. Gary Utter says:

    The same phenomenon has been considered as a cause for the disaappearance of planes on certain routes.

    In the case of a ship, a huge methane bubble would come up and open a hole in the water into which the ship would fall, instant sinking. The same thing can effectively happen to a plane (at least in theory). The huge methane bubble comes up and opens a hole in the air, into which the plane falls. If the plane is close enough to the ground (and apparently this condition can only occur in mountainous terrain), it can crash before the pilots can recover.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard this theory before, and it’s not too far fetched. Methane deposits underneath the sea bed are disturbed by seismic activity and would come to the surface as a foaming froth like the whip on top of a cup of expresso. And since ships can’t float on top of foam, they would very quickly lose bouyancy and sink. Of course, the $64 question is can it happen? since it’s never been documented an a scale needed to sink a large ship in minutes.

    I’ve followed the mystery of the triangle for all my life, and I agree, I would like to see a scientific explanation in my lifetime that explains it, I do not belive it’s the result of UFO’s, aliens, crop circles or lost cities. Mysteries of the universe end up being far more mundane than that.

    I recall watching reruns of an old, old syndicated “Unexplained Phenomenon” show hosted by Leonard Nemoy that was originaly produced in the 70’s. It’s kind of cute to watch him wax poetic about how an answer to somthing may never be known, nevermind that in the 30 years since the show was taped, the answer has been found 🙂 or the “scientists” doomsday predictions of worldwide famine by 1998 or earth being ripped apart by super earthquakes have failed to even come close to materializing

  4. Chase says:

    You should tell about how vthey go missing and why some ship s are found abandonedwith every thing else normal

  5. Desert_Eagle says:

    The explanation for the bermuda triangle is very simple – it is an elaborate trap constructed by were wolves, in order for them to be able to eat and remain undetected by humans.

  6. Natalie says:

    I will like to know about who are the people that dissappear? What are the things that happen there?
    When did this mysterious thing happen? Why is it happening? How did it happen?

  7. ieta says:

    it is weird enough to know that too many ships and aircrafts lost there.. but then, it is also too weird as we doesn’t know why those ships are dissapeared..

  8. Brandon says:

    This is more of a question but how does this theory explain no radio contact or attempt. I s this caused by the magnetic field that lies under the water on the oceans floor?
    Please post responses!

  9. Ashley M says:

    i would like to know if there are any waves in that area, how they disappear, and why no radios and compasses work in there

  10. Anne Haight says:

    First of all, we should clear up some misconceptions about the Bermuda Triangle and the odd occurences therein.

    The Bermuda Triangle is loosely defined as a triangular region of the ocean whose points are marked by Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. It is also sometimes called the Devil’s Triangle.

    To be blunt, there is nothing unusual about this area of the ocean. It does not exhibit any unusual characteristics, either magnetically or otherwise. Yes, there are waves there.

    Also, an examination of the details of the disappearances (most of which produced some evidence of a crash, such as debris) reveals only a handful that are truly mysterious. My research uncovered about 4 incidents out of hundreds that were, to me, difficult to explain based on the evidence available. But the majority were actually just ordinary accidents that are included on the lists of “mysterious” incidents only because they happened to occur within the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle.

    There have been cases of boats and flights of aircraft having instrument malfunctions. These failures may have natural sources, such as the phenomenon known as St. Elmo’s Fire.

    St. Elmo’s Fire (named after the patron saint of sailors) was first observed on ship masts hundreds of years ago. It is observed in modern times on the wings and bodies of aircraft, as well as ships. The blue/green glow that is seen is caused by the building up of a positive electrical charge responding to an area of negative charge in the sky. It’s usually seen around strong thunderstorms, but not always. Considering that planes and ships are made of metal, this is not too surprising.

    St. Elmo’s Fire is sometimes observed in connection with ball lightning, a poorly understood electrical phenomenon that can occur in seemingly calm weather, and is believed to be a plasma ball encased in some kind of natural magnetic field.

    The instances of Bermuda Triangle incidents where there is some kind of instrument failure almost always report (when there is any communication record) the observance of St. Elmo’s Fire. It is a simple conclusion that the instrument failure is the result of electric overload or shorting of the craft’s systems. This is known to occur and is not especially mysterious.

    Instruments behaving strangely is another possible symptom of this electrical disruption. The most famous aircraft loss was the disappearance of a flight of P-51 Mustangs in the area. As I recall from my research, the obvious conclusion was that the flight’s instruments were not reporting correct information (St. Elmo’s Fire was observed by the pilots), and the flight went off course and got lost (it was night), eventually running out of fuel. A terrible accident, but not especially supernatural.

    Statistically, the losses in the Bermuda Triangle are not significantly higher than in other areas outside of the Triangle’s boundaries. There is historically very high ship traffic in that region, because of commerce throughout the Caribbean and the coasts of North and South America. So there is greater opportunity for mishaps, and the actual number of losses will seem high.

    Also worth noting at this point is an entirely different phenomenon of the Atlantic Ocean called the Sargasso Sea. This is a large area in the middle of the Atlantic where the tradewinds do not blow, and sailing through them without a motor is dangerous, if not impossible. Sailing ships that wind up in the center risk being becalmed and unable to escape, and there is evidence that there is an enormous ship graveyard there from centuries past. Again, an entirely natural phenomenon.

  11. george says:

    i think that ppl go into the triangle and just die

  12. Tiffany Gray says:

    I would love to know about the people who were never found like when they dissappeared and what exacually you think happened to them and do you think that they are actually gone like dead or what. Also I would lke to know why you don’t just send scuba divers (professionals) to see if there is anything paculuar i the bermuda triangle because if you will risk sending planes full of people across the triangle then you can risk sending a few divers into the water to try to solve the mystery.
    PLEASE send reply to my e-mail adress as stated above.

  13. Richardeep says:

    Nice idea! If we can send some professional divers with a water-plane-base can be fantastic, those divers can communicate through radio to the base to report how is the zone and etc. So we can discover what is this all about?

  14. aLien says:

    i think its just blah blah… those men may be traitors …….

  15. Bilal Bin Saeed says:

    but wait a minute .. wat abt that sub-marine .. which reported to see another sub-marine in a distance of 100 m .. but the radar ppl said there’s non over there …. and then the sub-marine was lost … it is mysterious

  16. brogan kenny says:

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  17. James Bond says:

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  18. G. Tolan says:

    According to the show I watched last night on Discovery channel, scientists have been trying to find a logical reason for the vanishing in the Bermuda Triangle. They asserted that the main reason causing ships to sink, and airplanes to crush into the ocean could be methane gas causing bubbles underwater. In addition, %1 of methane gas in the air causes airplane engines to stall based on the experiment in the show. Therefore, the methane gas can be the reason.

  19. josh tihista says:

    it is a very good article, but i have a differnt theory about it. i heard a story of this guy who was flying over the bermuda and he was talking to someone and he said his altimeter said he was inclining so he started to decline but, in a moment he was at the water and he went under never heard of again. so my theory is at the triangle the gravity is reversed, but its not strong enough to actually pull the objetcs up, but it is enough to mess up the altimeter and it wants to pull objects upward but your really not going up then you dive bomb into the water.

  20. anonymous says:

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  21. Afarsid says:

    The mystery is really a combination of several factors. What some of you don’t know is that there are mysterious trenches and very deep waters in the bermuda triangle, strips of water that are known to be some of the deepest in the world. That is why excavating the sea floor is not a possibility in some places. Furthermore, in the area there seems to be eruptions of methane gas on the sea floors which rise thousands of feet to the surface and into the sky which cause ships and airplanes to stall and malfunction. It was discovered that only 1% of methane gas was need to cause airplanes to stall and at times the air above the waters was recorded to have well above that amount. Scientists even did tests that proved its devastating effects. The elmo fire is another scientific explanation for some of the inexplicable things. This was already explained in a previous post in very good detail (Ashley M). These explanations coupled with other hindered facts (refer to Ashley’s post) are a valid reason for disappearances.
    I think the answer to the mystery of the bermuda triangle lays on the sea floor.

  22. M. Hudson says:

    Hi everyone. Gravity fluctuates from point to point on the planet. What may weigh 130 lbs may weight 120 in another area. Altimeters record this and can act accordingly. If the gravity fluctuates enough then it can cause an airplane to read that it is far higher than it really is. In heavy fog or rain, if there is a large enough gravity fluctuation then an airplane can hit the water and never know that anything is wrong. Pockets of methane gas can also build up on the surface of the water and ignite with St. Elmo’s fire or a match in the right circumstances. These events are mysterious yes, but unexplainable. No.

  23. Correcting M. Hudson says:

    Altimeters do not measure gravity, nor does weight differ from one area to the next. Altimeters are used in two different fashions. One is by measuring air pressure, not gravity, and the other is by transmitting a signal to Earth,( a reflective surface), and receiving that signal back through a receiver. The reason that the Altimeter Indicator reads as if the aircraft is climbing is simply because the Methane gas is less dense, hence lower pressure. Therefore the instrument is tricked into thinking that it is higher than it is.

  24. L K Tucker says:

    One of the cable TV channels, the
    Discovery Channel or the History Channel recently aired a program about the five missing Navy planes off the Florida coast.

    One of the segments of the program was an experiment using the same engine those planes had to determine if methane would cause the engine to fail.

    Methane was fed into the air intake of a stationary engine on a test jig. Very little methane would cause the engine to stop.

    They theorized that if the planes were at low altitude the pilot would not be able to correct the problem in time to avoid ditching in the sea.

    L K Tucker


  25. Person says:

    I believe that they are mathane hydrates that cause the ships sinking and airplanes crashing. The Methane is released when siesmic activity hits a methane pocket. The methane is then released in a plume, and since the water suddenly becomes much less dense it sinks. The change in density also affects airplane engines, causing them to ignite and fall into the sea. National Geographic has actually tested this using air under a pleasure craft, and it worked.

  26. Freak says:

    The bermuda triangle is a hive mind of spirit creatures who tear ships apart. It has lived for eons and is EVIL. STAY AWAY.

  27. bob says:

    Far waway, right?

  28. Anne Haight says:

    Freak/Person/bob has been banned for impersonating multiple people.

  29. Tom Bryson says:

    I was a comerical pilot for 6 years when I got a liscence to fly a Learjet 300. My first paid flight was to deliver one of theese from San Juan to a buissness man in Talahasse Fl. I caught a charter to Puerto Rico and flew the learjet back. The flight was at night and the weather was bad: -dense cloud from 500 ft to 6500 ft. I was flying at 7000 ft about 30 mins into the flight when I flew into cloud. I thought I must have descended into it but the altimeter read 7000. I checked with ATC and I had the right setting so I must still be at 7000 right? Wrong. 15 mins later I see theese lights appear from nowhere straight ahead and I couldn’t tell how far away they were. there was 3 of them in a triangle shape with the brightest on top, and two yellow ones lower and to each side. I couldn’t understand it and it took me a few seconds to try and figure what it was. It didn’t look like any aircraft I know. Within 10 seconds I was close enough to make out a partially illuminated white beam under the top light. By the time I realised it was a ships mast I was almost into it(at 550 mph you don’t have much time to think)I instinctivly pulled up and narrowly avoided it by about 50 ft I guess. I pulled into what I thought to be a shallow climb, although there was no horizon and everything outside was black, and checked my instruments. The altimeter read 7300 ft and climbing, the gps wasn’t getting a signal, the compass was spinning and the engine gagues read both engines off and both tanks empty. Everything read normal just 20 seconds earlier when I checked. I radioed ATC but they didn’t reply. When I got through about five minutes later they said I was at 15000t and climbing – exactly what the altimeter read. When the plane was inspected the next morning there was no sign of any trouble and when we started the engines all gauges read normal. Although I filed a incident report no word was ever heard of the ship I saw. All I could tell was that it was about the size of a small trawler and had a single mast. No one to this day has ever givin me a good explination as to what happened.

  30. kaneez zehra says:

    there is a scientific reason after everything.
    Even even the existence of life itself has a scientific reason but then there is a supreme power behind it that is the creator,God .Similarly there is a super power in the vicinity of that island.We the island as Jazira-e-khazra.Evidences to it are present holy book.Some are the things which are related to it
    1)green coloour light
    2)whitish water
    3)time is still
    4)no sign of those who intentionally goes to
    5)never ever the debris is found

    All these things are some part of supernatural personality.Burmudas are the place of his residence . Note the one who accidently goes always return but intentionally never.

  31. kaneez zehra says:

    Actually it is Jazira-e-khazra.It is the place where the 12th imam(a.s.) resides.

  32. Anne Haight says:

    Similarly there is a super power in the vicinity of that island.We the island as Jazira-e-khazra.

    You’re talking about the island of Bermuda itself? The Bermuda Triangle is a much, much larger region than the immediate vicinity of the island of Bermuda.

    Evidences to it are present holy book.Some are the things which are related to it

    Which holy book do you mean?

    1)green coloour light
    2)whitish water

    There is nothing strange about either of these. Phosphorescene in the ocean, and St. Elmo’s Fire (basically a buildup of static electrical charge) are well-observed, scientific phenomena.

    3)time is still

    I presume you’re talking about the small handful of incidents where clocks have stopped working? Such devices are easily rendered inoperable by strong magnetic field fluctuations and electrical discharge such as St. Elmo’s Fire. That doesn’t mean time itself stops. Also, if time actually stopped, we would stop with it. We would never know it happened. It could be happening every day and we can’t detect it.

    4)no sign of those who intentionally goes to

    Completely false. There is regular traffic through the area that is unaffected. Also, the vast majority of accidents there do produce some evidence, such as floating debris.

    5)never ever the debris is found

    See previous answer. It is, in fact, very rare even in the mysterious disappearances that no debris is ever found. There is nearly always something, such as floating parts from a plane, items from a ship such as a life jacket or raft.

    All these things are some part of supernatural personality.

    There is no evidence of that. Also, everything is natural by definition.

    Burmudas are the place of his residence . Note the one who accidently goes always return but intentionally never.

    Totally false. Commercial traffic of ships and airplanes runs through that area all the time. Daily, even. The number of disappearances there is actually not any higher statistically than other parts of the world’s oceans.

    What’s curious about the Bermuda Triangle is not that things “disappear” (i.e. crash or sink) there. That happens all over the world. But a small number of those incidents yield no information about what caused the accident, and it seems to happen very quickly, and/or be marked by the observance of strange electrical or magnetic phenomena. This points to some natural conditions that we do not fully understand and which bear investigation.

  33. Stefano Cagnato says:

    Look, from what i’ve read, you seem very intelligent Anne, but although you mention the types of theories, like St. Elmo’s Fire, you don’t explain what each one is. I now know what each is, but i don’t know what it has to do with the Bermuda Triangle.
    I would also like you to, if you can, to answer every theory or comment because some have pretty mysterious info and it doesn’t have an answer.

  34. joseph says:

    dont listen to the next comment

    its from a mental patient

  35. muhammad asif javed says:

    i think that it is all by a super power personality and that is god and it is true

  36. punam kaul says:

    Why can’t you send somebody who challenges to take risk & go to find out various questions which are sill unsolved. Your government can keep a big amount of award for a person who dares to go to find out. All possible help should be given to him & that the government should take responsibility in taking care to their family members in case something happens to him.

    ‘m sure many such people will come out who are not happy with their lives & ends up their lives by doing nothing.

    poonam kaul from india.

  37. naaax says:

    I would like to know What are the things that happen there?
    When did this mysterious thing happen? Why is it happening? How did it happen? the thory behind it. the scientific exolanation abt this. specially the thory behind and how does it happen?

  38. naaax says:

    I would like to know What are the things that happen there?
    When did this mysterious thing happen? Why is it happening? How did it happen? the thory behind it. the scientific exolanation abt this. specially the thory behind and how does it happen?

  39. gary brown says:

    The triangle is the result of a iron ore deposit the runs from the great lakes south down through alabama then east through florida and on to the bermuda island chain.Which also explains the presence of what is called the great lakes triangle.Iron ore is known to be prevelant with veins of quartz, Quartz when subjected to pressure puts off an electrical charge(the opposite being true when quartz is subjected to an electrical charge,it will vibrate at a given rate, which is why it is now used as timer in most watches) thus explaining the sightings of northern lights, There is also an area in Tennessee that exhibits this same phenomenom, It also has a iron ore deposit that has a high presence of quartz present.As iron ore decays it produces methane, now known to be in large quantities in the triangle area.The quantities of methane being responsible for the disapearence of air flights in the area, as planes do not gain but lose lift in the presence of methane gas and the loss of shipping as ships do not float in a sea of methane.It also explains the reports of compass readings going arry due to the high presence of electrical charge
    Gary Brown

  40. Laura Carlile says:

    I am a geography major at MU, and I read an article stating that the proportion of accidents to total ships and planes passing through is almost equal to that of other places.

    Many accidents are also caused by the fact that, due to abnormal magnetic qualities, The Bermuda Triangle is one of the few places in the world where compasses point geographic north instead of magnetic North.

    Sometimes I wonder whether people actually believe some of the wilder explanations or if they pretend to get attention.

  41. Name Withehld (Call me Schala, though!) says:

    Now, theories. A lot of theories exist about the Triangle. Some are that the Triangle is: a time rift (Sci-Fi tried this with their mini-series ‘The Triangle’); dimension rift; source for extraterrestials to study us; hidden government facilities site (Another theory put in ‘The Triangle’); a place full of magic, miracles, curses, or an area filled with God’s power; something caused by undiscovered aquatic or aerial animals (Sci-Fi channel worked on this with their series ‘Surface’); something made by creatures now thought to be mythical like Dragons, the Kraken (a sea monster that probably resembled something like a giant squid and destroyed many ships), or Leviathans (a giant sea serpent that could control water and often destroyed ships); the cause of some prehistoric life that has somehow survivevd; an exaggerated affect of toxic waste in water; or some sort of interspace highway that was abandoned.

    A lot of theories, right? And many more exist, although most are just sub-groupings of the ones mentioned above. Me? I believe the Triangle is some sort of dimension or time warp- probably dimension. This would explain why ships appear without people sometimes. Patrols from the government in another dimension might have found the ships after they were ‘teleported’ (for lack of a better word) there and arrested or helped the people. Maybe the cargo was left because of no room on the ships that found the ones that had disappeared (from a point of our own dimension) or maybe they just didn’t want to bother and check. Or the people may have jumped overboard because in the second dimension there was a storm in the area. Then, when the second dimension ‘realized’ a group from a different one had been forced into it, it would send as m uch as possible back, normally only the ships. Maybe that is because the secondary dimension(s) are just spin-offs of our own, and less ‘powerful’, in a sense. And when ships just disappear and don’t return, that would be because the dimension they were sent to is one ours split from, and wanted to keep the ship there and is more powerful.

    Did I lose you? Probably. To help you understand most of the above paragraph, I’ll explain the MultiVerse theory. The MultiVerse theory states that there are an infinite number of universes in infinite dimensions. These alternate dimensions are amde when, say, a battle takes place or someone makes a major decision. Since both outcomes of either cannot exist at the same time, a new dimension is born from it, where the opposite outcome that happened in the original actually occured. So, let’s take the Battle of the Bulge from World War II. Say the Germans had beaten the Allies’ counterattack instead of losing. Since in this dimension, the Germans lost, it can be supposed that another dimension split off from our own, with a mirror history up to that point. Dimension splits can be caused by personal decisions, too. If someone decided to become a teacher instead of a lawyer all of a sudden, a second dimension would split off where they would still become a lawyer.

    That all is from my Learning Fair project- we can write about anything, just as long as we can tie it to the school curriculum. I’m writing about what I believe causes the events in the Bermuda Triangle.

  42. Name Withehld (Call me Schala, though!) says:

    Sorry for all the typos. I’m only working on my rough draft, and did a direct Copy and paste.

  43. MrShiney says:

    An interesting thread with some interesting theories put forward. There are a number of things to bear in mind about the Triangle, before turning to supernatural or extranatural explanations for the happenings in that region. First is the very nature of the Triangle itself. We have a body of water with literally hundreds upon hundreds of small islands, making navigation difficult at best. We have extreme variations in depth of water. It is entirely possible for the water to be four or five meters in depth at one point and then four or five THOUSAND meters deep at another point as little as fifty meters away. There is an extremely strong current flowing through the Triangle, the Gulf Stream, which flows to the north east, toward the open ocean at a rate between three and seven knots. Couple these factors with the very large number of amateur boaters and pilots traveling through the area, it is small wonder that there are disappearances. It is perhaps a bigger wonder that there are not more of them, or perhaps a tribute to the efficiency of the US Coast Guard. It does not take very much to get lost at sea, a very small navigational error early in the course can result in a very large discrepancy in final position. A small craft or aircraft that gets into trouble and misreports its actual position by even a few kilometers will require that the search area be expanded by perhaps a thousand square kilometers or more. This extra area will necessitate that the searchers spend more precious time searching empty ocean, during which time the object of the search in continuing to drift away from the reported position. There are many incidents that may seem trivial in the safety of our homes on dry land that can quickly turn into mortal dangers at sea. Taking a wrong turn, or running out of gas may cost you time when driving on the highway…it WILL take your life when you travel on the open ocean.

  44. Jared says:

    I have a question. I remember years ago I saw a documentary on the Bermuda Triangle and they mentioned an airline, like a 747 or the like, that was passing through the triangle. ATC had it on radar and they were in radio contact when the plane suddenly disappeared in midsentance. ATC tried to get the plane back on radio and they were contacting other planes in the area. An hour later the plane reappeared in the same spot it disappeared from and the pilot finished his sentance as if the hour had never happened. Once the plane landed, they check the it out and found that all of the clocks were an hour behind. Has anyone heard anything about that? I can’t find anything about that anywhere.

  45. Taylor says:

    what do you thing about the methane hydrate theory?

  46. SanthanaLakshmi says:

    I find that all the disscussions are biased to Methane hydrate theory.
    How come the earth still lives? it is the gravitational pull towards the core of the earth and also the magnetic property of the earth which binds everything (our context: ocean) than splashing out in space.
    And we also know that this pull isn’t constant throughout the earth’s surface. To be more specific, oceans have earth’s GEOID(an imaginary calulated surface of equal gravitational potential energy considering only the gravity to be the influencing factor) which clearly says that points on oceans are indeed affected by gravity.
    Why cant the Bermuda triangle exhibit the lowest gravitational pull in earth leading to a SPACE LEAK? it may seem ridiculous and you can ask me back how the ocean doesnt leak out to space!!! Give a think. What if the hydrogen and oxygen molecules alone have power to excape this space leak since airplanes and ships are gulped by the space monster? 🙂

    So instead thinking of only SINKING also think it reverse…

  47. Sreenath says:

    i would like to know why does the compass points to geographic north instead of magnetic north at bermuda triangle!!!!!!!

  48. Tara says:

    Ok, I am working on a research paper on “The Bermuda Triangle isn’t because of Human Error” I believe that there is something else. So a couple quick questions. 1) Would you consider that St. Elmo’s Fire (I sorta know what that is) is from Human error? 2) Can you please state some important… not all since you get a lot of questions Im guessing. But some important theories that I could add in my paper. Your site has been very very helpful to me!! Thanks so much!!

  49. zalmoxis says:

    There must be something else!

  50. Anne Haight says:

    St. Elmo’s Fire is a real phenomenon that is the result of certain weather conditions and the proximity of metallic objects like a plane fuselage. It isn’t something caused by human activity. I recommend reading up on the subject itself.

  51. christy says:

    what happens to the dead bodies of the people ???????????

  52. christy says:

    i ve got a doubt……..has anyone recovered any bodies or wrecked portion of ships or planes

  53. Ur Mom says:

    I need some advice on the BT for my english research.

    How did the methane get to the BT and not anywher else in the world?

    There is so much people don’t know about it

  54. Wannabe Soccer Peep. says:

    Well, I have been doing a research on the Bermuda Triangle and I have visited many sites and read tonnes of books and I have found the following:
    The Bermuda Triangle is the greasest modern mystery the world has and no-one knows enough to know exactly what happens to any thing or any one that enters.
    Some people say that the UFO’s get them, Some people say that it is the place that Aliens come to on this planet.
    One website I looked at had no mention of any of that but it was nothing more than another dimension that people go in to and never come out again.
    But what happens to the boats and planes that go in? Does the Methane mak them dissapear? Is that why there are no found remains?
    That’s what I believe.
    So I think that there is not enough equiptment in the world to find out what REALLY happens.
    It’s just another wonder of the world if you ask me.

  55. vipin says:

    Its very ineresting idea to know about these type of mysterious things happening on earth & we are still unknown to them.

    I think it may be due to the eccentricity(centre point) of electromagnetic field of earth or by the gravitational field of earth at that particular place so that ships or planes sanks there

    But we are still unknown to exact theory or reason of this type of mishappening at bermuda triangle.

  56. stephen cox says:

    (im not going to punctuate because im in a rush so excuse it please) mmk im also doing a research paper for my english 3 class annd ive been doing ALOT of reading and visiting alot of sights from all the reseach that ive gatherd and things ive read i believe the methane theories along with st.elmos fire im athiest because i have a hard time believing in faith because science is much more practical in my opinion and is bbased on facts therefor i believe that natural causes make the ships and planes disappear…siesmic activity occurs a huge methane bubble comes up pops on the surface below a ship the ship drops waves come in ungulf the ship instantly sunk and the methane left in the air brings down planes while thier radars are goin awry from st.elmos fire then the ships/aircrafts can sink to unknown and un-explorable depths of the sea.

  57. stephen cox says:

    oh and i forgot to mention i found this site VERY helpful it answerd two of my subjects out of 3 on my research paper ty everyone (except for the ignorant and immature comments..werewolves and such >_O )

  58. Anish Rathore says:

    Its simply a matter of gravity,there is no gravity force so the planes and ships are lost the actual way

  59. :::__;;::YODA::__:;::: says:

    Tis all lies be….
    Great master barney be steeling kids at secret hideout his.

  60. goy_goy! says:

    I do not believe that the Bermuda Triangle is all make-believe or the result of media hype or “pseudo scientific” writers. Nor do I believe that there is some one all-encompassing theory, nor any supernatural explanation. However, I do not equate natural with conventional as many debunkers do. Believing that there is a natural explanation is not the same as imploring some simplistic, conventional guess. There are certainly unexplained elements in our world. No one in a scientific discipline would say otherwise.

  61. james burty says:

    I hope and believe that the mystery will be solved one day and everybody will have their answer.

  62. Jacob Sicola says:

    Anne, you sound very intelligent so tell me what you think of this theory. I think that the methane gasses stored up in the region known as the Bermuda Triangle are suddenly let loose by seismich activity, therefore stalling a plane engine, and causing navigation systems like compasses to go awry or point geographic north instead of magnetic north, which, depending on where you are on the planet, can variate t up to twenty degrees.So if you do not compensate for that, you can get lost very easily. I do not think that St.Elmo’s fire has anything to do with it.

  63. Connie says:

    There are many theories about this subject. I have a strong feeling that our government knows what is going on,
    but does not want the public to know.

  64. yoooooooo mama says:

    Another theory is that a big fairy takes the air crafts and water vessles and uses them as toys

  65. ur pappy says:

    The kraken obviosly picks them up yses them as toys and kill s everyone

  66. urhappyslappypappy says:

    my mom swallowed everyone

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