Anyone paying attention to the news knows that 2010 is shaping up to be a Republican year.  A growing grass-roots backlash against the Democrats is reflected in both election results and polls.  But one should never underestimate the ability of the GOP to blow an advantage, and here’s an example of why — they don’t understand the power of narrative.  The left is expert at setting up narrative lines that provide the structure for media coverage of events.  Facts that play into the narrative get picked up, repeated, elaborated.  Facts that run counter to the narrative are ignored, suppressed, abandoned.  And the narratives are almost always ones that benefit the left and damage the right.

One of the narratives the left has been setting up recently is the classic “conservatives are just a bunch of racist rednecks”.  They’ve been particularly anxious to set this frame up around the Tea Party movement in the hopes of scaring off and/or driving away the independent voters who have been attracted by the Tea Party’s message of fiscal responsibility, but they’ll use it on mainstream Republicans too.  It never gets old.  Now, if you want to fight a narrative line, you must not do anything that feeds into it and gives it credibility.  Any fact that even seems to support the narrative may be seized upon, repeated endlessly as ‘proof’ of its accuracy, and used to cement its power in the upcoming news cycle.

In light of the above, I now present to you Bob McDonnell, the recently-elected governor of Virginia.


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  1. hanh says:

    SERIOUSLY! I mean you can be foolish, but Bob McDonnel over pretty cautious spending of Deeds?! I was dead sure McDonnell would lose, virginia didnt dodge this bullet. Electing McDonnel was like re-electing Bush in 2004 for their state, but also knowing how bad the upcoming years will be. If that isnt stupid i dont know what is….O yes i do, i wanna do engineering for aerospace defense and it means i would have to be in arlington alot. Man with how much they hate obama, im surprised no one has shot a rpg randomly into DC from across the river. sigh…its only a matter of time till crazy actions matches what IS said that’s crazy.

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