One of the ways spam tries to avoid your spam filter is by including random legitimate words in the subject header. These random words also serve as a unique tag so that the spammer can identify where responses come from.

However, because these are randomly generated, and usually combined with some catchphrase such as “this is the best” or “no appointment needed” for various illegal pharmaceuticals, the resulting subject header is sometimes rather humorous. I present here some that I have collected for your amusement.

stay hard longer electrolytic miscreant
this is the best cloudburst stumpy
more girth=happy women year muff
No-Appointment cellar slurry Americana
disc_ direct thwack fireproof gage
No-Appointment gland alienate fatten
no_hassles horehound managua bouffant
i just got mine scenic shrewd volume
No-Appointment anorexia eighteen incapacity
still growing frostbite degumming
Now you can have her thorpe disembowel
my nights are better gunflint clamorous
sacrifice a little lanka diamond
your life could be bigger checkbook zesty
what if you had … quart koala
unidirectional sordid whirlpool
so strong so big twenty tradeoff
thanks for letting me know cryptology breeze
“corpulent decipher deterred debugging bonnet broil arabic boolean climate dixon balance atmospheric determinate debtor adjectival”
it depends on you cicada avocate
dont laugh you need it coroner elaine
so strong so big knot cutthroat
because she wanted it whereas harlem
im glad i found it galapagos loaf
she wants you to be … handicap celtic
she wants you to be … inconsiderate parenthood
why would you duet collide
you are an exception medicine diplomatic
you were wrong cataclysm chromosphere
i told you so scribble boar
i tried, it worked leopard no
get those inches cattle agrimony
Embarrassed? Not any more! big nautical
my nights are better tungstate cowpunch
more pleasure for you and her automatic plutonium
xtra size is better transvestite bookish
it worked for me orphanage malcontent
why would you sprinkle trojan

And last but not least, my personal favorite: she won’t quit cranelike hydrodynamic. The mental image it conjures is…interesting.

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