Apparently Kitty Genovese died in vain.

That is all.

(Anne speaking):

I’ve already pointed out to Kyle that the Kitty Genovese case has actually been significantly misrepresented in the common mind. But that’s neither here nor there. I can’t speak for everyone, but the fact that I’m a 5’1″ female fatass with no fight training whatsoever would not stop me from leaping on that asshole and doing my best to choke him to death, or at least sit on him. And no, I wouldn’t hesitate. Of course, in an ideal world, I would be permitted to get a CCW permit and would have a gun with me. That would solve the problem and I wouldn’t have to break a nail.

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  1. Sigivald says:

    That reminds me, forcefully, of why I don’t read Misha’s blog, especially the comments.

    (Nor is the comparison to Genovese valid; Genovese died partially because the police didn’t take the calls seriously, and because she got up and moved out of sight before the killer came back to finish killing her. The idea that “people watched her get murdered and did nothing” is simply a myth.

    The people here did call the police (who did take the call seriously, and came in a damned helicopter for maximum response time), and did try to deter the attacker, both verbally, and by looking for weapons to attack the obviously crazed murderer with.

    Contra the commenters at Misha’s, whose smugness revolts me, I don’t blame the 23 year old woman who drove up for not physically engaging a violent psychotic, unarmed, or any of the others. Maybe Misha’s commenters are all trained martial artists or combat-hardened veterans, but random civilians are not psychologically prepared for mortal combat with a random psychotic who’s already trying to kill someone.

    To castigate them and wish them eternally damned for that strikes me as at best greatly mistaken, and at worst horribly easy for someone who wasn’t there.)

  2. MuscleDaddy says:

    “Maybe Misha’s commenters are all trained martial artists or combat-hardened veterans, but random civilians are not psychologically prepared for mortal combat with a random psychotic who’s already trying to kill someone.”

    Some of us are – maybe more than the average, and that is certainly something that would affect the outcome, at least to a matter of degrees.

    But show me a person who can’t bring himself to jump on some goblin’s back in an attempt to save the life of a two-year-old being stomped to death in the street

    …and I’ll show you someone who deserves far worse than to be ‘castigated’.

    ‘Asking’ or ‘suggesting’ that evil stop just isn’t enough – sometimes even ordinary people have to do something.

    – MuscleDaddy

  3. Sigivald says:

    “A person”? So the 23 year old woman who’s (probably) shorter, smaller, and weaker than the psycho talking about demons and killing a kid deserves worse than castigation (or in the initial post comments, “to burn in hell”) for not jumping on him to maybe be killed as well?

    I sense a psychological gap here.

    The people who intervened short of jumping the blood-spattered psycho were driving somewhere, not looking for combat. They weren’t armed (thanks, California!), and they weren’t all friends who know they can trust each-other for backup. They were, in other words, both psychologically and materially unprepared for stopping a psycho-killer.

    Some me a person who doesn’t jump in in those circumstances and I’ll show you almost everyone on Earth, and I’ll repeat that it’s easy to talk tough on the internet.

    (And in fairness, like I said, I’m sure from their posts that many of Misha’s commenters are “rough men” as the famous poem speaks of – but most people aren’t, and it’s not reasonable to condemn the 23 year old woman to eternal damnation for not being a “rough man” and fulfilling the requirements such men put on themselves.)

  4. TTK Ciar says:

    I’m a bit surprised nobody pointed out that everyone who *drove by* the scene was armed with a deadly weapon .. but only a bit. People just aren’t used to thinking of their vehicles in such terms.

    — TTK

  5. Dave says:

    A single right-minded gun owner could have stopped this in an instant, of course I think also that 2 guys with enough balls could have at least taken him down for a minute, enough time to maybe spur some other spineless idiots into action. And YES every car has a nice hefty wrench under the trunk, couple of blows to the head by even the feeblest attacker could have had an effect.
    I am not a violent person, or a particularly large or heavy person but I would have thrown myself at this guy, little regard for myself. WHAT THE FUCK !? The name of the game is distraction from his current target, and if you can floor him everybody else can jump on.
    Then again, I’d stop traffic for a dog, and I’m vigilant for psychos !
    “Oooh, he might have a knife” HES STOMPING ON A BABY ! Don’t you think he’d be attacking it with a knife ?

    Failing that, you can always assault somebody with an automobile; chances are the baby would probably end up underneath, but if you aimed right, its better than being stomped to death and chances of survival are better; most cars have a frontal clearance of about 6-7inches, and a plastic guard in the area directly in front of the engine, toddler might get a bit hot, but I’d take that chance to snap this fuckers leg with my bumper.

    If I ever see anything like this, I’ll remember my comments here and remember not to be a complete pussy.


  6. Dave says:

    In short- I’d rather him beat me than a baby.

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