We found this little guy outside on the pavement when coming back from lunch. My friend Holly thinks he smacked into the side of our building, as his face is kind of smashed, and his head is a bit crooked. He’s also not flying all that well (or at all).

Our best guess is that he’s a Springtime Darner (Basiaeschna janata), notable since it is the only species in the genus Basiaeschna according to my reading on the internet.

These pictures don’t give you the best idea of how colorful he is. The blue is very striking, cerulean blue. His eyes are dark blue, and he has light blue diagonal stripes on the sides of his thorax.

If any experts care to offer a more educated opinion on his species, we’d love to know. Presently he’s buzzing around in circles on Holly’s desk. It’s doubtful he will survive his apparent head injury.

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