If anyone ever needed yet another reason not to get addicted to hardcore drugs, I give you John Evander Couey, et al. Couey is the man recently arrested for abducting, raping, and murdering Jessica Lunsford (age 9). When I first saw pictures of Couey, I made an assumption about his age, as I’m sure you did/will upon seeing similar pictures in the news.

But I ask you to consider the fact that John Couey is 46 years old.

John Evander Couey

The house near Jessica’s where Couey had often been visiting (apparently his sister’s home or somesuch), had four other residents who were also arrested and charged. Below are pictures of three of them, and their ages:

Matthew Dittrich, 31, arrested for obstruction of justice.

Dorothy Marie Dixon, 47, arrested for obstruction of justice.

Madie Dixon Secord, 27, arrested for obstruction of justice.

I am informed by a friend of mine that all of these people have the characteristic look of meth abusers. I have to say, Madie in particular looks really bad. It’s hard to tell if she’s been beat up regularly, or if meth just does that to you after a while.

Also notice the profoundly sad expression on her face. Whether that’s because of their drug addiction, or her guilt at what Couey did, I don’t know. Perhaps it doesn’t matter.

Photo Credit: AP/Citrus County Sheriff

2 Responses to “Drugs Are Bad, Mm'kay?”
  1. Donna says:

    The Pope in his last days looked better than ANY of them.. I sent this entry to my teenaged daughters. These pictures should be posted in schools.

  2. Jason says:

    It is obvious from the pictures that the family members that they are probably regular abusers of or addicted to alcohol or drugs. Also, meth is a dangerous and super addictive drug that I dont see any benefit in using. However, to blame “drugs” (Cue scary slideshow of razorblades and syringes and pills) for what that guy did or the condition of the others is misleading and is a another automatic reaction to blame the evils of drugs for things that happen, even if the drugs are not directly involved. In my opinion it probably came from a few generations of inbreeding and mental illness…
    The point is though, not everyone that uses drugs is a homicidal child rapist or a backwoods crank addict. There are millions of peaceful, stable, otherwise law abiding citizens in this country who use drugs responsibly for many reasons. To compare everyone who uses drugs to those nuts is inaccurate and insulting. The fact that our society dictates that you lose all respect and credibility if you use drugs is not reasonable or fair. Blindly following this way of thinking does nothing but show your own ignorance. I have used numerous drugs safely and reasonably with no ill effect and to be compared to a bunch of scumbags like them is beyond insulting.

    Oh, by the way, Donna, your daughters probably were like “OMG! Why is my dumbass mom sending me this shit again?? It like totally embarasses me!Like totally lets go do keg stands and fuck football players.” “Totally….”
    Or best case scenario they just thought it was funny.
    Just some insight into the modern teenage psyche..

    (By no means an I trying to downplay the reality of drug addiction. Drug dependence is never good, and there are some drugs, meth included, that the average person does not have the ability to handle safely or with moderation.)

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