Warning: RPG lingo incoming.

Ok, so I’m playing Shadowbane last night. This is the new MMORPG that has an emphasis on PvP. Or more exactly, PvP is possible, anytime, anywhere. There is a strong guild structure to discourage PKs, and so far I have not run into any PK problems.

You can, however, loot other people’s corpses when they get killed. Muwahaha.

Last night I notice on the system information channel that there is a guy in my area whose name is “X-NaZgul-X Ring Wraith”. :rolls eyes:

In that instant I knew what my purpose in Shadowbane was. I am to be a thorn in the side of everyone with a retarded character name.

I wish I had logged the exchange I subsequently had with this guy, but the event goes something like the following. Keep in mind that we’re both minotaurs — big, tough, slow creatures that according to the game backstory are supposed to be fairly slow of wit, so I’m playing mine that way when he talks:

Nazgul dies. I loot his corpse while he’s gone, taking his armor and his cash, but leaving his weapon and gloves. Then I innocently go about my business killing local minor monsters. There’s another player nearby (centaur) but she isn’t paying attention to what I’m doing.

Nazgul comes back after respawning. The 360 camera interface of Shadowbane makes it possible to view anything going on around you without actually turning your character around, so it isn’t obvious when you’re staring at someone.

I see him loot his corpse, and then he says (the text appears over your head on the screen as well as in the chat window):

Him: “who stole my armor? wtf?” *turns to centaur female* “did u take my armor?”

Centaur: “Your armor? I wasn’t looking.”

Him: “who took my armor?” *turns to me* “did u take it?”

Me: *ignores him like I didn’t hear*

Him: “it must have been ganjen” (that’s me)

After he gripes for a minute, finally I turn to him.

Me: “Yes. Me took stuff.”

Him: “why? that’s ok, i have a guild, your now on kill on sight list if you ever go to the mainland. u are marked sir. why did you take my stuff.”

Me: “Because you have dumb name.”

Him: “huh? what’s wrong w/my name!”

Me: “You no think for yourself. You steal other person’s idea and take name. You even have to use extra letters because name already being used.”

Him: “ive been using this name for a long time, on every game i play, everybody knows me by this name.”

Me: “Make no difference.”

Centaur: “Play nice boys.”

Him: “give me my stuff”

Me: “Ask nice.”

*long pause*

Him: “may i please have my hard earned armor back. u can keep the gold.”

Me: “Ok. Because you earned. Me get stuff.”

Him: “thank you”

Centaur: “Good I’m glad you worked it out.”

*I open trade window, return the things I took, including his gold plus a bit extra since I couldn’t remember the exact amount*

Me: “But you no use dumb name in future.”

Him: “i have one comment for u. FUCK U.”

*then he runs off before I can reply*

Me (to no one in particular): “Oh that mature. He can’t even use whole words when he insult me.”

I reported the gist of this encounter to the public Info channel, adding, “So make sure none of you use dumb name, or me take stuff.”

One guy (Erikson) said, “I’ll be sure to remember that.”

I said, “You no have dumb name. You no worry.”


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