“Walt Disney’s ANIMAL FARM”.

I can’t decide whether I’d pay money to watch that or not. Luckily, I don’t expect it’s a decision I’ll ever face.

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  1. hello says:

    Hopefully the animals will be treated better than kfc treats chickens.I imagine the animals would actually be well taken care of just because it is disney and they probably do not want to get a bad rap and how the treat animals will probably affect disney land.

  2. Kyle Haight says:

    Honestly, I was thinking more in terms of an animated movie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it a cartoon?

  4. Kyle Haight says:

    I would have thought the idea itself was so absurd as to be a self-parody, but I forgot that this is the internet. So, let me be very clear:

    Disney is, to the best of my knowledge, not making an ANIMAL FARM movie. Nor do they have any plans to do so. I made it up, as an example of the kind of thing that Disney should not make into a movie because the results would be too horrible to contemplate.

    Some other books that Disney should not try to make into movies:

    • Walt Disney’s CRIME AND PUNISHMENT
    • Walt Disney’s HAMLET
    • Walt Disney’s ATLAS SHRUGGED

    Are we clear on the concept now?

  5. yippee says:

    Ithink a movie called animal farm would be funny. I liked charlotte’s web and that was about animals on a farm and a spider and what about babe? That is a farm movie. Many movies are about farm animals so see it could be a good movie if disney wanted to make one called animal farm.

  6. Kyle Haight says:

    Ok, more clarification. ANIMAL FARM is not a generic name for a story about animals on a farm. It’s a dystopic novel by George Orwell; the whole thing is an extended analogy and criticism of Soviet totalitarian communism. It’s not funny. It’s grim.

    It’s very much not the sort of thing Disney should be turning into a movie and marketing to young children.

    Apparently nobody reads the classics anymore.

  7. laughingcenter says:

    I’m not sure if George is turning in his grave or just laughing Hysterically

  8. huh says:

    I do not understand why call it animal farm? In the first post you put down animal farm why use disney

  9. Anne Haight says:

    I don’t know if you people are trolling or what, but Goddamn you folks are stupid.

    ANIMAL FARM, people! George Orwell! Go look it up! Go read it! You know, the CLASSIC WESTERN CANON DYSTOPIC NOVEL ABOUT SOVIET TOTALITARIANISM? Ranks right up there with “1984”, “A Clockwork Orange”, and “Brave New World”?

    Holy shit, guys.

  10. whatisitabout? says:

    I am confused animal farm is it about animals or
    is it about canon?If it is not about animals why post it about animal farm?

  11. explain says:

    I think it is about canon that is on an animal farm, that is what I think, or is it about animals and canons?

  12. saywhat says:

    what do men have to do with this and why are they feerful of a canon?

  13. i am shocked says:

    I better not hear about animals from a farm being put in canons cause that is just sick and if disney is making a movie about it they should rethink it.I know I would never watch a movie about animals being put in canons from russia. Another thing this orange clock is it in the movie that is about animals in canons?

  14. twofortea says:

    How do you get a farm animal in a canon in the first place and is the clock meant for timing how long it took? WHy is the clock orange and from soviet? Does this farm happen to be in the america or is it in the soviet? I do not see why someone would put an animal in a canon in the first place

  15. daisies says:

    Does PETA know about animals being put in a canon and being timed? If not someone should tell them or I will

  16. Anne Haight says:

    IP address has been banned for comment spamming, and just generally being a dumbass. That person is responsible for all of the comments on this entry, except for mine, Kyle’s, and laughingcenter.

    I suppose that should renew my faith in people.

  17. wowwwww says:


  18. chris says:

    Disney already made an animal farm movie, at least I think it was disney. Anyway it’s an old movie and isn’t easy to come by. it was made before movies had to be politcally correct, and their portrayal of Farmer Jones still creeps my out

  19. flowers says:

    u guys are so stupid Animal Farm is a book not a stupid idea of a movie about animals living on a farm. its a satire on Communism. how old are u ppl anyway like 10? L2read ppl.

    “1984” and “Animal Farm” were big books on anti-communism written by George along like 50+ yrs ago

    seriously how dumb can u guys be?

  20. Anonymous says:

    On another side note, Disney has already done hamlet.

  21. Austrailan Fella says:

    Who are the retards that are being such nobs. Don’t get so affended just because someone wants a laugh at disney making animal farm a movie. it would be funny.

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