In reading about the satellite view of Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena’s rescue car (you know, the one that was shot at by US forces as it approached a checkpoint, killing one of the Italian agents in the car?), I’ve come across this amusing detail (various sources report this claim from her) in Sgrena’s initial interviews and stories about the incident:

“Giuliana told me she collected handfuls of bullets on the seats.”

Uh huh. Handfuls of bullets. Some translations of her remarks have “bullets” replaced by “casings” or “cartridges”. The first is highly unlikely, and the latter two are impossible. Brass casings are ejected by firearms when the rounds are fired. They don’t travel with the bullet to the target. The soldiers who shot at the car had, no doubt, many spent casings around their feet. But in the car itself? Give me a break.

Various other folks have analyzed in detail why Sgrena would not have been able to pick up handfuls of bullets in the back seat where she was. The short explanation is 1) there’s no way 300-400 rounds could have been fired at that car the way she claimed, and 2) bullets are scorching hot when they reach their targets.

I just found this particular claim about spent casings in the car with her to be hilarious, as it is to anyone who has even a minimal understanding of how guns work.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is I believe the Americans and they have to b under alot of stress, they will probably develope a fear of vehicles like some people fear spiders. I for one would be very stressed if I was in Iraq nit knowing if the vehicle heading towards you is carryiing a bomb. The people in iraq that are doing the car bombs are cowards and they know they are weak that is why they fight dirty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    People in Iraq should be thanking the americans for trying to get them freedom.The country is so messed up. I am glad I was not born in a country like that, I bet the tourist industry is dong terrible and peoples blood pressure is probably through the roof.God bless north america

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