This is the sort of thing I would probably do if I ran a business where PETA showed up:

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) – A trio of protesters with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals didn’t find the welcome mat out when they stopped at a KFC in Brownsville on Wednesday. The sprinkler system was on for them, though.

John Olivo, the manager of the fast-food chicken restaurant, turned the system on full blast to soak the curbside protesters. And a man who eats beef followed them around with his stepchildren and a microphone.

The PETA protesters, including one in a chicken suit, are participating in PETA’s campaign to get KFC to pressure slaughter houses to use more humane methods to kill chickens.

“They already hit me in McAllen,” Olivo said in a story in Thursday’s editions of The Brownsville Herald. “I was already waiting for them here in Brownsville.”

Comedy gold. “Hey, it’s not my fault you guys decided to show up when the sprinkler timer is set to go off.”

4 Responses to “KFC Manager Soaks PETA Protesters”
  1. Airashii says:

    I dunno whether to laugh at the protesters or the manager. o.o I’m not the type to go out protesting…I’m better at getting in someone’s face and bitching until they decide to give up. XP But whatever…that IS funny. Good one.

  2. JT says:

    Good action from that manager. Shame he didn’t have some pitch and feathers handy though, give those terrorists what they deserve.

    Suggestion: next time fill the system with some red ink or chicken blood for the occasion ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. laughingcenter says:

    Probably one of the more absurd and least accurate uses of the word “terrorist”, JT. But then again some people are pretty unfarmiliar with standing up to a corporation for a cause. Pretty funny siuation, though.

  4. Luke Davis says:

    According to a quick Google definition check ( ), it seems that JT’s definition is quite applicable, at least in some circles. As can be seen from the wide range those definitions cover, there is much debate over the exact definition. In any case, it is not illegitimate to claim that PETA uses terror for political ends.

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