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Today my friend Holly shows me the amusing new metal tin that Camel cigarettes are available in. These particular cigarettes are mandarin orange flavored, part of a new product line of flavored cigarettes. She doesn’t smoke anymore — she just thinks the tin is cool.

But on investigating this product out of curiosity, we both discovered something rather odd. RJ Reynolds (which makes Camels and a few other brands) does not have a product listing or a product section of any kind on their website. From their own website I cannot get any information at all about what they manufacture, other than that they are cigarettes.

The domain does not exist. Philip Morris (the manufacturer) has a website that includes a little information about the ingredients of their cigarettes, and lists brands, but there is no detailed info on brand categories, such as lights or menthols.

These websites in general appear to be devoted to the social and political issues of tobacco.

Is this some aspect of their lawsuit settlement with the US Government? Are they somehow prohibited from presenting even the most basic information on their own products, such as which ones even exist? Reading the briefs available on these websites does not provide any illumination, nor do the sites seem interested in addressing the reasons behind this rather glaring oversight.

This crusade against the tobacco industry has gone way, way beyond the pale, beyond the realm of the stupid, into sheer insanity of a type and caliber that I cannot really fathom has been so thoroughly ignored.

If there is an explanation for this peculiar dearth of tobacco product info, I’d be very interested in hearing it.

UPDATE 6/24/04:
I am not Marlboro. I have absolutely no connection to the company. I do not have Marlboro catalogs. I do not pass on requests for catalogs.

DON’T ASK ME FOR A CATALOG! Anyone who posts a request for a catalog after today’s date is officially a moron, and their comments will be left up for the whole world to see what an idiot you are.

84 Responses to “I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel…if I Could Find One”
  1. sonya says:

    AMEN! Smokers are discriminated against…..what about drinkers?
    Why doesn’t marlboro have a site for their gear…wouldn’t it make it so much easier for
    us? We smoke ’em we get gear, right?
    These companies are always finding new ways to market merchandise so we will just try it. I too have bought the Camel tins.
    So why not at least do us a favor and give us a decent website?

  2. GENA WRIGHT says:


  3. Saroya says:

    I phoned Marlboro to get a catalog for their gear @ 1-800-MARLBORO.

  4. ~L says:

    I’m not a regular smoker; I like to have a clove once in awhile when I drink, & I’m really curious about the vanilla Camels, which I can’t find anywhere! Not to mention I have a coupon for Camel that’s about to expire…why are these so difficult to find?! Grrr! Is it because they are presumed to be “candyass” cigarettes? More efeminate than masculine? Something a male dominated society can’t/won’t grasp? If so, I say, “Men! Grab your feminism by the balls & give me a vanilla smoke in a collectors tin! I wanna be one of the boys, too!”

  5. THE SMART ONE says:



  6. susan casey says:

    i would like to get a marlboro miles book to order from

  7. Anne Haight says:

    Dude, what is it with people leaving requests on here asking for Marlboro corporate stuff? I’m not Marlboro. This is not a Marlboro corporate site. Do people even read the thing before leaving a “comment”? I’ve deleted other such requests on this entry, but I’ve decided to start leaving them up as a signpost of human stupidity.

  8. Liz says:

    Anne, I guess they leave requests, because they end up here searching for info on the products, or the mile catalogs, or whatever, that As You Say: Do Not Exist on the Web. That’s what I was looking for, and thanks to 1 of the posts on your site, I figured out where to call. While I was there, I asked why there was no info on their site, and she said ‘yes’, it WAS because of the lawsuit. How ridiculuous. I agree with certain parts of the lawsuit i guess, i don’t really know a lot about it, but I DO KNow that any kid can get on the internet, and by punching a button that says “yes, I’m 18” see very explicit pornography. I guess it’s okay for 10 year olds to see the degredation of women online, but it’s not okay for them to see cigarettes, which they see everywhere else anyway–real life, the movies, etc. Furthermore, when you send in any request for free stuff, coupons, etc. from a cigarette company, you need to send a photocopy of your I.D. Why not just have an area of the site, where you have to register, & enter your ID #. Then after it was verified, they would send you a password. Seems pretty simple, and again, more trouble than the pornographers go to. Why is the government so concerned with my personal habits? Why do they think I can’t raise and supervise my own children? And how come noone EVER comments on how the republicans, who once upon a time were known for “hands off politics” have got thier hands so far up all of our butts now, that we can’t take a poo without an official Okay that its the right time & texture.

  9. Dr. Carl Schaible says:

    I am amazed at the comments you received in response to your harmless question. I am glad to have come upon your site, because it serves as a warning to people like me who would like to post truly controversial/ and or philosophical topics.I have been thinking, with some trepidation, for quite a while, that civilization is a thing of the past. Some of the comments you have received go a long way toward convincing me that my fears are correct.

  10. harold guess says:

    my address is harold guess XXXXXXXXXXXXXX hugo, okla 74743, could you send me a catalog for marlboro gear because I have a lot of miles. thanks in advance.

    I have removed the street address for this person’s safety. -Ed.

  11. Pam says:

    Okay. I think we have established that:
    A.)No one has a catalog for Marlboro miles
    B.)You can’t find a Vanilla Camel, and
    C.)”The Smart One” (who incidentally forgot to do a spellcheck on his comment before posting) thinks Anne is a whore for her “RACIAL COMMENTS,”
    and various other things.
    (Anne, maybe his Lipton bottle was actually glass!)

    Anyway, the post is old, but if you have not had any luck finding your Vanilla Camels ~L, I noticed on the site
    they have several “Exotic” Camel Blends that may fit the bill.
    Crema, or Twisted seem the closest.
    Just search under Premium brands, then choose Camel.
    (I don’t know anything about the site, and have never ordered from them!)
    As far as miles my husband is a smoker, and as long as I cannot get him to quit we might as well get the gear.
    Calling 1-800-Marlboro should be sufficient.
    And as for The Smart One? Spellcheck!

  12. Terry says:

    After stumbling onto this site, and reading the unfortunate comments made by those less than adequate, I truly hesitate to make this comment, or suggestion…..

    Has. or does anyone besides myself believe that there is a greater being that does care for, and shows guidance when we need help? I mean other than the gods of todays antiquated church beliefs?

    After brewing this for years, I have become convinced that todays old religions are that of stories that have become so far removed from the actual writings, that they themselves can’t be believed.

    I am an ordained Reverend, and at present, deliberating the start of a new order church that reverts to the original bible, or holy book, as it was written.

    The name of the church would be “The Church of Acceptance” the true meaning lies in the title.

    The Catholic Church recently told their congregations that they would no longer be able to receive communion if they supported, or accepted Homosexuality, well I cetrtainly don’t accept Homosexuality, but isn’t modern church beliefs that all are sinners no matter what their infractions are, can be saved, or has the Catholic Church become so powerful that they can now assume that they’ve written the Laws of Humanity, and can depose God’s will?

    I ask only if I am the only person that believes in a supreme being.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you,

    Reverand Terry Engel

  13. SmokeEmIfUGotEm says:

    Hello all!

    First off… no I didn’t read all the posts so if this is a repost sorry. I decided to stop reading the first time I heard someone talking about “idiotic stupidity” the question here is simple: How can I(I being the person who posts the question) get a Marlboro Gear or Marlboro Miles catalog? Well look no further. As I’m sure has been stated a number of times here, you apparently cannot get an online version of the catalog in question. To get one go here:

    I’ll even do you one better…

    Marlboro Miles Information

    The purpose of our website is to share information about our Company and our issues. Therefore, we have not included any brand advertising or mention of our various promotional offers or brand-sponsored events, nor are we able to respond to e-mail inquiries about these topics. This is because it is not our intention to market, advertise or promote our cigarette brands on our website.

    If you are a smoker 21 years of age or older with inquiries about Marlboro promotions, including order inquiries, catalog requests, adult smoker mailing list information or coupons, please call:

    1-800-MARLBORO (1-800-627-5267) Sunday through Saturday, from 9 am to Midnight, ET.

    If you are a smoker 21 years of age or older with inquiries about any of our other cigarette brands, including information about promotional offers, catalogs, our adult smoker mailing list or coupons, please call:

    Basic: 1-800-588-3999
    Benson & Hedges: 1-800-223-6766
    Cambridge: 1-800-335-7444
    Merit: 1-800-884-5777
    Parliament: 1-800-494-6444
    Virginia Slims: 1-800-868-9327

    Sunday through Saturday, from 9 am to Midnight, ET.

    Thank you for your interest in Philip Morris USA.

    This is from the Website(the URL I posted) straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

    Non-smokers that might have read this, you have no reason to be here because, unless you have some mental problem that causes you to seek out other persons’s vices and give them grief, you have no reason to run a search on this topic. If you suffer from such a problem I suggest you seek some professional help and let us that choose to do so kill ourselves slowly. At least we’ll be a bit more mellow about it because, lets face it, if most of us go without cigarettes… we’re gonna be jerks for a while till we’re over the addiciton. An addiction, I might add, that I happen to enjoy very much however harmful for myself it may be. On that note, I will step off my soapbox light up and enjoy the impending onslaught of cancer that I have invited into my body and live life the way I want until I die… oxygen tank and plastic tubes shoved up my nose and all!

    As for the camel cigs you were asking about I’d either go to a tobacconist’s shop or go to one of those cigarette outlet stores ie smokes for less butt hutt yadda yadda yadda lots of those stores have them. : ) good luck in your search for vanilla cigarettes in the purty tin, cause they are pretty cool. Check out this site it’s not up to date but might help you find a store with them:

  14. PKRWUD says:

    If anyone still cares, there is a Philip Morris website where you can order catalogs for their various brands, and their promotional items. You can even track your orders from there.

  15. Forest says:

    Hello to who ever runs this site.I have in my hand a letter from marlboro sendind me to this site to check my gear order.Why would they send me to this site.Its usless.It dosent help me in any way to check what i ordered and things dealing with what i orderded.The ding dong running the site needs to be changed cause of the things he has done .Some things are cursing and things that make us disaprove of it.So this should be changed.People that are trying to contact marlboro should call 1-800-627-5267.

  16. Jeff says:

    I think “The Smart One” is a gay Kerry supporter.

  17. Anne Haight says:


    You have a letter from Marlboro telling you to go to Haight Speech to check your Gear order? That can’t possibly be right. Can you scan the letter and post a link to it?

    For the last time, I am not affiliated with Marlboro in any way. I’m just a blogger who commented on a Marlboro product. Get a clue, folks.

  18. Forest says:

    Hello again, The letter i got from marlboro said, that if i wanted to check my gear order to go to . Haight speech is the only link that comes up using that address.So chances are thats why there are so many people asking about marlboro at this site.So any one wanting to contact marlbror should call 1-800-627-5267, be sure to let them know the address above does not lead you to a marlboro link.

  19. Anne Haight says:

    I’m at a loss to explain that, because I went to that website and it looks fine to me. It’s a Philip Morris website. I don’t see anything that has anything to do with Haight Speech. Did you type the URL directly into your browser or are you doing a search on Google or something?

    Haight Speech does come up in the top Google results on the term “smokerservice” but why anyone would be dumb enough to click on that link instead of going to the several legitimate ones below it, I have no idea.

  20. myra hubbard says:

    to each his own!you have your wish as far as restriction of smoking in public!non smokers have rights,but don`t smokers have their rights to!

  21. Cathy says:

    This sight is funny. It has some great info on it though. Anne, you need to lighten up!! The fact of the matter is this link comes up a lot when searching for info on Marlboro. If you don’t want to be associated with Marlboro, than change your topic to something different, like ‘budwieser’…he,he

  22. drumzman says:

    I wasn’t going to comment in here, but I had a good laugh. The addy listed above to contact marlboro…the http://www.pmusa/search_gateway/miles.asp... lead me here! Guess they like you anne…lmao!

  23. natsnax says:

    You know what? Some people really are dumb. If they come here it’s because they don’t know how to use their web browser. I went directly to the Phillip Morris website and everything I needed was right there. Why don’t you people type in … It will take you right there to the website. Then all of you can stop writing stupid comments here and leave this site for people who have something constructive to say about our smoking addiction.

  24. Ms. Rita F. Keller says:

    Dear Basic,
    I placed an order prior to July 27,2004 for 1 Birch Wood Jewelry Box from a Basic order sheet included in my carton of Basics. I recieved a letter from Basic dated July 27, 2004 that stated my complete order would arrive in 10-12 weeks, and perhaps sooner! I have received no further communication from Basic, nor my jewelry box. I would like to know where my order is, or my money needs to be returned to me.

    Thank you for your attention with this matter. I know I will hear from you soon.
    Valued Customer,
    Ms. Rita F. Keller
    Shelbyville, IN 46176
    e-mail address AGAIN,

  25. Anne Haight says:


    I have removed the street address from Rita’s post above for her own protection.

  26. robbie27822 says:

    Damn Anne, Was reading through some of the posts on your site and the complete stupidity of some of these folks is still cracking me up.You did ask for the oppinion of the general population.I guess i was putting to much faith in the ability of these people. They do fool you by walking upright.gimme a shout.same on msngr. later Rob

  27. Smokinghelmet says:

    I cant smoke anywhere! Cant smoke in the office, outside the office, or in my boss’s wife’s car while i watch her do….well nevermind. But I do think they should make a helmet to wear so I can smoke indoors.

  28. Diapow says:

    To make it easier, just remove all of the posts regarding Smokersignup, Phllip Morris, etc. etc. since when you google Smoker Signup you get this website. That would prevent the google algorithms from cross refernceing any of your webpages in reference to Cigarettes.

    BTW, Nice Site, I found it by accident. F.U.G.W.

    Poorest State in the Union – Mississippi.

    Mississippi’s Senator – Trent Lott

    Trent Lott – Republican Douche Bag

  29. ernest tabor says:

    interested in getting promotional products and catalog from marlboro

  30. tom Brosnahan says:


  31. ron says:

    I got the same letter from Marlboro which states.

    Go to, Marlboro’s error!

    It should be entered as.

    You’ll get their site, sorry for your incinvenience, on your site.

  32. TheChiller says:

    To SmokingHelmet: I tried the Patch, to quit smoking. It didnt work for me. But then I had a job for a while that didnt allow smoking anywhere on the work grounds, and prohibited leaving the grounds while on the clock, and may I suggest you use a patch while youre at work, they did a good job for me.

    To Reverand Terry: How in the world did you think of your above comment, while reading posts dealing with gear for miles programs from cigarette companies?? Hats off to you for doing your part to plant seeds of faith any and everywhere you go. Commendable.

    To TheSmartOne: Youre one of those types of people who never get laid, though you try constantly, to the point you become annoying to others, thereby spending hours online finding places where you can be a complete and utter DICK, saying the most unrelated, hurtful things out of the blue, to someone simply trying to help keep our failing civilization, CIVILIZED! I will always remember you as, TheFartOne. olo

    To Anne: I bet you never thought youd get this many responses from a blog idea huh? =c] I too, was searching for a Gear catalog by typing into the search bar above and this blog was posted near the top of the list, and of course no sites devoted to Marlboro or gear, or anything (sheesh) but thanks to your blog, I have sites and 800 numbers to call if I want to. Now though, Im not that concerned about it, because a site just above yours was a comsumer reports site that was loaded with dozens of complaints about sending money and orders in, and getting nothing back, yet cashing their checks. The problems seemed to start january of 2000 and have been a problem since. So to all of you who have saved thousands of miles, you might want to glue them together and make a funny picture or something out of them, it would only cost you the price of a bottle of glue, cheaper that way HAHAA.

  33. Rena says:

    You ask, “Why do people keep asking for the marlboro stuff on this site,”…simple, Marlboro put it in there catalog and you are to go to the site and click on register now and enter the customer number and promotional code. Obviouly no one is able to do that…duh. Call marlboro and ask them, and stop bothing these nice people.
    Geez. Read the top of the site, it says Camel not Marlboro

  34. Anne Haight says:

    simple, Marlboro put it in there catalog

    My website is not in the Marlboro catalog. I absolutely guarantee it. I’m just a person with a blog. I don’t even smoke. Anybody who gets to my site ( and thinks it is a Marlboro or other tobacco company corporate site is just an idiot, period.

  35. Rena says:

    Anne, Thank you for your resonse. I don’t smoke either but I do collect any and all cigarette packs that offers anything for “free”, people thow them down and I do my civic duty and pick up trash. But the burning question is still there. The web site in the Marlboro book that you are suppose to use to track your order is: and the rest was explained in the last e-mail and I done the in several ways and I keep geting this site. I did call the Marlboro company and they claim to be able to pull it up on there computer so we done it step by step and letter by letter and it keeps bringing me to your site. I guess my computer just likes your site. You go figure. It is frustrating to say the least. Please forgive me for bothering you but I was trying to find a solution to my problem and maybe a solution to yours. Rena

  36. Anne Haight says:

    That simply doesn’t make sense.

    People must be typing “” into a search engine, because Haight Speech does come up as a possible match in search engines (because of keyword matches).

    But if you type that URL directly into your browser URL field, you are NOT going to arrive at Haight Speech. It’s that simple. I don’t own that domain. I don’t own anything even remotely resembling those words.

    Therefore, anyone who types that URL into their browser and arrives here is an idiot, period.

  37. Tiffany Skinner says:

    I was looking for the Marlboro Catalog site also, but I didn’t have a exact address so I did type Marlboro into a search engine.Your site did help me with the information to get a catalog, though I realize that is not your intent.I just got a good laugh out of this site. It is scary to think the idiots such as The Smart One, Harold,and Rena are actually out there somewhere. Does anyone else wonder what these people do for a living? We better hope they aren’t nurses or anything vital to the human race.

  38. ryan says:

    i smoke marijuana and cigarettes

  39. Adolf Hitler says:

    i hope yall are all jewish cuz you are gonna die from lung cancer SMOKE DAT WEED 420 SMOKE POT

  40. james says:

    i smoke

  41. Anne Haight says:

    Great, we’ve graduated from people thinking I’m Philip Morris to people who feel the need to announce to random strangers on the internet the fact that they smoke.

  42. brandy says:

    What a crazy crazy world – I got a NEW MARLBORO CATALOG today, my mom said she wanted one, so I typed in “marlboro gear” and ended up in this crazy story. But – they do have cool stuff in the catalog!! Call the 1-800 # to get one cuz they’re not gonna send one just by signing up, everyone in my family has signed up and I’m the only one who gets stuff from them and I don’t even smoke! HA!!

  43. Mike Lanna says:

    I am sooooooo ticked off! I just got the Marlboro 800 # from this site and called to get a catalogue. Sure they will send me a catalogue but she told me that they will not be accepting anything after 2003! That makes 75% of my miles worthless! I have collected these frickin things for years! Its not like I separated them in Chronological order! So not only do I lose most of my miles I have to go through all of them! Screw it! I won’t spend good time after bad. I will never smoke another one of their damn cigarettes ( way too expensive anyway ) and I am going to piss on all those miles before I incinerate them. I am one pissed off Hombre.

  44. Diane says:

    Boy, if you think you have to swear, at least know how to spell. What morons! Anyway for those of you who order marlboros through the internet, like I used to, better stop. I am from Michigan and recently got a tax bill for $3800. Ouch! Someone told me to find a site that is a indian reservation because they are not under our national law, but their own. Anyone know?

  45. Daniel M Corkery says:

    what the hell is up with this site. What do they want from me? Is this just a joke? More wasted time.

  46. Anne Haight says:

    what the hell is up with this site. What do they want from me? Is this just a joke? More wasted time.

    I didn’t deliberately bring you here, if that’s what you mean. Not my fault people don’t know how to use their browser correctly.

  47. Shannon Whitaker says:

    Hi Anne, I am sorry you are having such a hard time on your site. I like many others happen to put a search in for “marlboro miles” and was led here by one of the links. I am just killing time and enjoyed reading of the stupidity that is out there. However I feel sorry that they all seem to be flocking to your site. Good luck with it, and don’t worry I will not ask you how to get anything from Marlboro. Ha Ha. Have a good one.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Obese: very fat…is the number one health problem in the U.S.A. Did you know: the cost of health related illness of obese people are MORE than..alcohol, drug use and smoking. I refer you to a study conducted and Burkley in CA.

  49. RON STRODE says:


  50. Robert Johnson says:


  51. Robert Johnson says:

    This my only satifaction after a long hard days work.

  52. Christina says:

    I have to admit I was looking for the Marlboro website too. Received something in the mail with “smokerservice” and just typed it in the search and here I am. I don’t usually read stuff like this, but today I decided too. It gave me a good laugh after a long day’s work. I really liked what Rev. Engel had to say. It is good to know there is at least one person in the church who isn’t placing judgement on others.

  53. lee b says:

    where are you

  54. Big says:

    Geta job! You’re all idiots with no life to be sitting around reading Bull like this. You need to know your wife is with me!Yeah.!

  55. Jay says:

    I’m from Council Bluffs,Ia.. I’m hard-hearin imparied..I work for home buildin.. I love to play sports.

  56. julie says:


  57. Jerri says:

    Isn’t that special!

  58. FRAN says:


  59. Pat says: is the RJ Reynolds site for Winston cigarettes. There you can sign up for coupons. Click on the URL to have the coupons snail mailed because most stores nowadays will not accept coupons printed off the web. There’s also URLs there for games.

    Still trying to find info on Marlboro cigarettes. Hopefully they will offer deals like Winston does (up to $6.00 off a carton).

  60. Invader Darth says:

    I’ve tried a couple of experiments:

    Type into your address bar and it’s correct.

    Type “smokerservice” into Google and the first listing you get is for

    Type “smoker service” into Google and you’ll never find

    Type “” into Google, click the links, and Haight Speech comes up #2, right AFTER

    These people either don’t know what they’re doing on the Internet, or (this is my guess here, since I won’t let the vile program into my home) they’re using AOL and typing these things into the keyword thing that AOL provides.

  61. Cristy says:

    Dude…I went online looking to order a catalog and ended up here. Of course, i’m reading through it all and like the guy above me, tried to figure out why the mass confusion. I actually DID find that typing smokerservice into your address bar with MSN as your default search, no “” comes up. Just one site with a confused person, then this site. I actually was just going to close this browser and keep looking, but some of the posts are totally fuckin hilarious, so i actually read clear till the end. Um…I think i’m going to go register and redeem my millions of miles. Thanks for the laughs, guys!

  62. Larry says:

    Call me an idiot. I’ve been smoking Marlboros since I was 14. Back in the days when there was only one kind of Marlboro, my 6 year old son must have been prescient: I sent him to the corner store to buy a pack, (and of course ice cream for him), and he came back empty-handed, and asked me:”What kind of Marlboros did you want?” Oh well, I really wanted to post something scintillating.

  63. Elizabeth says:

    Liz, sorry to tell you this but I am a republican. In fact, I’m a very strict republican and I could care less when you take a shit but you have my permission for it if that’s what you were looking for with your comment. I’ve been a smoker for over 12 years and I do think we are discriminated against. I am all for the sensorship of the internet, television, and TV ads. Kids are like sponges, they see something just once, it sticks in their minds. I don’t often see many people wearing the Marlboro jackets either. I’m not opposed to that because I’d love to have one. The fact is, the more difficult it is for kids to obtain these things and see them, the more likely they will give up. Just because it’s a pain in the ass for us, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be this way.

  64. Jill Workman says:

    I would Just like to order a book to see whats available to spend my miles on.

  65. michelle says:

    sometimes I agree with some of you

  66. Andrea says:

    I’m not too internet-savvy… I didn’t even know I had a URL! Must be an age-related type of ignorance. I do think that this website is hilarious… I too read through the entire thing although I have A LOT of other things I should be doing. It would be a nice thing to see people who have never learned to spell at least use their Spell Check… after all, it is right there! I ended up here looking for, but thanks to a couple of the postings here will try to find it some other way than using AOL, which incidentally, I also can’t stand and wish I didn’t have. I can’t figure out how to change to a different service provider without having to notify a billion people that I have a new e-mail address. I’d probably forget someone really important, like my graduate school or something.

  67. SuperFreak says:

    Hey anne, I can see that you haven’t responded to this thread in a couple of months, but I couldn’t resist adding to it. THANK you for the laugh, even if that wasn’t your intention I think you have a #1 comedy going on here for over a year…

    just a note to all the idiots (and those of you who were less priveleged than the new generation) a URL is a godsend, no missent queries on the net, just type in the URL in the URL window and you get where you want to be. (I’m fairly certain even AOHell (AOL) has a URL window.

    I have only read this one thread but I do intend to check out your whole site as your opinion seem to run at least a bit parallel to my own.

    Good luck with the idiots.

  68. Eric says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I would like to sign up for the Marlboro catalog because I have over 8,000 current Marlboro miles. I’ve read some of the other responses, and if it is not possible to send me a catalog, can you at least either e-mail me a copy of it or let me know what the various items are that I am able to order?
    Thank you,
    Eric Harrison
    Morgantown, WV 26505

    Street address removed for this person’s safety. -Ed.

  69. Kelly says:

    Where the hell is SMOKERS SERVICE I really need to change my Address. Click on Update Perferences, theres no Smokers Service to Click on Update services. But boy when I go to the store to get a carton there they are. This is gettin me pissed off enought to quit. Thank-you

  70. Anne Haight says:

    Where the hell is SMOKERS SERVICE I really need to change my Address.

    This is really, really simple folks.

    Type. It. Into. Your. Browser.

  71. Anne Haight says:

    I’ve read some of the other responses, and if it is not possible to send me a catalog, can you at least either e-mail me a copy of it or let me know what the various items are that I am able to order?

    Eric, what part of “I am not Marlboro. I have absolutely no connection to the company” didn’t you understand?

  72. J-Rock says:

    It’s nobodies business if I feel the need to spark up a cancer stick. Take your one sided opiononated ass and relocate as far away from me as you can. If your brave enough to say what is on your mind don’t bother because you sound exactely like the teacher in the peanuts cartoon. Smoke ya later fool!

  73. B Tok says:

    Okay, I came across this blog while searching for the catalog… however, I KNOW how I got here.

    Anne, I’m so sorry that an intelligent thought turned into this gathering of morons.

    Reverend, I’m very interested in your comment and would like to further discuss it, if you read this, please, email me.

    To SmartyPants…
    Please, didn’t your mother ever teach you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all? Did Anne really overstep a boundary that called for you to attack her personally in a public forum with such filthy language (and, I too, agree, use the spell-checker, it’s free, and I guarantee it’s not politically biased). I don’t think anyone’s opinion of a political view would indicate that they are prostitutes. You are a shame to all good, loving men. You obviously have issues with your mom, or some other female figure, for you to hate women so much. You don’t hate Anne for her comment, you hate all women. Your disgusting post proves that, and thereby doesn’t make your comments stand out (no matter how much you capitalize your words), as a “good point”, it makes you the biggest idiot to have posted anything on this blog. Intelligence certainly played no part in what motivated you to respond here.

    Addressing the URL box issue…
    I never thought I would know of anyone who had difficulty using AOL. I ditched it over 10 years ago because I thought it was a proprietary piece of junk. However, I’ve found that it has re-defined “user-friendly” and made the internet possible for the less-than-computer-savvy, my grandparents for example. I still won’t touch it, but that’s beside the point.
    For those of you who aren’t using AOL and are typing into the url box and are still ending up here… it could be one of several different things, the most likely being this…
    Your browser could be set to automatically search for whatever you type into the URL box when you press “ENTER”… in which case, the easy way around that is to type it in and click on “GO” afterward, rather than typing enter. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser, I like Mozilla Firefox, it’s loaded with great stuff, like a built-in popup blocker, etc. You can even download a weather plugin that will show your local weather forecast. It’s all free.

    My advice for people who posted their name and address here, without reading the content of the page first. You, are a danger to yourself and your families. In this day and age, there are people who seek out information like that with the intent to harm you. What if The Smart One were to see it and come knocking on your door? Every woman in your household would be in danger! To go to a website, not inspect it’s contents at ALL, and enter your name & home address is about as stupid as handing out signed blank checks, or leaving your loaded gun on the kitchen table with a note for the burglars that lets them know where you keep your unlocked safe.

    Wow, I have to say though, this has been a lot of laughs. I really thought that when I ended my customer service career and moved into the computer science profession 4 years ago, that I would no longer get to laugh out loud at the stupidity and ignorance of the general population, but lucky for me, they’ve gathered here for my entertainment.

  74. Anne Haight says:

    B Tok, thanks for reminding me that there might be some addresses on here I hadn’t gotten to yet. I’ve deleted the street address where people have typed in theirs, for their own protection.

  75. Michelle T. says:

    Marlboro are the best smokes ever!!!

  76. Mandi says:

    The person that said you could go to and request a catalog is a LIAR. That page doesnt exist.

  77. David says:

    Why are you wasting your time and the time of others, who forever reasons think they can get something for free. If you don’t want these E-Mails than close down your Web and open one that promotes saving trees. You know you are going to recieve thousands of E-Mails. I’m sure the Marlboro company will eventally correct the Web error which enables you to get the E-Mails, in my estimation you are a very loney person, I feel sorry for you.

  78. John says:

    David, “To each their own.”

  79. Bill says:

    Hey don’t know how all this drama started but anyways if you want and it doesn’t work like I tried for the past twenty minutes just call this number 18007729300 and have your 9-digit customer number handy to enter it in. For your info I too enjoy the flavored cigarettes once in a while, I used to like the dark mint.

  80. Melissa Montgomery says:

    want the portable litter device

  81. Matthew Rabinowitz says:

    I would like to receive the free Portable Litter Device. My 9 digit code number is 583115321

  82. sharon provost says:

    please send my free litter device

  83. sharon provost says:

    please send my free litter device

  84. Kyle Haight says:

    All right, that’s it. Too many idiots keep putting comments on this post which have *nothing* to do with the topic. I’m closing them off now.