I like this.  People justly mock Republicans who lecture the rest of us on the sanctity of marriage and the importance of family values, then have marital affairs and solicit sex in public restrooms.  It’s well past time to mock Democrats who lecture the rest of us on cronyism and financial management problems, then obtain special “Friends of Angelo” mortgages and fail to pay their taxes.

Moral principles are universal, and apply equally to all people.  This business of applying one standard to government officials and another to everybody else is more like the relationship between feudal aristocrats and their serfs than anything that should exist in a free society.  At least they haven’t resurrected the droit de seigneur — so far, they’ve restricted themselves to screwing us economically.

2 Responses to “The "Rangel Rule"”
  1. Randal says:

    Gotta disagree with your opening statements.

    Because a FEW Republicans are perverts in no way should disqualify the entire party from speaking about moral issues.

    NOBODY is perfect. So are we all therefore disqualified from ever speaking out on a single thing?

    At least the GOP has a core group of people who really do feel an earnest call to be humble in the land before God, whereas Democrats are flat out atheist liars, clawing their way into power by virtue of nothing more grand than misleading the gullible with thanks to their deceitful friends who pretend to be reporters at ABC, NBC and CBS.

    Either way, I appreciate your honest attempts to be fair. Unlike the people you sometimes vote for (Hillary), it is doubtful you would ever work to undermine freedom while tricking people into believing a fake image of what is really going on.

  2. Kyle Haight says:

    I was thinking in terms of individuals, not groups. People who made bad choices can sometimes regain their credibility on issues of moral judgement by demonstrating in action that they understand the root of their moral breach and have taken steps to correct the flaws in their character that made it possible. Given the URL from which you are coming, I infer you are Christian, which means your model of moral redemption is likely very different from mine. As an Objectivist, I don’t think there is any obligation to be “humble in the land before God” — I don’t believe in God, and I think humility is a vice. (I guess that makes me a flat-out atheist truth-teller?)

    I hold no love for the Democrats. The intellectual core of their party is fascist, with an environmentalist emphasis. But I also hold no love for the Republicans. The intellectual core of their party is also fascist, with a religious emphasis. I’m left with a choice between virofascism and theofascism, when all I want is to be free.

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