Anne and I just got back from watching BATMAN BEGINS. Based on the early reviews and comments I was hoping for good things from this movie, and I’m pleased to say that it was even better than I’d expected going in. This is a rarity for big Hollywood movies these days. Movie studios have reportedly been in a panic because box office revenues have been down significantly year-over-year. If there’s any justice, BATMAN BEGINS will help reverse that.

When doing a Batman story, the most important thing to get right is the psychology. Unlike most superheroes, Batman is self-created. His powers don’t stem from alien physiology or radioactive animals — they were created by him through training, research and effort. And that effort had to be expended by choice. This means that psychology and motivation are far more central to him than to other heroes. And BATMAN BEGINS understands that. The whole movie is an answer to the question “What makes Batman tick, and how did he get that way?”

After the horrible train-wreck that was BATMAN AND ROBIN, the studio knew they had only one more chance to rescue the franchise. If they failed, they wouldn’t have a chance for another generation at least. So there was a lot riding on this film. And they succeeded.

More like this, please. Keep making ’em this good, and I’ll keep coming back to watch ’em.

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