This just boggles my mind. (HT: Captain’s Quarters)

The closest analogy I can come up with would be if Joe Lieberman had an audiotape of Karl Rove offering Mrs. Lieberman an ambassadorship in exchange for the Senator switching his vote on the judicial filibuster issue. The media would still be flogging the story a year from now. And the Martin government in Canada did this in the face of a no-confidence vote over the issue of the government misappropriating public resources for political gain. Way to illustrate the point, guys.

I remember when Canadians considered their country an example of clean, effective government. Nowadays they’re looking more like a banana republic with each passing moment.

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  1. merwin haight says:

    Hey Kyle
    You know what’s realy cool the Martin Gov’t. has spent $80 million to to find out how the spent the first $100 million (plus). Oh ya Paul Martin just picked up another lapdog…Belinda Stronic…what do you think it will cost Canadians for the new B.S. situation? From the Banana republic of the north.

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