Jane Galt has been blogging up an, um, storm on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She makes a number of very good points, refreshingly free of the political point-scoring that’s been going on on both sides of the political spectrum since the storm. I particularly recommend this, this, this and this.

This, on the other hand, does do some point-scoring — although at a more abstract level than straight political partisanship.

On a straight partisan line, this raises an interesting point I was contemplating a few days ago. Urban cores are one of the major Democratic strongholds. What’s the political impact of taking tens of thousands of people out of one of those urban cores and scattering them around the country? All else being equal, I’d guess it would tend to make Louisiana a bit less Democratic, and a number of other states slightly more Democratic. But since the political impact of those voters used to be concentrated in one state, and they will now be spread over a bunch of states, the decrease of Democratic votes in Louisiana would have a greater impact. Of course, all else probably will not be equal.

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