Many people are aware by now of the upcoming remake of “War of the Worlds” starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg. It’s also pretty well known that Tom Cruise is the sort of raving nutcase we call a Scientologist. What I hadn’t noticed until now was this:

Coincidence? Not where Scientology is concerned, you can be sure.

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  1. Alan Furman says:

    And remember, boys and girls:

    your source for the REAL story on the criminal cult of Scientology.

    This website has saved more than one potential mark from the cult’s brainwashing. The next time it could be someone you care about.

    As for Tom Cruise: He recently parted ways with ultrapublicist Pat Kingsley, who presumably kept him at least partly muzzled in his cult meme spewing compulsions. The job is now held by Tom’s sister, who is a fellow Scientologist. So the muzzle is off . . . the spectacle has begun . . .
    when it comes to drawing attention to the cult (in the age when anyone can easily find the weird truth on the Web) Tom is rolling.

    Kirsty Alley is rolling too, but in perhaps a more literal way (if you have noticed what she looks like lately).

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