One of the signs that an organization has fulfilled its function is when it starts grasping at reasons to exist. The United Nations comes to mind. But today’s example is PETA, who seems to have a neverending supply of these entertaining shenanigans:

“Animal rights activists want the East Bay town of Rodeo –and pronounced ro-day-oh — to change its name to Unity.”

Why? Because it sounds like “ro-dee-oh”, the sport where guys on horses rope calves and ride bucking broncos.

There’s a curious stipulation to this request, as well. PETA says that if the county Supervisors vote to change the city name, PETA will donate $20,000 worth of veggie burgers to local schools.

Isn’t that, you know, a bribe? The kind of thing that special interest groups and policians are not supposed to participate in? “Do this thing that advances our group’s niche activities and we’ll give you something of value in return”.

Just wondering.

Normally I’d say there’s no chance in hell of school kids eating that crap, but honestly it’s probably not any worse than the deep fried Tater Tots and corn dogs they’re already eating.

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  1. lili says:

    I totaly agree.It’s stupid that the would find that name offenseve.I think the kids would rather eat the corndogsand tatertots than that crap.

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