The good news: the French have rejected the proposed EU constitution.

The bad news: the defeat was caused by the perception that the EU constitution was too free-market. The hard right rejected it because they feared the increased labor mobility would let foreigners come into France and take jobs. The hard left rejected it because they thought it was an attempt to impose Anglo-Saxon ‘hypercapitalism’ on the Glory That Is France.

The good news: this indicates that the whackos are a decisive majority in French politics, so France can continue socializing itself into utter global irrelevance. So long, guys, and may you get exactly the kind of rulers you’re asking for. Get back to me when Sabine Herold’s government is running the country.

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  1. rick barnes says:

    “The Glory that is France?” What exactly does France have that is glorious. They have massive riots every 6 months from students to Muslims to workers protesting that they could be fired in their first year of employement if they are lazy. Or maybe they we talking about their weakening economy? oh well i guess the rest of the world will come save them again when they surrender next time.

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