Apparently there is some controversy in blue states about the airing of the trailer for the upcoming film UNITED 93, about the 9/11 hijacking of (surprise!) United Flight 93. People have been complaining that (after 5 years), it’s ‘too soon’ for such a movie. Revisiting these events is apparently too emotionally traumatizing for these people. They’re trying to get movie theaters to pull the trailer.

Well, this is the 21st century, and I don’t need a theater to watch a trailer. Neither do you. I suggest going and watching it now.

This trailer isn’t exploitative, it isn’t sensationalist, it isn’t traumatic. It’s tasteful and, if anything, extremely understated. Comparing the trailer to the complaints that have been made about it, I can only draw one conclusion: leftists are pussies, and hypocritical pussies to boot.

For years, conservatives complaining about media they found objectionable were met by liberals with the (absolutely correct) rejoinder that “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” Well, turnabout is fair play. Now the left has met a piece of media they find objectionable, and they should be met with the same response. Perhaps with the additional admonition to grow the hell up.

2 Responses to “This Is Controversial?”
  1. Mithras says:

    Go to Manhattan and say that and you’ll find out who the pussy is.

  2. rightwingprof says:

    Go to Manhattan and say that and you’ll find out who the pussy is.

    You’d be lucky to find one man out of the hundreds of metrosexual leftists in Manhattan.

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