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Yes, Illegals should get driver’s licenses. Nothing against the mexican community, but they are the ones who work most of the LOBOR jobs out there.

So? Why should we reward illegal aliens with a document that validates their illegal entry into this country? Is that even allowed under Federal law? That one might wind up in the courts soon.

Lets be real how many citizens actually work the fields, constuction jobs, janitorials, etc. Not very many.

BZZZ. Wrong, but thanks for playing. Actually, legal residents appear to comprise more than half:

No one knows exactly how many unauthorized aliens are illegally employed in the United States or what percentage of the total workforce they represent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 132 million people were employed in the civilian labor force as of October 1998. Even if all of the estimated 5 million illegal aliens residing in the United States as of October 1996 held jobs in October 1998, they would have represented less than 4 percent of the nation’s workforce. The results from INS inspection of a random sample of the nation’s 6.5 million employers in fiscal year 1997 indicated that about 195,000 employers (or about 3 percent) had employed unauthorized aliens.

Illegal alien employment has been shown to be more significant in certain industries and locations. For example, Labor’s National Agricultural Workers Survey estimated that 37 percent of the agricultural workers in 1995 were illegal. There is also evidence that the meatpacking, construction, and garment industries have employed large numbers of unauthorized aliens. For example, in February 1998, we reported that in 1996 and 1997, INS found that about 23 percent of the workers at seven Nebraska and Iowa meatpacking plants had questionable documents.

INS inspection of 89 construction businesses in Las Vegas, NV, starting in March 1995 found that 39 percent of the approximately 6,000 employees for whom a Form I-9 was completed appeared to be unauthorized to work. Similarly, inspections of 74 Los Angeles area garment contractors in March 1998 revealed that 41 percent of the 7,100 employees at these worksites were unauthorized to work.

All were giving them is a little bit more freedom to have access to the NECCESSART things that we need to survive. We dont need to be citizens or legal resdents but we do need driver’s licenses.

Nobody needs a driver’s license. Driving is not a right.

And yes you do need to be a citizen or a legal resident alien. You have no specific right to enter this country. Nobody does. We, as citizens, have a vested interest in what happens here. We have embraced it as our home, not just our meal ticket.

First of all transportation is neccessary.

*cough*public transportation*cough*

Plus I’m tire of all you STUPID IGNORANT WHITE PEOPLE AND EVERYONE AGAINST THIS BILL. IF a terrorist really wanted to bomb the US he’d do it with or with out a driver’s liscense.

And there’s no reason to make it any easier, now is there? And terrorism is not the only reason I oppose this issue. You might try reading my other blog entries before wasting your time.

To all you FUCKS

Do you have anything to offer to persuade me aside from obscenities and insults?

who oppose this bill you dont even know the situations behind these people. IF these immigrants actually had a better life back to at there homeland, do u actually think they would actually leave there country?

Well duh. If Mexico’s economy (and Vietnam’s and China’s and the Philippines’…) didn’t suck so much, they wouldn’t have any incentive to barge into our nation like rude party crashers who drink all the beer, eat all the chips, and then tell us to go fuck ourselves because we don’t speak their language and we refuse to give them the keys to the car.

Common now And for all you who say it’s not fair for other WELL “FUCK YOU” because society is not fair anyways. Do you actually think the government is fair.

Ah yes. “Rules are for other people”. Wondered when that would make an appearance. You don’t happen to like it, therefore it doesn’t apply to you, and if it is unjust to someone else, you don’t care. So screw the rich gringos and give the paisano a chance, huh? Is that what this is about? Suppose the paisano makes it big in America and gets rich. Does he become one of the hated upper class who’s holding his mestizo brothers down?

BULLSHIT! Politics is a bunch of bullshit and these fucken politicians are only looking out for there own ass. Do you actually think that the Gov. cares about YOU? common now!

Total change of subject here so I won’t bother trying to analyze it.

Plus for all of you who say illegals should go back to there countries then DON’T EVER STEP FOOT INTO ANY COUNTY BECAUASE THAT WOULD MAKE YOU A BUNCH OF STUPID IGNORANT HYPOCRITS. The United States is a hypocritcal county. They use other countries for there resources

Well yeah. The United States doesn’t have a limitless native supply of everything. We buy stuff from other nations, and export stuff to other nations. It’s called international trade.

and have established government offices in other countries and is allowed to go to any country because your a CITIZEN.

It’s called a diplomatic embassy. Most countries around the world have them. You know, that thing called a passport or a visa that legal citizens can get that lets them travel to other countries?

Then the GOVERNMENT and the FUCKEN PEOPLe of this society have the fucken nerve to say “GET THE OUT OF HERE YOU DONT BELONG IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” Well FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO THINK like this because you dont fucken belong in any fucken part of this world.

Your vocabulary seems to be getting smaller.

What if you stoopid WHITE AMERICANS were to step foot in Mexico and the government threw you back out. I’m sure you stoopid fuckers wont like that.

Why would I want to go somewhere I wasn’t wanted? Anyway, last time I checked Mexico was eager to get tourist dollars (and pounds and euros).

Let’s make a better example how bout EUROPE. The world would be a better place if all you stupid racist as motherfuckers didnt exist. The truth is you stoopid bitches still have racism embedided in your brain. SHIT that has been passed down from your ancestors.

You just finished calling me a stupid, ignorant, white bitch motherfucker and I’m the one who’s racist?

And which of my ancestors are you referring to? Would that be the Cherokee and/or the Powhatan Indians? Or maybe the Irish? Or possibly the Greek guy?

Tell me how I’m racist. I oppose illegal immigration, and I oppose giving citizen benefits to illegals. I don’t care where they’re from, what color their skin is, or what language they speak. Is being a non-citizen some kind of new downtrodden ethnic group?

C’mon. Gimme something better to work with here. I’m bored with reading the same accusatory trash over and over.

43 Responses to “More Brickbats On Illegal Immigrants and Driver's Licenses”
  1. illegals suck says:

    Illegal immigration is a drain to this country. Sure they help the economy, but they also do not pay taxes, get free hospital visits, and they bitch and go on strike for not getting a drivers license. They should be happy that the government gives them all that shit, yet they want more.

  2. jaime says:

    You white trash, how would you like if it was you, we do your dirty job, we are not the ones on welfare or other programs. why are you so ignorant? it must come from your parents.

  3. raul says:

    I just want to say a couple of things. To those of you who think that giving driver liscenses to immigrants is a bad idea, i just want to tell your all wrong. You argue that no liscenses because they’re illigal, well look in the bright side, non of you are native. And if you think that this land belongs to you, youre wrong again. Latinos and Mexicans or Meztisos however you want to call them, were here first then all of you. We arrived in the 17 hundreds if you didn’t know and you, you started intruding one hundred years later, so who has more right, someone whose been here since the 17 hundreds or you who just arrived in the 18 hundreds.

  4. Anne Haight says:

    Yeah and Norwegians and Olmecs settled North America long before that, and before that there were other primitive human tribes, and woolly mammoth, etc.

    What’s your point?

    Incidentally, the southwest United States didn’t belong to Mexico, ever, in the strictly technical sense. It was settled by Spain. Also, we fought a war over it, fair and square, so stop whining. How would you feel if Spain decided to take back Mexico because “after all, it originally belonged to us”?

    Maybe we could give Brazil back to Portugal. I’m sure France and the Netherlands would like to have back some of those Caribbean islands, and Italy never did get back any of that Roman Empire stuff.

    Russia could probably find some use for Alaska — lots of oil up there, you know. Could give BC back to the Inuit but I’m not sure they’d be able to tell the difference.

    Oh, and there’s archaeological evidence that lots of Greeks used to live in Egypt. You think they want it back?

    Anyway, and my family came to North America in the 1600’s, thank you very much. So nyah.

  5. Dawn says:

    I beleive that it is unfair to make life so difficult for people who come from abroad. My parents are from Ireland, and in that time things were more laid back, so they received citizenship. The Irish are hard working people who helped build this country, especially New York. My boyfriend is the hardest working person I have ever known. He is from Ireland and resides in America illegally. He could not receive a visa because he is a bartender, and visas only support schooling and some service jobs if a company will sponsor them. He pays taxes on a mock social security number and has saved 100,000 dollars in the past three years. All he wants is to open a bar here, drive back and forth to work, and be able to go home and see his family every now and then. Why is this such a big raquette?? He wants to do things the right way and pay taxes, vote, and open many bars here, like his own father has done in Ireland.

  6. Anonymous says:

    VIVA LA CAUSA. We every thing for this country, that is our land. We want and we most have is a drivers license. Viva Mexico cabrones.

  7. Anne Haight says:

    This is not “your” land. This is the United States, and if you want the privileges of living here, you have to become a citizen (and stop calling yourself a Mexican and waging “la causa” on behalf of Mexico and Mexicans). When you’re here, you are American and your flag is the Stars & Stripes, understand?

    Learning to speak English a little better is also recommended, since it’s hard to get a good job here unless you have good English skills.

    You need no “cause” but to become an American. That means working hard and earning your privileges as a citizen, not whining about being oppressed and doing everything possible to remain uneducated, ignorant, and unskilled.

  8. White Trash says:

    Personally, If an illegal alien is driving an uninsured card without a license and crashes into me who happens to carry only liability insurance, I am screwed. I would prefer they had a icense and insurance, because let’s face it not issuing a license to them is not going to make them go away. I would feel safer in the potential of a terrorist or any foreiner intending to do harm to the citizens here, if they were ID’d stamped and documented. Opening up borders, and issuing social security benefits, drivers licens etc. to all aliens would settle this undocumented alien issue. I do believe there should be a price paid for this, and that they should be required to choose, American citizenship or native country. Let’s keep our revenue in the States where it was generated. Then when anyone is pulled over and found to be an illegal alien without a license, or working without a social security number, trying to get on a plane without legal passport, committing any kind of crime deportation and imprisonment. Lets face it though we say ok you can come, we will give you I wanna be a citizen papers that expire often, cost a fortune, and may not even be obtainable any way, we will give you jobs, and sell you cars, but we won’t allow you to be completely documented or legal? Some real good employess, providers and citizens are forced to do things illegally when given the chance and opportunity may just produce more benefit to this country than I don’t know, the Enron guys, Jeffery Dommer, thousand’s of able bodied low lifes hiding in loop holes of AFDC who don’t want the junky jobs they are working to begin with.

  9. Chopper says:

    You actually think illegal immigrants will get car insurance, if the get a license? My guess is “no”

  10. Anne Haight says:

    In California, the DMV requires anyone applying for a license or a license renewal to demonstrate proof of auto insurance. Individual cars must also be registered with the DMV, and insurance must be proven there, as well.

    Personally I don’t see how that would stop someone from simply canceling their insurance once they obtain the license or registration, although most insurance companies make at least a nominal effort to prevent such fraud.

  11. chopper says:

    Bottom line here is the California is flipping the bill for illegal immigrants (4 billion a year).

    Vincente Fox’s grand plan of ridding his own country of low educated, unskilled labor and telling them to head north is the problem. These types depend on social services such as: hospitals, schooling and many others. Thus the reason for many E.R’s closing permanately (13 by years end).

    Ultimately the immigration activists and politicians don’t care about California and taxpayers. They want to get as many as hispanics into California for their own political gain. At the expense of our children (overcrowded classrooms) our taxpayers (shutting down E.R’s which causes longer lines for people who pay taxes and need medical attention).

    It is what it is folks, they entered the country illegally and now demand the same benefits as U.S citizens, after committing a crime.

    Somehow I don’t think they would feel the same way if it was U.S citizens entering Mexico illegally and demanding benefits.

  12. levi says:

    i personally don’t think that it’s right to let illegal immigrants into this country unless they are succesful individuals who are going to help this society get better.
    criminals and people who mooch off the government just because they dont care about this country nor themselves those people are the ones who should get deported and be parasites someplace else.

  13. rhino says:



  14. Anonymous says:

    These people are here not because they are getting paid less than US workers, thus making them attractive for employers, but rather because they work harder than US workers and are more dependable. Five or six years I would have called myself ignorant for making such a generalization but after being on the employer side, for the last 6 years, I reached the uncomfortable realization that these immigrants are “NEEDED” and without them nothing would be built, moved or get painted. And don’t listen to statistics about how low the % are. The vast majority of blue colar workers are illegal. I used to try to do my best not to hire illegals but I could not function without them; the US workers that I had were undependable, had no work ethic and irresponsible; no matter how much money I paid them. Now I only hire illegal immigrants and I pay them on average higher than what I would pay US workers for the same job. I think the question or issu here should be what needs to be done to allow these hard working people to work here legally, because given the right circumstances these people are going to contribute to taxes as well abide to our laws regarding automobile insurance requirements better than any American; whether you want to accept this or not…

  15. Anonymous says:

    You know when this problem is going to be resolved?

    1. When at least 90% of the population starts voting.
    2. When the US workers learn what work ethics and dependability mean.
    3. When the politicians make it impossible for US citizens to sit home and collect checks rather than go out an earn a living.
    4. When our companies start paying fair wages to these people so that they have an incentive to stay in their countries and work rather than walk hundred of miles to come to our country.

  16. louie says:

    I had been reading some of the comments in this page….it’s clear that the illegaly immigration a good form for some polititians to get success..they manipulate many people through the make them hate ilegales and most of this people..think that spanish speaking people..are all the ilegales in this country..I was born in a U.S.citizen and very proud of it….but the point…is that some people look at me as if I were ilegal….it doesn’t bother me…I am not asking anything free to that people…I have been a hard working man for the 33 or so years living in this beautiful country..let me mention that in the company I work….I am the second highest paid employee…over to many white, color, and hispanics…I want ilegals haters to know….that a very big porcent of spanish speaking ilegals in this country…are hard working people..paying taxes..and not claiming those taxes back on the income tax reports…have you asked yourself where all that money is? it’s probably billions of dollars. and then, we do not deserve a driver licence.

  17. dominique says:

    I’ve got few questions: What’s going to happen to US economy if all the illegal workers disappear at once? What is more economically right: loose money to deport them or get money to let them paid taxes, insurance, spend money for lawyers, legal fees est.?

  18. louie says:

    I believe that there are too many people waiting the oportunity to get a driver’s licence, this people rather pay 500.00 dollar a year for insurance than to lose two or more car in one year for not having them insured besides…we the people fortunate to have all the legal papers to live and work in this country, will feel more secure if we get involved in an accident…knowing that more people carry insurance in their vehicles..and there are more benefits for us..the legal people many more.

  19. Alex says:

    yeah i agree with both of you, i see your points but one thing i want to say, (not a threat) you america is lucky that russia didn’t blow you’r ass up with atomic bombs from cuba… i’am a u.s citizen(was born in ukraine-europe) and i’am proud to be an american, love the freedom, and i do to sacrifice a lot of stuff i love to do even with this freedom i have,,,because of licence for this and that…..and so on…. and i think you should too, give everyone a break…. we should all help each other out,,, because after all, we are humans, and we dont get to choose where we want to be borne, or what language we want to speak… and for those out there that are trying thier best, coming to america learning thier fuckin language and then getting mocked by them? it doesn’t make sense….just remember, one day, that it will all end when america pisses off every nation….and when the other nations wont take it anymore trust me it wont only be russai with those atomic bombs pointed at united states…… it will be the whole fuckin world, and their shall be no more mercy as before, and then thier will be no more fuckin america….. so!!!! like i said please dont trip about those illegal immigrants, cause you already pissed off the arabians, and if you keep fuckin with other nations well then like i said, DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mike says:

    An individual steals food to support the family? Should this individual be spared punishment?
    An individual illegally crosses the border to support the family? Should this individual be spared punishment?
    Some would argue that there is no correlation between the two situations. Yet, both involve individuals who feel they have no choice. These individuals obviously are under stress and have put their family before themselves. The have crossed a line and have committed a crime.
    To what extent should a country go to care for these people? Most countries have a system in place to accept immigrants. What message would you send to the people who legally passed our borders?
    I would hope that we consider the U.S. to be a large family. How much would you ask your family to sacrifice? How many standards would you ask your family to bend on?
    As for the criminal aspect, laws are established to maintain order. Without laws and people to enforce these laws anarchy would reign. Leniency towards some laws is a challenging leadership issue; individuals’ risks undermining the system by being lenient. One has to decide whether or not it is in the best interest of the system or the individual.
    What laws are being broken? How many laws are being broken? In the first example the only law that has been committed was theft. I am not a politician nor am I a law enforcement officer, but I would wager that more laws are likely to be violated in the second situation. You have the illegal border crossing. I am also sure that employers are committing more crimes. Tax laws are obviously being violated. Then you have to take into consideration those who have false papers. Now we are looking at fraud, and forgery.
    Those who argue that it is in the best interest of the nation, national identification cards are in the best interest of the country. They allow you to have better accountability. Driver licenses are not a national identification card. Driver licenses are not a right, they are a privilege. Most people are already complaining about insurance rates and poor drivers. Now we want to make the situation worse.
    How many illegal immigrants do you think would get a national identification card? In the absence of a national ID, state IDs are available. How many illegal immigrants do you think will get a driver license? How many will keep and maintain insurance?
    Do these people realize that their information will be inputted into a system? Once in the system a government is capable of accessing this information. Does the government have the moral obligation to look into the system and identify all the illegal immigrants? Once identified the government could easily apprehend these illegal immigrants and deport them. Should more exceptions be made to prevent this, or will illegal immigrants have to provide false addresses to prevent themselves from being deported. If they begin providing false information, then more crimes will be committed.
    Without boring you with other ideas, details and implications this situation has on our country, I want you to ask yourself two things.
    An individual steals food to support the family? Should this individual be spared punishment?
    An individual illegally crosses the border to support the family? Should this individual be spared punishment?

  21. Billy Bob says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude that guy in the green owned the shit out of you!!! HAHAHA everything he said he shot u down!!

  22. Uncle Sam says:

    OMG!! What the hell was that stupid guy in the yellow font thinking!! Hes a retard! He had no good facts to support his case. Everything that came out of his mouth was a cus. I agree that no illegal immagrant should have a drivers lisence. Its basically saying hey thanks for breaking into own county, heres ur lisence! Do people realized that in America to basically get anything you want, ANYTHING, all you need is a lisence. If we allow illegal immagrants lisence, they are no longer illegal!!

  23. Nour Edinne El Asar says:

    To whom it may concern :

    I have written a few letters to another white scumbag website ( ) and they had the balls to publish it…well, you are nothing but a bunch of morons, retarded trailler park roaches that somehow feel proud of your ridiculously pale skin…get a tan, moron!!
    foreigners are all over the US..300.000.000 is a pretty, pretty number…americans???hell yes !!
    from central, south e north (mexico) america !!!
    plus asians, eastern europeans ( still poor ), africans, you name it!!! yesterday, illegal aliens, border jumpers…today, voter’s parents!! what a move!!! voter’s parents…..are you guys ready to learn spanish?? chinese?? be ready for is just your fate….the real american colors are the green and ….the green…the pale color of a dollar bill…so swallow it down, stupid rednecks, and forget about your is already ours…

  24. Nour Edinne El Asar says:

    just to add:

    do you feel safe??? remember sep 11th?? remember how easy was it to cross the canadian border, plus how easy was already being inside the US borders??? how hard do you think that would it be to cross the canadian border on a pair of cross country skis??? those border patrols retarded officers are so stupid that they would greet “auf Wierdesehen ” to a russian…so are as retarded the HS…how can they hire such morons?? do they have special test for low IQ??? it seems to be..or would a low IQ be an american average???
    the minutemen militia has proved it fiasco, and many volunteers have already moved back to the safe ( safe????? ) of thir homes…I think that they got scared by the phone call that they received from home…it would be a nightmare to come back home and see your house burnt down by strangers…guys without a SSC or a driver’s license, that would be already back to mexico or still working at the very next block by the time you arrive to your home ( or to whatever is left of it )..however, a burnt house is still better than a beloved one sitting on a coroner’s table with a tag on it’s toe….and a nicely slit throat…

    sleep well.

  25. Maria says:

    All I have to say is that I wish that people wouldn’t be so ignorant. We really have to come up with a way of giving illegal immigrants a driver’s license, because they are not going away. I am 18 years old. I was raised here in the U.S. I have never gone to Mexico I don’t even know what life is over there. I am one of the few in my school who has a 4.0 GPA I am Mexican and I am proud of it. However, I am also an illegal immigrant. Just because I was born in Mexico I can not achieve my goals of going to the university. If I had had the choice of growing up in Mexico trust me I would had stayed over there. It makes me sick how all of you think about illegal immigrants. All I wanted was to be someone in life. But because I am an illegal immigrant I can’t. It makes me so sad how some people who have the chance of becoming someone important just doesn’t care, and someone like me can’t even do something about it.

  26. Eric says:

    Wow, ok…. people.. We are talking about a group of law breaking (ILLEGAL) mexicans. Who come over here and complain at a party that they were never invited to.. This is not there country. I cant believe that they get all of the privileges that the do.

    I can’t believe that I am spending my time stressing the fact that these people shouldn’t even be here! Let alone get a licence!!! are you kidding?

    This is the part thats going to get you.. IM HALF MEXICAN! my girl friend is mexican. My dad and grandma are all 100% mexican. However, they all have one important thing in common, THEY ARE ALL LEGAL. Their families all came over here legally.
    Oh, and If I see another Mexican flag on the back of another shity car with Wal-Mart hubcaps, Im going to key that son of a bitch! We are all in America now! I dont care where you are from if you wave another flag you better have an American flag up with it!!!

  27. John says:

    Ok maria your story was kind of gay.. You should stop putting your sob story on us and ask your wet back parents why their beaner asses jumped the boarder!!!!!!!

  28. Antwan says:

    Yo Im black so all this is funny shit to me! but I would have to say that Im against all those immagrants jumping the boarder.. And what? an illegal immagrant with a 4.0? dats a lie bitch! Im also with the fact that if you fly another flag you better be fly an american flag with it.

  29. Antwan says:

    Yo Im black so all this is funny shit to me! but I would have to say that Im against all those immagrants jumping the boarder.. And what? an illegal immagrant with a 4.0? dats a lie bitch! Im also with the fact that if you fly another flag you better be fly an american flag with it.

  30. Monkey says:

    first of all Antwan, Your gay… second Eric, your right… third Maria, you said it best when you said that you wish that you were still in Mexico. Go Back Hoe! ALL YOU BEANERS GO BACK!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE US THEN GET THE FUCK OUT!! I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU COMPLAIN IN OUR COUNTRY! AND YEAH WHATS UP WITH ALL THE MEXICAN FLAG BUMPER STICKERS??! IM GOING TO START KEYING CARS 2!!

  31. dean walker says:

    I think americans have no future in this country. south americans are spreading at an alarming rate. no one seems to want to address this. why on earth would you defend people who have no respect for you or the country you live in. Did you not see the photos of illegals flying there own flags at rallys rather than flying the flag of the country they so want to be apart of.did you see the one on msnbc where the american flag was being flown upside down on the pole by an illegal immigrant.any american that thinks this is right should form a line and let all 5 or 7 or however immigrants there are in this country slap you in your ignourant face. If your so damn proud of the country you are from then why are you here. if its such a great country why do you so need to be in ours. why dont you learn the english language if you insist on being here. go to chamblee ga and look around it looks like mexico not atlanta ga. why come to another country to better yourself just to make it look like your own. english is our national language and you come here to start spanish taxis and spanish tv and spanish buisnessso that you dont have to ever speak our language. it makes me so mad that our fellow americans think we are wrong for thinking this way, they are no better than the people they are taking up for. last i have to say good luck to the good americans, are time is numbered thanks to us letting the government and the congress make disisions that should be left up to the legal residents of this country.

  32. white girl says:

    mexicans are ruining this country.its not racism its a fact! i see them everyday dangerously cram 8 people into a van and head onto the freeway going 25 miles an hour. if they cant learn to drive safely then a drivers license is far within reach. IF YOU’RE SO DAMN PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY, THEN GO THE FUCK HOME! they arent doing anything good for u, drop ur culture and become one of us. otherwise stay home. quit mooching of all the the ACTUAL hard working people here in the US. and stop telling white people they are ugly and pale. im sorry but no dog faced, fat ass beaner who smells like beans and rice could keep their husband/boyfriend from looking at a hot white girl. everybody knows that! too many illegal mexicans are coming in everyday. it makes me want to start a fund and build my own great wall of china along the border. who’s with me!?

  33. big ricky says:

    Fuck illigal mexicans…..!!!! yall dont need to be here if your going to bitch and moan all the damn time… I dont have problems with legal mexicans.. I have mexican friends.. but when you boarder jump m come over here n fuck up our country….You need to be hung when cought… When you get caught you should go to the top of death row… If i was president i would hang all those mo fuckers that come over here illegally .. .an bitch n moan about not getting license… you fucken wet backs you make average white ppl work harder because yall dumb fucks cant go through the hard work of becoming a citizen of the united states… You dont pay taxes you dont pay for hostpital bills….. we pay yalls fucken bills…Yall need to quit craming into vans an going 15 miles per hour down da damn road… if you get in a wreck then the person that has license and libality n insurence is screwed they have to pay for it…. but you the fuken little wetback gets everything for free… little bitch i hope god strikes you dead.. for comin into his country illigally….. Why do all yall think you can look and stare down our white women or black women? you guys are all small smelly bean n rice fucken retards….. whey the hell would you think you can do that….. FUCK ALL ILLEGALLY MEXICANS…. FUCK YOU N GO BACK TO MEXICO

  34. Dewlso says:

    Brilliant. Well put. These illegals have a bad habit of labling anyone who supports our current immigration laws a racist. It has nothing to do with race. It has alot to do with LAWS. They broke them when they ran across the border. And they have the nerve to protest here about not getting the same rights as everyone else and yet they lack any spine to protest their own corrupt government. Talk about being a hypocrite.

  35. big ricky's dad. says:

    big ricky
    Yall fooooooooooooooooooooools.

  36. valerie says:

    I think illegals should be sent back to their country. They should NOT be giving IDS, LICENCES, INSURANCE, FOOTSTAMP ect.. some of us try really hard to get a desent job but they make us wait behind an illegal immigrant. Sure their stupid government is corrupt, but they have the balls to march in AMERICA and protest. Why don’t they do this in THEIR country where they have their rights.. Our children can’t even get a decent education because the teachers have to put our children aside just so they can teach Jose how to speak english. The teachers are just wasting their time with a child who isn’t even supposed to be in this country. Then the illigal Aliens will know more than our American children. I bet that our government will give them what they want just like they took the 187 propesion in 1994. They said it was “Unconstitusional”. WHAT? Sounds Stupid doesn’t it? They can even buy a home before Americans do. It’s not fair for our children in this country and for the ones that get documented legally to take all our rights away and skip ahead of us. We should try really hard to make our government listen to the AMERICAN people’s behalf and see what WE think about this issue. Also the illegal immigrants don’t, I say DON’T pay taxes when we have to. If they want to live here (Which I hope they won’t) They should pay taxes equally like Americans So I want ALL the illegal aliens be deported back to their own country. Not SOME, ALL who don’t have their right to belong here. I know that people who think like me, should get together and have OUR VOICES HEARD. They always say that we really need them here because of all the labor work that the Americans never want to do. Ha, really? The only reason that Americans do not work at these kind of labor jobs is because the illigals are taking up the avalible space that low class Americans (Who need work) will be happy to do. I just pray that our government will here us out and send them back.

  37. David says:

    Raul. First of all it’s not about who was here first. The Americans had fought the Mexicans for this land and the Americans had won. It is like this everywhere. Germany, France and even in the Middle East had fought and earned their land. Just like America had. We won, and now we had made our laws here and we are not giving rights back to someone who we had just foughten. And another thing you suck at your history. Mexico had their independence in America way longer than the 1700s. So if your going to say who’s been here longer at least get your dates right.

  38. matt says:

    Ive had about enough of this shit u fuckin coward ass mexicans fuck up a perfectly good piece of land then blame it on the white man, the drug trade the goverment exe then u come here refuse to obey the law and become a citizen refuse to learn engish refuse to do antythig for yourselves and refuse to aopt our way of culture our way of doing things and say your culture is rich and have so much pride in being LATINO what the hell for LATIONS CANT EVEN FEED THERE OWN FUCKING KIDS they have to come to america stell jobs from the white man take take take give me a licence give me a job give me a welfare check give me free health care give me this give me that we need help exe exe thats bullshit u need to get off ure asses have 1-3 kids no more trust me u cant aford the white peole cant and there intelegent enough to put a fucking man on the moon what have spics ever done invent the taco stop bitchin like niggers and jews and all the other peice of shit “minoritys who think its there God given right to take advantage of the system and break the laws that all white peole are expected to uphold and make something of ureselves yea yea im a racist so the fuck are u im sick of my kids having 100 points knocked off ther sat and getting denied from college when they grauate with a 3.8 gpa because there not “diverse” while a drop out who happens to be black gets a scolarship from the united negro college fund and spic illegal aliens get paid instae tuition and they cant speak english muchless have a 3.8 or even close u dont want equality u want special privelege u want white men to pick cotten for u we guess what assholes white men will die on ther feet befroe they live on ther knees and dont need shit from u spics or anyone else we built this damn country and look how great it is now look at the hispanic world shithole africa? shithole nuf said FUCK U go ahead call ius racist call us bad people call us mean but what u cant call us is beggars is worthless is deadbeats those words are for u and ure piecs of shit beaner friends and ancestors FUCK U AND GO THE FUCK HOME

  39. Anne Haight says:

    Oh be quiet, matt. People like you are an embarrassment to Americans and white people in general. There isn’t a single piece of punctuation in your mind-vomit screed. It is fascinating, however, that you misspell “privilege”, “intelligent”, and “minorities” yet you seem able to spell the rest (barring typos and the laziness that comes from text messaging, such as “ureselves”).

  40. steve says:

    ive work in this country since i was 14 years old, now i am 50 years old, been laid off in o2/09 i cant get medical card/ i get 70 dollars a month food stamps/ thats all the assistance i can get/ ive spent many hours at human services and got no help/ no med card / no check/ notta/ and these fucking illegals get everything i cant/ there is really something fucking wrong with this picture/im 2 days from being homeless/ lost my company insurance and im fucking really really pissed off! im hungry/ive lost my car insurance/ lost my wife and child /which i miss with all my heart/ who in the fuck is going to bail me out?/us government cares more for these fucking illegals than me/ im ready to rip somebodys head fucking off!!!!!

  41. steve says:

    you know people need to stand for somthing/ or/they will fall for anything!

  42. r says:

    fuck you you stupid mexican trash we will hang you beaners from every tree, this land is ares and we will kill every one of you to keep it, we will start by not giving any of you pieces of shit a job, mexicans are lazy and only work when the boss is watching fuck you beaners give all jobs to americans not trash

  43. Johnny says:

    Maria, who cares about your GPA? You don’t belong here. You’re breaking the law to be here. If I were to rob a bank because I wanted to “be somebody,” would my GPA be a factor in my trial? Would a high GPA make it any less of a crime? If you want to go back to Mexico and live there, the solution is very easy for you. Head to INS. Tell them you’re an illegal, and that you’re stranded here. You’ll be home in no time. Then, if you want to come back, put the time and effort into getting a legal citizenship. It’ll take a while, sure, but then you won’t be spitting in the faces of legal immigrants and American citizens just to get what you want. See, we’ve already made provisions for people who want to become part of this great nation, but unfortunately, that’s not enough for illegal immigrants like yourself. You feel entitled to take what we have without cooperating with our laws, when if you’d just go through the motions you could have it legally and without a fight. And we’d have nothing against you, then.

    Honestly, how can you defend breaking the law just to get what you want? Should I be able to head down into mexico and buy someone’s car from a third party who isn’t authorized to sell it? That’s what happens when employers in the states give jobs to illegals such as yourself. Both parties know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re both criminals. You have no right, legal or moral, to demand respect or cooperation. It’s our land, and you need to show respect and start cooperating with us. Otherwise, why the hell would we want you here?

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