Usually when people make fun of Southerners, I’m the first to defend them. As a native Tennessean transplanted into Silicon Valley, California, I feel obliged to stand up for my fellow Southerners whenever people make fun of hicks and rednecks (not that hicks and rednecks don’t exist — we make fun of them, too).


But I saw this today, and just had to take a picture. I’m staying with my parents in Tennessee for a month, and we went out to Home Depot today in Lenoir City. Anyone in the area can visit the store and verify for themselves that this picture is real. Even worse, there are 2 such handwritten signs on the store, one at each doorway, and they both have this error. Points for consistency I guess.

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  1. Kyle Haight says:

    Well, I’m a native-born Californian, and I almost fumbled the honor of my state by failing to find the error. Almost, but not quite.

    So take that, hick rednecks! B-)

  2. M says:

    Wow! That is so egregious! An employee at Home Depot misspelled ONE. FREAKING. WORD. On TWO signs! Therefore, ALL Tennesseans are stupid (as implied in the title of the post)!

    I’ve seen MUCH, MUCH worse, you stupid, arrogant bitch.

  3. Anne Haight says:

    Wow! That is so egregious! An employee at Home Depot misspelled ONE. FREAKING. WORD.

    Actually, it IS egregious. I mean, this isn’t a typo, or a case of transposing two letters. They left out two entire syllables of the word.

    Therefore, ALL Tennesseans are stupid (as implied in the title of the post)!

    That isn’t what the title implies at all, which you would know if you were 1) better read, and 2) more attentive to politics. The post title is primarily a reference to something Bush said in a speech, and a criticism of the public school system, not of Tennesseans.

    I’m Tennessean, for fuck’s sake (not merely implied, but stated outright in my post). I was born in Oak Ridge and lived there until I was 9. I know better than anyone how smart or dumb the people of my native state are.

    I’ve seen MUCH, MUCH worse, you stupid, arrogant bitch.

    Why is it that people always feel compelled to include the phrase “you stupid, arrogant bitch” when complaining about something on my blog? I could set my watch by it.

    Sure, I’ve seen worse. I take pictures of those, too. But you seem to think this is a trivial matter not worthy of notice. I disagree. Home Depot is a major corporate chain, not some mom-and-pop store in one location. People in professional positions should know how to spell. It casts a poor light on the business when they don’t. As far as I’m concerned, it falls into the same category as writing a letter to a customer, or printing an ad in a newspaper. Misspellings and other conspicuous language errors are a sign of ineptitude, and damage the company’s reputation.

    “Inconvenience” is not a difficult word to spell, and it is a common term used in everyday conversation. There’s really no excuse to screw it up.

  4. mary says:

    Wow. I work at home depot. I have worked there for 5 years now. I make signs and on some occasion I do misspell signs. I am not the greatest speller and never have been. I do depend on my dictionary when I have a word in question. I just think its harsh to take pictures and bitch about a misspelling. From the looks of her sign she’s probably a kid who is getting payed 8 dollars an hour if she’s lucky.
    I do about 50 signs a day. People do make mistakes. Just when you do its not in everyones face to criticize. You are so lucky to be such a person.
    People are human. Not everyone is perfect. Some people are better spellers then others… my god… Just thinking about this makes me sick that you …. GOT YOUR CAMERA OUT AND TOOK A PICTURE??!!!


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