Another episode in the ongoing saga of inappropriate discipline of children in public schools:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A 5-year-old girl was arrested, cuffed and put in back of a police cruiser after an outburst at school where she threw books and boxes, kicked a teacher in the shins, smashed a candy dish, hit an assistant principal in the stomach and drew on the walls.

The students were counting jelly beans as part of a math exercise at Fairmount Park Elementary School when the little girl began acting silly. That’s when her teacher took away her jelly beans, outraging the child.

Minutes later, the 40-pound girl was in the back of a police cruiser, under arrest for battery. Her hands were bound with plastic ties, her ankles in handcuffs.

Let’s visualize that for a moment, shall we? A 5-year-old girl in the back of a police car with a plastic zip-tie around her wrists, and metal handcuffs like shackles on her ankles.

While police say their actions were proper, school officials were not pleased with the outcome.

“We never want to have 5-year-old children arrested,” said Michael Bessette, the district’s Area III superintendent.

The district’s campus police should have been called to help and not local police, he said.

Now this is refreshing. A school district official who actually has a modicum of common sense and recognizes how inappropriate and ridiculous it is to call the cops on small children acting up in class.

So what happened here? Was it the teacher who called police, or perhaps the school principal? I think somebody at that school is going to get a verbal lashing from the superintendent. I often wonder what the police themselves think of these situations. Do they view it as the stupid waste of time that it is? Why do they not protest their manpower being used in frivolous circumstances?

The girl’s mother, Inda Akins, said she is consulting an attorney.

“She’s never going back to that school,” Akins said. “They set my baby up.”

“Set my baby up”? Like public schools have nothing better to do than plot and scheme how they can get someone’s 5-year-old arrested?

It’s difficult to tell if the article presents us with enough contextual information, but it looks to me like the problem here is twofold:

1. Parents not disciplining their children properly and expecting the schools to handle it.

2. Laws that prevent schools from disciplining children effectively (such as not being allowed to touch them).

The child was misbehaving, and the teacher responded appropriately by taking away her jelly beans as a punitive measure. The child then had a meltdown, as normal 5-year-olds are wont to do, damaging property and assaulting people. If my child had freaked out like that, she’d be in a shitload of trouble. It wouldn’t occur to me to blame the school for “setting her up”.

My response, if something like this happened at home, would be to lock the child in her room for a period of time. I’d make it clear that anything the child destroyed or defaced in her room would be thrown out and not replaced. “You have to take care of your things or you can’t have them.” My own parents upheld this principle in our home, and it took me about 2 seconds to grasp its ramifications.

But police involvement is probably the logical consequence when parents fail to discipline their kids and schools are forbidden to. When you have a kid who’s out of control, what else can the teacher do? They’re not allowed to touch the child, or punish them, sometimes by a district-wide policy that is designed to avoid lawsuits from overly-permissive parents. So the only other source of restraint and punishment is the police department.

That’s dumb, which should be self-evident.

UPDATE: I encourage people to watch both of the videos available here (QuickTime required).

This child is not “emotionally disturbed”, or unusually large physically (she’s not 4’5″ — that has to be a reporter’s error). What I saw on those videos was almost laughable. She’s not thrashing or screaming or running around as the article implies. She strolls casually around the room, taking things apart, breaking items, pulling pictures off the walls, hardly makes a sound the whole time. The teachers just follow her and stand around, saying things like, “No ma’am, that’s not safe, you need to stop that and sit down” because they aren’t allowed to touch the kid! The assistant principal allows her to destroy her office, slowly, over the course of several minutes, and can do nothing but put her arms out like a basketball guard to try to keep the kid away from things.

Insane! If that kid were mine I would have grabbed her by the arm the first moment she started vandalizing the place and physically restrained her and put her in a chair and kept her there. The teachers should be allowed to do the same! There’s no excuse for kids to be permitted to act like this. This girl is nothing more than a spoiled, undisciplined brat who knows she can get away with anything because the teachers literally can’t touch her.

Finally the police show up and tell her to calm down and behave. She refuses, so the cops pull her up out of the chair where she’s sulking and handcuff her. This is the first time the kid begins to whine and howl like she’s being murdered. Typical young child being a drama llama. Wow, actual consequences for her actions! No wonder she’s pissed.

She’s not going to be traumatized from that incident. It’s a good thing the school had the presence of mind to tape it all (there was a video in the first classroom because of a school project that day) as proof that the child was not abused or harmed in any way.

Bah! When I was a kid, if I had acted like that, my teacher would have hauled me down to the principal’s office by my arm and left a bruise, and I would have deserved it!

Bad parents! Dumbass laws that don’t give schools the ability to control kids that parents refuse to control! No wonder we’re raising generations of spoiled, whiny barbarians!

676 Responses to “5-Year-Old Child Handcuffed and Arrested”
  1. deedee says:

    I am totally outrage. Call nanny 911. This is not how u deal with a child having a temper tantrum u r supposed 2 teach a child how how to control herself not traumatize her, most kids her age throw temper tantrums. We as adults r supposed 2 teach and nurture our children and show them right from wrong sometimes children act out for attention talking and showing them what they r doing wrong is enough. They r still learning right from wrong it is upto adults to teach them. I am disgusted that these people r not properly trained in situations like this send them back 2 school so they could learn. There ignorance and inability to make decision as adults shows that unfortunately lo one is perfect especially our children

  2. David says:

    I have only one comment. Allow the teachers to back-hand these kids once in awhile. I know we can set rules to prevent abuse or beatings but we need to give teachers some way of telling the kid that they fucked up.

  3. Nick Nicolle says:

    Primarily, the mother is to blame. It’s obvious that this is not the first time the child has acted up, and it’s equally obvious that she has not been properly disciplined at home.
    Children should be taught at home that things will not always go their way in the outside world.
    The mother should be warned that if she can’t raise her children in a proper manner, then perhaps the state should take over.
    The government is also to blame for handcuffing teachers and not allowing them to physically discipline their pupils.
    Spare the rod and spoil the child!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll bet the mother, and her lawyer, are gloating in anticipation of a huge sum of compensation.
    I say, give appropriate power back to the teachers!
    I also say to mothers, don’t expect schools to do your job of raising your children!


  4. dd says:

    I am outraged that a school would do this, but it doesn’t surprise me. I advocate for children in schools and you’d be surprised what kinds of ideas and literally schemes administrators will do to set up a child whom they feel requires too much of their time. Putting handcuffs on a 5 year old and calling in police was ridiculous. That child will be scard and tramatized for life. She will never want to go to school. They could have called parents, suspended or requested that she be placed in a special needs school for kids with emotional problems if the tantrums were regular. But I get the impression that they were not and the school just didn’t feel like being patient and nurturing and reaching the child with a different learning strategy to get her mind on other things. If you locked up most kids in a room and locked them in they would be terrified and want to get out even if it meant doing negative things to get attention. At least they wouldn’t be alone. I saw the video on tv and I think the school set this child up. I think the police were stupid and weak to handcuff a little 5 year old girl. I hope the mom sues the school system and the police department for millions. Her child will be emotionally bothered by this for the rest of her life. They had no right to do this to a kindergartener….

  5. mind says:

    I am disappointed however, when I realized that the child was of African descent and the teacher/ principal white, I was not surprised. I don’t believe these teacher / principal w/o appropriate multicultural training and understanding can separate their view of blacks in America, separte from the crap they see on TV.
    I don’t belive if this child was white she would have been arrested.
    I believe the concepts white have of people of African descent needs to be examined and remedied, particularly in academia.

  6. jane says:

    I have been reading comments about this incident on many different websights tonight after I saw the horrible news footage on T.V. I cannot believe what I am reading from a lot of people. This is a 5 year old child!! Anyone who is saying that the mom is to blame and should have her daughter taken away should look inside their own closet first. As some have said, we do not know anything about the parent or how the child has normally acted before. What I do know as a graduate student in psychology in behavioral science, is that if the teacher was trying to run some type of positive reinforcement program she was not qualified to do so. I have worked in a mental ward with severely mentally ill people. There were times when some would lose their temper and not want to do what they were supposed to or have a fit. As an organization we could not just jump on them and tie them up or anything unless we had certain orders from their doctors. First we would call for reinforcements (all available workers) to come. Then everyone would quietly stand around them and one or two people would take charge and quietly talk the patient down, not argue and fight or order but validate their feelings and talk to them about what they are feeling. This helps them to calm down so the staff is then able to move the patient to a safe room (for patients safety) until mood has passed. If this teacher and ass. principle attempting to work only part of a program and not think they would have to face any problems then they were not professional and should not have been doing so. It sickened me to watch that video. How much trauma do you think that girl will have now? Schools and parents need to both be taught that thereis a middle ground between spanking/beating your kid and just letting them do whatever they want because were afraid to punish them. WE ARE NOT A POLICE STATE AND WE SHALL NOT BECOME ONE! Oh Lord I pray that our parents and teachers may learn how to handle our children for their (kids) sake. Thanks for letting me spout off. Never have done this before., JM, 4-23-05

  7. Mark says:

    It’s pretty sad when the police have to do the job that the incomptent mother obviously failed to do. Putting the girl in handcuffs was probably the best and safest way to restrain her while she calmed down. The fact of the matter is, this was a lose/lose situation for the cops. No matter what they did it would be criticized. I disagree with the post that said the child has been harmed somehow. What happened is that she found out that there are consequences for her actions. I bet she’ll think twice before she throws a temper tantrum again.

  8. Nikki says:

    If my child ever acted like that at school, rest assured there would have been some very ugly consequences when she got home. Hand cuffs probably would have been less traumatizing that being on the end of a mothers short fuse.
    5 year olds are not stupid or weak. They are very intelligent and strong. It’s more than a little obvious that it was learned behavior and the child was very aware of her actions. I as a mother would be angry but I would have been hysterical if bruises had been left on my child or she had fallen and bumped her head in that small office area. I think the police responded to a call the best way they knew how. If the school couldn’t handle it and had not called the cops she could have done a lot more damage to others and herself. Theres no way Im letting a 5 year old kick, punch, threaten and hit me. She shoulda got her little butt tore up. That mother is nuts if she pursues legal action. Talk about airing dirty laundry. SOMEONE PLEASE CALL CHARTER OR GET HELP SOMEWHERE.

  9. Bear says:

    First, I think it’s important for us to realize that there is a whole story, and that we should gain as much information as we can before making any judgements. Set in the right context you can make people believe what ever you want. I am a video editor by trade. I could take that clip and make you want to buy soap.
    Second, let me say that handcuffing the girl was wrong. But, it was not as horribly wrong as some reports lead one to believe. That is to say that while the outcome for the little girl was still traumatic and a horrible experience that without the right counciling henceforth could severely alter her direction in life, the build up is not as idiotic as appears at first glance. I noticed in one article that the police woman said something to the effect of “remember me, I’m the one who told your mother that I would put handcuffs on you if you did this again.” For me that was where the biggest and most regretable mistake was made. You should never make statements of consequence unless you fully intend to back them up. The second mistake was sending in the police officer that made the statement. One can only assume she went in knowing as soon as she got the call what she was going to do. And this is why the law suit against the police will win.
    As far as calling the police, I assume the people who made that call were scared of law suits–a fear that is increasingly stiffling correct courses of action in the land that used to be of the free and the brave.
    I’ve been reading several accounts on this story on the web, and have noticed that there are facts that some of the reports have left out, that might otherwise make the story less sensational. The girl is 5 years of age, but she is 4’5″ and 60 lbs. That’s big for a 10 year old. Handcuffs are still wrong but not as strange as it might seem on the surface.
    There were 3 times that the girl threw tantrums involving violence and distruction. From the statement mentioned earlier it appears that one of the other times were succeeded by a parent/teacher/cop(?) meeting. This in itself seems heavy handed to me. It seems somewhere someone could have thought that maybe they were making such a big deal that this little girl is just getting off on making all the grown ups whirl around her. Maybe something along the lines of a minimal witnessed approach with just one person involved firmly, very firmly dealing with the girl would have been better. When I grew up we got sent to the principle’s office and paddle on the bum. That really sucked, but it didn’t ruin me for life. I have no emotional scars. From what I can see, most to the people who got us to rid schools of physical punishment are the nerds who never got paddled and can only theorize how it effects us. I can tell you as some one that “survived that trauma” that I grew up not wanting to get paddle again so I behaved until something far to irresistible tempted me.
    As for the mother. I don’t know her. She may be a fine person. She may be a horses butt. However, she problably feels like the school was making to much out of it involving the police previously and the escalation is their fault. I assume her lawyer is reinforcing those feelings.
    As for race. I am a WASP male. Naturally, I’d like to believe that race did not play a hand here. But to declare one way or the other without knowing anyone involved would be a mistake. Regrettably, I think race entirely possible to be involved. Whether or not it’s true, it already is on some level. Or will in time be made to be. By both races. But mostly by hate.
    This could get bigger if nothing else “news worthy” happens.

  10. LIZ says:


  11. Linda says:

    WAKE UP!!! She is an unhappy child!!
    What has this country come to??
    Did anyone take the TIME to comfort her or discover why she was so distraught?

    If police had ever placed their own ‘unrully children’ in Handcuffs, they would realize the damage they had done to this 5year old CHILD??

    Has ANYONE out there….NEVER had a temper
    tantrum??! The child was acting as a CHILD!

    I pray for us all. This is our Future!

  12. Anonymous says:

    This whole thing makes me made. They arest a 5 year old for hitting a teacher and throwing things, but the police wouldn’t even talk to the parents of a sixth grade up jumped on my 6 year old niece. “It wasn’t a crime” they said. “They were just playing” they said. The doctors were worried that her kiddney might be bruised. What is wrong with this picture?

  13. mind says:

    To the person who says she is a Black Mother and Grandmother, I don’t believe you you realize the ramifications of this culturally.

    Question: if they were to have set a police dog on her or watered her down, could this be supported.
    The history of blacks in America is torrid: blacks being most arrested on simply suspicion and pulled over for simply driving black. Not long ago black were not considered human on 1/4 .

    If the police are now handcuffing black children at tender age of 5 maybe grandmothers will be next if you happen to get angry over something as simple as high prices for medication in your local drug store (hypothetically speaking).

    Mam, I suggest you review the history of blacks and speak out against an injustice that has been perpetrated on this little girl”LITTLE GIRL”. In fact according to the video the child was sitting in the chair when the police pull her to her feet and handcuffed her.
    First try to comforting,
    Second send the warning (If you don’t then this will happen).

    If it had been you at 5 yrs old how would you feel.
    Further is it had been the police-man’s child, I am sure evasive maneuvers would have been employed.

    There was no reason to handcuff this LITTLE GIRL child, a person of any race is wise enough to understand this.
    I feel this wisdom must be implemented when dealing with multicultural situations “THE ESSENCE OF WISODM” and clearly it was not used in this incident.

    One more thought: the child is not a wild dog to be subdued, she was upset and that’s understandable, children get upset, we must acquire tools to deal with this. If she had been more care would have been taken to make sure the pup was not hurt or scarred mentally, psychologically or emotionally, much less a LITTLE FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL. (she didn’t have a gun dude just having a bad day that got worst dude).
    Thank You.

    p.s -the televison puts on 10 pound she looked to be a small girl the police-men bent over to reach her.

  14. mind says:

    One more thought: the child is not a wild dog to be subdued, she was upset and that’s understandable, children get upset, we must acquire tools to deal with this. If she had been a PUPPY more care would have been taken to make sure the pup was not hurt or scarred mentally, psychologically or emotionally, much less a LITTLE FIVE YEAR OLD BlackGIRL. (she didn’t have a gun dude, she was just having a bad day that got worst ).
    Thank You

  15. appalled says:

    In response to mind and in defense of the black Grandmother: I imagine that had it been the Grandmother’s child, this situation never would have happened. Grandmother sounds to me to be a reseaonable and responsible adult. I would imagine that her children, much like my own, know better than to behave that way in public. I don’t tolerate that type of behavior at home and I certainly don’t condone this little girl’s behavior at school. I don’t care if she’s black, white or purple with pink polka dots, HER behavior was totally and completely unacceptable.
    I think the biggest problem with this story is that the wrong individual’s behavior is being addressed. I think the child’s behavior is what needs to be addressed. My children know that they are expected to respect their elders and they do it whether I’m standing right there looking over their shoulder or not. They do this because I have taught them to do it. They know that life isn’t always fair and they’re not always going to make the team. They also know that acting a fool in public is never acceptable. Why do they know all of this? Because I love them enough to teach them these things.
    Would my child ever even THINK it was acceptable to hit or kick an adult? NO WAY! They know I’d light into them in a heartbeat. But then again, my children aren’t on the evening news being put into handcuffs, either now, are they? There’s a reason for that. I am responsible for my childrens’ actions and noone else!
    Personally, I think the school board should file a countersuit for assault if the mother wants to get ridiculous and file a lawsuit against the school or the police or anyone else, for that matter.
    But this is just my humble opinion.

  16. settxt says:

    I feel the school should have called the police to have this child removed… Because, if this little girl hit or kick my child I would have been very upset… The schools can not touch these kids and they should not have too… teachers are not paid enough to put up with that kind of sh#@.. Now, the mother is saying the teacher set her child up… No, the mother set the teacher up!!! She contacted a lawyer “what a joke” she should’ve outreached to a doctor or a child counselor… She want money for what? she deserve money because her child is out of control… Yes, she is 5 but she should know better and know she should respect others especailly adults.. The Police actions are questionable but, the police did what they were trained to do. There are boundaries… but what…

  17. Jacki Georg says:

    I feel that if the teacher felt the situation was out of control, she was justified in calling for help. This is a wake-up call to lawmakers to change the discipline rules in the public school system. If such rules exist the police would not have to be called.

    Arresting & handcuffing child may have been overkill but the reaction of the parent, make me think that the child is never going to get the attention she needs. Everyone is concentrating on arrest rather than what the child did to cause this. Hopefully, she will learn that her bad behavior cause scary things to happen.

    I would like to see both discipline and prayers return to the school. The teachers would get control of the classrooms and students again.

  18. Marcus says:

    It has been brought to my attention that a little girl was handcuffed by the Florida authorities. At first I was aggrevated. I thought that the officers went over-board. Then I saw the video. The child was hitting the teacher and the principle multiple times. The child then started destroying the school. Although I feel it was harsh, but it was necessary to handcuff the child because she was now a threat to herself and her suroundings.
    PROSECUTION ,,Is the parent blame? Well first lets gather the facts. 1) Is this the first time the child as acted like this? 2) Has anyone ever seen the child act this way, an actual witness. 3) Does the child have a medical history. 4)If the mother is a single parent, does she spend enough time with her daughter. 5) does the mother have a medical history. 6) Was the child a victem of an abbusive family.
    DEFENSE: If the defense is going to win this, well they better start disciplining that child and teach her manners no matter what it takes because if the jurors see a tape that is taken after the incident were she is happily playing with other children and has good manners, well the mother’s lawsuit may win..

    The law is sometimes f’ed up, hopefully someone can answer these questions before a decision is made. I do not believe that the officers ( due to the circumstances) were wrong. Maybe the teachers if this was the first time the child has acted this way. What prompted the child to get upset?

  19. Wind says:

    In response to MIND…… Why do people like you have to always make everything a race issue. I think it had nothing to do with her race. They were very much in the wrong for doing this to the child, but no matter what color the kid is– all kids will be kids. Oh I just read you second response….. you are an IDIOT. It has nothing to do with what color she is plain and simple.. They should have simply called her mother.

  20. Cerberus says:

    The mother was called and was unable to come get her child out of this situation. I think the schools decision to call the police was very appropriate since they are unable to discipline the child. Children today have no disciple and it is not the schools job to teach them. Parents who are unable to provide basic instruction should not have kids in the first place.

  21. jj says:

    Anyone who agrees and thinks it was ok for a 5 yr old to be treated this way obviously doesn’t have any kids or treats their own children in the same sad manner. Why don’t we call the police for serving bad food.How bout when men keeps forgetting to put the toilet lid down. 5 yrs old…A CHILD! There’s no such thing as abnormal behavior when they throw a tantrum.Parents fill out forms for emergency contacts You think she wrote down 911-i think not. You would think the school was a little bit educated. ADVISE: CALL THE PARENTS NEXT TIME!!

  22. mind says:

    The truth is race is relevant here.
    NO child should hit an adult at all, I agree, but should a FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL
    which is more IDIOTIC (stay focused)

    I believe that this outrageous event must be examined within its cultural historical context, Because it’s occurrence in this point in time is bizarre and ludicrous.

    …….With OpAH & Dr. Phil on every other channel, ever other hour. In light of every self help, self actualizing Roderick in every GAP advertisement in magazine’s etc., to be utterly unable to subdue a child’s naughty emotional outburst, without resorting to Police action is stupid to put it simply.

    Perhaps the teacher and principal would benefit from counseling or how to counsel and console EARLy CHILDHOOD Behaviors’.

    After all, the child at this age is testing his/her our power (read the textbook case).

    It is true the mother has the primary responsibility of directing the child’s behavior and his or her response to authority however, the School: teacher’s, principal’s are apart of the proverbial “village” it takes to raise a child.

    However, I have yet to see something such as this —Police Action– against (happen to) to a little white girl.

    I would be just as outraged if it were to occur to a little white girl, but will not hold my breath to live to see it NOR WOULD I WANT TO EVER SEE IT.

    EACH & EVERY child’s Early Childhood Experiences concern me.

  23. mind says:

    (white or black).

  24. mind says:

    “This could get bigger if nothing else “news worthy” happens.”

    SO TRUE, I almost wish something else would, so ‘I’ can “forget this whole thing ever happen” .
    (I hope humanity can become abit more humane across the board – (of education)).

  25. serenity says:

    the the person who said
    “Mam, I suggest you review the history of blacks”

    She LIVED that history you are asking her to review.

    about the news story.

    This was the second time that the police was called for this girl in 10 days. there is a problem with the parenting Yes. The girl needs to be talked to AND punished.

    That said. the girl was sitting quietly in a chair when the police arrived. handcuffs were going too far.

    Police policy where the girl was arrested is ALL prisioners being transported must be handcuffed. they had a choice to break regulation or handcuff the girl.

    The question is why was the parents not called? if they were why did they not come?

    somewhere in this story whether she was badly behaved or not a little girl loses because adults can’t get together to do what is BEST for her

  26. K-assistant says:

    I’m a kindergarden assistant and, while I don’t think she should have been arrested, I feel that the school didn’t have any other way of dealing with a child. It’s tough dealing with a kid who’s acting out in a destructive and violent way. The rest of the class will be disrupted for a long time as they ask questions like “Where did she go?” and “Why did she do that?” as well as some of the students following her example and acting out as well later.
    Many schools have polocies where the teachers can’t touch or restrain a student who’s acting out unless they have specail needs and it’s listed that it’s necessary to restrain the student(They DO teach how to do this in a way that won’t hurt the child I know, I’ve taken cources for that.) Since the teacher, and the other staff called in to help probably wanted to keep their jobs, they didn’t touch her or subdue her when she hit out and broke things.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why the press refuses to use adjectives in print articles anymore? Why did they fail to mention that the child was black? Were they afraid taht it would have polarized the reactions to the incident?

    Am I the only one who thinks that we should be able to ascertain all the facts from print, and not have to extrapolate additional facts from accompanying photos that may not be included in some print venues?

  28. Barbara says:

    I am a teacher of 4 and 5 year olds and this year I had a student who was extremely violent toward me. He would often throw tantrums, hitting, kicking, and biting me as well as being very destructive toward’s school property. The child’s mother would beat him for this behavior, however it didn’t affect him in school. He knew that I could not hit him so he was able to get away with it. At our school, we have a police oficer, who often came in and removed this student from my class. Being that the child was only 4 I could not file an assult charge against him, I find this unfair, because I had taken much abuse from this child and nothing could be done about it. His mother refused to have him referred to the child study team, saying that he is just spoiled. I feel these emotionally disturbed children are in need of severe help and it is our job as educators to help them, however we need the parents support. I fully support the school district and the police for their actions.

  29. Barbara says:

    I am a teacher of 4 and 5 year olds and this year I had a student who was extremely violent toward me. He would often throw tantrums, hitting, kicking, and biting me as well as being very destructive toward’s school property. The child’s mother would beat him for this behavior, however it didn’t affect him in school. He knew that I could not hit him so he was able to get away with it. At our school, we have a police oficer, who often came in and removed this student from my class. Being that the child was only 4 I could not file an assult charge against him, I find this unfair, because I had taken much abuse from this child and nothing could be done about it. His mother refused to have him referred to the child study team, saying that he is just spoiled. I feel these emotionally disturbed children are in need of severe help and it is our job as educators to help them, however we need the parents support. I fully support the school district and the police for their actions.

  30. mind says:

    SERENITY –“ALL PRISONER’S TRANSPORTED” ……………this is a 5yr old without a weapon…..

    Is the child emotionally disturbed or was the child throwing a tantrum. We can not assume the child is emotionally disturbed at this point. If it were that she IS in fact emotionally disturbed as BARBARA suggested she may be: K-ASSISTANT stated “(They DO teach how to do this in a way that won’t hurt the child I know, I’ve taken courses for that.) ” IN THE CASE OF emotionally disturbed children.

    AND if it were that the little 5-year old girl were emotionally disturbed, the administration of the school could have expelled the child suggesting to the mother that she be put in a special school or special class since it had reached it height
    – if the school is equip for this-instead of having the child arrested.

    BARBARA: the student who was EXTREMELY VIOLENT to You honestly I can not comment on nor did I see the video. I do feel however that other steps could have been taken in THIS case if the child needed special attention.

    All it takes is some thoughtfulness in the matter, but police action, at such an early age, without the situation being life treathening is COLD and WITHOUT FORE THOUGHT.

    the the person who said
    “Mam, I suggest you review the history of blacks”
    She LIVED that history you are asking her to review.

    I too have lived through this educational system also my dear. I have also experienced a culturally specific system (in a African diasporic country), with excellent coping and support skills with direct concern for the child where they care a bit more about ramifications of such actions (police intervention). After having done so & experience it thoroughly, (both sides) at this point I do not highly recommend this system for children of African Descent. In schools where there is no multicultural or special needs child training this is bound to happen.
    But further more (firstly), I’d recommend that Mother’s and Father’s be more involved in their child’s education along side the educators .


    AS STATED BY UPN channel 9 NYC


    THE ESSENCE OF WISDOM _ EMPLOY IT so that all our children and grow up to be adults who are not as untrained as these two.

    But WE must Be Honest about the apparent short comings.

  31. Emily says:

    The girl was out of control and the teachers and principals were unable to contain her. If she were to go on she could have seriously hurt herself or someone else. Constraining her, whether it be handcuffs or a straight jacket, something needed to be done and the school did what they thought was best at the time. This child will not be traumatized, please she didn’t look that fragile. If the mother has this problem at home as well, then the 5 year old should be removed from the normal classroom, evaluated and placed in a special needs group – – – but we don’t know this and the school does.

    But a comment to Mind….you present yourself as so educated, but when a woman speaks her mind and speaks of the black community taking responsibility for its own actions you immediately call that person a liar. Maybe you should open up your eyes to your own culture. Its time to stop blaming the “white people” for all of the problems and look inside the failing family structures of many black homes and the lack of discipline and parental involvement that go hand in hand.

    The problem isn’t what white people are doing to black people, its what the black people are doing to themselves. People like you who call a responsible, family oriented black woman a liar just because she doesn’t subscribe to “whitey oppression” are the same people who called Condoleeza Rice Aunt Jamima.

    If more people (black or white or anything else) would take responsibility for their lives and their children and their choices, and stop blaming everyone else for what’s wrong, racism would cease to exist. Racism is envy and hate, and these can only occur if you are paying more attention to someone else’s business rather than your own.

    Take care

  32. jerry says:

    Oh come on, a five year old in kindergarten having a temper tantrum and the slacker teacher can’t control the situation, what the hell is this world comming to? Then the school calls the cops who are obviously out of control themselves, and know absolutely nothing about kids, and of course they have to cuff her and further tramatize her. Nothing like escalating the situation further, not to mention their doing real damage psychologically to the poor kid. Bottom line here is we have a school system that no longer does their job, and has to rely on the police who have no business in school’s, to do it for them. Do yourselves a favor and keep your kids at home and teach them there, alot less problems in the long run. I hope the parents of this kid sues the hell out of the school and police dept.

  33. fcox says:

    What a mess.

    Situation #1- the teacher or principal holds the child’s arms. The child has bruises. Now the teacher/principal gets arrested for child abuse. The school and staff are sued as well not to mention that someone will lose their job.

    Situation #2- the child is allowed to continue to go wild in class. Another child is injured. Now the school is sued for allowing this. Staff is fired.

    Situation #3- the child is allowed to continue to go wild in class. Several children are injured as well as the attacking child. Several lawsuits will fly including the mom of the attacker. Staff is fired.

    Situation #4- the police come. They do not touch the child. The child hurts herself or others. Now the police are sued. The school is sued. Staff is fired. Police are fired.

    Situation #5- the police come. The child is restrained. No children will be hurt including the attacker. The situation is now stable. Mom is suing anyway.

    Situation #6- the child has settled down. The staff calls mom and she rushes to the scene. She has a car accident. Now she sues the school saying they should have handled this situation themselves and not had involved her. Had they not called and upset her, she would not have been in a car accident.

    Situation #7- the child has settled down. Mom is called. She picks up the child and then accuses the staff of the school that they are picking on her child because she is black. Gets the NAACP involved and really goes ape shit.

    Situation #8- Hey, this can go on and on and on. I really don’t care at this point. I think the mom should quit work, get welfare and raise

  34. huh? says:

    Deedee, looks like someone needs to teach you how to spell.

  35. Mom to three says:

    I have raised three children, and been around hundreds of their friends. ANYONE who could watch this video and refer to this child’s behavior as an “ordinary temper tantrum” needs parenting classes. She is clearly emotionally disturbed and incredibly spoiled. Her behavior is far too disruptive to be allowed inside a normal classroom environment. She is a potential risk to herself and others. If a child behaved like this in one of my children’s classes, I would take action to see that child be removed and given help. The teacher removed the child from the room and protected the other students. The administrator called the mother immediately, and the mother could not make it a priority to come immediately. The administrator tried to calm the child, and was punched, along with having items from her office destroyed. She had no choice but to call for help at that point. I agree that handcuffs were harsh, but I don’t know the police procedures for that city. I don’t see where anything else could have been done. The child needs to be put into a special needs classroom and her mother needs parenting classes. This is not an issue of race so why make it one? I know a white child who punched and knocked out his first grade teacher. He was expelled from his school, and his mother is a judge. Poorly behaved children come in all races and sexes.

  36. mother & father of 2 says:

    To Mind:

    Why don’t you watch the full video at:

    You will see that this girl is out of control. The school could not touch the child, not even to restrain her from destroying school property, violent attacks on the school staff or possibly hurting herself. It’s too bad that our society has gotten to this point that the school is too afraid to restrain or discipline these kids when they are out of control like this. This kid has other issues that probably have to do with her home life. When you listen to the video you will hear that the mother chose not to leave work to come and get her daughter. As a parent of 2 children I think that what was done was very acceptable. Someone had to do something. How do you think this should have been handled? Just let her go crazy and hurt other children or destroy more school property (that us taxpayers pay for)?

    One more thing, you really need to get off of the race issue. This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with behavior. Just because this girl is black doesn’t mean that it’s racial. Look at the video and you will see that one of the police officers is black. Who by the way, had dealt with her just 10 days prior for her behavior. Before you start going off at the mouth about this being a black and white issue, why don’t you get the facts about the case and judge it based on that and don’t just judge it on the color of the girls skin.

    I can tell that your opinion will never be changed because you are blinded by your own racism. Because the girl is black it must be a racial issue. Would you care if the girl was white, oriental, etc? Everyone has opinions and that’s what makes this country great, the ability to express their opinions. So express your opinion on the facts.

  37. bridget says:

    Why does race have anythig to do with this ? I did not see the video so did not know her color; reading the comments on this site I just imagined a little white – being whte myself – 5 year old bratt . Did not even think one second about the color until someone brought it up and made a whole problem out of it. What does color have to do with this ? A bratt is a bratt whatever color she is. The handcuff situation would have been exactly the same should she have been white or green or blue.

  38. robert says:

    Point blank this a no brainer people . a 5 yr old in hancuffs with her ankles cuffed as well the police who were involved in this should be punished as the criminals they my eyes thats beyond kidnapping.. what kind of a teacher or anyone for that matter calls 911 because a thirty pound girl is flailing her little arms at you.the teacher should be fired and lose her teaching liscense .i am a father of 4 yr old twin boys if my boys were cuffed by police well i would be the one on the cover of the news papers no the boys.i think i would snap my self and my punches hurt im not a 5 yr old little girl im a 6 ft 225 pound pro wrestler..shame on the police and shame the teacher and society ..because i looked further into this and as i figured this is not the first incident like this …the exact same thing happened in st luis ..what the hell is the matter with these school teachers and pathetic cops..what happened to calling the parents .. these so called teachers and police went through training to defuse these situations . for godsake police defuse hostages at gunpoint they cant calm down a little girl just give her the damn jellybeans back and suspend her..dear lord its like we are a society of cowards we have become weak with fear. we cant even control our 5 yr olds … whats next are our chirldren going to be charged with air pollution for soiling their diapers in public..lets only call 911 when we are at gunpoint please stop calling 911 for silly things that we can handle reminds me of when i was a youth growing up in new york city police would be hiding in garage cans to catch people jumping the subway turnstyle meanwhile upstairs in the street people were selling drugs frelly on every drug corner

  39. sarah says:

    What should the school officials and officers done? It hardly looked liked she was going to sit down and talk. It’s crazy to say all children at that age act like that, in fact I have never seen a child with such rage and malice. Clearly the school did everything they could to calm the child, and the officers needed to detain the child before she hurt herself or others. To say the police could’ve done more is also crazy, I know I don’t want my tax money spent on cops “talking” to a irrational and bratty 5 year old, especially after someone else has already tried it. It was a scare tactic, and the exactly wrong way to act after that scare tactic is to transfer the child to a different school, blame the school and cops, and not punish the child at home. Really, what did the mother honestly expect, if knowing her child was acting that way said she couldn’t come until hours later?

  40. Derek says:

    all those that have said that the police acted appropriately, i wonder if you would you say the same thing if the child was white. I’ll do you one better, it would not have happened if the child was white. As a parent of a young child, the best course of action was to contact the parent to come pick the child up and schedule a appt with the pricinpal before the child is allowed to return to school. In highschool, i never saw the police called because someone was acting up.
    like i said before if the child was white, this would not have been an issue period.

  41. denise c says:

    If you have ever worked in a school you would see the behavior that teachers, principals, and other school workers have to put up with. The child was not arrested. The child was handcuffed and took out to the police car, but was not actually arrested. The principal was trying to teach a lesson. While I agree that it was a little extreme, we don’t know everything that the child has done in class. I work at a school. I have seen some behavior that if it was my child, I would be truly ashamed. School staff has no control over some of these children. Their hands are tied and the parents refuse to help back up any punishment that is given. Teachers are subjected to being screamed at, cussed at, hit, kicked, the other children are terrorized. What about the rights of the other children in the class? Don’t they have the right to an education without having to worry about the other children in their class. Some of the innocent bystanders end up with nightmares and don’t want to go to school for fear of what will happen that day. There is a lot that goes on in school that parents and the general public doesn’t see. Nanny 911 has lately become popular on TV. What about Teacher 911? Teachers are supposed to be able to teach their classes without having to put up with the behavior problems. Imagine yourself alone in a room full of 22 First Graders. One child is openly hostile to you and others in class. One child constantly is wandering around the class, bothering everyone else. Another is always hitting the children around them and patting everyone on the bottom. Then, are supposed to keep everyone happy, take care of all the behavior problems, send emergency problems to the office, and then still be able to fit in all the skills that you need to teach the children who sit patiently through all the distractions and try to keep them from getting discouraged. Put yourself in a teacher’s shoes for a day. I don’t mean sit in the class and see how your child is. Watch from somewhere that the children can’t see you. Your little dear may be alot more out of control than you think.

  42. Ali says:

    You know what some of yall make me sick. THIS IS A 5 YEAR OLD CHILD! Let me say it again: THIS IS A 5 YEAR OLD CHILD! Can yall comprehend this? All this is telling me is the race cards are being played in this situation. Now you know good and well if this was your child you would be just as pissed off or even more pissed off than the mother is right now. Instead of finding out if something is wrong with the poor child they call the cops who should have not been involved in the first place. The fact that she is a BLACK Child yes I am saying BLACK that is why they called the cops. If she was white none of this would have happened. I don’t know why you are blaming the mom for why her child acts up. You do not know what her home life is like. If that was my child I would have done the same thing that the mother did plus put my child in private schools. Private schools don’t pull stunts liked that. You know what I hope that mom wins the case and I hope the judge grants her more money than she asked for.

  43. DF says:

    Kudos!!! It’s about time these out of control children got a taste of reality. It is not a color issue. Whether the child is white, black, hispanic or asian, they need to learn self control and have some discipline in their lives! Children are growing up in a world with no boundaries. It’s about time they get scared straight!

  44. WX says:

    What the hell is wrong with everyone? The police arrested a 5 year old? A 5 year old? Just stating that fact is preposterous in itself!

    Yes, the child was out of control, but so what, most 5-year-olds have temper tantrums of that magnitude. Just spank the child!!!!! It’s not like the child is a 400 pound wrestler! The police have no right to handcuff the child like a fully armed criminal; they have better things to do with their time!

    There are two ways to solve this problem.

    1. Amend existing laws. We need to remove or modify laws prohibiting teachers from disciplining their students. If teachers cannot have the right to chastise their children, they should at least be given the right to restrain them, by locking them in a room. It stinks that these disgusting child molesters have given teachers and Catholic priests a bad name. (Those f***ers should be shot to death, burnt to the stake, or castrated! Either option is a suitable punishment.)

    2. American parents must do their duty. They must chastise their children; you cannot spare the rod and spoil the child anymore!

    In the end, we cannot utilize the police as a means of administering discipline to children. That’s just stupid!

    There have been some comments on the child’s race and its possible ramifications on this event. Sorry idealists, racism did play a role in this matter. I have seen many white children act just as wildly as that black child, in fact far far worse. However, the teachers never contacted the police; they just contacted the parents.

    In addition, when the police came in, they not only handcuffed her, they intended to put her in a detention cell overnight and place criminal charges on her! WTF, she’s only a little child! Never in hell would they do this to a white child.

    People, I assure you, I am not some paranoid, young, and angry black male. I am a well educated and cool headed African American; hence, my opinions are not “close-minded”, nor biased by stereotypical ghetto attitudes.

    With that being said, good day everyone!

  45. WX says:

    In response to DF’s post, you are right: children do need to be “scared straight”.

    However, arresting them and putting charges on them is ridiculous!

    Instead, the parents need to use the rod once in a while!

  46. kayte says:

    I think that the child deserved to be handcuffed I know if my daughter did anyhting like that little girl I would be thanking the police and relooking at my parenting skills and it has nothing to do with the childs race so what if she is black it does not give her the right to act that way my children are metis and that would not give them the right to disrespect authority just cause of the race people should realize that children have to respect teachers if they act like that at 5 what will be happening when they are 15 the mother should be ashamed of herself for letting her daughter behave like she did and I support what the police did and maybe she should to instead of saying that her child was set up how do you set up a child anyways did the teacher ask for a kick no grow up mother of 5 year old and get your child under control with caring discipline and spending time to help your daughter through this stage in her life or she will be worse

  47. KAREN says:


  48. tess says:

    what else are the teachers supposed to do they can’t restrain the child til the mother arrives they can’t lock her up tell me what else they can do nothing so they call the police to deal with it until the mother can be found this child misbehaved and had to be dealt with nd that was the only option and how do you restrain a child that is not yours and is causing a problen call the police until the mom arrivbes cause if they hold the child down they get in trouble tell me what would you do

  49. Andrea says:

    After watching the video and reading all the comments I think that most of the blame should fall on the mother. Supposedly she was called immediately, and if she had come immediately this situation would never have happened. I understand she was at work and it is sometimes difficult to get away but if I had received that call I would have considered it an emergengy.

    I personally feel the handcuffs were a little overboard. She is a VERY YOUNG child after all. But if she had done this before why was she allowed to stay in her classroom? This child obviously has some bigger issues than immaturity. I volunteer in my childrens school several days a week and I have never seen a child who was out of control for over an hour. I have seen several young children have a melt down but never for more than a few minutes. Sometime a hug is all they need, sometimes the teacher/VP has to get in their face, but they always calm down.

    Our school has a BIC room for children who are out of control. They are sent there for a day or maybe even a few days until they get their disruptive behavoir in check. It must be very effective because there are very few incidents at school. Maybe Florida should incorporate something like this into their school system.

    By the way, my children go to a performing arts magnet with a diverse racial and economic mix.


  50. sara says:

    children are not properly disciplined today when my grandparents went to school you behaved you did not run around like wild dogs you did not hit adults or sware yell etc YOU RESPECTED ADULTS AND AUTHORITY and if you did not you knew you would be in trouble also it is ridicilous how much children get away with but not my children I taught them tobehave in a good manner and they see how ridicilous other children look when they sware my daughter knows that ugly words do not come out of pretty little girls mouths causeit is rude and it does not sound nice and she knows that if you misbehave people will think she is naughty and I did all this good parenting by telling her what sounds good and looks good and she is a perfect student top of her class a beautiful figure skater respects adults and no she is not 100 percent white she has black in her so see a=it has nothing to do with race just teachilg your child what is acceptable and what is not and I have always had nothing but good things said about my sweet little girl anf if she behaved like that 5 year old I would be emberassed and thankful that the school emberassed her by calling the police 5 years old or not thatchild should know better mine does and has since she was able to understand english

  51. Nadine says:

    Stop blaming parents who are not allowed to discipline their kids without someone shouting child abuse. You can’t have it both ways. Parents should be allowed to tag that little ass when needed and we would not have all of these problems. I survived whippings, what the hell and I know how to act as a result.

  52. Parent says:

    All I can say is that if people out there actually think what this child did was an “outburst”, then there is a real problem in society. I have never in my life seen a 5 year old act out so violently and destructively towards people and property. Some people out there think that is just normal. If my children ever acted that way in public with my, I’d whip them. If they EVER act that disrespectful to their teachers, they would get the same.

    If we give this mother the benefit of the doubt in that she has tried to discipline this child at home, then she should have sought help. It is obvious (and documented) that this sort of “outburst” has happened before. If you tie the hands of the schools in the disciplinary measures that they can take, or complain that its discrimination not to have my child mainstreamed even though they are disruptive….what kind of schools do you think you’re going to end up with?

    If that mother couldn’t get there, maybe they should have told her what was going to happen, but that school implemented the only option left to it because of this created world of social equality and lawsuits.

    And for the people that say the cops were called ONLY because she was black….how racist are you that you can’t see past her skin color and see her behavioural problem? But you are correct, the chances of that happening to a white child a slim, but not because of the child being white, simply because the TRUTH is statistically white children never would have acted out like that. Its time to show some responsibility and stop trying to make this racist and give this behavioural problem a pass just because she was black.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Parents can discipline without physical contact I do and it is working wonderfully what that child needs is parents who are willing to nip her terrible behavior in the bud instead of threatening the school because no matter how the school reacted it is the parents fault for not teaching the child how to behave my kids know how to since they could understand english obviously the parents are to lazy and it has nothing to do with race just lazy parenting

  54. Nadine says:

    Sure parents can discipline without physical contact, sometimes. You need to also realize that all behavior in children is not as simple as having an unruly child or a BAD MOTHER. It could be an illness, chemical imbalance, etc… People on the outside looking in have all the answers or so they think. Stop the blame game and realize when help is needed and when a good physical discipline is warranted. I could discipline one of my boys with a look but one of them was from Missouri. The point of this incident is not about the mother! Not everyone can leave a job without losing it. Some people are more priviledged than others.

    Remember the finger pointing rule and look at the big picture!

  55. Steve says:

    I just think that the handcuffs are a bit overboard, but they needed to restrain her some how. And I don’t think that just holding the girl down until her mother got there would have been a good idea.

  56. mind says:

    If the child were white it would not have occurred.
    I saw the video.

  57. dan says:

    I think the school did what they had to do. The girl will think twice before doing what she did again. And I think that the Parent should be blamded and that the teacher and AP should file charges on abuse and charge the mother. Why not, if people can sue for getting hurt while committing a robery and win, why cant a mother be charged for raising her children obviously poorly. I believe that no one way is right to raise children, but apparently this mother does not know what the hell she is doing. BTW, I am an El. Ed. Major, I plan on teaching in FL in 2 years, and personally, I do not feel like dealing with spoiled brats like this.

  58. Halcyon says:

    It’s highly concerning to me, especially as a parent, that this is thought to be “normal” or “acceptable” 5 year old behavior. Falling on the floor and crying is already NOT acceptable at age 5; kicking, hitting, biting, and destroying property should have ENDED by age three. The mother of that little girl sent her into society to interact with other human beings lacking ANY boundaries. It is dispicable to foist your laziness and lack of values on your fellow man and social institutions in such a fashion. Obviously, nothing is off limits to her child, and it is more than safe to say that this child is well-known for these inexcusable outbursts. Did anyone look at that room in the background? It’s already DESTROYED by the time the video starts. In an age where schools are buried under mountains of lawsuits because an individual was not subdues and other children suffered for it, or because officials ignored warning signs and wound up with an 8 year old shooting classmates (only three years older than this little darling), it’s very hard to find that this school took “extreme” measures.
    Talking to this child about her feeling sor adding more “multiculturalism” is utterly meaningless. This liitle girl needs consequences. For the person who said this scarred her; I hope you’re right. She’s on the fast track to being a lifelong inmate. They all start the same way, being bullying, self indulgent monsters with no compassions or empathy, no respect for others or their property.
    As for race? That is a desperate (and inappropriate) defense here. Would it have not been ignorant and racists to call the police and say “Umm, excuse me, but can you not send whatever officers happen to be on duty? Could you instead only send officers of the same race as the person you’ll be arresting?” What’s racist here is to insinuae that a man/woman can’t do their job because of their skin color.
    Being a recent product of the AMerican public school system, I’ve been exposed to children who were handles with all the delicate, sensitive, kid-glove treatments listed above. They learned to be better at manipulating, better at using catch-phrases and terms to get off the hook, but not ONE of them became a better persons. They simply learned that they were excused from punishment and consequences while the school officials dissected the meanings of their actions. It made the rest of us bigger victims. One trip to jail would have given many of them a BIG epiphany.
    Kudos to this little girl’s school for showing some concern for both her, and the other little ones. It’s saddening that her mother won’t have to do any time in lockdown for the way she’s failed her child.

  59. DESIREE says:

    I am outraged by the comments from some of these adults. This is a 5yr old child we are talking about. I understand that the principal and teacher had absolutely no clue as to what they were doing. But to handcuff a child? There has to be other interventions that could have been considered.
    I am also upset that the mother is being blamed. Sometimes it dosen’t matter how good a parent you are. Children have episodes just like adults. The only difference is a child can’t rationalize how to handle their frustrations.
    I had a problem with my son in school. You better belive we dealt with it. I don’t tolerate acting up anywhere. School, home, church, anywhere. But that did not stop him.
    Come on people!!! This is still a child no matter how much she weighed or how tall she is. I am so disappointed in todays society.

  60. Realist says:

    I think this child is irrelevant. While she was throughing her fit, the “well behaved” students were being ignored. This distraction punished the other children as they deserve to get their education, free of distractions. I am sick and tired of the bad ones taking time away from the good children. This girl should not be allowed back in Florida public schools if her gold digging mother files suit.

    If after seeing the video of what tranpired, someone still blames the school or local police, they are apart of the problem, not the solution.

  61. Parent says:

    One cannot just watch the video, but you must listen to the actual audio. The teacher in this instance needs to be applauded, she remained calm and patient with this child. The incident went on for over 45 minutes. That is no longer an outburst or a tantrum, that is a little girl knowing that she cannot get punished for her behavior and taking full advantage of it. If you listen to the police officer, he knew this little girl and it is very apparent that it was not the first time he had dealt with her and her mother because of this behavior problem. He states that he told both of them that the next step was to put her in handcuffs. So both the little girl and the mother were warned, it just makes you wonder how many times before this cop has been called to different areas because of her.

    I think some people are under the impression that this is the first time this little girl has acted up, but apparently it is not. The police officer followed through on what was told to that child and her mother. If it has already gotten that far, then by no means was handcuffing this girl outrageous, she and her mother were already prewarned. If the girl was warned and then this situation occured and she was not handcuffed, she would have learned that no one was going to punish her because of her behavior, even the police….and she would have gotten worse.

  62. mind says:

    Sorry idealists, racism did play a role in this matter. I have seen many white children act just as wildly as that black child, in fact far far worse. However, the teachers never contacted the police; they just contacted the parents.

    In addition, when the police came in, they not only handcuffed her, they intended to put her in a DETENTION CELL OVERNIGHT and place CRIMINAL CHARGES on her! WTF, she’s only a little child! Never in hell would the school (SO TRUE) do this to a white child.”

    I heard the video also.- honestly it seemed stupid on their part to have called the cops.

    It is apparent this happened b/4 in the school (true) but the school is clearly not equipped to handle situations such as this, because it was a MISTAKE to involved LAW enforcement.

    The mother should have taken a more active since it was not first time.
    The fact that the mother says the child was set up indicates she had concern’s about the way this school has handled her child in the past.

    Unfortunately though if this child were white I assure you, PSYCHOLOGIST and SOCIAL SERVICES would have been CALLED FIRST in before THE FLORIDA STATE POLICE DEPARTMENT!
    The fact that police were called first make their MOTIVES AMBIGUOUS to put it mildly

    She’s on the fast track to being a lifelong inmate.

    this is a stupid statement and apparently the same sentiment the school systems has in the MIS-HANDlLING OF THIS MATTER of the handcuffed little blk girl.
    They like the person who made this statement has no training in handeling matters such as this.


    ” personally feel the handcuffs were a little overboard. She is a VERY YOUNG child after all. But if she had done this before why was she allowed to stay in her classroom?

    Our school has a BIC room for children who are out of control. They are sent there for a day or maybe even a few days until they get their disruptive behavoir in check. It must be very effective because there are very few incidents at school. Maybe Florida should incorporate something like this into their school system.”

  63. JM says:

    I honestly have no idea what planet most of you are living on. It seems to me that many of you are not dealing at all with reality!
    That little girl was clearly out of control. The teachers are not allowed to touch her and she would not stop destroying and attacking everything around her. What is it that you expected to be done? “Oh, poor little thing, what is making you so distraught? Would it help if we got you some more jelly beans? How about a nice new bicycle or a nice video game?”
    This is not a racial issue. This is about respect and discipline. And if that girls mother can’t raise her child any better than she has so far, then the child should be taken away from her. The MOTHER needs to be held responsible for this childs behavior. It is not the fault of the police OR the school. It is the fault of the parents of that child. Period.
    Honestly, people, stop watching so damn much tv and deal with a little bit of reality here.

  64. Sharon says:

    Would any of you be outraged if you had to go to work everyday and get hit and kicked. How many of you would stay in a job if you were treated like that. Teachers are people too and have the right to a safe work environment. If children never have any consequenses for abusing a teacher then this type of abuse will go on. Teachers do not deserve to be abused I don’t care how young the kid is. If the kid is out of control she needs to be restrained sonehow for her safety as well as the other people around her. Rest asured that the kid willl not be tramatized by being handcuffed, but the teacher could be tramatized. The teacher may be more afraid to go back to school than the kid. I know I will never teach again because of the violence that goes on in schools. I will never work in a place where I am abused. everyone is concerned about the kid but who is going to proctect the teacher??

  65. Billie says:

    Juvenile inappropriate behavior is not always the result of bad parenting. Each human being is born with their own brain cells and the parents do not have extention cords to make choices for the child. There are many different factors that could cause the behavior the child exhibited. Clearly the school is in a difficult situation because they cannot discipline this type of behavior…. Blame that on the system that has removed discipline, not only from the classroom, but parents as well. The child’s behavior is not appropriate, however, neither was the behavior of the police. Most police will not arrest an adult unless they witness the “disorderly conduct” but I guess they make exceptions in kindergarten. While educatiors may find the assistant principals behavior commendable and patient, and it has that overt appearance, it could be quite antagonistic to a child whose mind is socially immature or possible disturbed. Could a five year old’s mind be “immature”? Hmmm? The child’s behavior was inappropriate, but not all that extraordinary for a young child. The system has removed discipline to the point that a school cannot handle a five year old’s temper tantrum. If this child’s behavior was worthy of arrest, I think the police should develop a special “SWAT” team and post outside Toys Are Us to take care of the “criminal tantrums” that occur, probably hourly for parental criminal denial of toys. Maybe we should take away this child’s food and water? Gee, I wonder if this county has one of those horrible “ten commandment displays at their court house too. Wake Up America…. five year old temper tantrums, (unless the child is holding an uzi) should NEVER be a police matter. I don’t care how irresponsible some of you think the parent or teacher has been, you are soooo missing the point here. How can anyone not see the ludicracy here. Schools turn out graduates, that can’t read: they teach children that if mom or dad disciplines, it is child abuse: they are the sites of mass shootings: they are the market place for peer ridicule and torture. This country is out of control. And all of you parents who say your children would NEVER do this…. step off your pedestal for a few minutes, drop to your knees, and thank God, for quazi obedient children. There are many GOOD parents that have socially challenged, learning disabled, mentally ill and handicapped children that act inappropriate in degrees that run the gambit, and there aren’t enough parenting skills in mental hospitals to address these issues. Any of you that think cuffing and shackeling a five year old for a trantrum is appropriate, get a clue!

  66. Billie says:

    Unless the assistant principal is 7 feet tall, that little girl is not 4 foot 5 inches. Look at the video again.

  67. look deeper says:

    As the mom (by adoption) of two children with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) I was both horrified and saddened to see the police and school’s handling of this situation. That little girl could have been my daughter or son. Most people want to blame the parent when a child has behavior issues, but it often isn’t simply a case of “spare the rod and spoil the child” (by the way, that is a Biblical reference to the shepherd’s rod…and shepherds never beat their sheep with the rod, they simply led them and kept them safe with it). My husband and I see this attitude all the time on the faces of those around us in church or in the mall and we gave it a name (heck, our kids have all kinds of labels, why not label everyone else?!)…TKWALTIHLIMHS- “That Kid Wouldn’t Act Like That If He Lived In My House Syndrome”

    Children who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol have permanent and irreversible brain damage…and the areas of the brain most affected are the areas that control the ability to regulate mood, control impulses and understand consequences. These children also have problems with auditory processing (listening to a teacher) and with abstract ideas…one especially difficult subject for most of these kids is math (and this little girl was apparently doing math when the problems errupted!)

    This is a huge problem in this country (-FASD is more common than Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida and Muscular Dystrophy combined!) but few children receive a diagnosis because of the blame and shame associated with it. Many children are instead improperly diagnosed as having ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), or the newest one DBSD (disruptive behavior spectrum disorder). The truth of what prenatal exposure to alcohol does to children needs to be addressed. Even one binge drinking episode during pregnancy can cause FASD. Most people are horrified to hear about prenatal drug use (remember the “crack baby” stories that hit the media a few years ago?!) but the truth is that although alcohol is a legal drug, it is far more destructive to the unborn child than street drugs because it easily crosses the placenta and acts as a teratogen to developing brain cells.

    When I watched the video I saw a frustrated little girl who had someone “shadowing” her like someone guarding another player in a basketball game. If someone did this to my son when he was having a frustration meltdown it would only intensify his frustration and escalate his behaviors. I also saw the little girl achieve the desired behavior…being calm and sitting in a chair…only to be handcuffed at that point. The wrong behavior was fueled and the right behavior was punished…not a very good behavior management plan in my opinion!

  68. Gideon says:

    Oh, crap. “What are they doing handcuffing a 5 yr old little girl?” wah.

    What are they supposed to do? What are the options?

    1. Call mommy. Mommy didn’t give enough a sh1t to come down right away. (And for the people who say that Mommy can’t leave her job or she may lose it… Consider this. The whole reason that she has the job is to support herself and her kid, so that she can provide a good home and show the kid how to live properly. She’s doing a real bang up job so far. What has she taught the kid? You can get away with stuff if you whine (the child is in another public school already). Getting cash for rent is more important that YOU and YOUR tantrums. If you’re mentally or chemically unbalanced, I don’t care enough to put you in a public school for kids with your problems.

    2. Restrain the little brat. I can see a lawsuit, can you?

    3. Spank the little brat. Back to #2.

    4. Let her break the place up, continuing to tear up papers, and be a little brat until Mommy can be bothered to get off of work; then, THEN, expel the little brat. Yeah, that’s a real good way to teach that actions have consequence. It’s so bloody civilized and humane. That way the little girl isn’t traumatized. Makes me want to puke. Btw, let’s not forget about what lesson that would teach to EVERYBODY at the whole d@mn school. You can smash the place and all they do is expel you. Woot!

    5. Call the cops. Oh yeah, that worked out so well. I don’t even have to say anything about the lawsuit, do I?

    TWO things haven’t really been addressed and I doubt that they will any time soon.

    1. I hear everybody b1tch1ng about how they shouldn’t have cuffed the little brat. Tell me, given the current options, what can they do?

    2. “Oh, it’s a 5 yr old girl. C’mon, she can’t hurt anything. She doesn’t understand. This is totally unneccessary.” You start teaching them early that you can’t hurt people just cause you don’t get your way. The prisons are full of people who don’t understand this. And if this failure of a mother can’t understand this, either, then she can look forward to ‘her darling little girl’ ending up in county jail or county morgue. Just like you play with a puppy but teach them NEVER to bite people even if it is just play.

    And for people who want to express their outrage that I likened a little 5 year old girl to a dog. Go ahead. That way it’s easy to pick out the racist a$$holes who hear what they want to hear. I likened her TRAINING to that of a puppy. You train babies. And you train puppies. So deal.

  69. not surprised says:

    When I first heard this story on the radio, my first thought was that this child must be black. This is a horrible thing to do to a child…but then again, i’m not surprised.

  70. anonymous says:

    As a mother of a 5 year old, i am outraged at the lack of respect children have for authority figures and for themselves. Children are not learning how to behave in public and are allowed to behave any way they wish, without consequences. If this child does not learn now that there are consequences for her actions, she will go from being a 5 year-old “throwing a tantrum” to a 10 year-old beating up her classmates, and then to a 16 year-old bringing a gun to school. Parents must take responsibility for what they are teaching their children and not expect the school sysytem to do it for them.

  71. George says:

    What next…where do we go from here. Next thing the police will use a Tazer gun on a child or worse. We are going to far and the schools need to stop and take a look at what they are doing. My children are grown, but I do have a five year old granddaughter in kindergarden and I hope I would never see this type of action occur at her school. I think I would do more that just consult an attorney. I do admit that the childs behaviour was not apporiate and needs to be address, but not in that back of a police car. Parents do need to be more involved in the actions of their children, but this was over the top.

  72. Pride says:

    How can anyone say the behavior of the school administration was racist? Even if you have personally seen this type of situation before, you have not seen it in the exact way in which it happened on Friday. This specific teacher and administration did not call the police because the little girl was African-American. They called the police because she was violent and destructive. If the situation has not happened before with another child of differing racial decent, no one has anything to base their views of racism on.
    Yes, I do feel badly the a little girl ended up in handcuffs. I never want to see that happen to anyone’s child. However, if one can stop judging the teacher and start thinking about the situation, it is easy to see that the teacher felt she had no other options.
    None of us have been in the exact situation as that teacher at that time, so none of us have the right to judge her actions. The child’s parent was notified immediately and, for whatever reason, was unable to rush to the school. The school did what they felt was the next best thing and called the police.
    I hope, for the sake of that little girl and every other child in America, that our country does come up with better ways to stop poor behavior. I hope we don’t have to call in police. I hope parents come to schools when they are called. I hope America stops trying to blame someone. I hope this little girl doesn’t learn a bad way to get rich quickly. Mostly, though, I hope the teacher and administrator don’t lose their jobs for using their judgement, however different it may have been from your decision or mine, it was their call to make. They did what they felt the had to do.
    I’m just glad no one was injured in the fit.

    Also, I don’t think that this was a normal temper tantrum. I’ve seen temper tantrums and I have not yet witnessed a child go on and on like that and be so obsessively destructive. She was on a rampage, not a tantrum. She needs help.

  73. Anonymous says:

    what was the principle suppose to do? I guess watch the child terrorize the school and everyone else until the mother arrives and sues the school for letting her child hurt herself or let the child hurt the teachers more then the mother sues the teachers for still or how about letting the child terrorize the other children then everyone can sue the school my goodness you guys in the states sue for any reason people should learn to take responsibility for own actions and grow up , child misbehaves solve problem get the child away from other children and if she is still being violent and out of control wether black white native whatever she is phone the police cause she was way out of control and the mother should of come right away you cannot loose your job over having to leave for an emergency schools are meant for teaching they are not a daycare for children to terrorize and it is the parents responsibility to teach the child appropriate behavior and if she cannot cause the child is inbalanced get help should the police get kicked too cause the child cannot control herself no but all the mother is concerned about is sue sue sue not what caused the outburst and how can it stop

  74. Special Ed Teacher in North Carolina says:

    I am a special educator, having taught BED(behaviorally emotionally disabled) I sympathize with this teacher. I have been in her shoes. Trying so hard to reach these children using all kinds of appropriate methods. I have scars on my hands from children biting me, been attacked by a child with a stapler, and even had to have an AIDS test after a child broke my skin. What I want to know is how are we are suppose to deal with these children. Everyone is scared to death to do anything about these children, because the school system is so scared they are going to be sued. I want to know how we can better hold these parents accountable for their childrens actions. This is not fair for these teachers. We don’t get paid enough to deal with such difficult situations. my fear is that the teachers with the most sense and the ones that are really making a difference in childrens lives are going to find a job elsewhere. I have been teaching special ed for four years and I just want that teacher to know that the way she handled that situation is exactly how I would have handled it. I wish I could give her a hug…because I can relate with how frustrated she must feel…please know that many of us back you up…its a shame that our tax dollars will probably be taking care of this child in jail later in life. And I am sure her mother pays taxes. So by all means, don’t hold her accountable. Matter of fact why don’t you just give her some candy…I bet she will calm down then.

  75. George says:

    I would say that the child should have been disciplined….no way should she have acted like that….but HANDCUFFS on a five year old??? Ridiculous….and you may not think this has nothing to do with race but society says otherwise….I would bet my whole paycheck that had this little girl been white that never would have happened….and for those that agree she should have been handcuffed….tell me….whats your nationality?? would you want YOUR child at age FIVE to be arrested like a *&%$! adult??? I think not….but since this child is black then “yeah its ok she deserved it”….the racism that exists still in this time is just sickening…

  76. Poeticallyjust says:

    The fact that this little girl is Black is the reason she was handcuffed. Now if that child had been white their actions would have been a lot different. The same reason why, when a murder is commited by a white man his color isn’t reveled until later but when a Black man commits the same crime his face is all over the news IMMIDIATELY there is not a “wait period”. Would people tolerate little white hands being hand cuffed and thrown in a police car. NO IT WOULD BE AN OUTRAGE C’MON PEOPLE LETS GET REAL AND SEE WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE ITS NOT ABOUT discipline because that needs to be done at home and if the child is out of control she needs to be handled by her parents. If she needed to be escorted out she should have been escorted out without the handcuffs SHE IS 5 YEARS OLD are you kidding me. What is she going to learn but to hate the cops and become even more out of control. Do you know how many little white kids I have seen acting out in school and in stores cussing out teachers and their own parents throwing chairs and none of them were escorted out of these establishments in hand cuffs hmmmm wonder why? PEOPLE WANT TO SCREAM DISCIPLINE when they see a little Black Child being handcuffed but they can’t even control thier own children?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? when little billy is falling out in the store because he can’t get a candy bar kicking and screaming at his mother do people scream discipline at their own kids?

  77. Look Deeper says:

    Special Ed Teacher,
    I do sympathize with you and I understand that it is frustrating to deal with these types of behaviors. I was a foster parent for 17 years before adopting my two children. Kids in foster care suffer from all kinds of mental illnesses and disorders due to childhood trauma, most were prenatally exposed to alcohol and many have pretty extreme behavior problems. I attended every training that I could find about de-escalating behaviors, understanding FASD and RAD, and crisis managment. Most teachers that we have dealt with have admitted that they have had minimal training in dealing with FASD behaviors and after implementing a few “proactive” policies in their classrooms, these kinds of behaviors dramatically decreased. The best time to handle behaviors like this is BEFORE they happen…redirection and support are critical. Maybe instead of funding test after test in the No Child Left Behind nightmare, we should be funding well trained para professionals to assist teachers with children who need more structure and support in order to succeed.

    Remember the story of Helen Keller? She was a wild child, striking out at a world that she could not understand. Thank goodness somebody found a way to reach that beautiful soul instead of simply reacting to her behaviors.

  78. Paul Blefari says:

    I watched TV. That child was out of control. The mother should have gotten there immediately regardless of work or whatever. I blame the mother as she did not do a good job raising that child. She should not be let back into school until the mother has taught the child to behave in school and not disrupt the class. What kind of a house does the child come from. Thde mother needs to be taught how to raise a child. I think she is the fault of what took place.

  79. Kidty says:

    I think people out there should stop playing the race card. She was being bad and since we can’t discipline kids with a paddling other methods were used. I grew up being disciplined and I know, even now, if I ever treated my elders or a teacher like that that I’d be in deep sh*t. It doesn’t have to do with race at all. These new generation black culture should stop acting like the world owes them something cause they don’t. It was our ancestors that screwed around.
    I grew up in South-Africa were worse things were done to my fellow black men/women and they don’t act as bad as African Americans do. It has nothing to do with race.
    This whole situation is about a little girl that needs to learn that what she did was not right. Some say she got handcuffed cause “she’s black” Why were she handcuffed? Cause she was assualting a person. If nothing is done then don’t be suprised when she grows up to do more. I think if any kid, black/white/oriental/etc, did what she did they’d do exactly the same.
    I applaude the school and police officers that did their job to restrain an unruley child from causing harm to others and herself.
    I pray they bring back discipline so that these little devils we call our kids can learn manners and learn to be productive, NORMAL members of society, and not some nut who’ll hit or even worse, kill another human cause it didn’t go their way.
    So, for those who are confused by my rambling post: It has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with kids being little bastards in school.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I think that if the mother does win the lawsuit the judge should put a restriction on the money having it used only for the child to get special help for her behavior the money should not be used for the family to buy fancy stuff and if any of the money is not all used on the child it is to be given back and next time that brat pulls a stunt like that phone the mom and tell her that if she doe pick up her animal they will call a social worker in to deal with it and a have a camera on hand recording the animal cause that is what she is an animal acts wild without proper training so train the thing do not let her terrorize everyone

  81. Anonymous says:

    it is not white people that are racist I watch sitcoms and the other races say rude things about white people all the time why can they say rude stuff but not white people I was in home depot and some natives saying look the white man can cut the wood better than us get him to do it I nearly told them we are not 100 percent white my husband is dakota siouxx and I have black in me but it is so far back you cannot see it girl misbehaved end of story who cares about skin colour if people are not happy in america cause of what they are move back to africa mexico wherever you came from and stop it cause it is not the white people keeping racism alive it is the other people I am friends with all races and it is ashame that some people are still complaining about things that happened 50 years ago get over it or it will haunt everyone forever even our great gret great grandchildren will be hearing about the poor poor black men well what about the poor poor white person that is being made fun of on tv watch a 2 and a half men and then bernie mac and see who says racist comments about other races it is not 2 and a half men

  82. Philip Jones says:

    Multi-culturalism my butt!!! Someone please remove this mandate from our society.

  83. George says:

    ok first of all nobody is playing a damn race card….fact remains…this is the society we live in…and neither one of you will back me down with your comments….we are talking about arresting a five year old and you go on about some sitcoms…yeah ok that right there shows me about your mentality….you can sit here and try to justify all you want about it not being about race when you know damn well it is….so dont fool yourself….had the kid been white…it wouldnt have happened period point blank….we are NOT discussing sitcoms!!! and really….you (kidty) agree with handcuffing a five year old??…what planet do you come from where THREE officers are justified in doing that???? AFTER the mother had been called??….how much friggin damage can a child that young do?? get a grip….buy some sense….and for the last poster….learn to separate your sentences if you want to comment…it looks like one long paragraphs… ons…..and i dont have to go anywhere…..

  84. Anonymous says:

    that last person should calm down he sounds angry

  85. Anonymous says:

    yes people are playing the race card and I do not care what colour she is she misbehaved

  86. Poeticallyjust says:

    FIRST OF ALL MIND YOU ARE EXTREMELY INTELIIGENT AND THAT IS APPRECIATED NOW, My problem is with people not even seeing the race issue and claiming it does not exist, I don’t know what is worse racism or actually believing that there is none. Of course whites will claim that its not a racial issue THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN IN MY SHOES and I have come to realize that some of my people have been sitting down so long they are afraid to stand up, so they address issues with answers that are acceptable. YES THE CHILD HAS ISSUES, YES THE PARENTS NEED TO RECTIFY THIS AND GET THE CHILD SOME HELP THIS IS NOTED but the fact remains SHE IS 5 how many lil white girls have you ever seen taken out in hand cuffs they’d have to shoot up the school up the school first. SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT OF THE SCHOOL IN HAND CUFFS BUT THERE WAS A GRANDMOTHER BEING BLACK WHERE I LIVE AND SHE WAS IN HER 80’S AND HAND CUFFED FOR A DWI AND A WHITE WOMAN AROUND THE SAME AGE FOR THE FOLLOWING WEEK WAS GIVEN A WARNING BOTH OF THESE INSTANCES I KNEW BOTH OF THE WOMEN. NOW TELL ME RACISM IS NOT A FACTOR? YEAH WE WILL YELL RACISM BECAUSE IT DOES EXIST AND I DON’T LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD. THE LITTLE GIRL SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAND CUFFED AND IF SHE WAS WHITE SHE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN.

  87. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Kidty and George you calm down and read the other comments it is all about race if she was white not one comment would be made about her color so tip toe around everyone that is not white right George let the child go wild.

  88. Toby says:

    That was the THIRD time that the police had to deal with that little violent brat! That monster required physical control and discpline. The cops did warn the mom and child that she would leave handcuffed if they had to return. Where were the parents??? In my days, the kid would have been paddled by the Principal and then later disciplined by the parents. Unfortunately, any trash can open her legs to have a kid and then expect society to take care of her bastard.

  89. Anonymous says:


  90. Melanie says:

    Back when I was in elementary school, disruptive students were sent to the principal’s office and paddled. Of course, corporal punishment is strictly off limits now in our PC stuffed, bullshit ridden school systems. Paddling is a little embarrassing sure, and hurts for a few minutes, but is unlikely to cause long-lasting emotional distress, like being thrown into a damn paddywagon in shackles may, for example. Punishment for kids should be swift, sure and then OVER!! That’s why coroporal punishment is necessary. It’s the quickest way of convincing a child to modify his/her behavior, and NO!! a quick paddling is NOT abuse. The reason these kids grow up to make murder and mayhem is because they have NO FEAR!!

  91. George says:

    toby….a monster hunh?….you are white arent you? and for the person that told me to calm down..i AM calm…but why dont you post your name so i can address you properly….of COURSE when someone black speaks their mind they are told to calm down….typical….LOL….you people amaze me….acting like it doesnt exist…but really….how can i expect you to understand when like i said before…you havent been victims of it….that being said you can justify it ALL YOU WANT had that child been white there would have been protests!! LOL….wouldnt there? of COURSE there would have been….you see….since slavery times whites always thought their lives were so much more precious than blacks….and this continues today…..face it its a reality….truth hurts right?

    and for that person that said i “sound” angry….how is that possible when you cant even hear me????

  92. thinkaboutthekids says:

    I was camping with my family over the weekend, so I just heard about this story today. It does seem harsh that the police handcuffed the child, but aside from that, what could anyone have done differently? The child was out of control and could have done harm to herself or others. Everyone is in such an uproar about the child, and yes that is a traumatic experience… but what about the other children in her class? Doesn’t anyone think that they may have been traumatized by her behavior? Is it better for the school to look the other way and in the eyes of the other children, condone that type of behavior?

  93. concerned says:

    Why is this child behaving like a monster? She is on a terrible path to destruction.

  94. bambi says:

    It is all about the poor little black girl.If she was white blah blah blah, fact is she is a monster George and I am not white I am Greek and Swedish mix. That child needs to have a doctor to figure out what is the matter with her and get help she is still young and needs help

  95. sara says:

    Maybe the Hebrews should start yelling at the Egyptians for what they did 1000’s of years ago then we all can be mad.This is not about race it is about behavior that is acceptable in school and that was’nt

  96. Halim Rashad says:

    Let’s make this clear:
    1. She is black
    2. She misbehaved
    3. Her mom wasn’t doing her job (obviously)
    4. Calling cops for a 5 year old is more than excessive.
    5. Yes race was their motivation cuz it wouldn’t happen in NY where kids sell drugs, so why would they arrest an unruly child in NY?
    6. White people who don’t seem to understand these points this is the FUCKING problem: yall don’t seem to realize slavery is over and by God it’s not coing back either. So shacking a black child might have looked nice for you but if that happens again, I personally will shackle one of yours.

    Children must be shown examples of how society should be (note: I didn’t say what race the children are or could be but they should all be shown a better way). When will it enough be enough. Environments do not create misfits. Environments do not create criminals — WE DO. When we give up on them or write them off as poor lil fuck ups, then they become our worse nightmares. Black, white, fuckign Hindi background doesn’t matter here, class doesn’t matter, money doesn’t mean shit. Remember something, eventually, your life will be the very hands of the children you ignore, abuse, rape, mistreat, neglect and insult. Their turn will come as we, the adults now, will become the senior citizens of tomorrow. They (black, white hispanic whatever) will become policy makers, law enforcers, teachers, social workers, or they will become all of these in a society with very low standars and everything goes. Is that the world you wanna live in? I’ll say this: if you don’t want that lil kid growing up to kick in your door and fucking with your family robbing or raping, murdering your kids or spouse or yourself, yall better treat them right and teach them correctly. Leave race at the door cuz if my son should grow up to become your killer, you helped him to think it was ok to do it. I raise my kids but when society says your black so you’ll go nowhere, all I taught them will fly out the window and it become Darwin’s survival theory all over!!
    Think about tomorrow. How does it serve you whiteys to keep believing blacks are not equal to whites and deserve nothing? Fuck welfare, and all of those others programs — black slaves built America anyway, that’s just due, but if you want your “great nation” to survive, it’s time to advance and move on. Think.

  97. Mike says:

    Everyone who ways this child was “arrested” is wrong. The child was not arrested or (obviously) charged, it is not legally possible to charge a 5 year old with anything. The child was handcuffed for safety and safety alone. This child is obviously emotionally disturbed, I think was can all agree on that? The same people who said the police should not have cuffed her would be the same ones bitching that the police didn’t do anything if someone got hurt. Is it beyond a 5 year old to grab an object to use on this teacher she’d just been punching? Or the cop’s gun? God forbid it escalated, the police would be condemned for NOT doing anything. The police were called because the school needed HELP. We can all sit in our recliners and play “woulda shoulda coulda.” Our polarized society has created a “damn if you do, damned if you don’t” mentality. I have a friend who is a police officer. Recently he was chasing a burglar and unfortunately he broke the victims’s fence while jumping over it (coming to her rescue). He caught the burglar (who had a knife and rope) but she is suing the police for breaking a fence and trampling her garden upon their arrival. With each of these incidents, and many others, we are creating a world where the police can no longer ACT. Inaction may be the only safe action. Lock you doors at night folks, arm yourselves and put on your bullet proof vests because the criminals are now the victims and police have their hands tied.

  98. Halim says:

    Bambi — newsflash honey YOU ARE WHITE! Swedish and Greek– that’s white. Sara FUCK THE JEWS. My grand father is Jewish and ya know what, that doesn’t make them any better than anyone else. Jews had their shot, screwed it up and now the roman catholics are running rampant telling people all sorts of stupid shit to do like take your husband’s beatings and don’t divorce john paul was a fool. THANK JEHOVAH I AM NO LONGER A CATHOLIC.

  99. George says:

    lets get one thing straight bambi….yes, that child should be disciplined….HELL NO in NO way did she deserve to be handcuffed i dont give a damn how many ways you can try and pacify that….you have kids?? let me handcuff one of your little pale children and see how much you got to say then….

  100. Lana says:

    If you would please do a google search on “five year old handcuff” and look a few pages down you will find other instances of children handcuffed. In these other cases the race is not listed, when this is the case statistically they are not of minority race. It is easy to judge through a glass house, when all the facts are not before you and you can go on raw emotional outrage at what the media is portraying. I say this is not a racial issue as it is not the first instance of such behavior, ie. handcuffing a child. I am also of the opinion that there could be need for restraining the child. She may have been sitting calmly once the police arrived to manipulate the situation. Five year olds are smart enough to do so. Until I am called to jury on this civil suit and have all of the facts, I refuse to render and opinion on anyone’s actions or behavior as that would be done in ignorance and I pride myself on not behaving in such a fashion.

  101. shavonte71 says:

    okay we all agree that the child was out of control but to handcuff her……you’ve got to be kidding me. when the police got there she was sitting down and not harming anyone and the purpose for a person to be hand cuffed is so they can’t harm anyone. they could have removed her with out the hand cuffs. now the part i don’t understand is the same people who are saying she needed to be hand cuffed are the same one’s who would have called the police on the mom for disciplining her.

    if she had been a little white girl and three black police they would be asking for their heads on a platter.

    george i agree with you brotha

  102. Dee says:

    This child deserved what she got. Mother obviously looking for free money. School set the child up (yeah right). Mom couldnt get off work to come get child …..shame on her! School staff was right on the money, way to go for unbeleivable patience. Mother obviously knows child has a problem – leaving it up to school to fix her poor parenting skills. Mom not showing good example for child, has she ever stated that childs behavior was unacceptable? Lets see her “big” attorney handle a child like that for that amount of time. What a load!

  103. George says:

    another ignorant person saying a five year old deserved what she got….dee can i ask your nationality please?

  104. teresa says:

    This child needs to look at her behavior and so do her parents and figure what can be done about it. If I had a child in that classroom I know I would not want her around a girl that was terrorizing the teacher and she will be a lonely little girl if her parents do not deal with her behavior, black or white she should get her temper under control.George what would you do in the teachers situation sit, remember it has happened before the outburst.

  105. Simon'e says:

    I am outraged at the fact that this issue has gone as far as it has. There a few pointers that people are missing in this case.
    1. If the school officials had called the parent and said one of the teachers had hit her child, she would have been there in a flash. Why couldn’t she get there that fast and her child was acting a donkey.
    2. This is not the first time this has happened. If you listen to the tape closely you can hear the assistant principal says that she always does this.
    3. True she’s 5 years old and it was kind of harsh however, she knew what she was doing. Once again if you listen closely to the tape when she hears the teachers say that the police have been called and they’re on the way. She automatically calms down and sits there like she has some kind of sense. So what does that tell you. She knows right from wrong.
    These children are shooting up schools everyday like it’s right. They took corporate punishment out of the schools, so therefore who knows what’s going to happen. I would have called the police too. You can’t put your hands on the children so some type of restraint needs to happen.
    I agree with what happened and she just had a hard lesson of being scared straight.

  106. George says:

    thanks for your honest inquiry teresa…..i would have restrained that child and put her in a room ALONE….until her mother came….there was absolutely no need for handcuffs these people can say what they want….they would have arrested me for beating the shit out of the cops for handcuffing my five year old….simple as that…..

  107. poeticallyjust says:

    *Mike* why is it that police brutality is at an all time high? if they can’t act? why is it more and more of my people are getting beat the hell down and killed all in the name of justice? and its covered up or the policemen let off on bullshit charges? when there isn’t a weapon to be found people are being shot 46 times in the back. can you explain? cause I eargerly await your answer

  108. Dee says:

    George – what does my nationality have to do with anything? The child was out of control and had to be removed from the school. At five years old, there needs to be consistency in discipline, this child appears to have poor guidance coming from home. Possible, maybe the little girl does have some sort of chemical imbalance. FYI – I dont care what color the child is I think they are all special. Also if voicing my opinion makes me ignorant, isnt that the pot calling the kettle black?

  109. Kidty says:

    People, every comment ont this site about this child is a person’s opinion. Stop bashing people’s opinions. My opinion is that I think they did the right thing. Kid or grown up, it doesn’t matter. Wrong is wrong. Are some people saying emotionally disturbed kids that cause harm to others are just misunderstood?? Maybe i’m just confused with this whole issue. Assualt is assualt. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS MY OPINION. *shaking head* This just shows me how this wonderful land handles a situation. I don’t know the mom, so I can’t really blame her. OH wait, where is the dad? Some people blame the mom, and that’s fine, but where is her father? Or have we simply forgotten it takes two to create a child? Maybe handcuffing was wrong in some people’s view, and right in others. We all handle situations differently. That is what makes free thinking so wonderful.
    Respect opinions, and stop bashing religion Halim cause religion has nothing to do with this issue.

    Oh last thing: So what if she’s 5 years old. There are young kids out there that steals, have sex, smoking, doing whatever they damn well please cause of lack of discipline. Children need to learn that throwing tantrums and hitting people will not get you what you want. Why is so many of the world’s youth so screwed up? Lack of discipline.


  110. teresa says:

    I would call a social worker to the school and tell her about the situation and let them deal with her and the parents

  111. George says:

    dee i agree the child needs discipline….however….it was an ignorant statement to say she got what she deserved….i wouldnt see that happen to a black or white child at FIVE… tell me….why isnt you didnt answer my question about your nationality???

  112. Dee says:

    Kidty – thank you – well said

  113. George says:

    exactly as i thought dee….you dont want to answer the question because the truth hurts..period….had that child been white it would have been different….you know it which is why you refuse to answer….but hey…i understand….

  114. bambi says:

    Halim I meant to say I am white it was a spelling error and I KNOW WHAT WHITE IS IT IS JUST A SKIN COLOR AND THE LITTLE GIRL SHOULD GET HELP

  115. Dee says:

    George you are persistant arent you haha. You do agree with me that the little girl needed to be removed from the school. There has been nothing said about any other emergency contacts for her (father, grandmother etc.) So, what choices were left. Putting her in a room, possibility she could still harm herself. As far as nationality, I am a Heinz Variety.

  116. hispanic says:

    George Ithink you are the racist one calling someones children pale is rude how about I call yours darky and the child needs help

  117. Dee says:

    George what nationality are you? Whats up with the truth hurts stuff. I am white/Danish and German. If that child was any color I would feel the same way. If it was my child, I would feel the same way.

  118. Kidty says:

    For those doing the race opinion, doesn’t it embarress you to know that a little black girl acted so terribly? I know that seeing that it embarressed me cause it just gave some people out there more reason to say “Oh, it’s a black kid. it’s expected of them to act like that” I’m African American and i know some people’s opinion of us dropped another notch.

  119. Dani says:

    Hey George… I just thought I would let you know that I know of a CAUCASIAN child who was expelled from three preschools and the authorities were contacted the third time. I’ll never know if it would have escalated to handcuffs because the parents did react right away and got down there to the school, but let’s just say that if it had, I wouldn’t be surprised. If they had locked the girl up in a room, what’s to say that with her violent behavior she wouldn’t hurt herself? They don’t have padded cells at school. Then the mom still has her lawsuit… another winning situation for her. The saddest thing about this story is that this child is going to see how her destructive behavior brought about her mother’s financial gain. I wonder what happens from there…

  120. George says:

    hispanic….i dont care how rude you think that was….call my child dark its THE TRUTH and BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL…and FYI….to be racist….anything that ends in ‘ist’ means you have mastered that particular thing….a violinist masters the violin….the pianist….the piano…so racist….mastering one’s race perhaps? yes correct so call me racist….doesnt bother me in the slightest…

    Dee you havent figured out that I am black yet??? we are tired of things done to us and our children with no regard at all to our feelings…and you will NEVER understand it when racism doesnt CONSTANTLY deal with you in the face….DAILY…..

  121. Anonymous says:

    PoeticallyJust: There’s a lot of facts being bent to to support your diatribe of hate. Please provide the backup to support your claim that “police brutality is at an all time high.” Please provide the backup to support your instance of someone “being shot 46 times in the back.” (if this is the Amadou Diallo incident you allude to, educate yourself and get your information correct. With that statement alone, its obvious you don’t know what happened.) Everyone agrees that was a tragic event. I am offended by your use of the phrase “my people.” As far as I know, we are ALL people. I think I can name more instances where “your people” did the killing and the beating. You and I obviously will never agree to this, we came from different backgrounds, different mindsets. My father was a police officer shot and killed by a black man. Do I think that all black men are killers? Obviously not, I am educated and experienced. When you catagorize “The Police” as all being corrupt, being brutal, being abusive — it’s called stereotyping. It’s called profiling. I find that so ironic. You are basing the entire profession of law-enforcement on number of tragic incidences which no reasonable man or woman can agree with. It’s not just irony, its hypocrisy. I obviously don’t think that minorities can be classified as a whole because of the actions of an individual. I am not going to argue your post, you feel how you feel. I am just saddened by the fact that you made this into a racial issue. I am not going to change your mind, you’re not going to change mine. We can learn from each other though.

  122. Dee says:

    Kidty – you should never be embarassed! Anyone who generalizes a race is wrong.

  123. teresa says:

    I agree with kidty,but a social worker would of done the job or maybe not, after all the girl was atacking the teachers. I have 3 children and one is in school and my husband is a judge and sees out of control teenagers and children all the time. It is unbelievable the amount of things children get away with. Yes I am white and no I am not racist the child cannot go on terrorizing the school it is school property and next time it will be a child she will attack .

  124. lecheryl says:

    I have read most of the comments on this terrible incident of a 5 year old child being handcuffed by campus police officers. I am appauled at this unnecessary tactic of teaching a child what is correct behavior. Would it make a great deal of difference if a 2 or 3 year old child threw such a tantrum, kicking and biting? Would you condone police officers handcuffing a 2 or 3 year old? More then likely, not. I earnestly believe the teacher and the prinicpal would have reacted differently. The child is acting on her environment and the adults are reacting based on the child’s cues. Wrong! Who is the person in control of this situation? The 5 year old girl controlled this situation and the adults reacted to her tantrum instead of acting on the bad behavior and taking control of the situation. At no time did I see a responsible adult take control of the situation. Had an adult taken matters into their own hands and done something other then make a mockery of the situation,(repeating stop, stop with her hands up as if the little girl was really hurting her) things would not have gotten as far as the police officers getting involved. And what about those “responsible adults” that were carrying on outside the principal’s office, screaming for a new video tape? What the heck was their purpose? Recording a video for America’s Most Wanted? You mean to tell me an entire institution of adults were afraid to tame a 5 year old girls temper tantrum? Get real people! And the race card had nothing to do with it, more tangents that take away from the real issue, the little girl who chose to be defiant and act out in public. Yeah, yeah spare the rod, spoil the child. Next time our children throw a temper tantrum at the mall, Chuck E. Cheese, at home, let’s not take matters into our own hands and just call the police to handcuff our children to teach them a lesson on how we can award their bad behavior.

  125. Halim Rashad says:

    Make it known: adults and children are dealt with in very different degrees. You do not hand cuff a 5 year old for a tantrum, even if she/he hits some one, no one died or lost a limb! People from other countries look: My entire family is from Jamaica -they beat the shit out of kids in school. I am black, white, asian and indian (arawak from JA, WI). I speak as a representative of this world and people with sense. Children thow a fit at home do you call the cops or deal with them? Black people why should we feel ashamed becuase kids are acting unrully? Fuck that, I am responsible for my kids like you are for yours. Now Black men and women are capable of shaming me with stupid comments like a five eyar old deserved to get cuffed or comparing the treament of adult criminals to a 5 year old with a fucking attitude problem. Calling them monsters? Oh make it known, all yall whiteys are the monsters — look at how you people ran the world into the fucking dirt. The rest of us have to deal with it. My kids are mixed races and they are tuaght not to judge people on skin but character, but when idiots start to speak as so many have done here… look come to Harlem with that shit if you are so bold. You are saying this online and in the safety of your niche but you know what, put one your kids in our schools and when (not if) they act up cuz white kids act worse than black kids, we’ll see if you like the five year old getting cuffed. By the way, shooting up schools — white kids, killing teachers mainly– white kids— sadisctic behavior — white kids. Serial murders white people! Blacks just got their first serial killer a few years back. When a black kid shoots up a school it’s not cuz his family is shit, he’s being bullied and he lacks value of self, it’s for something like money, or image whatever but they target one person specifically, whiteys balst the whole fucking school torture people and all of that. Who the fuck is chemically imbalanced now? Speak the truth and make the devil a fcuking liar. I am cursing cuz the ignorance shown here is unbearable. I hope someone locks up your kids just once so you can feel the pain. We know where responsibility lies but you don’t fuck with a child’s mind, you take the parent and punish or educate them or both! But kids should be taught, protected and loved. Of they don’t feel secure in their enviornment or in their own mind’s shit happens and we all end up catching it. For yall to talk this way about a child (of any race) you need to go back and read my first comment. GOD DAMN ALL YALL WHO THINK CHILDREN SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE ADULTS– HOW COULD A FIVE YEAR OLD OF ANY COLOR KNOW THAT MISBEHAVING WILL GET THEM LOCKED UP OR CUFFED UP? THEY ARE EXPECTING THE CORNER, A BELT, NOT BIG BAD LAW MAN TO PUT THEM IN THE SQAUD CAR AND TAKE THEM TO JAIL!!! I have CIA , military, INS, cops and lawyers and doctors in my family, I am studying to become a lawyer and people you do not treat kids the same as adults for little kiddie shit! If she killed someone that’s a different discussion but she didn’t.

  126. Dee says:

    George sorry I dont base opinions on race – so your nationality was not obvious to me. You seem to be a well spoken intelligent man, very sad to see how much you have been hurt with racial issues.

  127. Halim Rashad says:

    Make it known: adults and children are dealt with in very different degrees. You do not hand cuff a 5 year old for a tantrum, even if she/he hits some one, no one died or lost a limb! People from other countries look: My entire family is from Jamaica -they beat the shit out of kids in school. I am black, white, asian and indian (arawak from JA, WI). I speak as a representative of this world and people with sense. Children thow a fit at home do you call the cops or deal with them? Black people why should we feel ashamed becuase kids are acting unrully? Fuck that, I am responsible for my kids like you are for yours. Now Black men and women are capable of shaming me with stupid comments like a five eyar old deserved to get cuffed or comparing the treament of adult criminals to a 5 year old with a fucking attitude problem. Calling them monsters? Oh make it known, all yall whiteys are the monsters — look at how you people ran the world into the fucking dirt. The rest of us have to deal with it. My kids are mixed races and they are tuaght not to judge people on skin but character, but when idiots start to speak as so many have done here… look come to Harlem with that shit if you are so bold. You are saying this online and in the safety of your niche but you know what, put one your kids in our schools and when (not if) they act up cuz white kids act worse than black kids, we’ll see if you like the five year old getting cuffed. By the way, shooting up schools — white kids, killing teachers mainly– white kids— sadisctic behavior — white kids. Serial murders white people! Blacks just got their first serial killer a few years back. When a black kid shoots up a school it’s not cuz his family is shit, he’s being bullied and he lacks value of self, it’s for something like money, or image whatever but they target one person specifically, whiteys balst the whole fucking school torture people and all of that. Who the fuck is chemically imbalanced now? Speak the truth and make the devil a fcuking liar. I am cursing cuz the ignorance shown here is unbearable. I hope someone locks up your kids just once so you can feel the pain. We know where responsibility lies but you don’t fuck with a child’s mind, you take the parent and punish or educate them or both! But kids should be taught, protected and loved. Of they don’t feel secure in their enviornment or in their own mind’s shit happens and we all end up catching it. For yall to talk this way about a child (of any race) you need to go back and read my first comment. GOD DAMN ALL YALL WHO THINK CHILDREN SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE ADULTS– HOW COULD A FIVE YEAR OLD OF ANY COLOR KNOW THAT MISBEHAVING WILL GET THEM LOCKED UP OR CUFFED UP? THEY ARE EXPECTING THE CORNER, A BELT, NOT BIG BAD LAW MAN TO PUT THEM IN THE SQAUD CAR AND TAKE THEM TO JAIL!!! I have CIA , military, INS, cops and lawyers and doctors in my family, I am studying to become a lawyer and people you do not treat kids the same as adults for little kiddie shit! If she killed someone that’s a different discussion but she didn’t.

  128. Arekah says:

    First of all I have read most of these comments and some I agree with and others I do not! To blame the mother is plain ole stupid. When kids were getting their azz beat at school and home this was not an issue. Then white liberals come out saying that, you should not spank your children, put them in the corner, take away their toys, and ground them. That shit doesn’t work! I spank mine and will continue to as long as my 6 year old has a problem with being a child. This mother obviously, like me has to work and maybe she was trying not to loose her job, not jumping up and leaving without proper permission from her boss. You stay at home mothers kill me! As a single mother, I work hard to provide for my daughter and without my job that would not be possible. The fact that the only reports of children under the age of ten that have been arrested in school have been black. Whether or not we want to say this is a black or white issue it is. From now on, when I see a white woman and her bad azz kids beating the crap outta her, throwing stuff in the basket, proclaiming that they are hurting her, I am going to call the police and have them arrested for assaulting their mother. These children don’t have any disorders; the government has too much control over how we raise our children. What they are doing in the schools is the same road they want to take in the prisons. Privatization! Is it good, NO! Why not let the kids go to school and just teach them to become prisoners. It makes money for the system and all the companies that use prison labor to make their products cheap. Victoria Secret! Since it’s not affecting white Amerikkka enough there has to be something wrong with the way the child is raised! Come on! What kind of teacher can’t control her students; she is the same women being cursed out at Wal-mart by her 5 year old son. Find another profession or just be an at home mom, and keep your children on ADD medication since white Amerikkka finds that the cure for their children’s woes! Where is Jessie Jackson when he is supposed to be for the people…hell he was just kissing Terri Shivo on the head and now where is he? He fought for the life of a woman who has been holding on for 15 years and not a word for a little girl who was crying out for help and ended up humiliated and treated like it was the 60’s and she was a little colored girl looking at the good white folks the wrong way. This was wrong and I am going to make sure that this never happens where I live!

  129. MalikYahan says:

    So your kids are taught not to judge people on skin but character? “All ya’ll whiteys are the monsters.” You’re doing a great job, Dr. Spock.

  130. Kidty says:

    Halim, just remember it was our ancestors that did stuff, not us. I know racism will never go away cause too many people remember what was done. I understand you being mad in this situation, but stop attacking all “whiteys” Not all of them are bad, just like a lot of black people aren’t bad.

  131. MalikYahan says:

    So your kids are taught not to judge people on skin but character? “All ya’ll whiteys are the monsters.” You’re doing a great job, Dr. Spock.

  132. Kidty says:

    OK, i have a solution for all this. We all get together and pray for God to get rid of EVERYONE, even myself, and start over. I think that’s the only solution left for there to be love and some peace in this world.

  133. lecheryl says:

    Halim seems to hold a lot of anger towards white people in general. But does this situation really merit the whole “iniquities of the races” argument? The history of the races hold scars for many people that have been wronged on the whole. Yes, Amerikkka can exist for those who choose to fuel that vessel of hatred. Just the same, black people are killing one another as we speak in America, in Africa, all over the world, enslaving one another, doing all sorts of injustices in this world. Once again, I don’t agree with handcuffing a child to enforcing good behavior, and once again, race is not the issue. If we choose to make race the #1 issue, we have already pushed ourselves back many steps from making any progress in the world. Some black people can be really sensitive to the race card, maybe because of the terrible significant emotional events that happened to them. But does this experience justify further iniquities? Protect our children as best we can from the iniquites we have suffered and prevent further hatred and wrong doing from happening.

  134. ohno says:

    Halim, you are going to make a terrible lawyer first of all you said nasty things about jews then turn around and hack the pope some lawyer you will make, stay away from my husband’s firm and she was warned before about her behavior.

  135. ohno says:

    excactly kidty just like noah’s ark then we can all complain to god about our skin color and then he can make people all the same color, maybe checkered or like a zebra.

  136. Kidty says:

    Halim not basing you, but read through your site, and what you post here contradicts your site a lot.

  137. Anonymous says:

    I’m a bi-racail citizen. A father of three (what america would consider) black children, two boys and one girl. I don’t have a cross issue with anyone because of their race. I also could give a damn what people would consider me or my children, I teach them that they are what all their ancestors are and I don’t put one race predominant over ther other… In light of that, I’m qualified to say wether this was a purple, green, or magenta little girl… this issue has nothing to do with that. This has to do with a damaged little girl, period. How they handled the situation can be debated all day long. Do not bring race into this . It is strictly behavioral and that’s where it should begin and end. Ultimately the parent is responsible for this girls behavior and will answer for. If the mother or any parent thinks a schools job is to raise and care for their child they are sadly mistaken. The girl needs help, I would say she needs to be removed from the classroom until they find the root of her issues. All of the other children in her class do not deserve to have their education interupted because some elses kid is either crying for help from being abused or just a bad seed.

    And for all posters that have this condescending attitude about “how great” their children are. You all better knock on wood. NOBODY’S family is untouchable when it comes to the problems our children have to face on a daily basis.

  138. Connye says:

    I have been a school teacher for 15 years. I have had children with severe discipline problems and I have never had to have anyone step in to handle my responsibility as a teacher. There are better ways of handiling this situation than calling the police. The parent is not responsible for what happened when she was not there. A child knows who and when he or she can get away with something. If a child knows he can rule the class, he will. Of course, the parent should discipline this child when he arrives home, but while the child is a school, the teacher should beable to handle a 5 year old.

  139. ShakingHead says:

    As a BLACK mother of 4 children and an educator, I find the comments about race being a factor totally ludicrious. Why is it when people have nothing useful they blame race? Shows me people have racism issues THEY need to get over!!

    This child clearly has problems and NEEDED to be shown that for EVERY action there is a consequence. Apparently she has not been taught this, given her behavior in the past, and present.

    The child of one of my friends, who happens to be WHITE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW, was treated in a manner very close to this as a means of teaching her that she can not get away with unacceptable behavior. She was not handcuffed, but she was put in the back of a police car for the effect.. and IT WORKED! She was 6 at the time and has NEVER been as disruptive and abusive as she had been before the incident.

    Wake up people. 5 year old children are smart, and know how to manipulate and with parent’s who do not take responsibility for the action of their children.. someone needs to!!

  140. Dee says:

    shakinghead – I agree – thanks for putting it into perspective. I bet your a great mom!

  141. poeticallyjust says:

    #1 You can think of more instances Well I can’t, I happen to think of all of MY people that were chained on a boat being thrown off being left for shark food and I happen to think of all of them that were strung up, raped beaten and you tell me you can think of more instances where my people were doing the killing and the beating sorry, I don’t think the numbers will match. I also have native american in my blood shall I remind of the horrors that white have done to them. and you say more instances the history of murder in regards to whites is UNMATCHED BY ANY RACE OF PEOPLE. here’s a link for you read it and get some education in the realm of police brutality.

  142. shakinghead says:

    Thank you Dee,

    I am as good as I can be I suppose. Although my kids have not been perfect angels by any stretch of the imagination. However, they KNEW if they chose to act badly, there would be a negative consequence for that behavior… it was their choice to make. Much to my shagrin, they acted out and behaved like “kids”, but I NEVER expected anyone else to take responsibility, nor did I ever blame anyone for taking action when it was needed. I thanked them .

  143. Shakinghead says:


    “YOUR” people.. I thought we are all one in the eyes of God.

    I do not want to try to minimize what has happened to blacks in American history.. it WAS horiffic. As it was for the Indians, and the Jews.

    If you think you have suffered any more than anyone else you need to get over yourself ., Let go and Let God…

    If one can’t let go of hatred one can not move on. I am afraid you will never be anywhere but where you are at this moment, poeticallyjust.. which is a shame. You stiffle yourseld and YOUR people by speaking with so much hatred.

    I will pray for you

  144. proud canadian says:

    Why does it matter what colour she is? So what if she is black ,over here in canada we have natives complaining about white people, bottom line is she is a BRAT and needs some good parenting black,native or white we all need good role models and get rid of the racist attitudes.

  145. poeticallyjust says:

    I would stiffle myself if I didn’t belive the past has effected MY people and the future this is something that most will not understand and I don’t expect you to. First of all you have no idea who I am and what I am trying to do as far as MY people are concerned. But you pray for me and I will pray for you as well because if all you see is racism within my replies you need more prayer then I do. I am about the REVOLUTION OF THE MIND AND TO DO THAT YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING THAT HAS OCCURED AND ADDRESS IT AND CALL IT EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. YOU CAN’T DENY PUT IT BACK AND LET IT GO BECAUSE THE ISSUE AND THE MENTALITY LIVES TODAY. I WILL ADDRESS THE PAST AND REVOLUTIONIZE FOR THE FUTURE ALL OF WHICH I GURANTEE YOU HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING.

  146. shakinghead says:

    Well you do what you feel you need to.

    I will accept ALL people for what they are, and will love each equally. Even the ones who treated MY people so horribly. Like I said, one can not move forward looking behind.. Accept what happened as the ignorant acts they were and work to make TODAY’s world a better place, with acceptance, love and open minds.

    p.s. as a black woman I understand a lot more than you think I do. And I also understand your feelings, however I will not blame the “mentality” of today on people who want to make peace and make the wrongs right, but I can see where the ones who THINK their racism is a step forward are sadly mistaken.

    Thanks for the prayers.. the more the merrier πŸ™‚

  147. Anonymous says:

    Politically just,

    You’re very angry, and thats cool. There’s been some f-uped stuff that’s happened to peolpe of African descent. The crimes aren’t justified by any strectch of the imagination. However, this is a five year old girl we’re takling about. If this were a white girl would you be posting today about police brutality. I don’t thinks so. And bro, by the way I’m YOUR PEOPLE as well.

    Why not also give some props to the white people that died fighting a war to help end slavery, and send a big F-u to OUR PEOPLE in Africa that sold us to Europeans as well.

  148. Just wondering... says:

    Arekah said, ” These children don’t have any disorders; the government has too much control over how we raise our children. What they are doing in the schools is the same road they want to take in the prisons. Privatization! Is it good, NO! Why not let the kids go to school and just teach them to become prisoners. It makes money for the system and all the companies that use prison labor to make their products cheap.”

    Arekah your argument makes no sense. Privatization is an argument to DECREASE government involvement and allow private industry to assume responsibility. Government and laws are what has “handcuffed” our schools so that they can no longer discipline children for fear of monetary repercussions and job loss. The more we privatize the more autonomy schools would have to discipline unruly children in whatever way that particular school sees fit. Are you for government control or for private industry? You seem very confused.

  149. Anonymous says:


  150. Anonymous says:

    TOBY you sound like you’ve had a really horrible life, get a grip.

  151. poeticallyjust says:


  152. dhall says:

    I agree with an earlier writer, sue the heck out of the school board (Ooopps, I mean sue the heck out of us the tax payer who has to fund schools). That is right, why should the mother (HEAVEN FORBID) take any responsibility for her child’s destructive and hostile behavior. In this sue happy world of ours, just remember the government is the tax payer. That is what a love about this accountability-deflecting society we live in, create the problem then sue the heck out of folks for being the victim of our own sins.

  153. Denise says:

    I have read ALL of the posts. I have so many things in my mind I want to address. For all of you talking about race – YES, racism definitely is still alive and well in America – especially the South. However, I do not believe this incident had anything to do with race. The girl and her mother were warned this would happen. Keep in mind she was NOT arrested but handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car.

    Some of the first posts talked about the teacher and Ast Principal being idiots (more or less) for not being able to calm a 5 year old girl. They are educators – not psychologists trained to handle explosive behavior by children. We cannot expect teachers to be psychologists know how to handle every behavior problem that occurs in their classroom. Both teacher and AP followed school procedures. Lets take a closer look at things here too. The classroom was cleared of the other children when the teacher could not get the girl to calm down in a sufficient time frame. She eventually calmed down enough to be escorted to the AP’s office where she again went into an explosive outburst that is not normal and/or typical for a 5 year old. Black, white, hispanic if her age was not in question and we were talking about a 12 year old would your comments be the same? The teacher and AP tried to protect the other children in the classroom who have a right to an education just as much as this girl does but also did what they could to protect this girl from herself as well as hurting some of her classmates.

    The mother WAS called and would not leave work. Some of you say she has to provide for her child and may have gotten fired if she left. These same people suggest the girl should have been suspended – well then what is the mother going to do – bring the girl to work with her? Either way she still misses work. Only question is how much. She could have left work and gone to the school to address the situation and avoided what the eventual outcome was (Lets keep in mind she was WARNED of the consequences).

    Ok, now lets take a look at her age – 5 and a big 5 year old. Some of you have said that all kids throw tantrums like that. I agree with that kids will throw tantrums but most kids out-grow the lying on the floor, kicking their feet and pounding their hands tantrums before the age of 5. If you seriously think this was a tantrum I’d like to see what your house looks like if you have children. This girl’s behavior was way beyond a tantrum. Some of you say the police shouldn’t have been called unless the girl brought a gun to school. Had that happened you would be asking why the police hadn’t been called during these outbursts. This was not the first time the police have been called to deal with this girl. How do we know that social services hasn’t been called on this family in the past (or even due to this incident)? Lets make comments based on the facts and not speculate about other things. I do not care if this girl were black, white, hispanic, asian, indian or whatever I would agree with everything that went down. What is a child to think if they are warned/threatened that if they do A then B will happen and when the do A B doesn’t happen. The girl (and mother) had been told if the police had to be called again (and I do not know if the school was aware of this) that the girl would be handcuffed. Well, the police were called again due to her behavior and the handcuffed her. 5 years old is old enough to know right from wrong if she is being taught right and wrong. The girl has behavioral issues that need to be addressed at ALL levels – home, school, community. I do not think that this 5 year old will be permanently scarred emotionally from this experience. (I have a background in psychology). Hopefully, with the help of educators and professionals she will be able to process the event and those leading up to it and LEARN from it. When is it too early to intervene in a child’s life? When she turns up pregnant or in a gang at in 2 or 3 years (which does happen) and pregnant in another 5 (where I live there were 11 – 11 year olds who gave birth in 2003). All social service agencies should be well aware of this girl by now in her county and we can only hope that someone will step up to the plate (WITH MOM’S PERMISSION) and get this girl (AND MAYBE MOM TOO) some help – whatever that may be.

    I have 2 young children in elementary school as well as 3 grandchildren – 1 of which has severe handicaps. I do not think the school employees were at fault and do not fault the police for following through with what they told the girl would happen if they were called regarding her behavior again. And again, those of you who still think this is about race – lets look at the behavior not the skin color. I’d feel the same way no matter what the child’s skin color happened to be.

  154. shakinghead says:

    Exactly!!! like the burglar who broke in to someone’s house, to rob it, and was bitten by their dog. He turned around and sued the homeowner for tens of thousands because they didn’t warn people about a “Bad Dog” — how is that for justice?

  155. Anonymous says:

    UPN channel 9 10PM …….TONIGHT.

  156. Anonymous says:

    UPN channel 9 10PM …….TONIGHT.

  157. Anonymous says:

    Politically Just,
    All injustice should be everyone’s battle bro. Your cherry picking only our peoples problems is the same attitude that most europeans had during slavery (ie: why should they care it’s only black people). You can’t discriminate what injustices are important, contingent on race, without being a racist yourself. It can happen to anyone even though it happens to us more often. People don’t understand our sceptisism because the current generation of Americans is forgetting past, but don’t let you’re anger make you racist as well. If you were this girls mother what would you do.

    I’ll offer my course of action: 1.) I would get my daughter from the school (I wouldn’t let the cops get their first)
    2.) No job is more important than my child, so my real work begins; I’ll commence to trying to straighten my daughters problems out. Obviously they’re pretty extreme in this girls case.
    3.)I’ll pray

    What would you do. By you’re attitude I pick up(and yes it’s an assumption) that you’re on the mom’s side. Would you sue the police as well? This childs behavioral promlems isn’t white America’s fault. Some of the hardships she deals with may be indirectly caused by racism but her behavior is tied directly to her mother.

    Should the police have handcuffed this girl, I don’t think so. However, I can’t knock these teachers because they didn’t have alot of choices IMO.

  158. Tabatha says:

    IMHO, this was a little girl who has never been taught to behave. Parents (generalization) don’t teach their kids how to act anymore, the teachers aren’t allowed to do so, and guess what, this is what happens. My 5 year old has Down syndrome, he has behavior problems, but he knows not to hit, punch, kick, bite, etc. Does that mean that he doesn’t do any of the above from time to time? No, it simply means that he is FIVE not 15, or 25. Children do not come into the world knowing social graces or proper behavior, we as parents have to teach them. So when my 5 year old does pick up a stick on the playground and hit somebody with it…(like he did a few days ago) he gets a paddling at school, then when he gets home he gets another one. Both the teacher and I explain to him WHY he is getting a spanking, how he needs to act so he doesn’t get a spanking again, and finally that we still love him and want him to be a great person. I’ve rarely had to do this with him more than a few times for the same issue. BUT, that is because we have been diciplining him since he was old enough to understand the word “no”. If you love your child, you will use loving, firm dicipline on them. If not, then you will either beat them when they don’t do what you want or let them run wild.

  159. sldrgirl says:

    After examining the tape of the child being handcuffed and leading up to what happened prior to the her being cuffed, I think the Asst. Principal and the teacher handled the situation as best as they could. Noticed I said as best as they could; I on the other hand would have spanked her behind. And yes I believe in corporal punishment. I grew up in catholic school and at time when it was o.k. We have allowed the Dr. Spocks to dictate to us what is appropriate discipline for children (e.g. time outs, talking to the child, etc) these are appropriate at times but there comes a time when a good old fashioned spanking is appropriate also…this was that time. Obviously, this child either doesn’t receive spankings (which I find to be pretty rare in African-American families–but it’s possible) she’s spoiled rotten and/or she has some serious behavior problems in which case her mother or parents need to get her professional help. Her behavior was deplorable.

    Another thing–Black people, we need to get off of this race issue saying things like…”because she was black”…perhaps, just maybe law enforcement was called because it was a little black child or perhaps, maybe the fact that she was black had nothing to do with it and the school officials just didn’t know what to do with this child. The mother was called but she neglected to go right away to the school and deal with the situation, so they may have felt they had no other choice in the matter because the situation had obviously accelerated beyond their control. And Ms Akins, stop making excuses for your daughter! Your are not helping her at all by blaming the school officials; saying “they set my baby up.” Your daughter needs to understand that her behavior was unacceptable, unappropriate, and will not be tolerated! That’s the right thing to do for your child.

  160. Tracie says:

    1. This is not a “race issue” the principal of this school is black not white.

    2. The mother is to blame for this child’s behavior.

    3. The mother and this child are no strangers to the St. Petersburg police.

    4. The school personnel did what they were trained to do.

    5. The mother would not come to get her daughter and further went on to advise the school not to touch her child. Hmm….I wonder why that is?

    6. This is just another poor, single mother trying to get over on the “system” rather than take responsibility for a bad a$$ child.

    7. The child had been offered several options and many chances to comply but did not listen.

    8. The child has no respect towards her elders or authority and it shows.

  161. kudos says:

    I wish more folks had your skills to reason with logic. This is truly the problem today. Instead of thinking about their actions in advance of doing something, folks react to what they have done without thinking first. The usual thought process is, “Oh look at the pickle I’ve gotten myself into now. Who can I blame it on to deflect consequences away from myself?”
    There is a simple solution people. Take personal responsibility for your actions, and stop blaming others. Teach your children from birth that every time they misbehave there will be a logical consequence and then ACT! This used to be the accepted norm in parenting, what happened? I think we have allowed a very vocal minority of people to usurp our schools and ruin tried and true methods of behavioral modification. I agree with the poster who said that these children are our future. We need to establish some control in our public school classrooms once again. Private schools do not allow this kind of behavior. This child would have been expelled long ago. Discipline is love.

  162. fedup with complainers says:

    What is the matter with people? The child misbehaved, was warned,disrupted the other children’s class time and all anybody is concerned about is her skin color, news flash we all came from Adam and Eve and if you are unhappy in America move back to Africa,Mexico or Europe,just stop playing the race game you are in America deal with it you can move if you want nobody is stopping you and I am not white.

  163. fedup with complainers says:

    What is the matter with people? The child misbehaved, was warned,disrupted the other children’s class time and all anybody is concerned about is her skin color, news flash we all came from Adam and Eve and if you are unhappy in America move back to Africa,Mexico or Europe,just stop playing the race game you are in America deal with it you can move if you want nobody is stopping you and I am not white.

  164. golden rule says:

    No race
    No religion
    No sex
    No age
    No country
    No city
    No state
    No political party
    Any of these points can divide us. The one point we can agree upon is our humanity. This child did not treat her fellow classmates, teacher or school administrators with any humanity. She lost her right to be treated with humanity when she failed to respect the rights of others. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. This is the golden rule, and guess what it works!

  165. Shakinghead says:

    I agree totally GoldenRule —

    Bbetter this child learn this lesson at 5 then at 15 or 20. I am sure this will teach her a lesson about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable treatment of others and rules. Personally, I feel she got off pretty lightly given the history. We can only hope, and pray, her mother learns how to discipling this child before she turns 12.. or we will be reading that much worse happened involving her.

  166. golden rule says:

    Amen and amen πŸ™‚

  167. J Mac says:

    I feel that the teacher should counter sue the mother who obviously thinks her child should be able to act inappropriately at school. Hopefully the police put some fear in the little girl by handcuffing her and she won’t act unruly again! To think,the mother has the nerve to want to sue? All she should get is some parenting classes and be put under DCF supervision. If she is awarded compensation then what does this really say about how the law treats victims (who clearly was the teacher) and we wonder why we have so many juvenile repeat offenders!THIS CHILD NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR DOING THEIR JOB!!!! P.S. I am a black person!

  168. Anonymous says:

    Tracie where did you get your facts?
    I’d like to review them.

  169. ALR says:

    It’s a very sad day when a 5 year child is so out of control that the police have to be called in to restrain the child. Temper tantrums from a child that age and that size is unacceptable, I would have never behaved that way when I was a child. All a person had to do was mention they were going to tell my mom, I would be scared shitless, that lady didn’t play, and I grew up fine. As a mother myself I do not expect the teachers to raise my child or do the job that I should be doing.
    Parents and the school’s administrators have to work together instead of against one another. There is seriously something wrong with what’s going on in that child’s life. As far as this being a racial thing I don’t feel that is the case at all, how did the teacher and asstant principal trying to set her up? She’s lucky the one woman didn’t knock the hell out of her, there’s no way in hell I would allow a 5 year old to hit me the way that the child did the teacher.
    When I heard she had been arrested I laughed I couldn’t believe that the hand-cuffs even fit, to say she would be tramatized, I think that a bit much, what’s going to happen 8 years from now when she’s 13 and the mother can no longer control her. It’s appears that way already. Both the mother and the child need some serious help. Not a law suit, because in the end the settlement that she receives will be past on to the tax payers, don’t we pay enough in taxes already?

  170. frank dracman says:


  171. aly ramos says:

    Children do not have enough discipline these days! The mother is wrong for letting her child grow up where she can behave like that. The child needs to be taught it is wrong. I wish someone would start a petition that allows schools to “discipline” these children the way they need to be. (with certain guidelines of course) I am sad to know that a 5 year old was handcuffed, but hey, maybe it will scare her not to act that way again. The mother is crazy for thinking they set her kid up! I mean come on!

  172. Alibaba says:

    Did anyone but me notice it was a white cop, a black cop, and a female cop? Poeticallyjust…how can you call this a racial issue when it was a black cop handcuffing this child? You’ll take any opportunity to get up on a soapbox. You blame the police, you blame slavery, you blame Mickey Mouse. A stick can be made into a lot of things — a boomerang, a crutch, a weapon..but most of the time, its just a damn stick. Responsibilty, dude.

  173. Dee says:

    Once the child began disrupting the classroom and utlimatley the whole school, there was not a win, win situation to be had no matter what action the school took. Since it was video taped, anything the teacher or principal did could have been viewed as abusive to the mother and her lawyer. The police probably could have addressed the problem by instiling fear in the child without physically restraining her movements and putting her in the patrol car. I work with children every day and see the horrible things they do to one another and to the school staff. Where does it stop? In recent years children have become more and more aggressive, abusive and mean. Kindergarten students have brought weapons to school. How will the school know when and where to draw the line? Must an educator be physcially harmed before we seriously admit that we don’t have the answers and school is not the safe haven it once was? I, personally, don’t get paid enough to allow a 5 year old to kick and hit me.

  174. Doug says:

    This kid wasn’t shot with a taser gun, hit with a billy club, or thrown to the floor. She was put in handcuffs, and hopefully learned a lesson!
    Kids need to learn there are consequences for their actions. Too many kids these days don’t learn this very important lesson, and this is why so many are growing out of control. Unfortunately, the mother getting pissed off at the school and cops only sends the wrong message to this kid. This kid will now think she can act any way she wants and mom will keep her out of trouble. If this was my kid, I would be very embarrassed. She would be apologizing to the principal and I would be thanking the cops for helping teach her a lesson. Anything short of this would be condoning her behavior.

  175. Anonymous says:

    you are righ alibaba

  176. ShoNuff says:

    When I saw the video on the news I was outraged. But when I saw the 2 videos on-line,(Thanks to the guy who posted the URL), I could see clearly that the girl was in control. She knew what she was doing. On the news they showed her sitting quietly when the police came. In the video I saw that she didn’t behave herself until just before the police came to the office. She heard them outside the office and sat down quietly, still kicking one leg.

    I am no child psychologist or behavioral therapist, but she didn’t seem to be in a rage when she was acting out. She seemed very calculated in her actions. I am not comfortable with her being cuffed. She didn’t appear to be thinking of hurting herself just destroying everything around her, so isolation would have been perfect.

    I am far from an expert on how to handle this kind of behavior but if I thought about acting like this as a child my mother would have slapped some sense into me. As a result, I never got into any trouble. I graduated college got a decent job, pay taxes, and vote. I have never been in trouble with authorities, except for a speeding ticket during Christmas rush.

    I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s. I had my knuckles cracked in elementary school for talking too much in class. God forbid if I ever tried to hit my teacher or pull stuff off her walls or jump on her desk. We had one teacher in 6th grade who had a paddle he called “LOVE”. He said he ‘loved’ all his children. He never had to worry about me. Of course I can not compare my life to little Miss Akins. I had 2 loving parents who didn’t put up with nonsense from their kids. I was more afraid of what they might do than anybody else.

    Why didn’t the school expell the girl before it got to this point? Could they file charges against the mother in earlier cases? That would get her attention.

    I don’t know her situation, but in defense of the mother, perhaps her employment situation did not allow her to leave immediately at that moment. Maybe she had been laid off for a long time and just started the new job. Maybe she was still in that 90-day probation period where everything she did was scrutinized and she already used her one personal day to go to the school 10 days earlier for this problem. I think I would have given them the authority to discipline her. At least to give her the bear hug until she calmed down. Why didn’t they let the mother talk to the girl on the phone if she could not come immediately.

    I have no idea what affect the cuffing will have on her. Maybe she will be scared straight or maybe she will be traumatized. What her mother does, outside of the law suit, will probably determine the affect. Will she get psychological help, will she whip her little butt? Some kids just can’t get it together. Oh yeah, I was wondering if she ate some of the jelly beans in the math game. Was she haviing a sugar reaction?

  177. Doug says:

    Like ShoNuff, I went to school in the 60’s and 70’s. I also had my knuckles smacked (with the edge of a ruler) for talking in class when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Geeze ShoNuff..maybe we went to the same Anyway, it only happened once! We would NEVER even think of acting out the way this kid did!

  178. set says:

    There’s not an easy answer for this one. However, I can say-dump people do dumb things, and ignorant people will say ignorant people will say ignorant things. A child will get by with what they can get by with.

    Society has tied the hands of the school system to point where they do not know what to do. However, it was very dumb of them to release those over zealous ruffian dress in uniforms of brutality on a 3-year-old child. (That’s what they are now and forever in that little girls eyes).

    The police get an “A” for recognizing an assault and destruction of public property; however, they get an “F” for critical thinking. More than likely law-makers did not put those laws on the books for little 40 pound 5-year-old-femal-kindergartner. The sad part about this their dump asses are setting somewhere licking their wounds trying to justify their twisted actions. There is that right wing mostly racist or clueless segment of the population that will excuse them.

    Before saying dumb things and lending unjustifiable support:
    Before you bigots or clueless-bourgeoisies in the peanut gallery form your usual opinions, I’m going to give you a John Gresham’s “Time to Kill”- Challenge: Close your eye and picture little 5 your old Lakesha or Shaquim as little temper-tantrum-throwing Catherine having a meltdown like she normally does if she can not have her way with her nanny or her governess. Only, her hair does not have Egyptian Braids in them. Instead, there’re golden –blond Shirley Temple Curls, and she has the deepest blue eyes with Lilly white skin. She has been hitting cars and people with food because she upset with her daily care provider. So, she gets arrested and restrained by a third world police department in some brown-skinned, cigar-rolling, banana-republic were her family does business. Yes in deed, it’s not pretty now huh?

    Who is this mother saying dumb things?
    More than likely, the mother is part of that lost ghetto generation. There is a segment of the population in the African-American community that has a twisted and extreme way of looking at how life works. They believe education is there kid(s) God given alienable right and not a privilege. Educators have the answer to all academic and child raring problems. They are not supposed to chastise, scold or even discipline there child or children. And if they do so, they’re evil schoolmarms or masters that are out to get their child or children. More than likely, the parent that has this view about the school system did poorly during their academic career and have been very unsuccessful academically all of their lives. They feel as if the world owes them something and there are short cuts in life.

    Does the Child needs to be evaluated or a good-old fashion ass whipping?
    Judging from they footage on video, the child acts as if she is disturbed. Perhaps, a little happy pill or a good-old-fashion strap can take care of her behavior. Ultimately, the mother has to have the good sense to make this decision, which takes us back to the mother’s questionable character and values.

  179. Sharon says:

    I am amazed by some of the comments I read. Have any of you worked with children with significant behavioral issues. I have for 20 years and sometimes what looks drastic to some may be necessary for others. Some have talked about “she’s only a 5 year old having a ‘normal’ temper tantrum”. Where are these people from that temper tantrums and assaultive behavior is normal? The police officer was heard on the video stating “remember me?” This is a child and quite possibly a family wit a history with the police. My sister has taught at this school. It is in a neighborhood that is well aquainted with the police. The mother stated that the school “set her daughter up” when in effect, she set the school up. How many of you with children tell the teacher on the first day of school “don’t lay a hand on my kid”? Is this a normal request for a child with no issues. By tying the hands of the school with regard to physical restraint for her safety as well as the safety of her peers, the mother knew it would only be a matter of time before the school had to take some kind of action and she could sue them. There are ways to physically restrain children in a gentle way that prevents them from hurting themselves or others. Restraint doesn’t mean hitting, beating, tying up a child. The teachers and administrators of this country should not have to go to work worried that THEY will be abused by kindergarteners. We are so free to throw the word abuse around in regard to adults abusing the child, but abuse can go the other way.

    A previous posting mentioned evaluating her and giving her a happy pill. This is another huge problem with our society. Let’s not discipline the child or try to modify her behavior with appropriate interventions from family and school professionals–let’s just medicate her instead. That way when she is 13 and decides she doesn’t want to take her “happy pill” anymore, she has no coping mechanisms to deal with stress and disappointment and just shoots someone instead. We have lost our patience as a society and want a quick fix.

    Remember when most of us are in nursing homes, the kindergarteners of today will be making the decisions on how you live. We need to get a grip on how we view the rights of our children and be responsible for our own.

  180. kim says:

    I have worked in the school system for many years and have encountered many children from many backgrounds and cultures. I also have children of my own. With that being said, this is a five year old child. Most children do things when they know they can get away with it My 8 year old(now 12)would defy techers when she had the opportunuty to. My husband worked at the same school she atteneded and he obseerved her doing this and discipline her right there on the scene.We can not be with our children 24/7. We only pray that they do the right things which most do not when mom and dad are not around. My point is sometimes children do things when they feel they can get away with it. Yes there is only so much teachers can do but you use what you have. There are restraining techniques that are used when children are being unruly.
    There is no need to badger the teachers, the mother, or the officers. It is time for us all to take a stand and do what we can for each other. The mother may need better parenting skills, the teachers may need more training in how to handle and deal with these situations and UNDERSTANDING CULTURAL DIFFERENCES, as for the officers shackling and handcuffing maybe they need to learn the dfference between hard criminals and a child throwing a tantrum.
    I pray that we all learn something from this ordeal and that is we all have a lot to learn and we can learn alot from each other

  181. debbie says:

    The problem here is the restrictions placed on teachers principals etc. Parents have become so outraged over children being reprimanded that if that teacher/principal would have attempted to restrain that child SHE would’ve lost her job and the mother would still be suing the school.
    The mother should be ashamed that she has a child that would act the way that child did.
    I have a 5 yr old daughter and if she ever, ever behaved in that manner SHE knows what the consequences would be.
    As long as there is a parental outrage about a teacher so much as touching a child, measures like these will have to be taken.
    I will almost guarantee that child will get into more serious trouble for the rest of her life, becuase HER mother does not know how to accept responsibility so how will she ever learn.
    Maybe being handcuffed will make that child think twice about misbehaving in that manner again. I know my daughter saw it and it sent a strong message!!!

  182. Arekah says:

    I think the entire point about race is that if the little girl was white as some of the other cases of children being handcuffed they were not front page news. Why is it when the little black girl needed to be handcuffed it was blasted all over the media? I don’t remember seeing any news flashes about the little white children who got the same treatment. If the situations ended the same way then why not the same media coverage. As a black woman I hate having to use race as an issue in so many things but the truth of the matter is it is a big issue. Black people get different sentences for the same crimes committed by white people and that is just truth. Black people have to beg for loans from banks when a white person can go in with fucked up credit and get one with no problem at a low interest rate. It is still going on and as soon as a black person points it out to the world we are holding on to slavery? It is not a problem to white Amerikkka as PJ said because you don’t wake up and go to sleep black. We are treated differently and that is a fact. Of course the little girl needs better discipline, yes it went to far, but why was this story so special? Why was the media so interested in seeing the little black girl act a fool at school and not do a story on the little white kids? The media is doing the job that they are paid to do and one of their jobs is to make sure that black people are portrayed as out of control animals and they do their job well. I don’t think any child black, white or any race should be treated this way, but it is not front page news until the child is black. As far as my comment on privatization, come on…prisons are a business. Any fool can see that. Why not get all the people you can locked up so they can continue their slave labor for damn near nothing, while the prison gets paid out the ass for slave labor. In the women’s prison here in Memphis, TN the women are give two maxi pads a month and made to work for .15. Companies pay the prisons less money to have the inmates manufacture their products than they would to open warehouses and pay workers. It is a business! Someone said that black are killing other blacks and yes that is true, but what drove them to the act? How did it come to this? When you put something under pressure eventually it bursts……….

  183. Arekah says:

    If we put corporal punishment back in schools this would not be an issue! Point blank!!!!

  184. hey says:

    Bottom line is her parents should be more concerned about getting the child to a specialist instead of a lawyer .I know if that was my child I would be more concerned about why it happened than accusing the school of setting my child up.Suing the school will not do anything for the little girl,all it will teach her is you misbehave you get easy money.The parents should put child first or she will be a lonely little girl with no friends and a dead end future cause of no help.

  185. Arekah says:

    Hey~ I agree that they should have been concerned with the child first, before this happened. They had warned the parents about this child before. Did the principal suggest any alternatives to help fix the behaivor? I am sure that she was not the first child to ever get like this, what did you do with the other kids? Why did they not expel her the last time she cut up like this? There are a lot of questions that we don’t know the answer to but the big thing is the most important is this how our children have been reduced to being treated, as common criminals? The removal of corporal punishment has made this the only choice? If they see that it has caused problems, why not bring it back?

  186. Doug says:

    Well said Debbie!

    Arekah, The media and their viewers love video. Had it not been ‘caught on tape’, this story probably wouldn’t have made it to national news. I’m also sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the race of this child, and everything to do with the shocking way this incident played out.

  187. P Cammarota says:

    Why must everything be about race. It was a destructive child who’s attempted assault on an adult is unacceptable by any child. This is punished throughout our society by all races. If the mother allows her child to think her behavior was in any way justified, then HOME SCHOOL THE CHILD. Do not subject other students to the distractions of this magnitude. We do not pay teachers to function as guardians, we pay them to educate. The parents must prepare the child to receive the education which is available in schools. If the child does not show appropriate behavior, there needs to be a consequence.

  188. Arekah says:

    The point is it would not have been caught on tape, or front page news if the little girl was not black!

  189. Arekah says:

    Home school? Who can afford to do that? I can’t. And obviously this mother could not either. Home school is nto an option for people that can live off one income. Most of us can’t. Was this mother a single mother? If she was, that is not an option!!!!!

  190. Arekah says:

    I mean home school is not an option for those of us that can barely make it on one income.

  191. ShakingHead says:

    I think it was intentionally video taped to SHOW how the girl was behaving.. to support the staff — not because she is a black child!!

    Apparently this child, and perhaps her mother, have presented problems in the past, and as a means of PROVING they did the right thing, the school video taped the confrontation. Can you blame them?

    The fact this child is black matters not.

    Let your racism go Arekah, you and yours will be much better for it.

  192. Genell says:

    I’m a black woman and a mother. This has nothing to do with race, it doesn’t matter WHAT color she was, she was acting out and I feel like they did what they needed to do. The article I read said that they called the mother and told her that if she did not come and get her that they would be calling the police..the article said that she told them that she wouldn’t get her until 3:15 pm..isn’t that when school gets out? and on top of that, this isn’t the first time this child has acted up, they have called the police on her before. She needs her tail whooped and the momma does too. Had it been me I would have had the police to go and arrest the mother and bring her over to the schoool to get her child. Now grant it the little girl is only 5 and obviously the mother doesn’t have control over her if she acts this way all the time…so what were the teachers and asst. principal suppose to do, let her tear their office and classroom up? And then they had to move the whole class to another class so that she wouldn’t hurt anybody else. Thats crazy! And then for the mother to say that they set her daughter up…I’m still trying to figure out that one, did they tell the little girl to jump up on the desk and throw stuff every where, did they tell the little girl to hit them…didn’t nobody set her lil tail up. And had she fallen off the desk and broken her little legs, then the momma would have been screaming about why didn’t they do anything to stop her, had they even touched her then the momma would have been screaming about they didn’t have no business putting their hands on her. What it all boils down to is that somebody needs to teach that little girl that you just can’t act the way you want to act and think you’re gonna get away with it. I would have called the police on her tail too and I hope that this law suit that she has out on the school system gets thrown out of court. Its ridiculous!

  193. Doug says:

    I agree ShakingHead, It’s my understanding this child does indeed have a history of acting out. Despite the school saying the video was running for another reason, I wouldn’t blame them one bit if it was turned on to record this incident. Video can be a powerful tool in protecting oneself from false allegations.

  194. Doug says:

    Very well put Genell!

  195. upset says:

    THe other children in the classroom should not have to be exposed to the childs behavior, I know that if child acted like that in my daughters classroom more than once I would be worried about the other children’s safety and side with the school on the actions they took and defend the school in court and I would not be surprised if other parents felt the same way. Sure the child needs help and the parents need to get her some ,but schools do not set kids up and they are a place for learning not a place for children to go on a rampage, maybe the parents of the other children should be concerned for the other kids in the classroom ,cause if she does that to adults,imagine what she does to kids her own size. What about them they do not deserve to see that child go on a rampage, I would charge the parents with tramatizing the other children.

  196. ShakingHead says:

    It’s incomprehensible to me that a parent who is obviously incompetent can elevate this incident to the point of suing.

    This is a quote for her attorney:
    “Unfortunately, with our system of civil justice, the way that we handle these matters, is you have to sue someone in order to get reform. …To get the reform, you have to make them pay, because if you don’t make them pay, they’re never going to reform themselves. If they don’t have to pony up, there never will be any change.”

    This is what our children are being taught instead of OWNING their behavior, as parents and citizens… children or not!

    I am totally disgusted that our society is so quick to pass blame and shuck responsibility, and to feel that MONEY is the answer to making wrongs right.

    I hope the little devil kicks this attorney in his family jewels.. if he has any!

  197. Arekah says:

    I never said that the little girl didn’t deserve to be punished, but I am sure that she was not the only child to ever act that way at that school. When my daughters teacher calls, I go..that is me. But why was this time so importatnt if she had done this before? Why not expel her?

  198. ShakingHead says:

    oops… I meant a quote FROM her attorney ! :-0

  199. edith says:

    I think it is complete non-sense the mother should teach her child a lesson and show her right from wrong. I believe she should go about doing this by putting them in a doghouse and shooting a 12 gauge at it.

  200. ShakingHead says:

    Perhaps the taping was a method of gathering proof for her expulsion?

  201. Arekah says:

    money is what moves these Untied States. This is not new! It has gotten out of hand but money is the root of all evil. Look at Bush and what he has done. All for Operation Iraqi Liberation, right? O.I.L. It’s all about the money with most people. Should this mother sue? Should the school system and teachers turn around and sue her for the behaivor if her child? It is a cycle that will never end cause everyone thinks that they are right and in the end everyone wants money!!! I am sure that someone involved is trying to get a book deal or a TV movie deal for this…

  202. Billy Joe Davidson says:

    This is an outrage to the state of Florida and great ole Jeb Bush. He is a wonderful governor and his bro George is an even better persident… This is a typical case of a black child in the public schools!!!! If the South would have stayed segregated then these bastards would not be taking over our school systems. We need to take care of this problems by sending all of the blacks to an island in the south pacific.KKK 4-ever….

  203. Arekah says:

    Perhaps the tape was, but since we don’t know the entire story, we can’t really say, can we?

  204. ShakingHead says:

    Hey Joe..
    I will pray for you

  205. A now pissed southern woman says:

    I was wondering when one of the good ole boys was going to show up to send all the black folks back to Africa. Thanks for being right on time redneck! It is people like you that make it possible for people like me to think the way I do. I wish more people would be honest and say how they feel. First of all, if the lazy as white folks that didn’t want to do shit for themselves would have left the Africans alone most of us would not be here, but becuase we had what they didn’t over in Africa and the white man wants everything he see’s, he gotta take it…I was trying not to go there with this convo, but I see you want me to. And while you are sending us back to Africa, stop using all the shit black people invented and move your ass back to Europe where you and ignorant people like you belong. That’s fair, right? Without blacks people like you would still be cavemen, clubing folks with bones and eating dirt…

  206. upset says:

    Joe , you are the one who need’s to be put on an island not black people the only difference between the black and white and all the rest is skin colour nothing else. It is people like you that keep racism alive I am white and have black friends and they are just as kind as everyone else.

  207. Doug says:

    Same here Billy Joe Davidson, I’ll also pray for you.

  208. Anonymous says:

    Amen to that!

  209. ShakingHead says:

    With people like Joe and Pissed Southern Woman as role models, is it any wonder children are handcuffed?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Nothing will ever change as long as fingers are pointed.. but just remember, when you point at someone three of your fingers are pointing back at you!!!

    Get over the hatred – try loving and see what worlds are opened to us.

  210. Arekah says:

    I have tried loving and get nothing but hate in return….this is a bad situation and I am done talking about it. Things keep happening and we just keep talking…….

  211. ShakingHead says:

    I am sorry that all you see is hatred in these posts Arekah — I have seen a lot of support for blacks on this board with this issue.

    I don’t hate you, or your color..

    Seems to me the “bad situation” is people holding on to hatred and blame, even when the opposite is given.

    Good luck

  212. upset says:

    Oh no Joe does not belong in Europe he should crawl to the rock he came from.

  213. Arekah says:

    I wasn not just talking on this board, but in general. I try to love freely and be nice to all, but this society just allows for blacks to be treated unfairly. It is just sad and it brings tears to my eyes that a people who have given so much get the short end of the stick. Not just with this situation but so many. We can go back and create a timeline with all the hurt that has been caused because one people want to rule over another. It makes me angry, it makes me mad, and it makes for how we live with one another. I always have to protect me, cause I never know when someone white or black are going to do their best to take away what I have worked so hard for….

  214. Billy Joe Davidson says:

    Rednecks for life !!!! I love the South im staying so get the hell out …. Roll tide …

  215. Anonymous says:

    God loves us all Billy Joe….

  216. ShakingHead says:

    I can understand, Arekah. We all have seen our fair share of pain and have been treated poorly for one reason or another. I know I have been.

    As I stated before, I too am black and surely know where you are coming from, but I also know that in order to get my life right I have to forgive what has been done, not only to blacks but to ALL who have been treated with ill regard. There are many races who have been treated unjustly and for no good reason. I can not dwell on that, or blame others because doing so just makes me miserable and doesn’t allow me to move forward. I won’t forget what I know has happened in the past, but I surely won’t let it dictate my future. I have been blessed with one life, and I intend to live it to the fullest, and will pray for those who want to cause me pain or harm. It’s the strongest weapon I have.. and believe me I use it often!!

    Perhaps in time you will learn to accept your blessings and not dwell on what can’t be changed…the past. You have the power to love and to forgive, which can, and will, untimately change your future and the future of our children.

  217. Ms.T says:

    The behavior of this child could have been redirected. Most five year-old children act out when they don’t get their way. That should have been expected, once the jelly beans had been taken away. Evidently the teacher and administrators need more training in dealing with children who have tantrums and or behavioral problems. It’s evident that the child suffers from behavioral problems. A child can have a behavioral problem without being emotionally disturbed.

    I’m not sure that this is a race issue. I am a black Special Educator and I believe in the Word of God that states in Proverbs 13:24 “If you refuse to discipline your children; it proves you don’t love them; if you love your children, you will be prompt to discipline them.” That’s directed at all parents!

    The police should not have been called in. That was overkill!!

  218. Arekah says:

    I know we can’t change the past and I try to live life to the fullest but it doesn’t stop. We can move away from the past but they keep feeding it to us.

  219. ShakingHead says:

    Yes, but whether you EAT it or not is your choice.

    There are always going to be those who want to bully or be dominant.. IF we allow them we have no one but ourselves to blame.

  220. Arekah says:

    Shakinghead~ you are correct. Blessings to you!

  221. Poeticallyjust says:


  222. DGCLand says:

    Mind – thank you for your comments, I appreciate your sensitivity and knowledge!!!! Please continue to share even though many would rather hide the ugly truth and say it had nothing to do with race and or the history of a people. As for the response from the supposed black grandmother, I truly dont believe this came from an African American woman. I can write and say that I am a white, blond female, but truth be told, I AM NOT! I AM AN AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN!

    Yes we can all clearly see that the child has some behavior problems and yes we can all clearly see that the mother may have lost control and may not know how to regain it otherwise this sort of behavior would not have occurred at school. However, since there were other issues involving this child at what point was the school and its administration going to recognize this and provide special needs? Was there any sort of IEP set up for this child? Was there any social work set up for this child? Certainly if the child’s behavior has been so poor why has the school not identified this and provided the necessary tools the child and teacher needs to make it through the school day. If in fact her behavior was so poor and the school felt this was the best solution what other steps had they taken prior to this occurance to prevent any future occurances? In that respect I may be inclined to agree with the mom that the child was set up. You see I grew up the only little black girl in an all white neighborhood and schools, i know first hand that when people dont have the proper tools to deal with certain emotional needs, they assume that the best action is to do away with the problem rather than nuture and acquire the necessary tools to aide the child. Its the same story, different day, date and time, but same story, IF ITS A BLACK PROBLEM, ARREST IT, LOCK IT AWAY AND FORGET ABOUT IT. “Keep them chained and bound. Arrest them when they are young, we send a message to them at an early age that they are still powerless in this wonderful white America!” Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not anti-America, America has been a wonderful place for me to live, however I am not deceived!!! I know and recognize this incident for what it truly is.

    Yes if my child had come home injured as a result of this little girl’s behavior, I would have been upset, but my first concern would have been, why has this school allowed her behavior to continue to escalate? Long before the campus police or even the local police were notified of this behavior, the school and the mom should have been meeting to implement strategies for coping with this behavior. One cannot alienate the other, both the school and the mom should have engaged the other to find a healty solution for all envolved. Not only has the child been affected by this, but other children have been affected by this. We all have to be accountable. Not just the mom, the school, the child, but even you and I.

  223. Doug says:

    The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.
    Attitude, to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company …a church …a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past …we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.
    We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude …I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you …we are in charge of our attitudes

  224. Anonymous says:

    How has this turned into a race issue?The child has problems botttom line black,white,polka dotted it does not matter, what matters is the fact that she misbehaved and it turned into a race issue and joe you are a cruel person and an emberassment to the white people and are probably the type of person that beats up on women and children .

  225. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha!

  226. Halim Rashad says:

    Let’s make a few things clear– again. I stand by what I say here and on my site. I look for peace but I know it won’t come in this lifetime, not till Jehovah cleans this Earth of the wicked — not by race by actions. However, I do acknowledge that “whiteys” have been and remain a problem for everyone else on the Earth. What makes them a problem is that they won’t admit that they are a problem. Yes, not all white people are bad. I know plenty that are good people. And they know where I stand on raciall issues. I am part white so I acknowledge what this says about myself and my family too.
    The reason race is an issue is that when a white boy in an Arab country got flogged for spray painting a word on a mosque yall went crazy — as Americans and only as White Americans cause Blacks didn’t care! But when Black people speak up for the mistreatment of a minor who happened to be Black, yall tell us (again and again) why do we make it racial or it would happen regardless of race. No it wouldn’t have happened if the girl was white. They would have given her a pill to calm her down and sat her in a room with a shrink!
    To that fool that commented on me being a lawyer, check it out, I can say how I feel about anyone from any race or religion — what the fuck does that have to do with being a lawyer?! Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Christians I have all of them in my family and they know where I stand. I used to be catholic and muslim. Your husband’s law firm I have no comment about him cuz he never said anything to me. So I will leave him out of it. You on the other hand, are an obtuse person. Children are to be taught the consequences of their actions in an age appropriate manner not one that will scar them emotionally for life! An incident like this fuel the fires of racism, it doesn’t fan it out! Yeah yeah everybody knows the mom is at fault and that’s how it should be. But you don’t cuff children of any race! I have taught music classes as a teenager, I was a day care teacher in my early 20’s fighting for custody of my daughter and won, children are to be loved not abused.
    “Black, white, fucking Hindi background doesn’t matter here, class doesn’t matter, money doesn’t mean shit. Remember something, eventually, your life will be the very hands of the children you ignore, abuse, rape, mistreat, neglect and insult. Their turn will come as we, the adults now, will become the senior citizens of tomorrow. They (black, white hispanic whatever) will become policy makers, law enforcers, teachers, social workers, or they will become all of these in a society with very low standars and everything goes. Is that the world you wanna live in? I’ll say this: if you don’t want that lil kid growing up to kick in your door and fucking with your family robbing or raping, murdering your kids or spouse or yourself, yall better treat them right and teach them correctly. Leave race at the door cuz if my son should grow up to become your killer, you helped him to think it was ok to do it. I raise my kids but when society says your black so you’ll go nowhere, all I taught them will fly out the window and it become Darwin’s survival theory all over!! ”
    If I seem upset it is because people keep comparing what happend with this CHILD to what we do to punish teens and adults. It’s people like yall that keep this world as a fucked up place to live. Thanks for nothing you people can wallow in your ignorance. Bye forever. Pray that your white Jesus will save you cuz the actual Jesus, that has no color, much less a physical body, will not.

  227. Doug says:

    Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

  228. ShakingHead says:

    Thank you Doug..

    Apparently we will live more peaceful, fulfilled lives in spite of our hardships because we KNOW who is master and who is servant. I answer to no one, and nothing but God.

    Being a black woman in this world has not been easy for me either. But what people seem to forget is that women have been discriminated against much more than blacks. Try being a black woman trying to make a living in the rural south!!

    I found God and found my life. He and I, alone, are responsible for where I am, or where I am not. I pull down a 6 figure salary IN SPITE of the past and didn’t get here by blaming and hating and looking for a scape goat. I am my own person, and ahtough I may not like how I am treated, I prove the be the better person by NOT acting as people expect and hold my head high.. knowing in the end none of it really matters.

    By the way. My Jesus is of ALL colors.

    Bye. Halim.. I will add you to my prayer list πŸ™‚

  229. Arekah says:

    Jesus is not of any color. We can argue about this daily. The love that was shown is the point. We will never agree on this issue and going back and forth does not change the fact that this happened and it should not have for whatever reason. It was drastic and uncalled for. There are ways to handle children and this way was not it. My personal feelings are not going to change, for those of us that know truth we know why it was taped and for what reason.

    Six figure sista that is wonderful! I am glad to see black people doing well. Just give back sista.

  230. ShakingHead says:

    You know it sista!! Share and share alike πŸ™‚

  231. Mike says:

    I have been commenting frequently on another blog about this case and I can’t believe the extent to which race comes into play on this thread. What happened here has nothing to do with race and everything to do with destructive, unruly, uncontrollable behavior. I would expect the same thing to happen to a little white girl if this was the third time the police had to deal with her and it was a persistent problem.

    The school’s hands were tied because they were not allowed to touch this girl. What were they supposed to do? The cops handled the situation in a proper manner so no one was injured, including the 5 year old girl. She was placed in the back of the police car and later released to her mother. She was neither arrested nor charged. Hopefully this was a wake up call for the daughter, obviously it’s not for the mother because her instinct is to sue.

    It would seem there was no outcome here that would result in this mom not sueing those involved.

    And even though George seems to have left the thread, the best word to describe you is ignorant and that could go for poeticallyjust and halim too. I’m afraid you will always see the world in black and white and that makes you the racists in this discussion.

    And George, you said “anything that ends in ‘ist’ means you have mastered that particular thing,” the suffix -ist does not mean someone has mastered the word it’s describing, where did you learn that? It means one that performs an action, i.e. a pianist plays the piano, it doesn’t make them a master at it. Just so you know for future arguments.

  232. Anne Haight says:

    Why the fuck has this comment thread turned into a discussion about race and racial equality? I didn’t mention race at all in my original post or the update, because it’s totally irrelevant (except as it may affect the outcome of litigation if the asshat mother sues).

    I don’t talk about race on my blog very often for a reason. Namely, that it’s a non-issue to me. I don’t care what color people are. I care how people act and what they say.

    There are other discussions to be had on subjects besides race, per se. Gangsta culture, perhaps. Education. Problems that communities make for themselves and which do not come from external oppression.

    But the entire question of whether a person’s skin color makes them inherently smarter, dumber, morally inferior, more bestial, lazy, and/or criminally inclined is a settled question. The answer is “No, it doesn’t.”

  233. ShakingHead says:

    Wow Anne,

    Will you marry me?

    you stated it all so eloquantly.. thank you

  234. Arekah says:

    Shakinghead…if you ever wanna give back to someone in Memphis, let a sista know!

  235. Doug says:

    Excellent post ShakingHead…We can only hope your words will help others realize that blaming others, for whatever problems they may be having, is not going to help them get ahead in this world. This is especially true for the mother of this child who obviously needs alot of help.

  236. Bernardo Jimenez says:

    this problem comes from the home . now the children almost the majority are very violent.
    I do not blame the teachers, but the police officers use much hard hand with the girl

  237. teresa says:

    Why is the such a big ordeal about the girls race ?? How would it look if god made us all white with black spots? Pretty ridicilous, all that matters is that we are people no matter what race except for joe davidson I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS and he should realize that color has nothing to do with what the person is like on the inside I like people of all races and children need parents that love them enough to discipline them in a kind caring manner

  238. ShakingHead says:

    hahaha.. Joe is an ignoramous

    But I agree.. this has to do with poor parenting skills and happens because of the permissive atmosphere engendered by the ACLU, the NEA, and child advocate organizations. All of these have so inhibited the basic disciplines necessary in child training that to survive and yet avoid a lawsuit, schoolteachers and administrators have no choice but to call the police.

    This was not the first child to be handcuffed and put in a police car, and not the only 5 year old either. It has been happening more and more frequently and will continue to excalate until we take back control of the policies that govern what is and what isnt allowed where students are concerned.

  239. Arekah says:

    And that is all I said from the start! The government has control over everything. Eventually they are going to dictact how we eat, breath, and take dumps. Wouldn’t that be horrible if you had to go at 3:00 but your time to go wasn’t until 4:00….how stupid. If we don’t be careful of all of thee laws we will be living robots!

  240. oooooooo says:

    black or white robots except joe davidson he should be turned into dog food.

  241. ShakingHead says:

    It’s ok Joe..

    As a Christian my first instinct it to pray for you.. As a person who cares about mankind, I can only hope you become shark bait some day.

    Nah, I will pray for you

  242. Anonymous says:

    that is so funny i agree joe is shark bait

  243. DGCLoand says:

    Joe – thanks so much for your comments, I was just telling someone the other day that I wish you guys would put your white capes and hoods back on so that I am not fooled by your disguise and phony acts of kindness at least when you guys wear your hoods and capes I can easily identify and avoid your demonic presence. Again thank you for displaying your true affections I wish more of you would do the same, I like to know and face my enemy head on and far to many of your people hide behind the disguise of not being racist but the racism rears its ugly head time and time again and this time an unfortunate child was the victim of racist behavior and the ignorance of her mother, both very dangerous behaviors

  244. Doug says:

    Court TV is about to discuss the incident with this kid. And get this! Why the mothers lawyer is OFF the case!

  245. Denise says:

    How did religion get into this? Race is not an issue in this either. Again people lets look at the facts of THIS case. The video camera was actually brought in by the teacher herself. Not for the purpose of setting this child up but because she is a fairly new teacher and wanted to be able to critique herself and better her teaching skills. We don’t know if the school identified this girl’s “behavior” problem or not. If they did and suggested to the mother that she be placed in special ed (which is what an IEP does (Individual Educational Plan)) the PARENT has to agree. If were going to talk about stereotypes and racism there are still a lot of negative thoughts regarding children in special ed. Regardless of whether the school thinks it is in the best interst of the child the PARENT still has to sign paperwork. The stigma that goes along with being classified a special ed student holds true for children whether they are black or white. I have a nephew in special ed and it took me 1 1/2 years to convince his mother that it was in his best interest and the younger a child can get special services to address special needs the better off the child will be. Again, the principal of this school the girl attended was black. So where some of you get that this was a mainly white school I don’t know. The reason this incident has become racist is because of people like politicallyjust and Joe. Get over yourselves. If you want to help your “race” this is not the way to go about it!

  246. Big Chief says:

    I am a teacher of 4 and 5 year olds and this year I had a student who was extremely violent toward me. He would often throw tantrums, hitting, kicking, and biting me as well as being very destructive toward’s school property. The child’s mother would beat him for this behavior, however it didn’t affect him in school. He knew that I could not hit him so he was able to get away with it. At our school, we have a police oficer, who often came in and removed this student from my class. Being that the child was only 4 I could not file an assult charge against him, I find this unfair, because I had taken much abuse from this child and nothing could be done about it. His mother refused to have him referred to the child study team, saying that he is just spoiled. I feel these emotionally disturbed children are in need of severe help and it is our job as educators to help them, however we need the parents support. I fully support the school district and the police for their actions.

    Are u F***in crazy? U are going to CHARGE a five year old that caused you “abuse”? Im guessing that you are 8 or 9 times their age right? What are you guys thinking. And why was she locked in a room by herself anyways. I might have done the same thing (excluding assault) in high school if locked in a room with two old, PMS bothered, teachers that are following every step behind me. Common Sense is not so common. they should have took her to the office, sat her down like she was when the p.i.g.s. came in and had her in time out. that would have been straight. I have seen things almost as bad as that in high school, and the police have never been involved. (even when they should have been).

  247. Anne Haight says:

    I didn’t see anyone actually claim the school was “mostly white” in this comment thread, but the demographic breakdown of Fairmount Park Elementary is as follows:

    Asian 2%
    Hispanic 4%
    Black 49%
    White 45%

    Free/Reduced Lunch data are:

    Eligible for Free Lunch 49%
    Eligible for Reduced Lunch 16%

    As you can see, the students at this particular school are predominantly black (or at least are so classified by their parents and/or the administration). Also, about half of them are poor. These statistics are not dramatically out of line for the state of Florida as a whole.

    It took me all of 5 minutes to look up this info, folks.

  248. Anonymous says:


  249. Doug says:

    Unbelievable! This mother goes on ‘A Current Afair’, fires her lawyer, and has apparently disappeared from the area where she lived. The lawyer is pissed off and has hired a lawyer to look out for his best interest. This scumbag lawyer was obviously only looking to fatten his wallet as is the mother. I think it’s pretty clear that neither the lawyer or the mother really give a damn about getting this child the help she obviously needs.

  250. ShakingHead says:

    And that surprises you, Doug?

    It’s apparent this child’s best interest is not the mother’s priority.

    And I take exception to what Anne said about Florida schools.. this school does not represent Florida schools as a whole.

  251. Anne Haight says:

    And I take exception to what Anne said about Florida schools.. this school does not represent Florida schools as a whole.

    If you actually bother to go to the link I embedded, you’ll see that Fairmount is, with regard to the statistics posted, not dramatically different from the statistical average for Florida as a whole.

    I was not making any sort of comment about the moral character of Floridians in general. I was referring only to the government statistics concerning demographics at Florida public schools.

  252. Anonymous says:

    Big Chief are you a teacher cause it sounds as if you are not cause you have no idea about what they go through you probably call yourself big chief to make up for your small itty bitty mind

  253. Doug says:

    I wonder how much the show ‘A Current Affair’ paid the mother. I also wonder how this kid is getting a education since nobody seems to know where she went.

  254. Anonymous says:

    another thing big chief what do you suggest the teacher to do you can only go so far when it is not your own child but maybe you cannot see that

  255. Doug says:

    No…not really ShakingHead…It’s all pretty sad though.

  256. Doug says:

    Disgusting would be a better way to describe it.

  257. Anonymous says:

    Big chief is going into a mid life crisis and he should watch the video at the beginning of the page and see that the child was out of control

  258. Woods says:

    Beat her ass, and this would not happen.

  259. YO PAPA says:

    man that girl has serious porblems i think that they did every wrong i would jsut grabed da kid and sat on her if i had to (187 lb) so she would just stay there then after she calmed down i woulda let her go it she did it again same thing eccpet when i let her go i woulda put her in a chair. i really did think i was very funny and stupid as lots of you said o well thats just me

  260. why says:

    that would get the school ina whole heap of trouble yopapa

  261. JJ says:

    I just watched the video…I was surprised that she was handcuffed…but…what else could be done? She had been asked many times to stop…She looked like she calmed down when she saw the police coming so she knew she had done wrong…Let’s for once stop blaming the schools…They are only allowed to do so much…We as human beings were given the ability of free will…We should teach our kids right from wrong..and this little girl was in the wrong……Will she get any help about her behavior problems? Why did she go nuts in the class? These are questions her Mom and lawyer should be asking not how much money can I get….To many people want to blame others for our mistakes and want money for it…STOP!!!! Enough is enough…..At least at my kids school, they are allowed to paddle..Thank GOD!!! They know if they screw up…the butt gets hit…In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds..This is one of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King…..He could see it…why can’t we??

  262. Rhonda says:

    Well my goodness !!! When a male teacher gave me whacks and left black and blue marks from the middle of my back to the back of my knees I didn’t make the news, not even the local papers! This child was definitely out of control, as many 5 year olds are today. Too many parents want to spare the rod and allow the child to make decisions for themselves. That is why we are parents, to make the decisions for them to help them grow up to make knowledgable decisions for themselves. I really think the teacher and principal had no other choice than to call in help. I am not sure that the handcuffing was the correct thing to do, maybe they should have went to wherever the mother was and handcuffed her and brought her to her child and said “handle this”. As far as the race thing being brought up all the time over this, come on now. I really think if you are outraged over this, you would be outraged no matter the race, and if you are okay with it you would be okay with it no matter the race. As far as all the comments about how much more white people have than black people, well I am sorry but there is no Miss White America pagaent, or white american college fund. Now that would be racist wouldn’t it? But it isn’t racist to have the Miss Black America Pagaent? The road goes two ways. What happened to the men and women who were BROUGHT FROM AFRICA was a horrible thing. Many people understand that and are truly sorry for what our ancestors did, but that was our ancestors. We need to ALL start judging people by who they are not by what color or nationality they are. God judges us by what WE do not by what my parents or grandparents did. None of us are better than He and we should start using some of His tacktics and maybe we could all get along a little better.

  263. lilhonky says:


  264. Doug says:

    That is soooo true lilhonky.

  265. teresa says:

    The parents should be forced to get the child some help and then they will see what a sweet little girl she can be .

  266. Doug says:

    Damn Rhonda…what did you do to get punished like that?

  267. NavyChief says:

    Okay – you all need to calm down. I do admit the handcuffs and patrol car were over the top, however, where’s the rest of the story? Was it the very last effort by the school in the 40 minutes of that child’s tirade, from start to finish? Why didn’t the mother come get the child? I haven’t heard anything about that yet.

    This WAS NOT about being black or white. This WAS NOT about a racist act. This WAS NOT about whites who made slaves out of blacks 150 friggin’ years ago. You all need to just get over that crap. And before ANY of you ask… I’m white, from upstate NY, and my GR-GR-Grandma was born on a farm that was part of the Underground Railroad. Really. I have an extended biracial, biethnic, multi-religious family. We are happily white, black, hispanic, and American Indian. We are happily Roman Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Jewish, Episcopalian, Jehovah’s Witness, Baptist and Methodist. The longer everybody out there (you all know who you are, yes you do!) continue to throw bad beliefs/behavior back and forth in each other’s faces, [white, black, indian, hindu, jewish, etc] the longer racism, egotism and stereotypes will exist. That is just a fact. Let it go. Tolerance of differences is like GOOD BEHAVIOR and RESPECT for others: it’s supposed to be TAUGHT AT HOME by your family.

    This whole topic was about a parent who did not or could not properly teach her child basic values at home. Who knows why. Hey, let’s interview the mother to see how she deals with that rotten child. I’m pretty damn curious, myself. She is like many parents who can’t, won’t, or don’t give a shit to PARENT their children by using positive reinforcement or some form of punishment, if needed. I believe in a form of 3-strike rules. 1st time I say no. 2nd time I raise my voice and repeat exactly WHAT behavior is unacceptable and WHY it is so. 3rd time I give to the count of ten to stop the unwarranted behavior. After 10, I have been known to cross a room and STING the BUTT-CHEEKS of my kid(s) to leave an impressionable memory. I have raised two children as a Navy Sailor, mostly overseas with little support/family structure to assist me; both in an abusive marriage and as a single parent. I have two children who respect authority and adults, including teachers. They are A+ students and have NEVER behaved like that child in the video. NEVER. And, I am by far, definitely not the Mother of the Year. But I try my best. Parenting is hard. There are no fabulous books that make it easier.

    I take the opportunity to discuss these very situations like this (5 year old, skipping school, getting in fights, shoplifting, smoking, doing drugs….) every chance I get. My kids know exactly how I feel and what the circumstances are before they “choose” to make a bad decision. Key words here folks: before THEY choose. They have known that “choice” from the time they were TWO YEARS old. My kids were also allowed to “choose” their punishment (from my terms, of course). Imagine that… the power of choice. Something we all fight for: freedom, choice, the American Dream. I rarely ever spanked my kids after two years old, I didn’t have to. Imagine that. They don’t have the racial issues you all seem to be carrying around as personal baggage against each other, either. Imagine that, too. Things that make you go, Hmmmmmmmmm. Cheer up, somebody will give that little girl a good spanking and she’ll straighten right up after her butt stops stinging. I guarantee it.

    P.S. I wonder if Osama Bin Laden’s Mum ever spanked him for being bad? LOL LOL LOL
    God Bless you all, God Bless America, and you ALL have a fine Navy Day. πŸ™‚

  268. Doug says:

    NavyChief….Is that you mom? πŸ™‚

  269. NavyChief says:

    Dougie, I told you to be home at 2200 (10pm for you civilians out there). It’s 2202. You are grounded, you man, grounded? You hear me? πŸ˜‰

  270. NavyChief says:

    OMG. I’m dislexic. That would be “young man”.
    Ha ha ha ha.

  271. Doug says:

    I’m sorry πŸ™ It won’t happen again.

  272. NavyChief says:

    BTW Doug,

    Can you believe I’ve been called a “militant” mother by unemployed housewives who don’t discipline their children at all? You know, the same type of child that acts up in public places with the same type of parent who says “Now, Jimmy, you stop that. That’s not nice. Don’t hit mommy. Stop spitting on people, that’s nasty. You aren’t being a very nice boy. Stop it right now or we’ll have to leave.”

  273. NavyChief says:

    Oh yeah. I forgot this part/comment: “I don’t believe in spanking children, it makes them aggressive and resentful of authority.”


  274. Doug says:

    I know exactly what your saying..It’s pretty sad that kids don’t learn respect these days. I grew up in a Navy home and learned to respect others at a very young age. I would never think of acting out the that little girl did, when I was her age.

  275. NavyChief says:


    Send your mom some flowers and thank her for being a great mother and a wonderful woman.
    Tell her I said HI. LOL.

  276. Doug says:

    I sure will..:)

  277. tee tee tee says:

    the comments I have read are pretty funny

  278. Doug says:

    You sound like a great mom yourself…do you think cuffing this girl taught her anything?

  279. Doug says:

    Hi Tee, do you think cuffing this girl taught her anything?

  280. NavyChief says:


    Well, thank you for the compliment. I know on those spanking days, my kids hated me. But, they are well adjusted young adults.

    LOL… my 12-yr old daughter and I were just discussing that topic. She said “I’ll bet she [the little girl] doesn’t ever want that [handcuffs, copcar] to happen again.”

    I said to my daughter, “Well, it must have been out of hand, but that girl will think twice and I guarantee you, she will not want the school to call the cops again. And, did you know that the cops had to put ankle-cuffs on her because she kept kicking them?” That shocked my daughter.

    All this blog for naught. The mother fired the lawyer and packed up and moved to an unknown location. Wow. Now her “ex-lawyer” hired another lawyer to protect himself because he thinks the mother is going to come after him now and try to sue him and the school, too. Crazy, or what?

  281. Doug says:

    It is crazy. And sad. I am aware of the family moving from the area, and the lawyer being fired. I was under the impression that the lawyer was angry because the show “A Current Affair” stepped in and took his client away.

  282. Doug says:

    I would also like to say that I think it is great that you are taking time to discuss this matter with your daughter. If more parents would do that, we probably wouldn’t have many of the problems that we do.

  283. NavyChief says:

    Woah… I just read back through some of the above blogs by Joe and Pissed Southern Woman. Jeez. Is it 2005 or did I just time warp back to 1955?

    Whew. My GR-GR-Grandfather was Joe Blackbird. Either Mohawk or Algonquin tribe; can’t confirm or deny which one, there aren’t records on Indians before 1850… they weren’t “people”. Let’s not even get started on all that crap again. It’s done and over folks. I’m not holding any grudges, I’m accepting it all as events to learn from the past and apply toward a peaceful future. (LOL – and I’m researching my family tree to create a multi-media database.)

  284. hmmmm says:

    Also, I don’t believe race is an issue here. Unfortunately the news media is more to blame for this slant on it. They do seem to pick black instances and issues over white instances and issues, which is very very wrong.

    This young lady is a spoiled brat and her mother is going to regret it later!!!

    Our job as parents is to prepare our children for survival on their own. Just like the birds, they push the chick out of the nest and it better fly or it will die. I know that sounds mean and cruel but in the end it is the biggest kindness we can do for our children. It is our job to teach that life is not always fair… it can be very very hard and to treat others as we would like to be treated.

    I think it sux that this woman could get money (our tax dollars) for not teaching her child what NO means and that NO means NOOO!!!

    And yes if it was my child I’d be upset… but more upset with the child than the school or the cops!

    As for my race, I am a heinz variety… I have native american, white and black so race is not a factor on my thinking of this situation.

  285. Doug says:

    Yea…The post were getting a little nutty for awhile..I guess that is to be expected when we are on a public forum.

  286. NavyChief says:

    LOL – My daughter thinks I am the biggest dork because I open these discussions with her. Her friends think I’m just too cool and, like, they really wish they could, like, talk to their mom’s the way I do with her. “Yer Mom’s a trip, and she’s got cool CDs too!” [I just bought the new Will Smith CD]. Heh heh. At this age, I don’t have to beat her, I have to try to “join” her. That’s scary enough to do what I say!

  287. Doug says:

    Good post hmmmm ..I am really pissed that this woman is getting any money for being a lousy parent. The show ‘A Current Affair’ has apparently PAID her for a interview. That’s outragious!

  288. Doug says:

    LOL…Just remember..when she has kids of her own, she will be sitting them down for discussions also..hopefully not the kind we are having today. The apple never falls far from the tree.

  289. Calandra says:

    I’m black and I was disappointed to see that the child was also. But this isn’t a black/white issue this a badass child issue. “They set my baby up”. The mother set her baby up when she allows the child to act out in this manner. The teacher did all she could do legally and a fine job at that. Teachers should get combat pay to have put up with this kind of foolishness. Come on this child’s behavior is uncalled for and it disrupts learning. The teacher could have been educating the students if it weren’t for this demon-seed. The school should sue the parent. Shame on you Mom!! Bad child, worse mother.

  290. Doug says:

    How does your daughter feel about this girl being handcuffed?

  291. Doug says:

    I agree Calandra , it’s NOT about race. This has everything to do with this woman being a lousy parent.

  292. Doug says:

    NavyChief… could we chat somewhere other than this forum?

  293. NavyChief says:

    Doug, I’m done for the night. Thank you for the wonderful chat.

    I don’t appreciate your candor. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I am truly sorry for whatever jack-off caucasion made your life hell. America, please. Not Amerikkka. But, this is a free country, spell it how you like.

    You could do better research before you go blasting the black/white issue on mortgages. My husband has been in the Navy for 22 years, me for 17. Our two-income earning family worked this long to be able to buy a new home right before our retirement in a couple of years. My husband has AWESOME credit; I have EXCELLENT credit now. I had to earn my way back over a 10 year period from $16,000 of my ex-husband’s credit card debt from my first marriage. Our almost 900 credit rating scored us a 5% mortage in a 25-yr 5/1 ARM program; we had to buy points to get to 5%. The black couple down the road, with admitted bad credit history and current outstanding debts, brand new 30k SUV with spinners and maxed credit cards, were offered a 30-yr 5/1 ARM at 3.5%; they didn’t have to buy points. The black woman who was remortgaging our home for a lower APR said many new black homeowners are offered a 50-year mortgage at a steady 3.5% APR. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. But, don’t throw stones, friend. Everyone deserves opportunities and they should be FAIR across the board.

  294. NavyChief says:

    Where Doug?

  295. Doug says:

    Thank you! I enjoyed chatting with you also..take care..

  296. Doug says:

    I was hoping you could tell

  297. NavyChief says:

    It’s 1147pm EST for me. Gotta work for my country and your freedom tomorrow morning. LOL. Will be up again tomorrow here around 8pm EST if ya want to gab more… πŸ™‚

  298. hmmm says:

    the 1st thing I posted is not here… grrrrr

    it is sad that this happened at all!

    But it seems to me that the mother set the school up from the start. Why would any parent go to school on the first day and say “don’t ever touch my child”? She knew her daughter was a handful.

    As for the cops, I’m sure that when they told the mother and child if they had to deal with them again they would handcuff her. I’m sure it was meant as a scare tactic and then when they had to respond to the call, they had to follow up with what they had said before.

    You know as parents we have to be consistent and follow up with what we say.

    It saddens me but I don’t know how else it should have been handled if the school can’t subdue the child and the mother wouldn’t leave work… what were they supposed to do?

  299. Doug says:

    I’ll be looking forward to it..goodnight.

  300. NavyChief says:


    I can’t resist one last comment before bed. Right on man. Here’s my solution to that:

    As a working mother, I think that I’d be HORRIFIED if somebody came to my work from school, with my kindergartener under escort, and handed my child off to me at my place of work.

    Oh yeah, with a written letter of one-week suspension from school for misbehavior and assault of school staff.

    How’s that? πŸ™‚
    (I’m a hardass)

  301. Doug says:

    I think your absolutely correct hmmm. I think the school and the cops were se up by this woman.

  302. Doug says:


  303. hmmmm says:

    thanx doug!!! it just burns my ass that this woman could get money… MY hard earned money at that… and YOURS too… sheesh

    and I’m really frustrated that the biggest post I started disappeared… it was soooo good too… lol

    but the bottom line is… the little girl is spoiled spoiled and it won’t get better.

  304. Anonymous says:

    nah… I don’t think you’re a hardass… I agree with ya 100%… ooohhhhh…. does that make me a hardass too?? lo

    spankin is what the young lady needs and I won’t say what her mother needs… sheesh

  305. Doug says:

    I’ll be back soon..gotta watch

  306. Doug says:

    Laura Bush is on…lol

  307. Doug says:

    Hi hmmmm…I’m happy to see that I’m not alone in feeling the way I do about paying someone for being a lousy parent. If we could make it as easy to get money for being a good parent, as we do for being a bad one, we might have more fewer problems in our schools.

  308. hmmmm says:

    damn… I wish someone would pay for JUST BEING a parent… lol

    sorry… laura you say… don’t even let me start about politics lol

  309. Doug says:


  310. Doug says:

    How do you feel about this girl being handcuffed?

  311. hmmmm says:

    well sheesh that is the 2nd posting that just went poof… grrrr

  312. Doug says:


  313. hmmmm says:

    well it saddens me to a great extent… but what choice did they have?

  314. hmmmm says:

    the cops warned both the lil girl and her mother what would happen if they were called in again… so to my mind… they did the right thing in the end

  315. hmmmmm says:

    it is a shame that it came to that… but I blame the mother for it…

    as parents we have to be consistent and follow up with what we say… I think that goes for public officials too

  316. hmmmm says:

    if the cops hadn’t been the same ones to respond to earlier episode it might have ended a little differently but it was the same cops and they did tell them the consequences of them responding again

  317. hmmmm says:

    and the bottom line is…

    if mom had taught lil gal right from wrong and that for every action there is a reaction and just plain ole spanked her when she needed it… well it would not have happened!!!

  318. Anonymous says:

    I am an army brat… my dad was a 23 yr man… so you know I didn’t act like that in any way… til I was in my late teens anyway πŸ˜‰ lol

    my kids are going to be 23 and 21 this july… I did not raise my kids to act like that young lady

  319. Doug says:

    They didn’t have many options dealing with this little girl. And your right, it is sad. Something has to change. Parents need to understand that raising a child will require them to get off their ass and start teaching there kids right from wrong.

  320. hmmmm says:

    not that I haven’t had my fair share of disrespect from my kids at times… but they definitely didn’t turn out til mid teens and then not that bad

    my elderly neighbor tell me all the time how respectful my 20 yr old son is

    the other day while I was at the gas station there were 2 men in front of me and about 5 behind me… in front of the 2 men in front of me as an elderly lady. She had a cane and could not open the door… I got soooo pissed cause not one of the men would open the door for her. I stepped out of line and opened the door and then I went and got right back in line where I was. I dared anyone to say I had to go to the back of the line… lol and then when the girl waited on me… I made a comment so everyone heard it… I believe in equal rights but sheesh what happened to people having respect for their elders and it was a shame not one man would open the door for the elderly lady… lol ya shoulda seen the looks I got

  321. hmmmmm says:

    I personally would have paddled that little girl… actually… she would have gotten her ass paddled long before and the incident probably wouldn’t have happened

    used to fight with hubby about it cause he never had it as a kid so then I’m an army brat with specific ideas on how kids should be raised and hopefully I wasn’t too much of a hardass… but if I was… ohhhh well… they are better young adults than several others I know lol

  322. Doug says:

    I know you felt good being able to assist someone who needed it. It’s a shame that not everyone is capable of experiencing the same feeling you got from helping someone in need.

  323. Doug says:

    That say’s alot about you.

  324. hmmmm says:

    well doug it is 1:10 a.m. so I’m off to dream land… I really enjoyed chatting with you and really enjoyed reading you & navy chief and the others too…

    anyway goodnite and I will check in tomorrow to read new posts πŸ˜‰

    you know I have a friend whose husband died and her daughter has become a self-slasher to get her way… it is really sad so I have seen what happens when you don’t have control of kids. she learned that if she sliced herself her mom would give in to her demands… I tried telling her that it would do more harm than good and it took a few years of therapy to help

  325. Doug says:

    I enjoyed chatting with you also..I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again soon. I hope your friend’s daughter is getting help! Take care, and goodnight. Sweet dreams.

  326. hmmmm says:

    that is just one of the consequences of not teaching kids noooo and helping them learn how to deal with life… which can be very hard

    now I just preach…
    don’t make babies you can’t take care… how can you take care of kids if you can’t take care of yourself first…
    don’t drink and drive…
    the whole bit… lol

    but ya gotta love em and be stern when you need to be and encourage em when they need it most

    just glad I don’t have to do it again… lol (wiping forehead) whew what a job parenting is… lol glad my job is over for the most part…


  327. Rhonda says:

    I came back to read some post. Well Doug I didn’t do anything to get the whacks. We were taking some test where everyone had to go in different sets to the lunch room and some of the answers were written on the table. Mind you our class had just gotten there. Mr. Roller wanted to know who wrote them when we told him we didn’t know he gave everyone at our table detentions. Being that I lived about 25 miles from school and came from a family that had one car and a working father I had to take the whacks instead of the detention. When Mr. Roller gave me the whacks I wouldn’t cry after 3 and that made him even madder and he thought I was disrespecting him so he proceded to give me a bunch more whacks. I could hardly walk but by golly I didn’t cry either. When I got home and my mom saw me she was livid! But nothing compared to my dad. The next day needless to say my dad took me to school, proceded to Mr. Roller’s science room and lifted him by his shirt collar off of the floor and proceded to tell him that if he ever layed a hand on any of his 7 children again that he would look a lot worse than I did. Then to the principals office, where I had to show him. Needless to say as far as I know Mr. Roller does not teach children anymore, he left the school before the year was up. Even after this I strongly believe in corporal punishment with supervision and guidelines. How many kids today would think twice if they knew they were going to get whacks. Not mainly from the pain of the whacks but from the embarrassement. I was a hardcore mom of 3 daughters, who raised them by herself because the biological sperm bank was useless as a Father. My girls had to go pick out their own switches. A tradition passed down through family generations. They are all productive citizens, with no jail time, great respect for their elders, and oh yeah their children get to pick their switches too.

  328. Poeticallyjust says:

    *Mike* For you to call the Halim, George and Myself ignorant goes to show your ignorance of the issues that are at hand. People can claim race is not an issue in this or in other issues because they fail to see what is right infront of their faces or they don’t want to see it. It is hard for it to be avoided when you have begun to see as we have with “OPEN EYES” its easy to sit on the other side claiming that their isn’t racism, how in the fuck would you know??? I went to a school that was 50% white and 50% Black and My son who is 11 and a high honor roll student at that, goes to a predominantly white school where there is about 4 or 5 Black children. He used to attend a school that had an equal percentage of both and what I noticed is that there are big differences in the schools. In 3 words “they don’t care” at the mixed school also racism is an issue because it plays a part in education and how children are taught and “Not Taught”. In the mixed school education is not a priority and they throw kids in special ed programs and then they just pass them along without a care and in the school my Child is in now there isn’t even a special education class. There is extra help if a child needs it. Also, there was an incident with a child throwing a chair at a teacher, caught her right in the head and that was damn sure assualt but the child received a 3 day internal suspension, no police were called in at all. Now there were plenty of instances at the mixed school were the least little thing the police were called in to deal with problems. There has always been racism in the schools and because of my child having to be on both ends, I see that racism clearly. I have never had behavoir problems or issues with my child because I educate him at home in “Real Life” so he knows at his age of 11 of racism. We live in a small town so it is in our face daily and he can see it. I was brought up in it but I will never accept it. I will never down play it or sugarcoat it. I will call it exactly what it is. and Mike if ignoarnce is bliss you should be happy as hell because as I said before I live in the real world with real issues that I have dealt with and deal with on a daily basis. I see things for what they are. My bottom line is this and I have nothing further after this. There will always be people who “just see” because they lack experience and situations that would help them understand. There will also be people that “See clearly” With no problems because they have been made to “see clearly” because of observations, situations and experience. SOMETHINGS JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLY, WILL NOT BE UNDERSTOOD WHEN IT COMES TO SOME PEOPLE.


  329. Mike says:


    I called the three of you ignorant because you look at this incident and all you can say is if that girl was white this would never have happened and then you cry racism. That is not having VISION, that is you ignoring the facts as they were presented in the articles and video, thus ignorance. This girl has behavioral issues and the mother is complicit in ignoring those problems. Her past and present behavior on this particular day are the reason the school and police did what they did. Race had nothing to do with it, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    For you to continue with the race card merely demonstrates that you will always see incidents in black and white. And now you say you’re teaching your 11 year old son in “real life” and thus about racism? I fear that those lessons will just teach your child to see the world in black and white as well, but I don’t know you so I shouldn’t assume.

    Of course, you assume that since I say this incident had nothing to do with race that I think that racism doesn’t exist, that I and others fail to see the light in front of our faces. I know racism still exists in this society and its unfortunate, hell look at the a**hat bobby joe in the comment thread. But you are essentially excusing this girl’s behavior because the cops were white and she is black. That is also racism my friend, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  330. Poeticallyjust says:

    MIKE my child has white and Black friends and since he is in a predominantly white school we have had to deal with racial issues so yes I do teach my child about racism he has already had to deal with it in the 3rd and forth grade he is in the 6th now and has pegged the mentality for what it is. I teach him, yet the world teaches him the most about it and what he sees and experiences and he will know and has known when he is being treated unfairly and no I don’t see the world as a Black and white issue but I will not ignore what I see and What I don’t see and I made the comment about you and others thinking that racism does not exist from some of the comments that I have read.

  331. Arekah says:

    I don’t think that seeing it for what it is, claim to excuse the act of the child. I and others have repeatly said that we DO NOT CONDONE how this child acted. By no means black, white, or anything else was this acceptable. Our point was that it was made a big deal of and in our experience it was made such a public spectacle because she was black. I have friends in the new business and I have heard of how they are taught to get stories and how they are taught of which stories make the best news, and in a lot of the cases it is profiled. No one here wants everything to be in black and white and I teach my daughter to love, but I also tell her to be careful and that not everybody is nice. She understands that. It is easier for a person on the other side to expect those that are on the receiving end to act like it doesn’t happen, but it does. And no matter how hard we try to live and forget we are placed in positions that can not be helped by just acting like it doesn’t happen.

    Navychief, the facts are just that. There are exceptions to every rule and my facts are just that; facts. There are more incidents like the one I explained above than your exceptions. That is wonderful for that couple, but for the hundreds of people I know it didn’t happen like that. I hate that it took you and your husband that long to get yours, but the facts are facts. Studies have been done and proved that blacks are turned down or charged higher interest rates and a higher rate than whites on purchasing homes, getting loans, and buying vehicles. This was televised. I won’t apologize for calling this land amerikkka, you are right that is my choice! I never threw stones at anyone, so if it hit home then, it hit home.

    We can go all day long back and forth, the truth is this mother has dollar signs in her eyes, and the law makes it impossible for teachers and administrators to do their job. Bottom line!

  332. Nicolle says:

    I think everyone is either over-reacting or under-reacting. I work with kids like this every day who are said to have emotional problems. Some of them do and some don’t. I’m sure there is a history to this child’s behavior. That still doesn’t take away the fact that she was disruptive, disrespectful, and disobedient. Emotional disturbance is not an excuse for bad behavior. This child needs help and her parents and others should have known that before this situation. She needs to be disciplined appropriately and she needs to learn that her behaviors are unexceptable. In addition, I don’t think it has anything to do with race.

  333. Poeticallyjust says:

    Mike I am also not excusing her behavoir but the force that was used was used was totally unecessary. As I have said in other instances it would simply not have happened. I have seen too much to back that theory. I’ve always believed education starts at home and discipline does too. So yes the child should not have been acting that way to start with but a 5 year old child should in no way EVER have been bound by hand cuffs.

  334. Arekah says:

    Her behavior doesn’t have anything to do with race, but the the way it was presented to the public was.

  335. Mike says:


    No, you did not come to the conclusion from anyone’s comments (at least the thoughtful ones) that racism does not exist. You are making an assumption that since we don’t see racism in this incident that we don’t see it existing at all. That is your own character flaw and an insulting statement to make on your part.

    I’m not claiming, nor would I ever claim, that you or your son haven’t been the victims of racism, that would be ridiculous for me to assume. And it is not the point I’m trying to make here, so let me try to get back to the original incident (you may have already answered these previously, so sorry).

    Do you feel that this child was out of control?

    Given the no touch order given to the school by the mother, what would you have done differently to contain and calm this girl down?

    Would you have left work immediately if this was your child?

    Who, in your eyes, are the racists in this incident?

    Just curious where you are coming from.

  336. Mike says:

    OK, I’ll bite Arekah,

    What was racist about the way it was presented to the public? I read about it on a blog and then read the newspaper reports and saw the videos. What was racist about them?

    It’s interesting you mention this because the videos (where you actually learn she is black) were presented to the public after the mother’s attorney released them to a TV station.

  337. Arekah says:

    I don’t the the incident itself was racist at all. She is a bad ass little girl that needs her butt beat. This keeps being said over and over again. The race stuff comes in when the media had a field day with this and I think that the lawyer played a big part in how it came out to the public. He was trying to get rich and the media didn’t mind helpign fatten his pockets

  338. George says:

    Mike you can try and call me ignorant all you want….you being a white person dont have to deal with racism being thrown in your face daily so OF COURSE you cant seem to grasp that had that child been white it would have been handled differently….YOU are the one thats being ignorant thinking we are that because we are speaking up…whatever….call me racist the fact is I really dont give a shit….plain and simple the force used on a five year old was just not justified no matter how many ways you say it….be honest….if your five year old child was handled in such a manner by three black cops wouldnt you have been outraged and been asking for those cops heads? Yes, probably so….so argue all you want….those white folks trying to argue that its not about race can argue until your faces go blue…racism is alive and well…you just cant comprehend it which is why this situation is so hard for you to understand….

  339. Mike says:

    Please, give me a break. I do have a daughter, although she is not a school age yet, and I plan to raise her like I was raised. That would be by teaching respect, discipline, punishments, you know the whole concept of taking responsibility for your actions. The girl here appears to have been raised without these beliefs. I think the mother is really the one to blame.

    I hopefully will not have to worry about 3 black cops coming to arrest my daughter because if my daughter was doing this I would be down at that school in an instant. And I want my daughter to know that trouble at school will lead to more punishment at home (which is much the same reason why I never acted up at school), not a lawsuit against the school.

    And come on, there was no force used on this kid. They treated her with kid gloves, like they should. There was nothing forceful about the police’s actions.

    And please let me ask you again, what would you have done differently? Who were the racists? Who is to blame for this incident?

  340. Mike says:


    The media would have had a field day with this regardless of the color of the child. Video of a 5 year old going nuts and then getting handcuffed, coupled with an unapologetic mother claiming a set-up and looking for money, and a scumbag lawyer looking for a big payday equals headline story. It’s not like the media woudn’t have run with this if the girl was white, hispanic, or asian.

  341. Arekah says:

    Perhaps. Video tape is always good proof. They should have them in every classroom since the teachers can’t even touch the children.

  342. tada says:

    The white people would not be screaming racism if the child was white, they would see the child’d behavior not the skin color. I do not see what other options the school had , the mother was not getting off work which meant the child could terrorize the school some more and they could not restrain her, next time the child would come to school she may of hurt another child I have children and I would be ashamed of them if they behaved in that manner and I would be apologizing to the school for her behavior and to the other parents for exposing the other childen to it. Children go to school to learn, not see molly or whatever her name is throw a hissy fit.

  343. George says:

    No Mike please give yourself a break….it does not take three police officers to handle a child NO MATTER HOW MANY WAYS YOU CAN SAY IT…kid gloves my ass….and now here you go saying you would teach your child there would be trouble at home as well..yeah i agree with that….what you are now insinuating is that she is teaching her child something about lawsuits….isnt that why you even bothered to type that nonsense??? i AGREE with the lawsuit….they could have restrained her some other kind of way….period point blank….so you can sit here and try to get your point across, call me racist, try and state facts, and whatever….my stance remains….

  344. what says:

    George you are the reason racism is still alive.All you see is the color, not the actions of the child and it seems that you can be racist, but that is ok cause you are black.I have black friends and they are very nice people and not all white people are racist so get a grip.

  345. George says:

    no sir, madam, or dog or whatever you are since you didnt post your name YOU get a grip…I didnt say it was ok for me to be racist…but I have permission to be that way from the very first slave that was brought here not of his own free will….soon as a black person speaks up there you white folks go saying that THIS is why racism is alive….you reap what you sow….then you all want to act like i have a problem….not the case….i see things for what they are…..and i dont live in la la land….now saying all that….next time you address me make sure you write what your name is instead of making anonymous comments ok?

  346. Mike says:

    George, please, my statement about the lawsuit is simple. The mother, like yourself, is excusing this outrageous behavior, even justifying it by planning on sueing the school. What lesson has the girl learned here? Absolutely nothing, in fact it may be worse, she may come away with this with a feeling that she was totally right in the way she was acting and obviously it was everyone else’s fault. Because we know the girl wasn’t punished at home. That is why I typed that nonsense as you call it. But you wouldn’t understand that because you agree with the lawsuit!

    And please, it may be outlandish to think of a 5 year old girl being placed in handcuffs, but what happened in that principal’s office was in no way, shape, or form excessive force. There is absolutely no reason for a lawsuit, if anything the school should sue the mom.

    And you still haven’t answered how you would have handled this, you just state they could have restrained her in some other way. What way? And again who are the racists here?

  347. WHAT says:


  348. Mike says:

    I didnt say it was ok for me to be racist…but I have permission to be that way from the very first slave that was brought here not of his own free will

    Quite simply the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen written.

  349. what says:


  350. George says:

    actually mike that statement would seem ridiculous to you…..i expect nothing else….and to WHAT please spare me with the “we are the world” speech it grows old….if that were truly the case things wouldnt be the way they are…..

    mike you are truly starting to bore me….all we are doing is going around in circles with the same thing and you are boring…saying the same thing of NOTHING….and honestly, i would love to continue this battle of wits with you but quite frankly….you are unarmed…..

  351. George says:

    WHAT you are getting boring as well…..I have a right to this land just as much as you… dont even try and go there….thank you have a pleasant day

  352. Mike says:

    I would hardly call this a battle of wits. I am unarmed? What does that mean? All I am trying to do is to get you to answer some simple questions. It would appear that being tired is merely a front for not having any answers. With the exception, of course, of racism.

    We don’t have to go around in circles if you would just state what you would have done differently and who the racists were? Just answer the questions. You’re right, it’s boring because it’s so simple. You want to end the conversation because your arguments don’t make sense and there isn’t an outcome that wouldn’t have resulted in you screaming racism!

  353. PoetiqMajestiq says:

    In my opinion, I think putting the girl in handcuffs was an overreaction. Especially as I saw the video and it clearly showed that the girl had calmed down right before they put her in the handcuffs. She is a little bad ass, no doubt about that, but she is only 5 YEARS OLD! A five year old in handcuffs??? If they are going to take the child to the police car, you mean to tell me THREE police officers couldn’t contain a child even if they had to carry her???? Please…There were other ways to diffuse the child’s temper tantrum…handcuffing her shouldn’t have been one of them. That’s just how I see it.

  354. virginia says:

    I feel that when the teacher saw things getting out of hand she should have handled them differently and being a trained person should have known how to defuse the situation, when the police arrived she was sitting in the chair calmly, they should not have placed hand cuffs or put their hands on her at that time, I’m outraged as a parent and grandparent and that the school officials allowed this to happen, it is a form of child abuse and someone needs to be punished.

  355. George says:

    it can appear to you whatever you would like it to Mike….doesnt matter to me…there is no need to front….i actually am tired of going back and forth with you….my arguments dont make sense to you of COURSE they dont! and now…i know longer care….and get this Mike…i dont HAVE to answer any questions because for THE LAST TIME you have gotten boring…..plain and simple…now….im SURE you can understand that one right???

  356. Mike says:

    Yes, all well and good George. You’re right, you don’t have to answer any of my questions, we will just leave it that racism is your answer and the only answer. And I don’t see where I stated that your arguments don’t make sense to me. Your argument makes sense, call it racism, end of argument. That’s it. Anymore information on your part would then deconstruct that argument so no wonder you don’t want to answer.

  357. what says:

    We all have a right to this land but it does not mean that people like you george should think that cause your ancestors had hard times you should act like it gives you permission to be racist and just in case you ask I am white and no my husband is not white he is east indian. Bottom line is you seem to think that if you are black you can run around and destroy property and not get in trouble, I hope your children do not go to the same school as mine.

  358. George says:

    Mike….I see you now go to reverse psychology….*claps*…nice try….but its not going to work…try someone….its not that i dont want to answer you are just not worth the energy….but i see you trying to drag it out of me LOL….but it was a good try….have fun ok?

    @what…..please…why dont you get a grip sweetie….i hope as well my kids dont go to the same schools as yours…..for different reasons im sure you wouldnt care to hear……bye

  359. Mike says:

    Virginia please, a form of child abuse? The only reason that girl was placed in handcuffs was because according to reports this was the third time the police have dealt with this child. That is why the officer says to the child, remember me, I’m the one who told your mother I would put handcuffs on you.” Obviously she was warned before, so to not follow through would not teach the girl anything. The handcuffs were her punishment, something this girl desperately needed (a punishment that is). And let’s not act like this girl was all innocent when the cops arrived. You can see her noticing the cops outside and then she goes and sits down. Just because she instantly calms down does not mean she should go unpunished.

  360. Mike says:

    Whatever George, didn’t realize answering questions took so much energy out of you.

  361. Anonymous says:

    Georrge what is the difference between ok you can be racist and you have permission to be racist they are the same thing you are saying it is not ok to be racist ,but you have permission to be racist.What race do you like besides black, I can tell you hate white people even though they all did not have anything to do with slavery and I know of many black people that like white people and white that like black, but you are failing to let the past. Is it suppose to go on for 600 years what happened to the black people is terrible, but it should not haunt the world forever you are trying to keep it alive grow up and see past the child’s skin and look at the behavior or do your kids behave the same way and that is why you are so against the schools actions

  362. what says:

    George the reasons you would not want your kids at the same schools as mine is probably because they are not black, they are white and east indian mix oh shame on them for being born white and east indian and shame on my ancestors even though they had nothing to do with what happened to your ancestors.

  363. what says:

    One more thing george, my husband is a dentist and I hope he never does your teeth cause if he was running late and your appt was at 3 and he could not see you til 4 ,which happens all the time, you would probably say it is because you are black that he is running late and put up a fit.

  364. Anne Haight says:

    you being a white person dont have to deal with racism being thrown in your face daily so OF COURSE you cant seem to grasp that had that child been white it would have been handled differently.

    As I indicated above, the student body at the school is 49% black, 45% white. The principal is herself black. I have a hard time believing that this child was treated differently because she’s black.

    No Mike please give yourself a break….it does not take three police officers to handle a child NO MATTER HOW MANY WAYS YOU CAN SAY IT

    It does when those police officers are trying to avoid hurting a combative, thrashing child for fear of getting sued. Sure, it only takes one cop to handle a kid when the cop is allowed to grab, manhandle, and snap cuffs on her.

    Yes, they did treat her with kid gloves, as Mike said. Was she bloodied? No. Broken bones? No. Slammed to the floor? No. If there had been so much as a slight bruise on that child, you know the mother would have raised holy hell about it.

    Sure, the kid was screeching. But it wasn’t a “pain” screech. It was a “you’re stopping me from doing something I want to do” screech. She’s five and poorly disciplined. Of course she wailed like she was being stabbed to death.

    I didnt say it was ok for me to be racist…but I have permission to be that way from the very first slave that was brought here not of his own free will

    There is never any legitimate excuse for bigotry, especially toward people you don’t even know.

  365. WHAT says:


  366. Arekah says:

    So now that we have gone back to slavery and back..what are we going to do to get these laws changed so that children will get the needed ass whoopings at school like when we were children?

  367. Mike says:


    I’m sure you are speaking extemporaneously when you say “needed ass whoopings” as I think we all would agree, ass whoopings isn’t the answer.

    But a parent should never be allowed to dictate to a school that they can’t lay a hand on their child no matter what. That is absurd, especially when it comes to a problem child. Without that order, the teachers or principal at that school could have placed the student in a bear hug to restrain her until she calmed down or at least physically taken her outside the classroom instead of having to remove the other children while she destroys the classroom.

    Something has to be done about lawsuits. They have become the answer to everything now. Personal responsibility seems to be a thing of the past. Loser pays lawsuits have to become the norm, there needs to be more of a deterrent from filing a frivolous lawsuit.

    You would like to see some sort of law to get the parents more involved with the kids schooling, but that would be infringing on personal freedoms. But it would be nice.

    Maybe we could start with the first two.

  368. ShakingHead says:

    As a black woman I am ashamed to say I share the same race as George.

    As I am sure those of us who have a least a modicum of intelligence know George is an angry, angry person who apparently will use any excuse to hear himself complain, and feels just in doing so.

    Do yourself a favor, George. Get off your high horse and do for yourself. Stop depending on what happened YEARS and YEARS to excuse your ignorance and beligerance.

    I can reassure your, your forefathers would kick your ass ten times to Tuesday hearing you use thenm as an excuse to perpetuate hate and distention. You should be ashamed of yourself. I know I am ashamed for you.

    Bottom line.. this little girl is in trouble and her parents are responsible for it escalating to the point it has. The child, AND MOTHER, were both warned before that if she could not behave and if the cops had to revisit her for ill behavior she would be hancuffed. Apparently she wasnt so young she didnt understand what that meant, cause she sure became still and quiet once she knew the police were there. She, and her mother, made the choice and have to suffer the consequences like the rest of us.. Black, white or indifferent.

  369. Halim says:

    MIKE!!! How are ya? I came back just for you. So listen well:
    1. PoeticallyJust, George, Arekah are three of the top poets doing their thing in America. What are you doing? I am a parent of three, husband, entrepreneur, teacher and gone back to college to get two BA degrees in English and Criminal Justice. Who are you calling ignorant. I am 28, I have been extremely rich and I have been poor, I have experienced life on the Air force base and off, in the projects and in the burbs. I am a writer, a poet, a musician and an all around artist as well as a consistant user of LOGIC. What are you doing with your self and don’t lie.
    2. Ignorance is evident when people can’t see passed the race, (as I have till someone brought it up), and honestly believe that a five year old, however badly they need better parenting, deserves to be treated like that. The Principal was white and disgusted, the teacher was white and called cops. I am not and have not condemned all whites as monsters in my previous comments. I condemn all who believe children deserve adult treatment in order to learn. Race is an issue because people make it that way, not because blacks are screaming “unfair”. It’s cause children should be treated the same regardless of race- LOVINGLY. How do expect any child to grow up respecting the law and its enforcers, this government and its representatives and society as a whole if all they see (in their actual life) is how unfair the treatment is. That white kids who have rich parents can do drugs, sell drugs, have gangs that rape girls as their initiation and the like, and give no regard to the rules. It’s only fair that a black kid, if they should so choose, be able to fuck their life up too, just like a white kid and treated like that white kid gets treated. Or when my friend who was a long time employee of Goldman Sachs was getting passed for promotions by people he trained -that were white- he quit and started a very popular restaraunt in Brooklyn called the Five Spot. Opportunity is there, but too many of the white kind are trying to block blacks from getting their fair shot at it. I say JUDGE A MAN OR WOMAN BY THEIR CHARACTER ONLY, NOT THEIR COLOR. But too many disagree with that and their actions show it. Mike I am far from ignorant, and I can show it, I don’t mind, I think a battle of wits is fun, but can you show it? Compassion is the way to reach children not the bs we saw here. YES THE MOTHER IS TO BLAME EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT ALREADY, BUT WHAT ELSE CAN BE DONE AS A PREVENTIVE MEASURE? No one is discussing that except the ones you people call ignorant and they happen to be black, while you happen to be white.
    I will not post again Mike, as we say in the streets, if you wanna come see me hit me up

  370. Anonymous says:

    All the people like you that think that this girl was treated the way she was is because of her color, are teaching her that it is ok to misbehave. She is probably taught that I am black and if you touch me it is considered racism but do touch me please so my mommy can sue and get rich and I will throw a temper tantrum at school because the white man hurt my family many years ago and I will not let the other students learn waa waa waa. She was warned before.

  371. George says:

    whats REALLY sad is when people like shakinghead come in here talking about how sad she is sharing the same race…trust me sweetie its me thats sad….im not angry at all but sad that a pathetic woman such as yourself sees fit to argue with other black folks that speak up…truly a sad day that you continue to be an apologist for the white people….its me thats ashamed….you are truly a disgrace….carry on with your “people” since you love them so much….i wish you well

  372. Halim says:

    HEY GEORGE. LET’S BE OUT. They can have the website.
    Thank Jehovah in the Heavens that White people, or people of hate period, don’t actually run the world, they are just making it miserable. If any of yall read the Bible you’d know the Devil does. So keep supporting him and I’ll see you all crying for God’s mercy at Armageddon. Then we’ll all see who is chosen to enjoy Paradise as promised by the One True Creator of US ALL.

  373. Halim says:


  374. ShakingHead says:

    I can see the truth hurt you a bit there, George. I am not an apologist for white people and I love ALL people, of all color. I also know that hatred and blame NEVER solve anything. Be ashamed of me for speaking my truth. Your truth is apparently skewed quite a bit. I do not deny what happened to people in the past, nor do I deny that prejudice still happens all over the place. But I KNOW for a fact blacks are not the only ones discriminated against or targeted or treated with indifference. I don’t know of any race that hasn’t been treated with ill regard at one time or another. However, I will not blame people in day and time for atrocities that happened YEARS AND YEARS ago. The people I deal with on a daily basis, of ALL color, are not the people of which you have formed hatred and contempt for.

    I may be pathetic, but at least I am happy in the world and know at the end of the day I can live with my feeling and how I have treated others. Perhaps if you give humanity a chance you will find people are not as evil as you believe them to be. Welcome to the 21st century.. you need to flash forward in time to the present “sweetie”.

    I suppose because I am black I am supposed to act like I have not been treated fairly or given the same changes as white people? Well.. we ALL make our own way and have no one else to blame if we fail. Own it…whoever you are.

  375. ShakingHead says:

    Nor can one reason with those who have hatred in their hearts.

    God bless

  376. Anonymous says:

    Halim I saw your web site and you look as arrogant as you sound and it seems to me that you cannot make up your mind black ,white every religion you seem to be and you hate the pope well I am sure jehovah or as I call him or her GOD in my religion sees the anger you have towards your white race give it up and put it in the past I do not agree with what happened in the past but does the white person whih you are half of have to hear about it day in and day out.

  377. Mike says:

    Halim, you may not post again but I will address your comments here. If I originally lumped you incorrectly into the ignorant category in my original post than I apologize about that. And I don’t need to know who you, George, or Poeticallyjust are, what you guys do, your history and what not, and I do not to explain mine here, it doesn’t make a difference.

    I will stand by my intitial assertion that those here (and they include George and Poeticallyjust, not Arekah) only see racism as the reason this incident got as far as it did. They can not or refuse to expand on that and I called them on it. It is unfortunate because a charge of racism essentially ends an argument because the charge is so extreme. I am only looking at this incident, I don’t hold the belief that racism does not exist, as George tried to thrust upon me.

    As for the rest of your second point, that is a discussion on racism in general. That’s another topic altogether because like I said it’s not like I believe it doesn’t exist.

    As for other preventive measures, look at my post directly above yours.

  378. Arekah says:

    I don’t like that this convo has come to an ending such as this. I pray that we all can learn to live with one another, I pray that the days of mistreatment based upon race will go back to hell where it came from, I pray that love will abound and that we can come together to make all people, all children of all color safe and prosporous. I pray that parents will do their jobs of raising children that can overcome the hell that has been created for them. There will be a time when God will rid the world of the demons that have ruined this earth and God will then be their judge, and mine. Peace.

  379. KarlaK says:

    To Jane – HELLO??? Do you even have children??? Are you really proposing that what EVERYONE saw on this video is normal and/or acceptable behavior from a child???? What does it matter if she has ever acted like this before?? Is this acceptable behavior in society even one time? NO, and punishment would teach this child that. In any of this grand education you brag about did you learn that criminals come from children who aren’t disciplined(or loved) and who were never taught the NATURAL equation of actions=consequences. This is not a choice it is a fact in ANY circumstance – PERIOD. Think about this, what were the possible consequences of this child climbing on that table? A-She falls, breaks an arm, and the school is sued. B-The teacher (breaking orders mind you) lifts her off the table to the ground. What this child is going to learn from not having any CONSEQUENCES at home in a structured manner are the consequences that are inevitable in life which we all know are much more severe. As to the teacher not providing a positive reinforcement – how much more positive could, “that is not safe”, and “that is not acceptable” be? It is so obvious that this child is starved for attention, I mean if the mother won’t come to school after being notified of the situation, what kind of home life could she be having?? As a single mom I understand work, but there is no job worth more than the safety of your child and I can’t conceive of an employer that wouldn’t allow a mother to leave knowing her 5 year old was going to be handled by the authorities. Believe it or not, kids need and crave discipline, and they really don’t even realize it. It gives them a since of saftey & structure that says “Hey there is a bigger power than me that is taking care of things, so I don’t have to worry.” IF that mom had come and hugged her daughter – bad day or not, I believe she would have calmed down immediately. I am not saying that handcuffs were the best option AT ALL. But I have to say, these teachers were stuck no matter what they did. As I said, if she had injured herself during this tantrum, we would be having an entirely different debate. Regardless of the damage that she did to the classroom, what we all have failed to see here is having public schools for our children is a privelege that is often abused. This child, the same as any others there could just have easily been working in a field in a third world country with NO education. We all just got lucky and were born here in the US.

    To Mind – Don’t hand me that Mulitcultural education for teachers with African American students CRAP!!!! Decide which side of your mouth you want to talk out of. You say that they can’t treat black children the same as white children unless they have been trained multiculturally???? It’s either treat them the same OR it’s taught how to treat them special – which way would you like to have it??? How about “Human Culture Training”??? Where every person treats every other person with basic human decency. Let’s get real, what would you teach someone in this class?? How do you teach anyone to “handle” any one race, religion or creed of people – every single person is different. That means not all black children are the same, not all white children are the same and so on. You can’t train someone how to teach a certain culture of people. The one thing we all have in common is that we are humans, probably the most diverse species on Earth. Each person/child has different styles of learning, and I think, on the whole, that teachers in our society do a good job with ALL the different cultures and traits that children in the public school system today have.

  380. Anonymous says:

    I agree with shaking head and you Halim should know that white people do not go around thinking they are better than other races ,after all is it not in haiti that black people are hurting black people for no reason?Why don’t you go preach over to them and tell them about the big mean white man and his ancestors cruel behavior AND THEN COME BACK TO AMERICA AND REALIZE THAT EVERYONE OF EVERY RACE HAS PROBLEMS BLACK,WHITE,MEXICAN,ASIAN WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS BUT FOR SOME REASON IT IS BLACK PEOPLE NOT ALL OF THEM JUST ONES LIKE YOU THAT SEEM TO THINK IT IS ONLY YOUR RACE TEACH YOUR KIDS THAT .

  381. Doug says:

    How one chooses to view the world around them can be the difference between living happy or being miserable. Just from reading ShakingHead’s post, it’s pretty obvious she chooses to see only the good in people and is apparently living a peaceful life. I think George and Halim could both learn something from her.

  382. Anonymous says:


  383. Mike says:


    What are you talking about? This is not a battle of wits and even if it was, is that how you would claim victory? Just because you believe something doesn’t make it so. You are leaving because you are being overwhelmed with facts and are arguing based solely on emotion. Halim forgive me for thinking you were actually attempting a normal conversation.

    whats REALLY sad is when people like shakinghead come in here talking about how sad she is sharing the same race…trust me sweetie its me thats sad….im not angry at all but sad that a pathetic woman such as yourself sees fit to argue with other black folks that speak up…

    What a despicable thing to say. Does that mean I should never disagree with someone from the white race? I think Michael Moore is a jerk and disagree with him often, and I also think Jerry Falwell and the commenter bobby joe are idiots too. They are all white, should I be ashamed for disagreeing with them? Please.

  384. Poeticallyjust says:

    Mike if that is all you see then so be it, I am not here for you and to try to change your mind I really couldn’t give a damn about you or what you think of me. You are not my concern, My people are, so you can claim to know whats in our hearts but in all reality YOU WILL NEVER KNOW, you don’t have the mentality to understand. As Halim and George have left so will I, you can have this topic, your thoughts about me and your inability to see clearly. As I said Im not here for you, I have much bigger issues to help rectify. Please discuss our hatrid and whatever else but what I see as far as racism is concerned is on the news or covered up and its written on the faces of every victim of racist police brutality, not lucky enough to get on the news. The ones that people were not talking about. I never said the child did not need to be disciplined my thoughts on that are above but I see you take from the arguments and just use what you need to try to make you point. Think what you must However, GOD knows whats in my heart and your thoughts on it are moot. I do have to say this was entertaining and educating to SEE exactly where peoples heads are at and how hard they will try to excuse and justify any and all unjust acts.

    you will probably discuss this and come to some reasonable explanation IN YOUR MIND for our words call it hate or whatever, because you couldn’t even ponder the thought of it ACTUALLY being another issue. please say whatever you need to to keep the obvious from being such.

  385. Mike says:

    halim, I just went back and read your posts and you are way passed ignorance! You have many other rage issues that go beyond this incident. There could be no sensible discussion about this after reading some of those posts.

  386. Mike says:

    Poet and Halim,
    If, like you say, the girl needed discipline and the mother was at fault here as well, why do you insist that race was a factor? Where was the act of racism? Why can’t you address that?

    You guys are correct, I am white, I will never know what its like to be black in a country where the majority of people are the same color as me. I will not see racism the same way you do, I understand that. It doesn’t mean I can’t see it happening. And I don’t see it happening here. I harbor no ill will towards any of you, although I think you may be misguided. I do feel that when you see everything in terms of race then you are not seeing the whole picture.

    I know that if this happened to a white girl I would feel the same way, I guarantee that.

  387. Doug says:

    These people choose to live a life blaming others for their problems and unhappiness. They choose not to see this troubled childs actions for it what was. A child who was brought up thinking she could act any way she wants because mom who, like Poeticallyjust,Halim and George, will just turn things around and make it someone else’s fault. Until these people change their attitudes, nothing is gonna change. There really is nothing anyone can say or do to help them. They have to want to change. And until they see that their attitudes are part of the problem, they never will.

  388. ShakingHead says:

    Hey Mike,

    I applaud your effort, but there is no way you will ever be able to understand what these folks are talking about. You are able to reason and think with an open mind when theirs have apparently been deeply damaged along the way in life. I understand your frustration and confusion, but believe me they will die believing its their RIGHT to blame the white man for their shortcomings. They will die believeing it because I feel it is the only place they feel they have a voice. I wish they would use some of this energy they have loathing and blaming others by TRULY giving to THEIR PEOPLE in a way that matters, and not soley with angry accusations and demonstrative insults. IF they really cared about their people they would be giving of their time and providing needed things for people who have none. Talk is cheap, prove you care and help children, elderly or communities in need. Heaven knows there are ample needy people everywhere, of every color and belief.

    All you can do is pray for them, Mike. Perhaps they will see the big picture some day, perhaps not, but to try and reason with a madman is silly. Believe me, I have tried and tried and tried with many in my time.

  389. ShakingHead says:

    Ummmmm yeah, what Doug said πŸ™‚

  390. Doug says:

    I do applaud your efforts.

  391. VoiceofReason says:

    The kid is now in lockdown clanging her sippy-cup against the bars…her mother is free to enjoy a ‘gin soaked’ evening without the nagging feeling of ignoring her child…and the other kids in the class will finally get to find out which letter comes after P.

    Slapping cuffs on a five-year-old isn’t the brightest idea, but the notion that she will be traumatized from this incident is hyperbole. There’s lots of crap that lots of kids are exposed to that will traumatize them more than cuffs. I imagine that girl’s tantrum-like reaction to getting the cuffs slapped on her is a natural reaction – she was imitating her mother’s dog and pony show when getting the cuffs.

  392. Anonymous says:


  393. VoiceOfReason says:

    Yes I saw comments by Halim and Poet and a few others but chose not to direct comment to them because they would love to praddle on and on. Makes them feel like they actually have a penis I think.

    Cuffs will not harm this child, being allowed to act like the hellion she is becoming will.

  394. Game Theory says:

    I was amused by the education professor’s praise for the teacher’s actions. “De-escalation” does indeed teach that actions have consequences; however, it rewards exactly the wrong actions with the wrong consequences, at least until the police arrive to apply a more straightforward “education”.

    I blame the lack of emphasis on logic studies in the education major curriculum. If education professors studied more game theory they would instantly recognize in the policy of de-escalation a payoff matrix that rewards defection and punishes cooperation.

    Every act of defiance by the child earned her increased freedom of action. Cooperation would have denied her freedom of action and subjected her to the punishment of cleaning up her messes. Game theory suggests continued defection — thus her behavior, far from outrageous, was perfectly rational within the bounds of the game as she knew it.

    Since she had no foreknowledge of negative consequences, she was playing the game to perfection given her limited information — although her reaction to the arrival of the police suggests she had some instinctive clue the rules had changed.

    Ironically now that the police have become involved her teachers have a credible deterrent to employ against the defecting student without taking physical action: “Sit down or we’ll call the police again, and they’ll drag you away in handcuffs just like last time.”

    As even the most basic student of game theory could’ve told the good professor, de-escalation against a thinking conflict partner only works when it is backed up by the credible threat of escalation. Now that that threat has been established, de-escalation finally stands a chance of working.

  395. Doug says:

    Hi Game Theory ,


  396. Doug says:

    Hello again Game Theory,
    How effective could this be when you have a parent, such as this one, to deal with?

  397. Doug says:

    While I agree with everything you posted, there are parents who want blame others for their childs behavior. Wouldn’t we then be essentially ‘pissing in the wind’?

  398. justlookingataroomfullofidiots says:


  399. Lori says:

    I am the mother of three beautiful children. My middle child is almost four years old. His father and I have known for a LONG time that he has emotional problems, and we are seeking help for his uncontrolable tantrums. The difference between this child’s mother and me is the fact that his 3K teacher knows that at the first sign of trouble, she can call one of us, and we will be THERE in no time flat. No, I did not make my son the way he is (I was once one of those judgemental people, who would say “All that child needs is a good butt whooping); he was BORN screaming (and I don’t mean that sweet lil’ newborn cry), and in almost 4 years, he hasn’t stopped. Do I believe that sometimes it’s not the parent’s fault that the child is prone to tantrums? My son is living proof of that fact (we’ve tried time-outs, sending him to his room, taking away toys, positive reinforcement, and spankings – nothing thus far has worked). BUT- I DO believe that it is a PARENT’S responsibility, in essence, their DUTY, to seek help for a child who needs it. Evidently, this child had problems with acting out in the past, and the mother wasn’t too concerned about getting to the school to diffuse the situation. My son’s teacher knows that I WILL be there; I birthed my son, and I do NOT expect her, or any other adult, to take his screaming, hitting, kicking, or any other kind of destructive behavior. My husband and I know that WE chose to have this child; the teacher didn’t take him to raise, nor did the director of the preschool, nor did the police in my city, and they shouldn’t be expected to sit idley by and let my son do whatever floats his boat just because he’s “having a bad day.” If we are unable to curb his behavior before kindergarten, we will find an alternative to the “normal” classroom experience, because it wouldn’t be fair to a regular teacher, nor the other students to subject them to his behavior. I believe that all of these whiney parents, who think no one should TOUCH their children (including theirselves) created this situation, by taking away any authority the teacher had in the classroom. The citizens of this “great nation” need to quit being so “sue-happy” – afterall, we’ve created an unsafe environemt for our children and ourselves, teachers can’t teach and doctor’s can’t heal, for fear of being sued. Parents need to take responsibility for their children; if you decide you’re grown enough to have them, then you should be grown enough to raise them. DON’T EXPECT THE REST OF THE WORLD TO DO IT FOR YOU!

  400. Lori says:

    BTW, come on people – quit hollering about the color of the skin; it doesn’t matter. My son and I are white, and if he acted that way and for some ungodly reason his father and I couldn’t make it to the school in an appropriate time frame (which would NEVER happen), then I would expect his teacher to do whatever she had to do in order to protect herself and the other children. Thanks to our “wonderful” laws, that couldn’t include physically restraining him. (Not that I would mind, but SOMEONE would!) Quit hollering “racist” and get to the root of the problem – people (whites, blacks, mexicans, etc., you know AMERICANS) expect to let their kids run wild, do whatever they wish, receive no consequences, meanwhile, they’re working, partying, shopping or WHATEVER else while everyone else tries to raise their children for them, without “touching” them. THAT is the problem!

  401. Anne Haight says:

    Falling back on references to the Bible and comments about the Christian god are a means of avoiding the actual issue and coming up with any kind of rational counter-argument.

    Basically, if you start citing holy scripture to support your position, you’ve already lost.

  402. Steph says:

    We as parents are not even allowed to touch our children because of stupid laws. When I was little I had my butt tanned when I was bad and I have never done anything majorly wrong in my life because of this…we as parents should be allowed to spank our children but if we do so our children are taught that this is child ABUSE and are to call the police or tell someone that thier parents are abusing them. Also if you even grab your child by the arm you get turned into social services…what are parents supposed to do??????

  403. Lori says:

    I don’t completely agree with the claim that we, as parents, have been stripped of the right to “touch” our children. The techers involved in this case, like so many others, are trained that they should NEVER touch a child, that includes hugging and physically restraining. My husband and I have discussed our discipline tactics with our son’s pediatrition and psychologist, and this includes spanking. I believe that their is definitely a difference between being able to control our children with proper methods and child abuse.

  404. Doug says:

    Hi Steph
    The reason have these “stupid” laws is because some parents go beyond spanking and cause serious injuries to the child. As I understand it, spanking your child is NOT illegal. Beating your child is. If a parent is leaving black and blue marks on their kid, he or she has gone too far. This usually happens when the parent disciplines the child out of anger. Also; spanking should NOT be any parents primary method for correcting their child. There are an endless number of creative, and more effective, ways to teach a child right from wrong. The only problem, for some parents, is these sometimes require the parent to “THINK” to come up with one. Some are just too lazy to do that.

    I was visiting a friend when she got word that her daughter, and others, were seen smoking at the bus stop. It took a couple of hours for her to go from being angry to being concerned and only then was she was able to come up with the idea of having her daughter write a report on the dangers of smoking. This required her to view some very graphic photos comparing healthy lungs to diseased ones. To this day, she has not touched another cigarette πŸ™‚

  405. Doug says:

    The only problem, for some parents, is these sometimes require the parent to “THINK” to come up with one. Some are just too lazy to do that.

    I should also add: don’t take the time to come up with one.

  406. VoiceofReason says:

    Ann —
    “Basically, if you start citing holy scripture to support your position, you’ve already lost.”

    Lost WHAT?? The right to express an opinion or feeling? No one has lost anything.

    Religion is the basis for what many believe or don’t believe. To say they already lost is ludicrous and really shows a very narrow way of thinking.

  407. Doug says:


    The kid is now in lockdown clanging her sippy-cup against the bars…her mother is free to enjoy a ‘gin soaked’ evening without the nagging feeling of ignoring her child…and the other kids in the class will finally get to find out which letter comes after P.

    I have to admit…I found this to be pretty funny..I don’t know why..I just did..maybe it was the sippy cup πŸ™‚

  408. Doug says:

    Hi Lori
    Good post πŸ™‚
    You brought up some very good points.

    I’m sorry to hear about your son. Sounds like you and your husband are trying to do all the right things to help him. I hope he gets well soon.
    I don’t think this little girl in the video shares the emotional problems your son has. She appears to be very much in control. Her actions seem to be very deliberate and calculated, right up to the moment when she sees the police. She was playing a game and realized the game was up when the cops arrived. The video clearly shows that.

  409. Halim says:

    I didn’t come here to argue with yall. But also didn’t come here to kiss anyone’s ass. Shakinghead, Mike and all of you who can’t see the point I feel for you. How could you possibly view the way the child was treated as ok or justifiable is sad. Once again, yes she needed to be punished for misbehaving, yes the mother needs help with her parenting, but how you cannot see the cuffing a child as alright is beyond reason. No ne is disputing the child throwing a tantrum or the child needing a lesson in manners, what we are disputing is calling a black child a monster, better yet any child or that bringing police to deal with a five year old is retarded, she wasn’t armed was she? I brought race into my discussion because it seems you guys don’t get that had this been a white child in florida this wouldn’t have happened. Kids act like brats in New York too but no one is calling cops on 5 year olds, we deal with them.
    For those who seem to not get what I have been saying all along, I hate not whites, I hate whites who do nothing but believe the world is theirs– if you know not of what I mean read history books and watch CNN. I hate people who can’t see the children are the future and what kind of future are we giving them when it looks like we don’t care for them or their needs.
    I am mixed with all the four races of the Earth -Black, White, Asian and Indian– does this make me better than you guys? No. Is it my eduaction or experiences that makes me better than you guys? No. So what makes me better than you or you better than me? Not a thing. We are all people with red blood, weak flesh, we all make mistakes. But we will get no where if you or we all cannot identify the mistakes and work to correct them. Suing the school for money won’t help the child, blaming whites for slavery won’t help the children. what we have been trying to say isreally to those who cannot see the racism involved in that situation. The principal (white) knows that was uncalled for and he is working to rectify the problem. The cops should have seen that it was a complete waist of their time — they should be fighting crime as the taxpayers dollars paid for! The teacher should have known better but apparently does not. If the mother didn’t want to get her kid when she was called, put the isolate the child till she calms down and talk to her about her actions. I would never approve the mistreatment of any child (I don’t care what color they are). Mike, I would die to save your child like I would die for my own. Why? Because it is a child. Christian doctrine dictates that we be willing to save the weak (for example children) from harm. How can you or anyone call themselves a God loving Christian and think that mentally distressing a child, emotionally scarring them is ok? If we show them no compassion now, they will show us none in the future. Standards of living in America are already going down. SAT’s are made easier so kids can pass it, instead of actually teaching them. We write off generations as screw ups instead of helping and guiding them. Think back to your parents, would they have approved of the way America is turning out where men and women can show their asses in public and just about get away with it? Or the bitch being said on TV? Don’t you see how far we are going? What is left for us then once we have peaked? The end of America, just like the end of Rome. I don’t pretend to love this government or any other for that matter. But I love life, I value it for what it is -a God given gift. I use the Bible to show reasoning andif you can’t understand it how can you call yourself a Christian? I don’t hate the Popes? I don’t know the people. Did I offend you? Ok, I am offended by the way children are neglected globally and adults don’t give a fuck about them! I hope you can understand. I said I wouldn’t post again but I can’t give up on you. Reason must be reached or we fail as a people to improve. I will apologize for the curses and the wildness of my language here–after all women were present, but people see the logic or else the cycle continues.

    PS – I LOOK ARROGANT? CHICK YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW ME… My religion search was to find what group has the right way all you so called Christains don’t even know God’s name funny though the Jews know it, some Catholics -like the Pope knows it too. I forgot they generally don’t teach His name and took it out of the Bible and replaced it with “Lord”. I bet you still believe in the trinity too. I’ll pray for the people cause the wolrd will persih anyway as stated in Revalations –the world as in society not the planet.

  410. ShakingHead says:

    Welcome back Halim… knew you weren’t serious about leaving.. you need to hear yourself “talk”

    I wouldn’t have responded except you mentioned my name in your post, and I will answer the only thing I fee worthy of a reply from me.

    I think cuffing the child was not only justifiable but the ONLY suitable action to take. She HAD BEEN WARNED prior to this incident that the police would be called and she would be cuffed IF she were to act in this manner again.. as was her mother. She was given a CHOICE to act appropriately and she chose to disregard previous warnings and act out. YES she is only 5, but when do you suggest we start teaching children to take responsibiity for their choices? When she is 16 and pregnant or in serious trouble for killing someone? Her temper, anger and the fact she was taking a stance of being physically confrontational leads me to believe if not stopped now she would become more and more violent with age.

    IF she had not been warned during her pervious outburst 10 days before this incident I would think cuffing was a bit too much.. BUT it was her choice, and as good, responsible eduacators they had to follow through with their warning. The choice was hers and her mother’s to take. SO now they have to live with their poor judgement.. like every one else.

  411. Doug says:

    Hello Halim

    I think that if you would just stop using words like; black, white, race, etc..while sharing your opinion on this topic, people probably wouldn’t view you as racist. I’m assuming your not. I think that is why some of the people here get upset. They weren’t happy with Joe’s post either. Racism is ugly and has no place in todays society. More and more people are learning this everyday.

  412. Doug says:

    I agree with ShakingHead 100%

  413. Mike says:

    Kids act like brats in New York too but no one is calling cops on 5 year olds, we deal with them.

    What do you mean by we? Do you mean the parents and the teachers? Because the parent felt no need to come right away and the teachers couldn’t touch her.

    For those who seem to not get what I have been saying all along, I hate not whites, I hate whites who do nothing but believe the world is theirs– if you know not of what I mean read history books and watch CNN.

    So do I. And when you come across one can you point them out to me, I’ve never met any person that felt the world belonged to them because they were white. I’ve met some that thought the world belonged to them, but I just considered them a**holes.

    How can you or anyone call themselves a God loving Christian and think that mentally distressing a child, emotionally scarring them is ok?

    This girl will hardly be scarred for life. What she is learning is that she can do anything she wants without fear of reprisal, considering her mother wants to sue because the police did something wrong, instead of punishering her daughter for everything she did wrong.

    Halim now: I use the Bible to show reasoning
    Halim prior:Sara FUCK THE JEWS. My grand father is Jewish and ya know what, that doesn’t make them any better than anyone else. Jews had their shot, screwed it up and now the roman catholics are running rampant telling people all sorts of stupid shit to do like take your husband’s beatings and don’t divorce john paul was a fool
    Calling them monsters? Oh make it known, all yall whiteys are the monsters
    However, I do acknowledge that “whiteys” have been and remain a problem for everyone else on the Earth.

    I must have a different Bible than you do. Halim you need to re-evaluate yourself and your principles. To back up your actions and beliefs with some sort of Christian religion is ashame. I look with disdain on your beliefs as much as I do white supremacists when they quote religion.

    Doug and ShakingHead, thanks for the kind words yesterday and obviously I couldn’t agree with you more.

  414. Arekah says:

    So other than handcuffing the child, what could have been another course of action? Cause I have a problem with handcuffing a child. I do think that this will cause her some kind of pain in her future. Everything that is done to us in childhood has a chance to cause some kind of changes. So if it does cause her future pain, what could have been done?

  415. Doug says:

    After going back and reading some of your earlier post, I realized that I would have to be an idiot to assume you weren’t racist. You really are no different than Joe.

  416. Glenn says:

    Okay, as for everyone saying this wouldn’t happen if the child were white. Bullshit. When I was 6 I was arrested, put in the back of squad car and driven to the police station where my mother had to come and get me. This was all the way back in 1977. And I wasn’t the only one. A good friend of mine when he was 9 got to spend three hours in a jail cell. Neither of us were acting out as much as that child, neither of us were physically violent. I appluad the police and the school for their actions, hopefully this will be a wakeup call to this girl, it sure was to me.

  417. Doug says:

    Hi Arekah
    I really don’t think putting cuffs will cause her any pain. Not learning anything from her ordeal most certainly will. πŸ™‚

  418. Shaking Head says:

    IMHO Halim needs some serious psychiatric intervention to deal with the hate and anger issues he has. Someone said to me a while back : people generally hate in others what they hate in themselves.

    I think this fits you, Halim. You blast whites, and Jews and, actually any flavor of the day, because it apprears quite obvious to me that you really don’t care much for yourself. Instead of blaming others for injustices you feel have been shown you, try loving yourself. And that doesn’t mean “think you are better than others”. I mean, really and truly accept yourself for who you are. To think people are not accepted because of skin color, assumes you know what everyone else thinks. That is the opitomy of arrogance, and ignorance. You may believe people are treated poorly because that is your skewed vision, its the hatred in your heart talking, not reality.

    Having said that, I don’t deny prejudice does not exist. I see it every day. When a fat person stands in line and is repeatedly ignored by the cashier, or when a poor little girl or boy is shunned in school cause they don’t dress like all the other kids, when a man in a wheelchair sits crying cause he can’t reach the fountain to get a drink of water. Sure, blacks have been treated poorly, and unjustly so, as have Jews and moreso, Indians, and women. As a society we need to come together to overcome, and CHANGE all the ugliness that has been handed down over the years. This is NOT done by blaming, or pointing fingers, and definitely not by hating. Spread acceptance and love and you will see the society we ALL deserve to live in. Keep spewing the hateful things you say, and your chidren will be as miserable as you. IS that what you are aiming for?

    By the way, do you have children, and do you share your views about “whitey” and Jews with them. If you you can thank yourself for escorting another generation in to your the world or hatred, blame and distention. For the sake of others, I certainly hope you do not have kids until your mental health issues are addressed. And I say this with love in my heart, not hatred or judgement.

  419. ShakingHead says:

    Exactly, Glenn:

    All anyone has to do is do an Internet search on child handcuffed to become educated as to how often this has happened. More in the last several years cause of Zero Tolerance, but in the past as well.

    I recall a child I went to elementary school with, way back when, was arrested and put in the back of a police car.. I think he was 7 or 8. He was much more in control of his emotions than this little girl was. He never got in trouble after that and although it scared the heck out of him, he recalls it as being something that probably helped him more than hurt.

  420. Bewildered in Baltimore says:

    I have to say that I thought this child had some serious mental issues and she needed help. After looking at the remainder of the video, I noticed that this child was totattly out of control! That was until she saw the cops comming and she sat her little tail right down in the chair, just like another person commented before. She knew she was wrong which means, there is no mental illness. She is out of control and she deserved more than what she got. What about the Vice Principal and how she was traumatized. We can not expect that everyone in the every school would know how to handle a child like this. The cops would have had to be called to get me off of that child. It was unexcusable, and that parent should apologize to the vice principal and thank the police department for comming. That vice principal tried to keep that child from hurting herself. I’ve read some of these comments and I’m shocked. What happened to the old fashion discipline?? That’s what’s wrong with these kids today. I guess some one somewhere overstepped their authority and messed it all up!

  421. ShakingHead says:

    oops.. CORRECTION:

    Having said that, I don’t deny prejudice does not exist.

    Should be… I don’t deny prejudice DOES exist.

  422. Anonymous says:

    I agree with baltimore,the child was out of control and if she was put in a room the parents would still get upset cause the child would probably end up hurting herself. Halim you seem to be of every race,every religion and in every workfield weel before you become a lawyer maybe you should grow up and by that I mean stop swearing like an out of control teenager ,or is that what you teach your children to swear which I have not done since my mother told me that if you talk ugly you look and act ugly and it is true and also you are probably going to be a lawyer that screams racism every time a black person gets in trouble and blame in on the jews and white man and the pope which is odd for a person to hate john paul, but I am not surprised you do .Not all catholic men beat wives, just like not all black people are jerks like you. I have yet to meet an ugly black person, but you are one inside and out9ugly attitude towards every race and religion) and luckily I will never meet you .Is it the jehovah witnesses that call god jehovah which makes me assume you are so maybe you should treat everyone the way you are told to by your faith cause I have friends that are jehovah witnesses and they are nothing like you.

  423. Sharon says:

    I added a posting a few days ago when we were still discussing this little girl’s behavior and resulting action by the school. I was so saddened to see the bizarre but typical turn the thread took to the age-old fight about racism in our country. I was appauled by the postings from George who may or may not be able to trace his ancestory back to the slaves, because I personally cannot trace my family tree back to America in pre-civil war times and am tired of being blamed for what others did. My family came to this country generations ago from Ireland (and anyone who knows history also knows they were not welcomed with open arms), so it burns me when sweeping generalizations are made about an entire group of people. No one is saying that slavery was not a horrific thing (much like the ways men have treated each other throughout history–the jews were slaves in Egypt thousands of years ago weren’t they), but there comes a time to move forward.

    It is because of people who refuse to look forward and continue to dwell on the past, we have lost sight that this little girl and her mother are a shining example of what our schools are up against. By changing the subject, we prolong anything being done about the problem. The problem here is a mother who does not discpline her child and threatens anyone who tries. Now she has packed up and moved on to terrorize some other school district instead of dealing with the fact that she was wrong!!!

  424. Doug says:

    Has anyone heard where this family moved to? Are the kids back in school yet?

  425. ShakingHead says:

    No, have only read that the child was transferred to another school.

    I suppose we will read about the court proceedings as they move forward.

  426. Sharon says:

    Hopefully there won’t be any court proceedings, since Mom fired her lawyer.

    This mother is why the phrase “you need a license to fish and drive a car, but anyone can have a child” was created.

  427. Anonymous says:

    Halim, you are taking everything way to serious it is just everones opinion and that is all so just ignore it. The only opinion that matters is God’s and Ido not see any other way the child was not willing to cooperate and sit down did you see how many times the principle had to take her off the table? I have red that this has happened to other children in other races and it did not get as much press as this one, maybe it is her race or maybe it was the lawyers doing,I do not know but in the long run I think that the child will have way worst things happen to her than this like having your heart broken for the first time or getting picked on in school because mommy never taught you to act appropriatly in school or this may be just the first of many times getting the cuffs on and it is just cuufs it is not like she was burned at the stake .

  428. Sharon says:

    The only reason this story made the news was because they happened to be video taping the lesson and kept the cameras running. I would have too so the mother could see what her child was doing and so the school could prove they did not touch her.

    My sister has worked at the school where this girl goes. It was not the first time by far that someone was removed by the police in handcuffs.

  429. Halim says:

    ShakingHead, you need to jump off whiteys; d!@# and stop giving them head. Damn your dumb. I tried, I talked, then I yelled, then I tried talking again, you people are retarded. You go out of your way to avoid the point and do what white people always do — distract, misdirect. I need help, bitch please, I am not even pure Black and I am sitting here watching kiss their ass, you are a shame to the race of all humans. Cuz you know no loyalty, not even to humans with sense. I went off on the Joh Paul because I know what he did how he encouraged women to stay with abusive husbands. I bet you think that’s ok too huh. You and Doug and the rest of you “people”. I apologized for letting my frustrations get their better of me and you Doug, still wanna jump on it, check it out. I get pissed off when people can’t understand, your confusion angered me, I know I should not let it, but it happened. I like to hear myself talk? Damn must be cuz yall aren’t making any sense. I already told the types of whites I dislike, wanna know what types of Balcks I dislike? Uncle toms, kiss asses, degenerates, wanna be thugs, wanna be oreos, destructive forces, self serving negroes who honestly believe that what affects Blacks won’t affect them too. Now it’s my last post. When I came calmly with peace in mind, you people came back with stupidity. That’s why I said you can’t battle wits with those who lack them. I am racist, I am beyond race because I am of mixed cultures, I am human. I refuse to categorize myself like you want people to. I see through the plans of your ancestors and accept only Jehovah God’s plan that the wicked will be done away with. And I should fit that bill so be it, if not all the better. Only GOD can judge ME. You people are still experimenting with democracy and can’t get it right.

  430. ShakingHead says:

    Keep going Halim.. its apparent that no matter what color YOU are, you are still ignorant to what is reality and what isn’t. I am sorry that something has happened to damage you as badly as it has.

    I don’t care if you are pure black, or purple, or green with yellow polka dots, you are abusive and lash out with foul language because you are mentally ill and know of no other way to get your point across. Keep ranting , you are proving my point with every letter you type.. with every ugly name you call me.

    Umm.. you are the one categorizing people… we are trying to show you people are people.. not white, not black, not asian or indian.. just PEOPLE.

    God bless and I will keep you, and of course any children you may have, in my prayers.

    p.s. If only God can judge YOU, why do you feel it is your right to judge others? I think you need to get over yourself a bit and really read the Bible. You will serve your God (Jehovah) much better for it.

  431. Mike says:

    Halim, you are so full of sh*t it is coming out of your ears! I’m sorry about the language, but really go re-read your first post. Can you honestly say that was coming calmly with peacein mind? Well whatever your world you are coming from I hope to never visit there because that is not the description of peace and calm that I grew up with.

    I’ve read here that you are becoming a lawyer. I hope your classes include English because you need some help with your literacy. Godspeed my friend, I hope one day you can truly find peace with the rest of us.

  432. Doug says:

    Hello again Halim
    As I said earlier Halim, your a racist. You are correct that racism still exist in this country. You, and people like you, are living proof. Until you, and people like you, learn to change your attitudes it will always exist. You said earlier that you are a well educated person, and yet you still can’t see that? That only leaves me to question your education.

  433. Voiceof Reason says:


    Is Halim serious or is he a comedian??

    I read this last post of his and had to read others he had posted just for the entertainment factor.

    I think I have stopped laughing now and can type. At least for the moment.

    Halim, Halim, Halim. Who died and made you king for a day? You jump ship faster than rats on a sinking ship!! One minute you are black, the next you are mixed, one second you are a racist, the next you aren’t. I am thinking ShakingHead hit the nail on the head, you seem quite schizophrenic to me.

    The thread here was about a very ill behaved child, and mother, who want to get a free ride for being irresponsible, and you turn it in to something totally different. Wake up and READ the news. This little girl was not the first child to be handcuffed, black, or white, and probably won’t be the last. What she and her mother did has everything to do with bad parenting, poor decision making, poor school policy and NOTHING to do with race. Get off your soap box. I hope you don’t kiss your kids with that nasty mouth of yours.

  434. VoiceofReason says:

    Mike, I think “the world he is coming from” is the imaginary one located at the back of his little schizophrenic mind.

  435. Doug says:

    Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.

    Now Halim, let’s see if you can tell us who this quote is from.

  436. Game Theory says:

    Doug, the only thing you can do about non-cooperative parents, who have already passed the critical age threshold for learning appropriate behavior and its value, is to find the courage and flexibility to do what needs to be done within the letter of the law then let the chips fall where they may, knowing that you acted as a good leader must act.

    Right or wrong, you’re going to be sued. You may as well be sued for doing the right thing.

    I have sympathy for parents of emotionally disturbed children, and of course “Game Theory” based systems of rewards and punishments will not work against irrational actors. Truly emotionally disturbed children cannot function within civilized parameters regardless of consequences because it is not in their nature, and they must be permanently separated both from those whom they would harm and those who would harm them.

    However, other than borderline megalomania the little girl in the video is demonstrably sane — she is in complete control of herself and knows the difference between right and wrong. Her “innocent act” when the police arrive clearly shows she both knows what is expected of her and is able to meet those expectations.

    Someone asked if there were a “third way,” an option other than the police. Given the rules at hand there is one other thing they could have done, and I think in this case it would be a terrible mistake.

    I think a greater injustice than the tough love of the scared-straight handcuff treatment would be to simply classify her as “behavioral disorder” and send her off to “special school”.

    If the cuffs don’t work, if she never learns discipline, then she is indeed “BD” and a BD school is where she belongs, but surely, just as there is a difference between an illiterate exposed to written language versus an illiterate who has never seen it, there is a difference between the implacably out-of-control versus someone for whom discipline might work if only it were applied?

    The professor talked about a “breakthrough” when the educator convinces the girl to sack her office instead of the classroom. I’m not sure I would use the word “breakthrough” to describe a change of venue for continued destruction.

    The real “breakthrough” occurs when the police show up. That she can behave when given the proper motivation is clear evidence there is nothing wrong with her mind … yet.

    In this way, to the degree that her untrammeled power over the adults in her life is hurting her, the “arrest” ameliorated an emotional wound as much as it might have caused one.

  437. Doug says:

    Hi Game Theory
    Thank you for the response. I’m curious, are you a Harvard student?

  438. Doug says:

    How about this one…

    We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

  439. ShakingHead says:

    Doug —

    Raising my hand.. I know.. I know.. pick me, pick me

    Wonderful quotes from a wonderful man.

  440. Doug says:

    They sure are πŸ™‚

  441. Anne Haight says:

    It’s okay to swear in the comments. There’s no filter and I place no restrictions on language used, vulgar or otherwise. πŸ™‚

  442. Doug says:

    Game Theory
    I only ask because of your knowledge of “Game Theory” πŸ™‚

  443. Yvonne says:

    I can not believe this has turned in to an issue of race!! What the hell is that about?

    Although I am a white woman, if either of my children had acted in the manner this child does, I would hope her educators would have the fortitude and commitment to their jobs to do EXACTLY what these school officals did. If I EVER act like this child’s mother, just take me out and shoot me. I would have no right to even pretend to care what happens to this child. IF this little girl’s mother cared in the least she would have recitified the problem in the first place we wouldn’t be having this discussion. When confronted with another incident of poor behavior by her child, instead of making sure the child is properly reprimanded, she makes excuses and sues the very people who were protecting her child??

    Dunno, maybe the mom and Halim will be neighbors in their padded cells? One can only hope.

  444. Doug says:

    Anne Haight
    LOL! Are we boring you Ann? πŸ™‚

  445. Doug says:

    Hi Yvonne
    I agree

  446. VoiceofReason says:

    DOUG — The kid is now in lockdown clanging her sippy-cup against the bars…her mother is free to enjoy a ‘gin soaked’ evening without the nagging feeling of ignoring her child…and the other kids in the class will finally get to find out which letter comes after P.

    I have to admit…I found this to be pretty funny..I don’t know why..I just did..maybe it was the sippy cup πŸ™‚ —

    It’s funny cause it is as ridiculous as the law suit!

  447. Doug says:

    You know..your right! That is what made it funny. Thank you.

  448. what says:

    Halim, you are so confused on what you are and everything and I saw your post and anyone can say they are becoming a lawyer I can say I am the queen and you will not know and also you are a very annoying racist man and you are propbably nothing but a compulsive liar and a wannabee every race and every religion and my goodness you even have your family in everything you are just one big rainbow of everything good for you know I know if I see a person walking down the street that looks like a walking rainbow it will be you every color every everything except for a nice person.

  449. VoiceOfReason says:

    I think that is the longest sentence I have ever read πŸ™‚

  450. Doug says:

    At least her heart is in the right place πŸ™‚

  451. Doug says:

    oops…I don’t know why I assumed ‘what’ was a she. I apologize.

  452. Doug says:


    THAT’S how I knew ‘what’ was she. It was an earlier post..Isn’t it amazimg how the mind can retain so much information without us even consciously knowing?

  453. Doug says:

    THAT’S how I knew ‘what’ was she.
    That’s why referred to ‘what’ as a she when I posted.

  454. Rhonda says:

    I know who those quotes were from also Doug. My idol, it broke my heart when he was killed, more so than the president at that time. And oh my gosh Halim I AM WHITE. Also I would like to apologize to Shakinghead for the very rude comments made to you. I agree that all should be seen by how they are not by what color they are, or who has more money, or by what side of the tracks you live on.
    Now on to what this discussion was suppose to be about. The monster child. I have read several news articles on this and one of them said that when they went to the home to interview the mother, that one child was on top of the dining room table jumping around all the time, another child was riding her bike through the house banging into things, and when they asked the five year old about being handcuffed she made some comment about hurting her arm when the grabbed her and ran off down the hallway screaming and yelling. Maybe the mother does need help. Learning how to discipline, learning how to manage, and learning about birth control. If she can’t handle one child why have 2 more. I raised three daughters by myself because the biological sperm bank didn’t know how to be a father. If one of my children would have showed the disrespect for an elder that this child did they would have been in big trouble. I even went as far as to call the cops on my oldest daughter. She ran away at age 14 because I would not let her go to a party that would have no adults there as the parents were away for the weekend. I knew where she was because her best friend told me, but when I found her my first stop was the police station. To let them know that she was okay and to have them fill out a report and make this a part of her permanant record. So if this ever happened again she could be ruled and unruly child. Then we went to the library and looked up all kinds of things about little girls and women who had been abducted and raped or violently killed. Do I think this warped my 14 year old? I sure hope so in a good way. She never ran away again anyway. This child needs discipline now. Who knows when the next Columbine will be?

  455. Doug says:

    Hi Rhonda
    Hi Rhonda
    He was a good person with alot of insight. Had he not been murdered, we probably would have fewer Halim’s and people like him. Thus, a better world to live in.

    I also read an article saying pretty much the same thing you wrote. It’s pretty sad that a parent would allow their children to reach such a level of disrespect as this one has. Until parents start excepting responsibility,and stop blaming others, it’s not gonna change.

  456. Doug says:

    Also; I’m NOT suprised that we haven’t heard from Halim. He is probably still trying to figure out who the quotes were from. If he was as smart as he would like us to think he is, he would have been able to figure it out by now.

  457. Anonymous says:

    halim on april 27th you said you will not post again,looks like you have .

  458. sososososo says:

    I think Halim got sick of reading what he quoted and realized that everything that comes out of him is lies

  459. NavyChief says:


    “You people are still experimenting with democracy and can’t get it right.”

    Excuse me. I assumed you were AMERICAN. What people? Where do you live?

    If you don’t like it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take yourself back to where your ancestors crawled out from under a rock with the apparent handed-down stream of religious and ethnic intolerance.

    Go to the homeland. I dare you. See if the U.S. Navy comes to spare your sorry ass. But hey, we are all entitled to our uneducated opinions and beliefs, aren’t we.

    God Bless. (whatever God you believe in, if any)
    God Bless America.
    I love my country and my freedom.
    I live it, I work for it, I would DIE for it.
    Would YOU, Halim?

  460. NavyChief says:

    Your arrogance and intolerance really PISS me off. Two Bachelors Degrees? And you still act like a spoiled, defeated child when trying to carry on anything that *might* resemble a meaningful, educated conversation with members of your peer group.

    Yes, we are your peer group.
    Regardless of race, religion or political views.

    Wow, dude.
    That’s all I gotta say.

  461. Anonymous says:

    I think that everything that halim posted and has on his web page is lies. He seems like an uneducated moron,arrogantlooking and refusing to see how racist he really is and it is the reason why racism will exist forever.Halim anyone can spit out lies on a webpage and I will pray for you and your small mind.

  462. golden rule says:

    George you offend me. Your words are so cruel and misguided. Halim if you would like to be forgiven for you previous posts, just ask….Treat other people the way you would like to be treated…..Please remember the golden rule….

  463. golden rule says:

    I knew a young lady who became schizophrenic. Halim does rant in much the same way that she did, and his writing style is similar as well. He does appear to have some of the illusions of grandeur associated with the illness. Did you say you were 28 Halim? That is the age where this illness generally becomes apparent. Perhaps you should go and see a doctor for an evaluation, especially if you have children. God Bless…

  464. Anonymous says:

    hee hee hee that is so true and funny golden rule.

  465. Doc says:

    I’m inclined to agree.
    Schizophrenia is characterised by distortions of thinking and perception and is usually accompanied by emotions that are inappropriate or blunted. Additionally, the individual may lack insight and may not appreciate that there is anything wrong with his or her mental state.

  466. MasterSGT says:

    I am new here, a friend led me to this site. I have to say that after nearly 20 years in service, I have dealt with people of various backgrounds, some were under me and some were my superiors. As a Caucasion male, father of three boys and husband to a beautiful, intelligent African-American woman, I am appalled at the level of insensitivty being shown here. After events like 9-11 people are still not trying to understand the plight of others. Halim, George and others have expressed their views, some in a manner that I dislike, but that’s their views. Personally, NavyChief, I got into the service for a job, not because I love America or I believe in the country’s idea of freedom. Mike, this guy said he would die for your children to survive. That is an admirable staement and I hope he means it.
    One thing I have learned after serving in Japan, England, at home and yes in Iraq during Desert Storm is that all nations have their own propaganda machine working over time. Blacks have been through a lot and when one or more says that a situation appears racist you write them off as such? What ever happened to the freedom of speech, I thought that was one of the “freedoms” that soldiers were supposed to be defending? I saw the tape, I have read a lot of these articles and the child needs a firm hand for guidance not the police who have real jobs to take care of. I am not pleased with your treatment of those who differ from your views. Is this what I risked my life in the Air Force for all these years? Let’s not stry from the issue at hand, how are we treating our children?

  467. MasterSGT says:

    Mike, I read some more of the previous posts and since Halim or Poet hasn’t answered your question to your satisfaction, please permit me. The racism is evident in this particular case when there are three white officers, a white teacher who called the police and no one is looking for the appropriate punishment. If my children acted like that girl did, I would take care of it myself, but to have officers hand cuff my son is outrageous. I would own that school by the time I was done and then those officers would get a private visit from myself and a few of my friends in artillery!
    The fact that this girl is a regular disturbance speaks volumes of her mother. She needs the psychiatrist that you all seem fit to recomend for Halim. I checked out his website too, if any of you have visited the U.S. Census website you would know there are a growing number of multi-racial people in America. That’s because people like myself, see deeper than the skin color, I see the character one has.
    Shaking Head, I cannot comment on you. Halim was quite abrasive with you and he should not have been, in my opinion. But I see where George and Halim get their emotion from. Are you really an African-American? America has to be greater than this, we have to be the one common voice in the world if we are going to show them that unity is possible. WE set the example for others!

  468. MasterSGT says:

    I would like to borrow the post of someone who appeared early on this site named jerry. I do beleive this argument should done with once and for all. Can’t we agree to disagree if nothing else?

    Jerry says:

    Oh come on, a five year old in kindergarten having a temper tantrum and the slacker teacher can’t control the situation, what the hell is this world comming to? Then the school calls the cops who are obviously out of control themselves, and know absolutely nothing about kids, and of course they have to cuff her and further tramatize her. Nothing like escalating the situation further, not to mention their doing real damage psychologically to the poor kid. Bottom line here is we have a school system that no longer does their job, and has to rely on the police who have no business in school’s, to do it for them. Do yourselves a favor and keep your kids at home and teach them there, alot less problems in the long run. I hope the parents of this kid sues the hell out of the school and police dept.

    Posted by jerry at April 23, 2005 08:37 PM

  469. ShakingHead says:

    MasterSGT –

    I am indeed a black woman, and an American. Why does that surprise you?

    We are all emotional beings, being able to control those emotions and communicate in a manner that is not only respectful to other, but to ourselves is, to me, the only way to communicate.

    Of course America is a nation of multi races, that is what we are all about. That is one of the things I love best about our fine country.

    I stopped seeing skin color a long time ago. If the truth be told, I saw what prejudice did to my family and people of color throughout history and quite consciously decided that life style was not for me. I live a peaceful life, full of love and wonder for ALL people, regardless of their skin color, financial situation or religious beliefs. To otherwise would be hypocritical and would serve an injustice to myself and all those I come in to contact with. I don’t excuse what people have done to others, in the name of freedom, or religion or whatever, but I KNOW to continue hating and blaming is not the answer. I am always amazed that people can get so angry and vehiment about “standing up” for their beliefs, as a means of “protecting” their cause, or their people, when they do it in such a violent and assinine manner.

    As for the :artillery: you and your friends would employ if your son were cuffed.. Is that the example you want to set for your son? Also, I don’t think sitting behind bars, or in a grave, would be a very good way to raise your son.

    It’s all about communication.

    Anything I have to say about Halim will not be very nice, so I will just reserve comment.

  470. Anonymous says:

    Golden rule,


  471. Voiceof Reason says:

    To me it looked like the oficer actually talking to and cuffing this child is black.. is he not???

  472. MasterSGT says:

    Golden Rule, that is what I mean. Look at how you are going out of your way to compare Halim to Hitler of people? Is that really fair of you? I personally knw of Halim is saying about the Pope condoning women staying with their abusive husbands. Is that an idea that you encourage too? I don’t love every race, but I try to be open and understanding of people I come in contact with and those who have issues that need addressing. This guy Halim actually wrote a book of poetry and I have read some of it, he seems to claim only the human race while he acknowledges his inherited diversity. He seems to embrace all the races that he made him.

    Shaking Head, nice to know. By the way, yes, that is the example I set for my sons. Fight for your rights or you will have none. Would you simply allow people to mishandle your children shakinghead? I mean it, I don’t know if you have any, but put yourself in another shoes. What if you had kids, they were good or bad, would you still sit idle while another manhandles your little girl. A five year old whose hits could not have hurt the teacher, a grown woman?
    All of you will have negative things to say about Halim because of his approach, but go beyond that, read his comments and see what he was actually trying to say. If you really feel you are better educated than he, ignore the curses and venting, see what he is saying and let us all know if you got the point. As I said, I completly disagree with his delivery, but the message is still there. MLK,jr was a rampant womanizer having sex with many women on the side, but you still respect his message of peace between races, don’t you?

  473. Mike says:


    Please don’t give me the Halim is an honorable person crap because he said he would die for my child. One statement like that does not an honorable person make. Besides when combined with all his other racist remarks, his one statement doesn’t amount to much.

    As far as the racism in the school goes. The principal is black and knew what was going on and was there, does that make a difference to you? But all in all it shouldn’t matter what color these people were. You say this would never happen to your son because you would go down there right away if he acted like this, but that isn’t the case here. The mom wouldn’t go.

    I would own that school by the time I was done and then those officers would get a private visit from myself and a few of my friends in artillery!

    So what would that solve? This leads to another question that Halim, George, and poet would not answer. What would you have done differently? Given the girl’s history of outbursts and apparently run-ins with the police, that the teachers couldn’t lay a hand on the girl, and the mother wouldn’t come down to get her. What would you have done?

    I don’t believe Jerry’s post solved or identified anything, I think his post is flat wrong. He again doesn’t offer any alternative solution except to say everything is wrong. That’s easy to do, offering another feasible solution is the hard part. But, OK, MasterSGT we will just have to agree to disagree.

  474. ShakingHead says:

    MasterSGT —

    Nice to meet you.

    I do have children, and although I would put my life on the line to save them from cruelties meant for them, I would not threaten the lives of others with artillery. That is not my way, and in the end I don’t really see how it would help, but hinder my child in the long run. Violence is NOT the answer, in any shape, or stretch of the imagination.

    The thing is, we are not discussing whether her hitting the teacher would hurt or not. To me that is far from the point. What I take issue with is the fact that this child has been allowed to repeatedly act up in this manner, and nothing has been done to stop it. Hence the cuffing and police involvement. As stated many times in this blog, the child, and her mother, were warned ten days prior to this incident when the police visited for her unruly behavior at that time. It was a warning given as a scare tactic. BUT, and this is most the reason I absolutely support the actions taken by the school and police. Children need guidelines and boundaries. These were set…. if you behave badly like this again, we will come back handcuff you. The mother was told this as well. Well.. she, and her mother, allowed the boundaries to be crossed. Therefore they had no choice but to stand by their convictions, and make the child suffer the consequences of the choice she made. This is something EVERY parent needs to teach their kids.. for every actio, there is a reaction. That is what this child got.

    I dont see how taking friends and artillery to help you son would have helped in the least, but only endanger the lives of not only your son but EVERYONE else.

    The model I hope to envoked for my children is.. If you need me I am there, anytime, anywhere. Anytime you make a choice, you are responsible for that choice, good or bad. You have to live with the results of that choice. End of story.

  475. Halim says:

    Who said I don’t like the JEWS for what they did in the past? I grew up in Brooklyn, we have a very large jewish communty. I pay close attention to politics, society and the issues at hand. I felt for all fo the people who were executed in Iraq by kidnappers, I was happy when the few who got to go free made it home like the truck driver from the US. Yes, I was born and raised in America, but does that mean I am not allowed to form my own opinions? If any of you know anything about politics then you should know about the people who move in the same circles together among those with governmental power. Bush doesn’t care about the environment and makes no effort to improve our quality of life. Tony Blair isn’t doing so well either. I spent months studying the Electoral College and discovered the vote of the populace doesn’t actually count in the majority of states. Actually only 11 states electoral college legally have to vote they way of the popular vote. Race is a big issue with me, not becuase I don’t know my own but because I work hard trying get black kids to stop blaming whites for their problems and build themselves. I spend time with white kids teaching them about inter racial relations and they repsect me as their teacher. And yes these are good kids from well to do or wealthy families. I believe that people can be one if they stop others from separating us. So what if I don’t like the Catholic way of doing things. I used to be catholic, I know of what I speak. The only way you can be a true Christian is to implement the Bible’s teachings in you daily life. Ok I should not have gone off on Shaking head like Master SGT says. True. I apologize for that, but it’s like no one is actaully reading the entire post. I said I would die for Mike’s kids, your kids anyone becuase they are important to me. Would you. Navy CHief, hell no, I would not die for this country or the freedoms we think we have or any government, not just America. My brother is a Marine, my sister is with INS and I come from a line of British Airforce pilots, American Air Fore men and women, doctors, CIA, teachers and businessmen. So what of it? NOT ONE OF THEM BELIEVE WE SHOULD BE WILLING TO DIE FOR A GOVERNMENT, IT’S A JOB. All soldiers are brainwashed to think that war is about freedom, how was Saddam an actual threat to the American way of life? If he was wicked to his own, what effect did it have on you? Did it prevent you from worshipping freely, or watching your kids play soccer? Did they take away your voting rights? No.
    PLEASE READ: When Osama was blamed for 9-11 What did it do to you. I stood six blocks away as it happened, watching thousands, white black, aisan, muslim, whatever, die, police, fireman, government agents. A few nights later, I watched the changing of the gaurd in England on tv, they played the Star Spangled banner, it rained that night and I could not help but to cry for those people who died senselessly. Thousands died for no damn reason. Then I learned that the attacks were not to attack American freedom or way of life, but to give us a taste of what America has been doing to Arab nations for many years. I am only fighting for what is right, Jehovah God says murder is not right, so I shall not. I have said that I don’t hate all whites, just those with power who do nothing but serve their own cause, the same with black and others types as well. I hope you people understand. Race is always going to be an issue until we all understand it’s hard effects. The child may or may not be emotionally harmed by this incident, but who is to say it will have apositive effect on her? She may gorw up to be self-destructive because her mother and the city mistreated her. I am talking about today and the future. It’s bigger than us.

  476. Jenny says:

    You people are nuts.! Why don’t you go live in a socialist community? That is what you’re trying to make this country out to be!

    The kid got handcuffed b/c her mother refused to come deal with it herself! BAD PARENTING! They had no other choice but to do what they did because teachers can’t do ANYTHING for fear of being sued in this day and age! I wish all you freaks would get out of this country and leave the rest of us alone!

  477. Master SGT says:

    You guys are really good at ignoring the whole issue and sticking to one comment. Mike, you want a solution other than police? Remove the child from the school permanently. If the mother won’t take it serious and get her, call Social Services, that is what they are there for, correct? mIke I never said it was honorable, I said admirable. There are people who would rape your kids, dismember your kids or eat them. But here he is extending an olive branch and no one is willing to take hold of it. Come on guys, if you are not racist prove it. Halim ahs repeatedly said he should not have made those outburst but no one is willing to say ok we’ll let it go and deal with the real topic? By the way guys the principal was white, I saw him on the news. And he was not happy with the cops being used instead of school security!

  478. Halim says:


    By the way, if you have a government job that puts you danger and you should happen to be killed in the line of duty, you knew it was possible. You knw the risks that come with that job, like being a cop, FBI or INS. Not every job is safe and for those like firemen who actually out their own butts on the line for all of us around the world and care nothing for the race of the person they are saving I say BRAVO! Never should a fire fighter be hungry, shelterless or in need!

  479. disgusted says:

    Hello MasterSGT
    Good post πŸ™‚

    I would first like to thank you for your service to this country.

    I agree with just about everything you wrote. People do have a right to express their views, and should not be beleaguered because you don’t agree with them. BUT, when your views attack any group of people, isn’t that being racist? Shouldn’t one then EXPECT backlash?

    Racism has been a persistent problem in this world and people are getting tired of it. It’s never going to stop until people understand that it is hurtful and is one reason we have many of the problems we do. It’s never going to stop if we keep pointing fingers at a group of people and blaming that group for their problems. Every group of people are made up of both good and bad.

    I think some people here are just upset that others are blaming a group of people for the actions of a few. The people doing the blaming need to understand that. It’s wrong. It’s racist. It’s disturbing. It needs to STOP!

  480. MasterSGT says:

    To think, a lot of good men and women died thinking that they died so you could tell the rest of us to get out of America. Way to go Jenny.

  481. MasterSGT says:

    Disgusted, I understand your view and appreciate it for what it is: a fact. Blaming doesn’t help. But what would help us to fight racism is to study it thoroughly. Dig deep and find out what Hispanics, Indians, Blacks (Jews, Christian, Muslim), Whites (like Irish, Scottish, Jews, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, etc) have all been through. Once you soak that in and put yourself in their shoes, your mind set, your ideologies will change, unless one refuses to believe that these things have very drastic effects on a people.

  482. Anonymous says:

    No halim fuck you.I am jewish and we do not rant and rave about what happened to our ancestors, just people like you, maybe you should read about how hitler would get his men to tie a jewish child to the parent shoot the mom and push them off the bridge then child would drown and then say fuck the jews .You seem to think that every race has not gotten hurt except for yours NEWS FLASH ,every race has gotten hurt by something in the past not just yours, but if we all complain about it none stop it will never get put in the past it was not you halim that had to go through slavery, it was your ancestors, just like it was not me that was tortured in the war.

  483. MasterSGT says:

    Who ever posted this said it all in the beginning:

    “Let’s visualize that for a moment, shall we? A 5-year-old girl in the back of a police car with a plastic zip-tie around her wrists, and metal handcuffs like shackles on her ankles.

    While police say their actions were proper, school officials were not pleased with the outcome.
    “We never want to have 5-year-old children arrested,” said Michael Bessette, the district’s Area III superintendent.

    The district’s campus police should have been called to help and not local police, he said.”

    Now this is refreshing. A school district official who actually has a modicum of common sense and recognizes how inappropriate and ridiculous it is to call the cops on small children acting up in class.

  484. Anonymous says:

    Another thing halim, why don’t you go talk to a 90 year old jewish lady and see what she went through during the war and then you will realize what a racist pig you are and f you.

  485. ShakingHead says:


    I think if you reread the posts, you will see many people have tried to talk with Halim to understand what he is talking about. But his view, and rants, change with almost every post.

    I believe ALL people to have good in them, and try my best to treat everyone I come in to contact with the same respect I would like from them. I spoke, on many posts, to Halim in a respectful manner, only to be dealt with in a way I find I find totally abusive, and uncalled for. Any respect I would have had for him washed away the second I read how he chooses to handle conflict. If a person can not get their point across in a manner that is not beligerant and abusive, I should not be faulted for finding it offensive.

    I am sure, at some level, Halim has good in him. We all do. But I also believe he is an angry, angry man who is frustrated and apparently does not have the faculties needed to conduct himself as an intellectual, informative, or controlled manner.

    As stated earlier, I will continue to pray he learns to afford others the same respect he is so demonstratively demanding.

  486. Anonymous says:

    halim your words are fuck the jews.Does that mean you like them?

  487. Anonymous says:

    halim your words are fuck the jews.Does that mean you like them?

  488. Halim says:

    Then why do Jews were Black if they are not hung up on past events? I am not saying Jews don’t have a right to be, I am saying they have a large involvment in the American government’s runnings. not the daily crap but the battles they take on. It seems like no one learned from history yet. My grand father is Jewish too. And he has said the same. His beef is Jews had God’s favor and ended up ignoring the rules, setting up Jesus, yeah he converted before he died, becuase he accepted Christ in his life. I know full well what Hew went through and what they are going through now in Israel. I know the wars, I know some of the causes of the wars dating back to Biblical times. I KNOW, DO YOU.
    Jews aren’t the main problem, it’s people who feel that those who differ do not deserve respect. My first comment was a simple post, later I went off. I am one of the minority that can talk about everybody’s good and bad issues, I am one of the millions of multi-racial people inhabiting the Earth so, if you don’t like the truth, then you should not contend with someone who is willing to dispense it. Peace be with you, and the rest of you. One day, we will all see Jehovah’s power and then the Earth will be right again.

  489. MasterSGT says:

    I saw the earlier posts and saw Mike telling people where to go, Shaking head praying for people while telling them off, I saw a lot. And unfortunatly, you guys are still missing the point. Well, be good people, Christ will take care of all problems and this will seem like not even a memory -SO LET IT GO.


    Shakinghead, you are a disgrace to the Black Race I have been reading your comments and have said nothing until now because it seems the only thing Black about you is your skin. In history you were the one that were selling Black People and when the slaves were trying to get free you’d be yellin for massa to get them back because hes a good massa. Sister you ain’t Black, your a klansmen with a tan. Now as for you Mike while I was reading through George, Poet and Halim stated that the childs behavoir was wrong but the cuffs were extremely excessive. No one said the child shouldn’t have been disciplined? Why do you take everything that one sais and blow it up and twist it to your satisfaction? I could not be silent any longer but from reading the comments this will be my first and my last comment because everyone is talking and but no one is listening. If you have never experienced racism you will not know when it is happening Point Blank! you will not be able to identify the signs if a situation occurs. YOU WILL JUSTIFY IT WITH ANYTHING BUT THE WHAT IT IS. IT ALSO SEEMS THAT NO ONE REALISES THAT HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF DOES ANYONE READ THE NEWS? CAN ANYONE SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE NEWS THAT ISN’T TELEVISED AND WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING? CAN YOU READ? BUT WITH SOME PEOPLE THEY SEE ONLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE AND YOU DO NOT QUESTION. SHAKINGHEAD YOUR SKIN MAY BE BLACK BUT YOU BLEED YELLOW JUST LIKE THE REST WHO ARE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH.

  491. Anonymous says:

    I fo one like the pope and I believe he was trying to make the world better plaCe, that will never happen because of racism and religion and people like joe and george.If you read the bible you will realize that we are all one race, how our skin and eyes became different colors, I do not know ,all I know is that we all started off as one race,one color,one faith.

  492. Mike says:

    I must respectfully disagree with you again. Halim’s comment, though admirable, was not him extending an olive branch. Come on, read his posts, the man is consumed with hate. And who’s ignoring the whole issue here? This thread is about this one incident, it’s not about racism. And I think the guy you saw may be the superintendent of the school system, but I may be wrong. It has been stated by the author of this blog that the principal is black, but again it should matter, this thread is about the girl’s repeated abuses.

    And SGT, I agree, social services may have been a better solution, although there seems to be some history here with the school or kid and the police, so that may be the reason why they were called.

    Also, the police didn’t mishandle this little girl, I would say they did an admirable job handling her with care.
    Halim you said:
    Race is a big issue with me, not becuase I don’t know my own but because I work hard trying get black kids to stop blaming whites for their problems and build themselves.

    Did you mean to write that? Because it pretty much contradicts everything you have said in the past.

    Then I learned that the attacks were not to attack American freedom or way of life, but to give us a taste of what America has been doing to Arab nations for many years.

    More horsesh*t! And what the hell does this have to do with anything. Let’s stay on topic here.

  493. myohmypeopleoftoday says:

    If the black people are so unhappy in america why not move to africa and then you will see what a good life you had in america,I am not saying that anything is wrong with black people,what I am saying is if unhappy move.Do not complain about what happened in the past.I hear that in Africa the do fgm I am a woman so I should rant and rave, even though it has nothing to do withme, just like slavery has nothing to do with the people of today,so go pick some cotton and shut up.

  494. Mike says:

    That is one of the most vile posts you could have possibly written. You are racist. You will always see the world according to race. You, my friend, are the embarassment.

    And I am not speaking on behalf on shakinghead, I’ve read her posts, she can defend herself. It’s just that people like you digust me.

  495. Halim says:

    ShakingHead, listen, I said it before and I will say it again, because you are a woman and I do have a high regard for women (especially black women), I take back what I said to you. I said especially because I prefer them over others, though I have had all types. You are going to go your way, and I will go mine. What you feel is what you feel. You know, I spent some time living on an Air Force base in Florida, the white kids didn’t like me because the girls paid more attention to me, than anything else. I didn’t know what to do about it I was only 9. One day, those boys opted to pick a fight with me, so after I pummeled them, I got suspended by the school. Then five of them tried to jump me, then after I sent them to the hospital, I got suspended again. In my teens, I had a lot of respect for different races, my policy was always that the powers that be are the problem. Then one day, the Crown Heights riots broke out in Brooklyn where a Jewish man ran over a little black boy twice. A black teen killed that Jewish driver, the city was in turmoil. Many other event took place, I have experienced racism from balcks and whites, Hispanics in Spanish Harlem thought I was denying that I was Puetro Rican, cause of my complexion. My grand mother once sat me down to explain to me that I a Black, you see my hair used to be dirty blonde till one day it changed to brown. I am of mixed race but I am far from mixed up. I know where I stand, I ahve more black in me than anything else, if people cannot understand that a person doesn’t have to claim one category all they are doing is showing their own racist views. Why can’t I be human instead of Black or white? I hate evil, you people think I am evil. Tha’t funny. I cursed and now I am evil, what about you all, throwing stones, who are you to judge, you say I shouldn’t but there you are whining about Halim needs to see a shrink! That’s actually funny. I have helped so many turn their lives around for the better, I guess no one read my post where I said how I work with kids daily huh. It wasn’t convenient for your argument was it. No one read that I said we should think about the kids, no, I only like to rant. It’s a sad predicament when the youth do not take priority in the community’s eyes and that is what brought us here.
    The little girl’s mother lack parenting skills, I don’t want to speculate how she got that way, but the child is suffering for her inability. But all you guys do here is jump on my bad language and tempered comments. When have you been so good that you never said something in the heat of the moment? I don’t need any of your prayers, nor do my children, they are at the head of their classes, they want to be doctors, and watch the shows to learn the practice. I teach them to judge character like the SGT said, but once in a while here comes someone to make me want to blow up on their ignorance. Call me ignorant, but no ne not even Mike has offered another way to handle that child except the SGT. Why won’t any of you address the problem? Did you think that only likemeinded black folk come here and would agree with your rantings that the child is a monster? NO ONE CONDONES THAT KIDS BEHAVIOR. We said it should have been dealt with better. Can’t you see that much?

  496. ShakingHead says:

    People see what they want and obviously translate words to meet their own agenda.

    I have said throughout I live a peaceful life, one not speckled with hate or assumption, or judgement. If that is a concept too hard for some of you to understand, that is ok, perhaps in time you will learn what I have and can live as peacefully with yourself and with others as I do. Call me what you will, assume away.. God and I are doing just fine πŸ™‚

    p.s. to say anyone is a disgrace to their race assumes you know ALL there is to know about not only a person but that race. That is a very, very big assumption there, and one that could only be said by someone speaking from anger and not from knowledge.

  497. Mike says:

    so go pick some cotton and shut up

    Statements like that offer nothing to this conversation. Do us all a favor and go away. Your comments are insulting to everyone, with the exception of maybe Bobby Joe. Everyone here has as much right to crticize this country and try to change it from within. That is what being an American is all about.

    Now go away before your mommy yells at you to clean up your room.

  498. todayisnotyesterday says:

    The young black people of today did not live during slavery, just like the young white people of today did not have slaves, so why keep pushing it in our faces, all that is doing is making white people wish it never went .

  499. MIke says:


    Why would I offer another way to handle that child? I though what the way is was handled was fine.

  500. MasterSGT says:

    Mike, Halim was trying but you are not allowing him an opportunity. Now, look, cops should never be called unless someone has a weapon till then it is up to the school. It was the principal my wife and I were watching it and he was disgusted. You are jumping on people calling them racist take a step back. By what standards do you live? Becuase, like Halim did, you are starting to come out of yourself. I am sure you are not really like this, jusgmental, closed minded. I have said that we need to open ourselves to others problems and to their happiness but no one seems willing.
    By the way, I will say that Halim is correct in the comment about Arabs retaliating for what America did to them, there is documented proof over the years — AND I SAY THIS AS A MASTER SERGEANT IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE – STILL ACTIVE BY THE WAY, YES, AMERICA HAS BOMBED THE CRAP OUT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IN THE INTEREST OF HELPING OUR ISREALI ALLIES LONG BEOFORE 9-11 HAPPENED. I would not normally ask you but how old are you? Not because I will write you off as a youngin’ but basically, if you are old enough to have seen the 80’s then you should know about this issue.

  501. ehh says:

    I live in canada and never realized that the black people had it so hard.The town I live in has only 3 black families so I never here about racism against black people ,just about what the white people did to the natives. So I guess every country is dealing with racism ,which is a shame and I wish god would just get fed up of peoples racism and make us all the same colour, say how about red and white like the canadian flag I am joking ehh people look better tanned that is why we go to tanning studios so let’s all pray to be tanned.

  502. George says:

    MASTERSGT i totally applaud your efforts to reason with mike and shakinghead but the reason i had left the convo before was that they were missing the entire point…mike calling people with different views racist (yes i said i had the right to be if i chose….i admit to that)…and shakinghead still claiming this “we are the world” mentality while praying for “them”… the poor child is sooooo disillusioned about what really goes on…in other words, my views are wrong and their’s are the correct ones so like i said before….they can have this topic….all they are going to do is co-sign for each other anyway

  503. Halim says:

    Then Mike, if that is what you think then there really is nothing left to discuss. You believe it is perfectly fine to use cops to deal with our kids when there areagencies established for that purpose? You believe that cops forcing a five year old into submission to cuff her and place her in a squad car is fine? You believe that had your child behaved this way, it would be what they deserved? You beleive that a judge should not have handled this issue instead of the police making rash judgment calls? Then that says it all. Tell the Supreme Court to go home their services are no longer needed, Mike figured it all out. Every Governor can finally save their states millions of dollars cause they can terminate all of the social service agencies, fire the counselors, and why bother with after school programs or anything that might help kids learn how they should behave cause Mike figured it all out, let the cops that we pay to fight crie and protect us from criminals deal with the kids. Well said Mike well said. I appluad your great problem solving skills.

  504. VoiceofReason says:

    Ok, I will address the “problem” as I see it now.

    I am so tired of seeing the race card played!! When are people going to realize or admit that people need to OWN what they do? We sat and watched a very guilty OJ Simpson get away with murder because, and only because, of racism, and the doubt that goes along with it. Its an insult to ones intelligence. Is there any doubt at all this man and his attorneys played the race card? I think not!!

    Sure the events that happend with this child are sad. Yes, she is black. But did her race cause her ill behavior? NO!!!! Her poor upbringing did, and to read posts where people say this would have never happend to a white child is so ridiculous it’s almost funny. Its time for EVERYONE to stop resting on the atrocities of the past for excuses to act badly and get away with it. Today is today, yesterday is gone, why blame people who had nothing to do with what happened centuries ago? I sure as hell didnt burn anyone or kill anyone, yet I have sure heard what WHITE people have done. While I am mortified at how humans treat each other, howerver, I refuse to take responsibility for something I had no hand in whatsoever.

    I live in a multi-racial community, and although there are a few problems from time to time, I truly believe people are realizing we CAN live in harmony and with love and respect for each other.

    Halim, I understand your points, sorta. I think the problem is that you dont communicate your feelings in a manner that is easily understood and you do seem to go back and forth quite a bit. But, I am sure you do what’s right in your world, as we all try to do in ours. Just keep faith in humanity and God, that all will be worth it in the end.

    oh yeah dont ever turn down a prayer πŸ™‚

  505. ehh says:

    Before I forget I like all races and religions and I was not serious when I said people look better tanned, we all look good without skin we would look pretty freaky so accept the fact that skin colour is permanent and has nothing to do with personality, a newborn does not care what what colour the person is that is holding him or her, all they know is that it feels good and safe it is man that makes the child see the different skin colour.

  506. ShakingHead says:

    George —

    Firstly, I am hardly a “child” by any definition.

    Secondly, live in my shoes before judging. You have no idea where I come from or what I have seen in my life.

    I may live in a dream world, but I would much rather live with peace in my heart, than hatred, and anger.

    I never once said anyone’s views were wrong, or that mine are right. I wouldnt be that arrogant or ignorant to do so.

    Opinions are just that., opinions. Why get upset when someone voices theirs?

  507. George says:

    shakinghead thats just my way of speaking….meant no harm in the slightest….however….what MasterSgT said was indeed correct…you choose to see what you want….how many times do i have to say im not in the least angry or have hate??? thats the last time i am going to say it… are typing like you are intelligent im sure you can read….but like i also said before i believe you are disillusioned just from what you type….not judging just going about what you have typed…and you have not seen where i have been either….and trust me dear….i am VERY much at peace with myself i just choose to speak what i feel….i have learned long ago to have discourse without emotions involved

  508. Anonymous says:

    I think god made us all differnt colors so we would have things to argue about.

  509. VoiceOfReason says:

    To SGT —

    although your resolution to the problem is a worthy one, the school and the police would still have been faced with the same problem they had. The mother would not come to get the child…

    you cant just put the child on the street until her mother feels like coming for her, so the problems remains the same.. what do you do with an unruly child who will not follow the rules, time after time, after warning?

  510. Anonymous says:

    I am also ok with the way this incident was handled. If that was MY child, I would just hope she learned a lesson. She would be apologizing to the teacher and principal, and I would be thanking the officers.

    Could it have been handled differently? I’m sure it could have.

    Was there a better way to handle it? Maybe.

    Given the fact the school and police handled it the way they did, only suggest they may not have been prepared to handle a situation like this differently.

    Is the school looking into better ways to handle situations like this? I’m sure they are.

    BTW: I say this child and mother on “A Current Affair” last night. They are in NYC for the week and appear to be having a very good time. πŸ™‚

  511. Anonymous says:

    I know what you do with the child, you send her to Halim and george they seem to know how to deal with her,or how about giving her a hug nd them have a child molestation cse ,oh no even better stick her back in the classroom and let her go after all the other children that are behaving.Keep her away from joe though, he is not human

  512. ShakingHead says:

    I didn’t say YOU were full of anger or hate, I was explaining how I treat my life. There was anger and hate as a child and teenager, but I gave it up for something that works better for me.

    If finding happiness and contentment in life is dillusional, then I guess I am that. Why is it so bad to want others to fee the peace and love I have come to feel over my life? Why must that be looked at with skepticism, doubt, and criticism?

    Again, I did not judge or point fingers, I merely stated my feelings and opinions. If one finds them offensive, I guess that is something they will have to deal with in their own way, like I do in my own way. That’s what individualism is all about.

  513. Anonymous says:

    OH maybe halim could visit them on the tax payers trip they are on.

  514. Doug says:

    That was my post..I didn’t mean to post anonymously πŸ™‚

  515. Anonymous says:

    I’m referring to the post that starts with:
    I am also ok with the way this incident was handled. If that was MY child, I would just hope she learned a lesson. She would be apologizing to the teacher and principal, and I would be thanking the officers.

  516. George says:

    well shakinghead you say you dont point fingers but you actually did….soon as the three of us (myself, halim and poet) came with our views there you were RIGHT THERE WITH MIKE saying we were the real problem because we stated had the child been white it would have been handled differently….and that was our whole point…..i dont expect any caucasian here to understand…i really dont…but i would have THOUGHT you being a black woman you would….but i was wrong apparently…..

  517. Doug says:

    Correction: I saw this child and mother on “A Current Affair” last night.

    Geeze..I seem to be having time here πŸ™‚

  518. Doug says:

    Just wanted to say hello πŸ™‚

  519. Anonymous says:

    all i hear from george is whine, whine, whine.Go on jerry springer

  520. George says:

    wow….someone making asinine comments anonymously…what exactly am i whining about??? what a moron….

  521. Anonymous says:

    Like the man said george go pick cotton and et orn bread.

  522. Anonymous says:

    Eat corn bread was the last phrase

  523. Anonymous says:

    George if you can be racist so can I.

  524. Anonymous says:

    You are whining about the white man and you are the moron

  525. George says:

    so sad….and pathetic…you are not even worthy…and if you think statements like that get to me you might as well try someone else….i ignore ignorance….bye bye silly…..

  526. Anonymous says:

    George , you are the reason joes exist good bye or as you say later niger

  527. Doug says:

    I am also ok with the way this incident was handled. If that was MY child, I would just hope she learned a lesson. She would be apologizing to the teacher and principal, and I would be thanking the officers.

    Could it have been handled differently? I’m sure it could have.

    Was there a better way to handle it? Maybe.

    Given the fact the school and police handled it the way they did, only suggest they may not have been prepared to handle a situation like this differently.

    Is the school looking into better ways to handle situations like this? I’m sure they are.

    BTW: I saw this child and mother on “A Current Affair” last night. They are in NYC for the week and appear to be having a very good time. πŸ™‚

  528. Doug says:

    I decided to repost to eliminate any confusion πŸ™‚

  529. Halim says:

    Voice of Reason, if you really think you deserve to call yourself that then listen:
    If the mother won’t get the kid, like the SGT said, call the agency to get her and then the courts take it up from there? hello? Are there any Americans here who actually know how the system works? Damn. Why can’t people figure it out yet? I don’t go back and forth, I simply approach you all differently. If I blew my fuse then I did, if I spoke calmly then great but point stands the child should be treated like a child not an adult. She hit the teacher, she’s been a long time problem then get the state involved not the cops! No crime was committed by the child–because who the hell locks up five year olds? They didn’t charge her cause they couldn’t the judge would have their badges for this idiocy.
    Oh that molesting comment, remember something God hears you wishing harm to a child, as you slander two people coming to her defense. Good job. Whenkids go wild, people call Child Protective Services, they take the kid(s), parents have toprove they can parent, if not the courts grants custody to a relative or the child becomes a ward of the state. I understand that teachers and parents are in awkward positions cuz kids are quick to dial 911 if you yell at them, but you know what… that’s where the state comes in. Parents I can’t advise you on what to do there, that’s personal. Public schools are run by the state, private schools must adhere to the laws of the state, so why did no one involve the state?

  530. point says:

    george, you are so upset with the white man bringing your ancestors here, well if you still lived in africa you would be starving to death and performing female genital mutilation on your daughter ,so your race is just as fucked up as ours. No race is better than the other but why complain about what so and so did when it was not you that it happened to, all you are doing is turning more people into racist pigd.

  531. MasterSGT says:

    USING THE WORD NIGGER?! I see. Now this clarifies everything. I hold you all responsible for that comment as your lack of understanding brought this about. I will say this, the term Nigger is not actually about race it is about your level of intelligence. Sad to say but too many people here ave earned that title. That shames me as a person. I MUST AGREE WITH HALIM, GEORGE AND I WILL NOW LEAVE THIS SITE. I can’t believe that my friends died for this kind of ignorance being shown today. Or that my grand father who fought and died in WWII did so, in order for you to stay as blind today as people were in his day. Nothing has changed and nothing will change, at least not here.

  532. Doug says:

    Good post. I found it to be much easier to read.

    I agree that trying to actually charge this child with a crime was pretty stupid. Thankfully, someone had enough sense to not allow that to happen.

  533. ShakingHead says:

    George you said of me… “saying we were the real problem because we stated had the child been white it would have been handled differently”

    I think you need to read the posts again for clarity. I never said any such thing and would never say such a thing. I will always feel blaming, biggorty, prejudice and all that is the problem.. if you fit in to that category, that is your choice. I NEVER pointed a finger at anyone or accused them of anything. As I stated before, what I have said I have said from my own experience and as my own opinion.

    If I was anywhere with Doug, it was in agreement that kindness, care and respect go a lot farther, and carry a lot more weight than the aforementioned verbage.

  534. ShakingHead says:

    oops.. pardon the typos

  535. eehhehhehehe says:

    Thank goodness I am in canda the us seems to have alot of hatred against other races. Why is that ?

  536. ShakingHead says:

    George – I so wish you had been my child. The things I could have taught you from the perpective of a black woman in this world.

    Unfortunately I think its too late for you to learn anything new as you seem so destined to see your way and only your opinion. Be that as it may, as a black woman I understand FAR more than you can even imagine, as a Christian I understand EXACTLY what my place here is. So all is well in my world. I hope the you can say the same.

  537. ShakingHead says:

    Hello Doug πŸ™‚

    Good to see you again.

  538. Doug says:

    Hello ShakingHead
    Good to see you again too πŸ™‚

  539. Halim says:

    ShakingHead, would care to elaborate on exactly what you mean by “as a Christian I understand EXACTLY what my place here is”. I ask becuase a lot of people have no clue as to what the purpose of life is. Can you clarify your statement and address that?

  540. NavyChief says:

    Halim? Is that really you?! Your 10:36 post showed what I believe to be the modest, educated man I’m very sure you are proud to be.

    Thank you for coming back down with the rest of us. I can tell that your anger got the best of you back there a couple of days ago. And, I personally, don’t think you’re schitzophrenic.

    I do have to say, there are some in the forum here who continue, to no avail, to egg you on in an effort to solicite more harsh responses from you. As hurtful as some of your responses were, they are your opinion, and although I may not like it, I do respect your position to make them. I don’t think MSgt got that impression from me.

    I can see that we all agree on the *original* issue/topic. The little girl needed to be controlled. The school administration, although trained, was not prepared to completely handle the situation. The decision to call the cops was not a good one, but was threatened by the school earlier and they didn’t want it to seem an idle threat. I can see that viewpoint also. MSgt put out something that hadn’t occurred to me: Social Services. Hmmmm, good one.

    Well, let us return to the virtues of Freedom of Speech. You are all free to say anything, helpful, hurtful or otherwise. I am free to not like it or disagree. I am free to express my opinion, as is each person here. However, I’m appalled at the following [anonymous] response:

    “George , you are the reason joes exist good bye or as you say later niger”

    Completely uncalled for. Take some night classes in English, you spelled the “n” word wrong. “Joes” exist because they were taught hate. I would slap the jaw off my kids if I ever heard that word out of their mouths. (LOL – OMG what was that about social services?) But then again, ethics are taught at home by family, and my kids would NEVER EVER EVER say such a thing. They were brought up to respect PEOPLE. Not white, black, indians, jews, christians, arabs, etc. They were brought up to respect all PEOPLE.

    Hi Doug, I’m back. πŸ˜‰

  541. George says:

    shakinghead im GLAD im not your child!!!

    i would rather have been brought up with a conscious mind and taught what is real and exact instead of this christian theology you seem to be embracing….

    and this “i can teach you so much” is really condescending…you have your opinion and i have mine….i dont knock yours please dont knock mine…..

  542. Doug says:

    Did you hear today about the 3yr. old, in NY, who left his home, got on a bus, and went to the movies! The movie was half over befor anyone noticed he was ALONE! πŸ™‚

  543. Doug says:

    HI MOM! πŸ™‚

  544. NavyChief says:


    OMG – where’s my kid?
    At the MOVIES?

    Oh yeah, he’s 15, and I dropped him off.

  545. NavyChief says:

    Doug – I JUST **GOTTA** ASK THIS!

    So, what movie did he watch?
    Was it age appropriate.
    heh heh heh

  546. Doug says:

    I found that to be pretty incredible and couldn’t help bringing it up.

    I’ll try to stay on topic πŸ™‚

  547. Doug says:

    I don’t know. They did say he slipped in with another family.

  548. ShakingHead says:

    hmmm .. what is real and what is exact? I think you give yourself far too much credit there, George. Perhaps I do the same of myself. For that I apologize.

    But if you think for one second you know what is REAL and EXACT, for anyone but yourself, you kid yourself too. Unless you were a slave, please don’t tell me you have EXACT knowledge of what it’s all about. You know what you have been taught to believe.

    I grew up in an era where people were killed for their beliefs and color. Because of things I SAW, personally, and things that happened to my relatives, I have chosen to forgive. That does not mean forget. I believe one can not move forward without forgiving those who have harmed us. Not to makes US miserable, not them. We carry it with us like a cancer, gnawing away until all we know is bitterness. That is not what I wanted for myself or my children to grow up living with. I had to let it go and forgive or become someone who hated and blamed. If you can not understand that or if you find fault with that, that is your choice.

    And please believe me, my children are extremely educated and aware of what happened to their forefathers.

    I am quite conscious and aware. It is for that very reason I find the best in everyone and love ALL people as children of God.

  549. NavyChief says:

    Well, all. Thank you very much for the fun and a few days of good discussion, frustration, and more opinions than my head can handle.

    I’m off to go play the online free game RuneScape. I’m a 38 year old mother of 2 teenagers, a Chief in the Navy, and my outlet for fun is an online game! Ha – pretty sad, huh? (my kids think I’m such a goober)


  550. Arekah says:

    Okay, I am now pissed at all the back and forth bantor. Everyone is entitled to have their opinion, so why is this a big deal. George, Halim, PoeticallyJust, and myself have our views and others have theirs..the fact is God created all of us, equally. God allowed slavery to happen for whatever reason and that is what makes me stronger, just like what the Jews went through made them strong. Only one person has really offered any alternatives to what happened here. People spending so much time name calling and crap, that this is the reason why the word race exists at all. I am a for real revolutionary that has no problem standing for what I believe in. I love being black, living black and loving black people, but the other shades of God’s creation are here too and we have to make this work. No one culture is better than the other! Why is this a constant argument. My group of friends is a mixture of people black and white and we survive becuase we work together on human issues first. Our differences make us a perfect fit to help each other. And yes, as a black woman I get shit thrown in my face everyday. I’v had white people throw my change on the counter, so they would not have to touch my hand, I have had white people not give me directions cause they thought I was going to rob them, and now since I adorn dreadlocks I really get treated badly. I am sick and tired of not getting what I deserve and I am tired of people pretending that this problems don’t exist. No on here is ignorant so stop using that word. I have been quiet and reading all of this back and forth bullshit for a few days now and this has got to end. If we go back in history and every group of people stayed where they were then we would all be in different situations, what ever they are. And none of us would have the chances that we have now. Get real. America is real phucked up towards black folks, I live it. We deal with it and we can end it. But as a whole we have to learn how to make this work…black, white, hispanic, baptist, jew…who cares. Our main goal is to please God and none of this negative talk does that! I adorn the red, black, and green everyday! I live and write about ways for blak people to learn how to survive in this land that we have been brought to, and I refuse to ignore what is going on. I refuse to sit by and act like I can put it on the back burner. I refuse to sit by with blinders on. I refuse to allow anyone to take away my freedom, black or anyone. And no, i ain’t going back to Africa, cause I don’t like the heat…so please don’t say that again. This one nation under God is ruled by many who are not of God and we have to handle them accordingly. REVOLUTION!

  551. ShakingHead says:

    No Doug,

    But I do recall a 5 year old, afew weeks back, leaving his house in the middle of the night, and driving his mothers car to the video store because he wanted to get a movie. (video store was closed)

    Everyone was amazed, he drove fine until he got home and hit another car in the parking lot while trying to maneuver in to a space.

  552. Doug says:

    Take care and good luck with your game.

  553. hey says:

    I am white nd I think black men are hot

  554. Doug says:

    I remember that story. πŸ™‚ He was VERY lucky.

  555. George says:

    what i wont do here shakinghead is go back and forth with you about the same subject over and over again….you do you….forgive and move forward as you say it….as far as me giving myself credit i can say the exact same thing about you…i havent been taught a thing….self taught thank you very much…i actually grew up catholic….now if you think YOU know what it real and exact except for yourself then you too are fooling yourself….i am now officially done with this discussion and you as well….we differ in views and opinions and lets leave it that way…you choose to forgive…so be it…

  556. Arekah says:

    Hey~ I bet you do think black men are hot, that would be another discussion that I would love to have one day, but not here…

  557. HEY says:

    I said that for two reasons. First reason, they are and second reason was because it seems that anybody can say what they want on this sight so I thought I would add my opinion in about how I feEl about black people.Also look at what the white can be proud of ,paris hilton that is a real work of art and I mean it sarcastically this will be my last post bye bye and enjoy your arguing .

  558. Lori says:

    Question. I would like to know what everyone would be saying if the school HAD called social services. With the type of “parenting” skills that this mother showed, I can almost guarantee that she would be causing an uproar and trying to sue for that too. From personal experience, involvement of social services in a child’s life is just as “traumatic” as the police. There is one difference – social services seems to let the child know that the blame is placed on someone else (although the mother needed some parenting classes, the child still needs to know that it was the BEHAVIOR that was wrong), while the police seem to let the child know that it was the CHILD’S actions (and no one else’s) that landed them in this prediciment. Wrong or right? Who’s to say, unless you’re ever put in that situation? I think that the school did the best they could with a BAD situation, and I think Americans should quit trying to sue everyone else for doing exactly that! Like I said before – race should NOT be an issue. It’s sad that this little girl wasn’t parented better, it’s sad that teachers have to deal with misbehavior like this, and the saddest thing of all is that whether or not it was the police or social services – either of their involvement in a child’s life is almost like a forewarning of a hopeless future. The blame lies on the parents, but when their children grow up to repeat the cycle, the blame lies on THEM, not the parents. I had a hard life (just about everyone has), but stopping the cycle for my children was of the upmost importance. Living in the past, when concerning your upbringing, or your ancestors, only leaves you with a bunch of sorry excuses. Period.

  559. Halim says:

    GOD BLESS AREKAH AND HER FAMILY! Oh if I wasn’t married already…. stop Halim. Ok, paris Hilton that’s a good one. Good bye people the subject has worn itself out but the problem has yet to disappear. We all stand by our statements, you know who you are and you now know who we are and we are watching…but not for long. Trust me, the revolution will not be televised.
    NOTICE: Master SGT LEFT AT SEEING THE WORD NIGGER ON THE SCREEN. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU OTHER WHITE PEOPLE? THAT MAYBE THERE ARE SOME OF YOU WHO STAND BY THE IDEA THAT YOU ARE NOT A RACIST AND WON’T STAND BY AND WATCH IT BE USED IN AN FORM OR RATHER FORUM! Some white people mean it when they say they are not racist, some just say it so they won’t get yelled at by their own. That’s life. I gave you the only reasonable solution make of it what you will, I didn’t create America.
    By the way, telling people to go back to Africa? is that smart? you know, since not one white person on this Earth can say they are actually native to this land? You know cause the white people then, kicked the Indians off their lands, slaughtered them and then worked hard to assimilate them? So I can actually tell you to go back to where your grand parents are form it must be fair huh? Where is that? England, Israel, Germany, France, Spain, Portugaul, Russia or whatever? Have fun, the time is soon come for a change of regime — GOD’S REGIME.

    To all who do not know: the reason we endure suffering is not becuase God forgot us or doesn’t care. We all go through this suffering becuase when Adam and Eve disobeyed Jehovah, man kinds mission became to prove the Devil wrong, that we can live by God’s laws, that we can obey Him out of love not only fear, that the Devil is wrong. With that in mind, how well are you doing? This test is what is causing the suffering, a lot of people are obeying the devil. Once I learned this truth, my question “Why are we here” was finally answered and I understand it better than the Catholics who just say “We suffer because of Adam and Eve”. What is the suffering supposed to continue? The Bible teaches “NO” once Armageddon happens the wicked will be gone and Jehovah will decide who gets a second chance. If you want more info on this email me I will be glad to send you the info and its sources.

  560. ShakingHead says:


    I can answer that question for myself, but as you phrased it I am a bit confused. I have no idea what “the purpose of life” is. I just know that MY purpose is to serve God.

    FOR ME : To serve God is to put your faith in Him, in every aspect of life, and to never allow that faith to waiver. To give Him my anxieties and know He will bring order and clarity. To DEMAND from Him favor and to KNOW when He will give them. (perhaps not in the time or way I asked for, but to know He has given them nonetheless.) To listen to what He is telling me, and to act in a manner He would like me to. To treat everyone as I want to be treated, to respect ALL life and to keep focused on my path.

    There is so much more to it for me, but that should give you some idea of what I meant earlier.

  561. Halim says:

    to answer Lori, social services is the only legit way to deal with it. If the child finds it traumatic, so be it. But it is not something that could cause her to hate the law, white people, authority. Whenshe grows up she’ll say, “Damn my mother was a fuck up, I’ll never let my kids get into something like that. Let me teach them what they should know about behavior, life, religion…” something like that. Get me.
    Abuse of power leads to the further corruption of the people.

  562. Doug says:

    Hi Arekah
    I have also experienced many of the things you mentioned in your post. I have been treated with disrespect. I have been ignored while just trying to ask a question (this happened in NY). I have even had change thrown on the counter, instead of being placed in my hand. These are simply people who, for whatever reason, acted in a way that you and I wouldn’t. It’s called rudeness. I would like to believe, right or wrong, that it wasen’t because of the color of my skin. There are rude people in this world. They don’t care what color your skin is. Their just rude.

  563. Arekah says:

    I have not been arguing at this site, nor was I when I made my last comment. No comment on Paris Hilton….she is special!

  564. Arekah says:

    Halim~ you already know sweetie! If things were different….ahhh.

    Doug~ I hear you, and ignorance is defined as that ignorance. I didn’t bother stop and ask the people why they did those things but I giess they wouldn’t have answered me anyway, right!

  565. princess says:

    Oh Halim ,you forgot to add that when eve ate the apple she had a curse put on all females ,pain when giving birth and I am mad at her for that and if men ,you see your wife giving birth ,that is if you can get past the stuff that is being thrown at you while she is, remember it is not your fault she is in pain ,even though we seem to think so at the time, it is actually eve’s, which makes my husband right when he says women want everything they see, including that apple .

  566. Arekah says:

    Well, I pray peace unto you all. Halim~ I am outta here….peace to all the revolutionaries!!!

  567. Doug says:

    I don’t mind commenting on Paris Hilton. I personally think she has made ALOT of bad decisions for herself. She’s young and has alot to learn. I also find the jokes on Jay Leno’s show about her to be very funny.

    May I ask why you bring her up?

  568. BlahBlah says:

    Hey Arekah,

    I too have had that happen to me too. Some people just have no manners – here is Florida we call then assholes! I don’t think it a racial thing, I think it’s just poor upbringing!!

    Even at my age I STILL say yes ma’am, no sir.. to people OF ALL COLORS. Its the way I was brought up, to respect people and to also respect the fact that not everyone is the same.

  569. Halim says:

    Shaking head, that goes along with it. If give in the devil are you living up to God’s laws? No. You know that already. Yes, our purpose is to serve God, teach others about Him and also what His Son died for. Jehovah wants us to bring each other together and guide each other in love and compassion, Jesus is our shepard and the only way to meetJehovah’s standard is to live up to it. Remember, “faith without deeds is dead”. So if all you do is talk about it but don’t excerise it, it’s useless, if all you do is live it for self and ignore others pain and suffering, it’s useless. Not everyone is going to Heaven only the chosen few. The remainder who get a second chance at eternal life will live on Earth making it good again, teahing those who didn’t know before about Jehovah and Jesus (the great flock which no man can number) while only 144,000 will actually go to Heaven to be co-rulers with Jesus teaching us all about the glory of Jehovah God. No one is perfect but God is still giving us the chance to make it to the next life. I have to say that there are many religions not teaching the truth, which is why I stopped being a catholic and a muslim, there were no truths to it. The more they spoke the questions I had. I finally found a religion that answered all of my questions with clarity, honesty and straight from the bible and not of their own mouth, Jehovah’s Witnesses. I am not one of them as present but all that I have learned is the clearest teachings thus far. No man can be electe to be Holy. No one will be given eternal life except through Jesus (Muslims beleive Jesus was a prohet not the actual Son of God). Catholics beleive in the Trinity. Jesus as said over and over He is one with the Father, that the messenger is not greater than the One who sent him. All words form Jesus not me. Trinity doctrine was invented centuries after Christ’s death by Catholics who couldn’t even agree on that subject. But in the end the Pope took it up anyway. They say the Pope picks up the mission after Peter or Paul died (I keep forgetting who the alst apostle was sorry). The apostles were men who gave up their wealth, and were fed on the kindness of other people, they took money from no one,they fished for food, they wore not the finest silks like the Jews or Romans who ran the governments. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples saying that one must not put himself above the other, that he was admiting to being no greater than other men. Where do you see the Pope doing that? He lives better than Bill Gates, involves himself in politics, condones the abuse of women over divorce and teaches false information about the Bible. I used to be Catholic I speak from strict experience.

  570. Doug says:


    I didn’t bother stop and ask the people why they did those things but I giess they wouldn’t have answered me anyway, right!

    Your right. They probably wouldn’t have. That’s why I didn’t bother asking either.

  571. Doug says:

    After all..There is NO GOOD EXCUSE for being rude.

  572. Halim says:

    Doug, Paris came up by the woman who said she loves black men, you’ll see it.
    To princess, I won’t speculate on what the fruit was no one knows for sure. Could be a fruit that no longer exists for all we know. But yeah, a lot of punishments came with that crime. My sister in law (she’s not bright) goes to a church where they make the women sit in the back and men up front cuz Eve convinced Adam to sin. How stupid is that? Punishing women for something so old, when God already handled that… who are men to punish women aren’t they our mothers and sister too?
    ShakingHead: I want to add with what you know and with what I displayed here about God and Jesus, was it “Christ like” the way those cops and the teacher opted to handle the child? What would Jesus do? What a question? i used to laugh when I saw it down south but I see why it’s important since I’ve learned the truth.

  573. Doug says:


    I have not been arguing at this site, nor was I when I made my last comment.

    I know.

  574. Doug says:


    Doug, Paris came up by the woman who said she loves black men, you’ll see it.

    Thank you. I missed that post.

  575. ShakingHead says:


    If I knew the answer to that I would be Mrs God. πŸ™‚

    I have to say I am not completely sure what Jesus would have done. I know He was a kind and patient man, but I also know His patience went .. just so far. I do believe, however, He certainly would have made sure she never acted like that again. Then He would have dealt with her mother.

    As far as the police and school behaving in a :Christ-like: manner. Somehow I don’t thing that was their objective. I really do sence though, they were there to follow up on a consequence they had placed on the little girl previously, perhaps to teach her a lesson. I hardly know all the facts, and had I been in the same situation, with the same restrictions, I don’t know that I would have had the resources to do anything differently.. Except to maybe call in the Superintendent, instead of the police.

    It’s all a very unfortunate circumstance for all. I worry about the child, feeling she will never get the attention or help she was so loudly calling out for. Hope this all wakes her mother up, and fast.

  576. Lori says:

    Halim, Who says that calling social services was the only legit thing to do? Having the police handle an uncontrollable child can’t be against the law; at least I’ve never seen such a law. From what I can see from the video they calmly explained to her that the behavior was unaccetable and they gave her a life lesson on what that kind of behavior would get her. I believe that this situation was actually probably LESS traumatic than social services coming in and taking her away from her mother (or whatever might have happened). Social services IS a form of authority – would she not just grom to detest that state agency, also? This was an all around bad situation, but I believe we should not say what they did was wrong – we’ve never been in that situation.

  577. Lori says:

    “would she not just GROW” — sorry

  578. Halim says:

    Shakinghead: no you wouldn’t ne Mrs. God because Jesus would not have dealt with any adult like that, so why would he allow that on a child? If you are the christian you say you are, then you know this. Jesus is patient, but what does that mean? He would have defended the child the way he defend the concubine about to be stoned to death. The way he defended the man who broke the Sabbath law and plucked wheat to eat and they said he was harvesting. Or the man who carried his cot on a Sabbath. Get it now? Love, compassion should dictate the treatment of others especially the feeble minded and physically weak.
    Lori: I meant reasonable when I said legit, but it wasn’t a legal question.Who cares if she grows up hating the Social services? She needs to grow up respecting authority, law, every time some one loses regard for the law, we lose a member of society –LORD OF THE FLIES PEOPLE!?
    Every day a parent threatens their kids with the cops to get the fear in them so they will obey. Does that mean you should actually do it? Common sense people.

  579. Halim says:

    OKAY GOOD BYE PEOPLE, IT’S BEEN AN EXPERIENCE I CAN SURE SAY THAT. GEORGE, POET, AREKAH, I AM COMING HOME TO THE RPS! Shakinghead, if you want to talk more about it email me, I will gladly discuss – not debate- this with you and hear your understandings of the Bible. This is the only real worthy subject for discussion -THE BIBLE. It goes FAR beyond race, and anything else man made.

  580. hey says:

    I apologize, I should of put discusion instead of arguing no hard feelings I hope.

  581. ShakingHead says:

    The “Mrs. God thing was a joke..

    I never said he wouldn’t treat the child and situation with love and understanding, I think you read too much in to what I was saying, or perhaps not enough.

    After having said what I did about what MY purpose here is, do you really believe I would think He would handle any of his children with anything but love and respect? That’s not to say they wouldn’t be taught a valuable lesson by Him. Love is not always tender and soft, as we all know. And as a reader of the Bible, I am sure you can name countless instances where lessons were taught with far less than “kid gloves”.

  582. Doug says:


    Love is not always tender and soft, as we all know.

    How right you

    That was a lesson I learned when I was very young.

  583. Doug says:


    I know this may sound strange. I can count on one hand how many times I have been spanked. That includes the spanking my friend and I got from his father.

  584. Doug says:

    I NEVER told my parents about that. lol

  585. Anonymous says:

    harsh doug lucky you didn’t tell them

  586. Doug says:

    Harsh? No. Not at all. He got it worse than I did. In hindsight.. we deserved it. It sure taught me a lesson. πŸ™‚ We could have been KILLED doing what we did.

  587. Doug says:

    Me not telling is not to say that they didn’t find out about it. My friends father probably called and informed them about what happened. Knowing my parents, they probably realized I learned not to try that again. Even if it was a lesson taught by someone else. We just never discussed it.

  588. whts up says:

    god bless the queen that is all I have to say

  589. tallywag says:

    A bad idea for handcuffing a 5year old, very bad. I wish that we were able to spank our kids. As always, there are a few that mess it up for everyone. By that I mean the real child abusers, the ones that beat their kids till blood or a broken bone is seen. I believe in spanking a kid, not a beat down. I agree that children should be aware of what child abuse is, that they way they don’t grow up thinking that it is normal and continuing the cycle.

  590. Doug says:

    You may want to re-read your post and make corrections.

  591. Doug says:


    I wish that we were able to spank our kids. As always, there are a few that mess it up for everyone.

    This suggest you look FORWARD to spanking you children.

    I agree that children should be aware of what child abuse is, that they way they don’t grow up thinking that it is normal and continuing the cycle.

    NO ONE would want their child to know what child abuse is.

    I think I know what your TRYING to say. It’s just coming out wrong. Please re-read your post and try again.

  592. Doug says:

    I need to apologize to you. I don’t mean to put words in you mouth or change what you are saying. I would just like to ask that you re-read your post to see if you think any changes are necessary. Thanks πŸ™‚

  593. Anonymous says:

    god bless the queen of england

  594. Anonymous says:

    and god bless england

  595. Anonymous says:

    god bless me and everyone else me

  596. Mike says:

    Hey sorry I missed the great debate of Friday, I was traveling.

    SGT: you’re wrong, I’m 34 years old, have a wife, a newborn daughter, and I absolutely love life. Sorry I don’t fit your profile of me.
    You also said:
    By the way, I will say that Halim is correct in the comment about Arabs retaliating for what America did to them, there is documented proof over the years — AND I SAY THIS AS A MASTER SERGEANT IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE – STILL ACTIVE BY THE WAY, YES, AMERICA HAS BOMBED THE CRAP OUT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IN THE INTEREST OF HELPING OUR ISREALI ALLIES LONG BEOFORE 9-11 HAPPENED.

    I thank you for your service, I really do, but do you have no shame? That is embarassing for someone like you to post.

    And so some idiot comes on the board and uses the n-word and you hold everyone else responsible? Typical, I say. I would just hold the idiot responsible who said it.

    And Halim, I don’t know where you are coming from with that Supreme Court rant. Yes, I feel this situation was handled the best way it could given the circumstances. And if that was my child being handcuffed and I had seen the videos, I would apologize to the police, the teacher, the school, and then punish my child. I sure as hell wouldn’t sue.

    George, you think that I called you a racist because you have different views than me? Please, let any other non-interested party come and read our posts and decide who is racist.

    As you all can plainly see, I am a very strong willed person. I am a man of conviction and I am stubborn. I don’t back down when I think I’m right. I also realize that this can be a character flaw, but I also know how to compromise. And it is my honest belief that George, Halim, Poet, and MasterSGT are not helping this situation and only stand in the way of progress. You folks are the ones who are blind to the goings on in the world.

    I could go on, but I’m tired, and it seems that things have calmed down as I read the latest posts. Maybe that in itself is a sign of progress. Who knows, and besides, this is just a bunch of babble on a website anyway.

  597. morgan says:

    first of all there is alot of footage of the girl terrorizing the classroom throwing stuff all over the place not listening to anything the administrators are saying, just saying her first learnd word “no”. and as a high school student i see kids get handcuffed knocked out arms broken by security guards and faculty all the time. the lady that was working with the kid was calm tried using reverse psycology a couple times. that girl is lucky it was white people if it was somewhere out here in L.A. or San Bernadino they would have delt with that the minute it started by calling home and with no avail put her in the hole (not an actual one but a room with no color and a mean lady) and obviously the mother isn’t around since she is working and cant pick up her kid. and the dumbest part about all this is that the mother is sueing, she just wants an early retirement check. that girl deserves being arrested like that i bet she won’t go to school acting that stupid ever again

  598. consider this says:

    Proof that white privilege is alive and well in America…

    A 5 yr old child little girl reacts to frustration or circumstances in her life by tantruming in Kindergarten…she disrupts a classroom for a short time and has handcuffs slapped on her wrists because of her behavior. According to some polls the American public widely supports the decision of the police.

    A grown woman reacts to frustration or circumstances in her life by faking her own abduction the week before her wedding. She disrupts an entire nation for several days costing law enforcement agencies millions of dollars and makes false charges that a Hispanic couple abducted her- but police say that no charges will be filed against her. People talk about the incredible stress of having to plan a wedding for 600 guests with 14 bridesmaids and they mention the fact that she has had 8 bridal showers in the last 4 weeks. Her behavior is widely excused and explained as “a breakdown” because of stress.

    The woman…an adult who should be held accountable for her actions…is wealthy, beautiful and white. The tantruming girl is only 5 years old, certainly not an age that typically demands much accountability, but she is black. Shame on America.

  599. Halim says:


  600. Doug says:


    the lady that was working with the kid was calm tried using reverse psycology a couple times. that girl is lucky it was white people if it was somewhere

    Your remark that this was handled properly because WHITE people were involved is RIDICULOUS!
    And RACIST!

    It’s frightening to see that a that ANY kid would make such a comment. I’m not sure where you got such a stupid idea, I can only hope it wasn’t from school. I am glad to see that your still young. This gives you plenty of time to see just how wrong you are.

    BTW: Pay closer attention in english class.

  601. Doug says:


    ALSO: The sooner you learn how wrong you are in your thinking, the better off you and people around you will be.

  602. Doug says:

    Hi consider this

    It’s my understanding that the woman who disappeared and later showed up safe, didn’t tell the police she was abducted. She told her family that when she called them. She told the police the story we are now hearing. Had she told the police the abduction story, and allowed an investigation to begin, she probably would be facing criminal charges. Since it is not illegal for an adult to “disappear” she really didn’t commit a crime. No matter how many people were looking for her.

    Does seem kinda wrong though, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

  603. Doug says:


    I think it would be a good idea that you print your post and share it with your parents, teachers, and school principal. I’m sure you would have alot to gain by doing so.

  604. Anonymous says:

    god bless the queen

  605. Doug says:

    Hi consider this

    I was wrong.
    She DID tell police that she was abducted.

    I agree with you.
    NOT to charge her with SOMETHING would not be right. I guess we will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

  606. Consider this... says:

    CNN just showed video of several police officers escorting this grown woman to the airplane and it was reported that the police officers were whispering comforting words to her. One of them even gave her a teddy bear!

    In comparing these two stories I have come to the conclusion that one of these females is a narcissistic spoiled brat who does not consider the consequences or feelings of others before she acts…and the other one will be in First Grade next year and has time to mature if given nurture, guidance and structure. The sad thing is that America has chosen the wrong one to punish and the wrong one to nurture.

  607. cathch the calm says:

    feed the birds tupins a bag. Sing a happy tune and calm down everyone.

  608. NO accountability says:

    They BOTH should be punished!

    The little girl and her mother are richer and got to spend a week in NY.

    And this woman gets a teddy bear and probably won’t face ANY charges for lying to the cops.

    Why is it so many people are not held accountable for their actions these days?

  609. Anonymous says:


    This lady may be facing charges after all!

    There IS hope.

    This is being reported on CNN right now.

  610. NO accountability says:

    WOW..even her pastor said they feel betrayed. That was suprising. This lady sure has pissed off alot people down there.

  611. Anonymous says:

    That is not good news.I think it is because she is white .See how stupid that sounds, I know it has nothing to do with her colour, just like the child’s colour had nothing to do with what happened to her.

  612. NO accountability says:

    That is not good news

    You don’t think this lady deserves to face some kind of criminal charge for what she did?

  613. nojusticehere says:

    Nobody is accountable for own behavior nowadays, if they where ,pedophiles and sick people like them would be put in jail forever instead of just getting a slap on the wrist and all the children that where victims would still be alive.

  614. Anonymous says:

    I have not followed the case and I am not concerned with some person that gets cold feet.

  615. Anonymous says:

    Now that I think about what that lady did, i realize that it was an immature thing to do and she has no idea about how cruel it was to pretend to get kidnapped when real people have gotten kidnapped and the out come was not good. The lady should have to go to a person house that had a child taken from them and apologize for being so inconsiderateand after that maybe go to back to kindergarten.

  616. boilinghot says:

    IT makes my blood boil some lady wasting polices time when they could be out looking for someone that was really kidnapped

  617. NO accountability says:

    I’m sure we will be seeing her apologizing to more than a few people real soon.

  618. Anonymous says:

    She seems to think that getting kidnapped is a joke when really it is a parents worst nightmare.

  619. Anonymous says:

    I think she should have to foot the bill for the cost of all the police that where out looking for her, it is unfair that because she had a melt down the tax payers have to pay for it, shame on her

  620. NO accountability says:

    She was obviously not thinking about the consequences of her actions.

    Just like the little girl.

  621. Anonymous says:

    If that lady thinks getting kidnapped is such o joke she should look into the eyes of a parent that lost a child to a kidnapped. Karma will get her (Ido not know if I speeled karma right )

  622. selkirk survivor says:

    I am decended from the folks Lord Selkirk brought over to Canada. Please follow the link and read about what happened in Scotland about the same time that slavery had become a big point of dissention here in America. Those folks driven off their lands are my ancestors! Virtually EVERY people has been at one time or another treated with cruelty by his fellow man. I don’t blame anyone now. This did not happen to me personally. The folks responsible are all dead now. Please folks, history is important, and it should never be forgotten. If we forget it we are doomed to repeat it. I agree with shakinghead, bitterness and anger are NOT the lessons to be learned. We need to walk away with a new conciousness, one of LOVE for our fellow man. Anger is a poison that will destroy you, and love is the only answer. Haters bring about evil in this world. Grow up, get over it and live your life in love and peace. Accept responsibility for your actions. This discussion board would not exist if this child’s mother knew how to raise her child in the way that she should go.

  623. Mike says:

    You know what, that woman who got cold feet and faked her kidnapping should be sued!! Sued by the state and city for costs incurred during the search. She is dispicable and should be scorned.

    This doesn’t change my view of what happened to the 5 year old. She deserved it. And to think, I didn’t see them on A Current Affair, but if that’s true, that mother is dispicable as well.

  624. herehere says:

    I have to say that just cause a person looks white does not mean they are 100 percent white. I know people that have black ancestors and they are white as snow and natives that look white that are not at all white.

  625. morgan says:

    i didn’t mean that white people did this properly i meant that they gave the girl all those chances, called the mothers mom the girl did not stop at all continuing to throw her fit so they cuffed her happens all the time. second of all this white privledge stuff is dumb if you see what is really there. now i am not sexist but i do believe in what i see. All the time girls get off for anything they do drugs, drinking, untill it is murder then they are stuck, but all the time girls are getting off from really bad situtations. Women can do anything they want if they tempt the right people Those cops felt sorry for that lady or bad or thought it was cute that lady faked her own abduction, or the one that got drunk. Many times girls get caught with drugs and alcohol and can just say well i was holding it for my boy friend when they werent or i wont do it again or something like that, and hey it works, now your going to think well the kid was a girl thats true but a little girl throwing a fit isn’t adorable, unless your video taping it. third of all my best friends are mexican and black and im white. and fourth DOUG i went on here to have a discussion on a recent event not get ridiculed. and you know i made some sence but you wanted to make fun of my spelling even though i could give a damn and tried calling me racist so that everyone who reads this thinks that i am. and you don’t even have anything all you did was watch this on current affair because you can’t make your own decision on something since you like the rest of the america. and if you knew anything you would know that abc was the one supporting this act of handcuffing and fox and there dislike for abc opposed. and DOUG i bet your going to search through this and find things wrong with this, they are there, but this isnt a writing contest. and one last thing there is nothing that says you cant be arrested at the age of 5

  626. What? says:

    Morgan…please slow down and write complete sentences. I can’t follow your line of reasoning. I am really trying to understand what you are saying because I care. I am sure you have a point to make. Re-read your last post and pretend you don’t know ANYTHING about the posted subject, then try to explain it so that those of us reading your words understand what you want to communicate.

  627. golden rule says:

    The runaway bride should be held accountable for her actions. She is an adult, and has worried many people. This would include her own family, the people who love her the most. Her actions have cost untold amounts of money for which she should be held liable. She is like the child throwing the tantrum, completely out of control. She should be arrested and charged for her behavior. She is obviously a spoiled attention-grabbing brat. Shame upon her! Teach your children in the way that they should go, and when they are grown they shall not depart from it.

    BTW, “Nigger” is a reprehensible soubriquet. I ask you, how is it any different from “whitey?”
    Treat other people the way that you would like to be treated……..

  628. Doug says:

    Hello Morgan

    You said in your post that you are in high school. That tells me your young. When I read a post from a young person who feels “that girl is lucky it was white people” I get very concerned. The views and behavior of ALL young people today are VERY important. After all, you will be making the decisions for this country in the future. πŸ™‚

    Try to understand that anything you say, or write, should be done in a manner that is clear and concise to accurately express your true feelings. Otherwise, you will leave yourself open to misinterpretation.

    I can assure you that I was not the only one who found that remark disturbing. Particularly so given your age.

    If I offended you by suggesting you pay closer attention in english class, I apologize.
    I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

    Take care of yourself, and don’t forget to STUDY! πŸ™‚

    BTW: English was my worse subject πŸ™‚

  629. Doug says:


    When I said:
    Try to understand that anything you say, or write, should be done in a manner that is clear and concise to accurately express your true feelings.

    I was not suggesting that what you write needs to be perfect, just easier for us understand.

    Take care

  630. Anonymous says:


    I read Morgans post and it does make sense, he just forgot to add period and comas here and there. It is actually nice to know that a high school student is aware of what goes on around the world and wants to voice own opinion. When I was in high school I had no idea what was going on on the news, I was more concerned about boys and clothes and figure skating , so instead of hacking the child’s sentence, be glad he is spending time listening to the news instead of shooting at other students. One post earlier said whitey in a mean way it was posted april 25 so why can black people call us whitey and think it is funny? but someone says the n word and look out

  631. Anonymous says:

    viva canada

  632. Lori says:

    I am actually in Georgia, so you can imagine the coverage the “Runaway Bride” is getting here. What has our country come to? Spoiled brats run amuck, from either BAD parents who don’t take any interest in their children’s lives, or overcompensating parents who think they can never buy enough, or do enough, for their children. I agree that this lady should pay some kind of restitution for her actions. I told my husband that I hope her fiance calls off the wedding; man, after this stunt, I’d hate to see what she does during the stress of pregnancy! LOL!

  633. somepeople says:

    What I think is pretty bad is the fact that a women living in kenya was able to sue america for one million dollars but got eighty seven hundren thousand dollars cause america denied her refuge here,come on that is ridicilous, everyone can sue america now. Ired it online the other day I am all for people coming to america but suing u, next thing you know eveyone from around the world will come here and sue us , then we will be a third world country cause we will go broke, that is ridicilous. The women is living in america with the tax payers money .

  634. VoiceofReason says:

    Wakey Wakey

  635. laughingcenter says:

    OK, I know that i’ts May, and this post was origianlly put up in March, but it appears that this is still being read and commented on, so i will tag this on there. This started off on the topic of handcuffing children, and since we got a little sidetracked and went into runaway brides, I figured I’d take the opportunity to bring it back to handcuffing children(I feel really wierd that I just typed that sentence, but I digress).
    I am not sure how copyright laws extend to this kind of fourum, so if someone could clarify, I’ll bring the whole article onto the site, but for now- has an article today about a five year old boy being handcuffed on his schoolbus after getting into a fight on the bus and the police being called to address the situation. And I appologise(not really) to those of you who are drooling to find out what race the child is so that we can get back to the race issue. Just wanted to update everybody on the competition to arrest the youngest child in america.

  636. NavyChief says:

    πŸ˜‰ Doug my friend, Hullo, matey.

    Just wanted to let you know.
    Back on the arrested child topic.
    This is an everywhere issue.
    We live in Maryland. My 12-yr old daughter was late coming home from schoolbus one day. I mean like 30-40 minutes late. When I asked what happened she said two kids on the bus (white) got in a fight. A girl and a boy. They were play-fighting and it got out of hand. The boy got angry and threw the girl down and put a knee to her chest and would not relent. The bus driver pulled over, the kid wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t release the girl. The bus driver told one of the kids to grab the cell phone and call 911. The young man was removed from the bus by the police and the bus driver returned to the school where the girl was released over to school officials for her parents to pick up.

    Again – this shows several things about this post. NOT a racist issue. NOT a religious issue. IT IS closer to home than we would all like to open our virgin minds to believe. We have a big problem in America with severly aggressive and poorly behaved children. Where is it all coming from?

    TV? Movies? Music? Society?

    Looking forward to some good discussion, folks.
    πŸ™‚ r/Lisa

  637. Michelle says:

    All those who have children that don’t require more than a time out, swat on the butt, or any other form of discipline THANK GOD and DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS. I once did the same, and now….. I’m a single mom with three kids, one in particular is an 8 year old 2nd grade boy that is emotionally disturbed (bipolar). I have had problems with this child since day one (mind you I have two others that do not have behavior problems) I have been told many times it was purely behavioral. I finally got him diagnosed (1 year ago) and now on meds about two months ago (not something I was willing to accept). Let me tell you it’s easier to accept behavioral problems than mental illness as the cause, but I finally did and my son has had almost a month of not having any major problems at school (he’s in severely emotionally disturbed program at school 4 teachers to 5 kids) he has had the cops called on him, although never handcuffed, he’s even had to be taken away in an ambulance to a psychiatric ward, he attacks teachers, bites, kicks, threatens to kill others and himself, jumps from moving vehicles, restrained by 3 teachers and still gets away, etc., over minor what “we” think are “trivial” things. Whether any child has emotional problems or not shouldn’t matter. Kids need adults to treat them properly and individually (hard thing to do). Obviously, she should not be handcuffed, that’s ridiculous, rather evaluations should be done on her for her sake, my son’s psychiatrist was amazed that we have gone this long without medication. Obviously she needs adults around her that are willing and able to work with her, not just discipline her – I’m sorry but if someone walks up and grabs something out of your hand, wouldn’t you be upset. People need to wake up and realize we are all DIFFERENT, stop pointing fingers, judging, etc. There needs to be more awareness of mental illness and this country needs to spend more $ to help children and the mentally ill, etc. I can tell you where to stop the spending but that would turn into a political discussion. I can see why it turned into a discussion of race, I am sympathetic to that, but the point is how children are treated, no matter what race, no matter if it’s behavioral (as some would say – the parents fault). Anyways I could keep going, but just wish people would see there is another side to everything, your way is not necessarily the right way, and what works for some may not for others.

  638. Doug says:

    Hi NavyChief πŸ™‚
    It’s nice to hear from you again.
    I see you once lived in Md. I’m currently living in Cecil County, Md.

    I’ve spent some time visiting other sites, and have concluded that the majority of people feel that handcuffing this girl was appropriate, given the circumstances surrounding this incident.
    This incident has brought to light the problems our schools are facing on a daily bases. I am convinced that poor parenting is a large part of that problem. While I believe most parents do a great job raising their children, we have many who do little more than feed and clothe them. Getting these parents to play an active role in their children’s education can be very difficult. They often feel that it is the schools sole responsibility to educate their kids. These same parents are often not very well educated themselves. Their priorities are often misplaced, and the kids are left to suffer. These same parents will become very defensive if ANYONE even suggest they consider trying an approach different from the one they are accustomed to. Even when their way is obviously failing.

    It would be nice to hear your, and others, opinion.

    Also; I came across an article you might like to see. You will find it at:

  639. Anonymous says:

    Itold you halim it has nthing to do with race, read article posted may 5th.Laughing person the drooling part was funny.

  640. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what happened in the five year old girl handcuffed case?

  641. Lori says:

    Michelle I completely sympathize with you and understand exactly where you are coming from. If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you will see that I am headed in the same direction if my almost 4 year old doesn’t get the help he needs now. However, the question I ask of you is what makes you and I different from this mom in FL? I will give my answer, if that had been our child, we would’ve went straight to the school. I don’t know about you, but my husband works and I go to school, to provide a better life for our children. What kind of life would we be providing them if we are not there in their times of need. Jobs are replaceable, children aren’t.

  642. Lori says:

    Doug, I agree with your theory; however, I believe that a lot more bad parenting is going on than people like to admit. It’s not just poor uneducated people either. I am from the suburbs and I see it every day. I am all for women having equal rights with men, but I would like to know what parents expect to happen to their children when they are so caught up in “keeping up with the Jones'” that they let everybody else keep their children. I do believe that single parents have no choice, and kudos to them for holding a job, instead of depending on a state agency to provide for their children. In a few instances, I can see that it may be necessary for both parents to work. What I’m talking about though, is the people out there who have nice brand new vehicles, a beautiful new home, designer clothes, and every electronic gadget imaginable. We know couples that one spouse alone makes way more than my husband does, and yet they both work and send their children to daycare. Basically owning all the fancy smansy things in life seem to be more important than raising, and spending quality time, with their children. Why is the country going down the tubes in the terms of recent past, and future, generations? Come on folks! My husband and his two brothers were a product of this madness. Luckily, I found the only good one out of the bunch. One is a drug addict, in and out of jail, and the other one is trailer park trash and thinks his parents, and the rest of the world OWE him something. My husband and I have a pretty nice house, two decent – but older- vehicles, and three gorgeous children who spend as much time with their parents as we can make possible. One day, my children will all be in school, and at that point, yes, I would like to work again. BUT only at night on the weekends (nursing) so that I will be available for anything that they might need me for at school. Potential parents need to make a decision do they want to “have it all” from the very beginning: the house, the car, the savings,- or can they put off the “good life” until they can raise their HEALTHY and HAPPY children? Just my 2 cents on the subject. I’ll get off of my soap box now. Lori

  643. laughingcenter says:

    Lori, thank you for your soapbox. I wanted to piggyback on a few things you noted, and tie in some thoughts on what Michele was saying as well. The parenting thing is big, real big, and I’m not saying this from a blame standpoint. I’ve been working in child & adolescent mental health for several years, and each day become more aware of how important the parents’s role is in the big picture. But when it comes to a mental health diagnoses or other behaviooral problems, the parent’s role is challenged in two very signifigant ways(and many more past this, as any parent can attest to).
    (And I do want to note this is my point of view, not scientific evidence, and I was a little more wordy with it than I meant to be, sorry.)
    First, as soon as there is a behavioral problem or mental health diagnoses, you have to pretty much throw the rule book out the window, and harder is that you may have continue throwing out rule books on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis depending on severity of symptoms. Second, is that there is a big picture, and when children act in aggressive ways that, if this were an adult, would result in getting police involved, handcuffed, or legal charges, it confuses a system that is used to performing a specific action when someone performs an aggressive and sometimes malicious act. And if there’s anyone out there that still thinks children are inoccent, Bill Cosby has a stand up bit that can be very enlightening on the subject(older stuff, not recent).
    OK, I’m getting myself sidetracked. Mainly, I wanted to thank Lori for being so committed to spending time with her children, everyone benefits from that. I also wanted to thank Michelle for all the flexability that I’m sure she has been and continues to have with raising a bipolar child and having several other children as well. And last, to not forget that we have a responsability to have a society that can be flexible to a parent that has to go to school to be with their child for such reasons. I’ve been in so many situations where a parent would be risking losing job, and be at risk for being kicked out of a living situation, etc. if they came to the school to address situations that, for some, are a daily issue for a while. I don’t blame any one individual for these situations, we are all responsible for taking care of each other.

  644. Mike says:


    I sympathize with your situation, but it hardly applies to this particular incident. The reason being is that you have taken considerable measures to accomodate your son’s issues. The mother in question here did not, and even worse, told the school not to touch her daughter no matter what.

    I think part of the problem though are some of things you suggest.

    I’m sorry but if someone walks up and grabs something out of your hand, wouldn’t you be upset.

    This wasn’t just someone, it was her teacher! She has no right to go off, the girl wasn’t behaving, what exactly should the teacher have done? Kids are their to learn and part of that learning should be the respect of authority and the respect of others around you, this should include responsibility for your actions. Which leads me to something else you said:

    Kids need adults to treat them properly and individually (hard thing to do).

    What does that mean exactly, especially with what happened in this incident? What did the teachers do wrong? Also, kids are not our equals, I’m sorry but it’s true, and they should not be treated as such. Kids need to learn from adults, if they are our equals than who are they learning from? I may be missing your point of your statement, and if so I apologize.

    Also, in my opinion there is too much diagnosing of behavioral problems and medicating of children going on today. That is not to say that what was done with your son was wrong, it certainly sounds like he is correctly diagnosed. I know as far as my daughter goes, I would rather her get handcuffed first and possibly learn from her mistakes, than have her medicated.

    Back to this particular mother and child from Florida. As mentioned here, she was on A Current Affair and was filmed going around New York with her daughter. I didn’t see it, but the mere thought of her publicizing this event in such a way irritates the hell out of me. This should put this whole episode in perspective for all of us. This woman is despicable that she would essentially use her 5 year old daughter as a prop for a tabloid TV show. She does not deserve anyone’s sympathy or money from a lawsuit, she needs a good a**-kicking herself because her 5 year old certainly hasn’t learned anything from all this.

  645. Michelle says:

    Lori: I agree that parents need to be accountable for their children.
    From January to March I was at my son’s school almost every other day (he was suspended every other day). I had to leave work at least two hours each time. I am always worried that I may lose my job, being single and the only source of income for three kids, I can see why other parents may not be able to leave – one day I couldn’t I was at the doctor with my sick three year old – thankfully the teachers dealt with it. I have been told by the school, counselors, and psychologists, that they appreciate the support and that they wish more parents were more involved. I don’t understand that, I carried that child for nine months, gave birth to him, he is my responsibility, others I guess don’t take that responsibility as seriously. Luckily where I work now is not as intense as other places I have been and is the reason I changed employers. I have seen my son restrained (CPI restraint – the teachers are trained on this so no one gets hurt) numerous times, it’s sad it kills me inside to see my son like that, but when I get there and I ask them to let him up and he starts to go after them, I step in and I physically control him and am able to deal with it differently (without restraining, hitting, etc.) at the same time reinforcing that they did what they had to and that he knows he is not to hurt anyone. Having him barely get by in regular school for two years, him having been kicked out of daycares, I wish I could stay home with him, but reality doesn’t let me. I agree many people (with or without $) out there have children that are out of control and are not as involved as they should be, I call it being selfish – I agree with you Lori, I choose to parent first then after that try to enjoy the luxuries in life. Although, the problem is we can’t make everyone feel or act the way we do, so we need to take care of each other – the reason for social programs.

    Laughingcenter: I also agree that society does have its responsibility too.

    I have been blessed with patience and understanding, and am lucky to have schools, employers and people who even if they don’t understand, most try to. A child should be taught right from wrong (not just punished), but I think a lot of people are too quick to say it’s the parent’s fault.


    Yes I do attend to my child, discipline him, over 4 years of therapy, etc. Though, this has not fully helped. My son has done fine in some daycare situations (where the adult was not condescending, yelling, mean, and didn’t have the idea that she was the adult and he was the child so what I do is right and what you do is wrong).

    What I mean about treating kids appropriately and individually.
    Appropriately – we do need to teach kids respect, but we need to treat children with respect also, treat others as you want to be treated, you said it yourself they learn from us, so when we spank them they learn to hit, when we grab things from them they grab from others.

    Individually – well I wasn’t born to think this way, I did spank my first child when I felt he needed it, he didn’t need much discipline and even now at 15 doesn’t, and spanking and scolding worked with him as it does with my third child. But let me tell you, with my second I’ve tried everything wholeheartedly, and not much seems to work, he knows right from wrong, just ask him, after he rages he feels horrible, wants to kill himself, etc. I have to use different approaches with him, not many adults are able to comprehend this, and this is a learned behavior for me too. It’s not easy, it’s a lot of work, especially for adults to grasp that typical discipline does not work for this individual. When he’s is out of my sight, I pray that whomever is in charge is capable of some creative ways to deal with his behavior and is not tired or frustrated with him.

    I reached out for help years ago, hoping someone would hear me, so my child does not hurt someone someday. Well he has and he will probably continue, the world is harsh, there isn’t fairness and he will have a rough time, again I am worried about others that come across him. I have not nor will not give up on him. I did not believe in medication till I had to deal with this for this long and realized it wasnt behavioral and the world will not deal with him the way I do, this is the only way he can cope and get through life. Mind you he is extremely intelligent, I’m talking extremely, not just my opinion either. What a waste of “a beautiful mind” if I don’t medicate him.

    Let me say until now I have not seen the whole video, and I can pin point lots of things they should have done differently. The teacher keeps saying no to the little girl, the little girl keeps saying no back, hmmmmm. The teacher’s voice is sometimes calm, but more often is demanding (calmer the better), not giving choices (hard I know), keeps saying that’s not appropriate, but I don’t hear her telling her what is appropriate (offer choices), took something from her (was it dangerous? then leave her be). Teacher says “no, we are not touching you” well yes they were, this was said to the child more than once and at one time yelled at her then she grabbed her from behind. There are adults in the background laughing, telling the child what to do (too confusing for a 5 year old to have that many people telling her what to do). I could go on, but honestly, until you live with it for as many years as I have, you won’t understand. I couldn’t finish the video, it was too upsetting. As far as the mom goes, I don’t know the past history with the school, maybe she is a lousy parent, but if not then the school and police needed a wake up call, I think a lawsuit might do it. I must say my son has done worse, way worse and the cops were called several times, never handcuffed him though they attempted to do a 51/50 on him twice, no I doubt I would ever sue anyone; I’ll probably get sued first.

    I could also go on another tangent, if morals aren’t being taught at home and they aren’t allowed in school, where are children going to learn them? Should we just handcuff them all and lock them in a room? To those of you that say yes, well that’s the problem if we don’t address it head on and learn to deal with it appropriately (differently, individually) it’s not going to go away, and may I remind you no one is perfect.

    Bottom line, anyone working with children needs to be properly trained and truly care and be able to be open to new ideas on how to deal with these situations, as a society we need to realize that not all parents are parenting and if we don’t do something about it as a society, it’s only going to get worse, and it can and will affect all of us. So to those of you who choose to vote no on something because it will increase taxes, take a second look around and decide if society really needs the $.

  646. NavyChief says:


    What’s a 51/50?


  647. Michelle says:

    From the California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150. When any person, as a result of mental disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled, a peace officer, member of the attending staff, as defined by regulation, of an evaluation facility designated by the county, designated members of a mobile crisis team provided by Section 5651.7, or other
    professional person designated by the county may, upon probable cause, take, or cause to be taken, the person into custody and place him or her in a facility designated by the county and approved by the State Department of Mental Health as a facility for 72-hour treatment and evaluation.

  648. NavyChief says:

    Thank you Michelle. Wasn’t familiar with that.

    By the way – I sincerely simpathize with you and your son. I grew up in a house where my mother was extremely agreessive and the whole family was in denial of her mental illness for most of my youth. My father had a heart attack (partly from the stress of it) when I was 16 and we (father in ICU, brother and myself) talked the doctors into admitting her. She was 5’2″ and weighed 89 lbs when she was [finally] diagnosed with manic-depression with slight psychotic tendancies. From that point in my life till now (I’m 37) I’ve learned to deal with her through the ups and downs and changes in her medications. I know how hard it is – but I got to see it and live it through the eyes of a child. I applaud you for your efforts and patience in raising your child.


  649. Lori says:

    Michelle, You are the type of parent that most should aspire to become. If only the world could live their lives ofr their children, like it should be, then society would be a whole lot better off. I think that one opinion that we differ on is the fact that the teachers hold a lot of the responsibility. Yes, they should be taught to recognize potential problems with children (Emotinal, behavioral, psychological, etc.), I do not think that they should have to deal with all of those problems on a daily basis and tailor the classroom experience for one child. My main concern is that the child with the problem should be referred to a program (or whatever) that can help him, but we should not forsake the 20 something other students in a class, so that a teacher can attend to whatever outburst the “problem” child might be having at that point. I say this with a love in my heart for children with problems, that only a mother with ONE of those “problem” or “special needs” children , could have. I look at my son, who like yours, is extremely smart. (At the age of 3 he is fascinated with presidents and knows all sorts of weird facts about each one indiviually!) I gaze at him through tear-streaked eyes during one of his uncontrollable fits, and pray that someone someday can help him. Then I look at my other two children. The “easy” ones; the laid back nature, the loving lil’ “mama’s babies,” and I can’t help but think that I don’t want their entire classroom experience bombarded with a teacher trying with all her might, to keep up with a child like my son. I believe that most teachers go into the profession with a desire to make a difference and with a love for children, but should they all be expected to learn how to deal with children like ours on a daily basis? I know that I didn’t sign up for that as a parent when I was pregnant with my son, and as much as I love him, if could go back and rewind the clock, I would have the same beautiful lil’ soul with the same beautiful lil’ mind, but I would leave his “problems” behind. Lori

  650. Look Deeper says:

    Michelle and Lori,
    I am glad to see a couple of moms on here who have kids with special needs and I appreciate the respectful and intelligent tone of your posts. I am a mom by birth to 4 children and the adoptive mom of two children with FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder)- one of them is now considered to also be affected by early onset childhood bi-polar disorder. It isn’t easy to teach these kids, but it is infinitely harder to be the parent. I have learned to be an effective advocate for my children and I will do whatever it takes to ensure that they are treated fairly at school and not punished for their disabilities.

    There are some things that teachers can easily do that would prevent many of the meltdowns that children like mine are experiencing. Many of the children with behavioral difficulties have problems DSI (dysfunction of sensory integration). The lighting in schools is usually florescent which is the last thing that kids with DSI need and the classrooms are usually very decorated with art projects hanging from the ceiling and every square inch of wall space covered. Simply addressing these areas and the issue of desk placement would minimize the problems that these kids have. Having teachers write instructions on the board or give the child with learning/behavioral disabilities an itemized list of activities for the day (pictures for younger children) or written requirements for a project or task would help those kids with CAPD (central auditory processing disorder). Providing a para-professional (aide) for students who need extra support would greatly help both the teacher and the student. I have been fighting for an aide for my son for the past 2 years and have done everything short of camping out naked wrapped in Christmas lights on the front lawn of the special ed department! My son, like your children, is very bright and when schools only consider IQ as a qualifier for services, he falls between the cracks. In my experience most people, even those in the special ed department, have not received proper training in FASD and it is up to me to educate them. I recently told them that disqualifying my son for an aide based on IQ and then sending him to the behavior room for most of the day is like telling a child with cerebral palsy that he is too smart for his wheelchair and that he can come back to the classroom when he is able to walk like everyone else.

    Lori, I understand the point you are making in your post about looking out for the majority of the kids and putting kids like ours in a “special program” but I disagree. This was done for years in our country and it only led to the isolation and abuse of some of the most vulnerable citizens. For years people with MR or other disabilities were stuck in institutions away from the rest of society. Autism, FASD, bi-polar disorder and other mental illnesses and disabilities have been around forever but society was kept in the dark because these people were either kept at home by loving parents who wanted to protect them or they were institutionalized, put in orphanages and often abused and even killed. I have an older friend, a mentor to me, whose daughter was born with severe disabilities 50 years ago and she was told by the doctor not to hold her daughter because she shouldn’t bond with her…she should simply put her in an institution and get on with her life. This friend of mine is among the great moms in our country who fought for the rights of children with special needs to have a fair and appropriate education in our country. She still has the t-shirt that she used to wear…it says “Mother from Hell!”

    Children in a classroom who do not have difficulties can benefit from being with people who are different and they can learn to respect and tolerate those differences if that attitude is modeled by the teacher. My birth children are amazingling sensitive to people who are different or vulnerable…one now works in a nursing home and one is a personal care attendent for a disabled person. This society celebrates the best and the brightest and this attitude will continue until we start teaching our children that everyone matters, everyone has a purpose, everyone has value.

    Teachers have an awesome responsiblity and it is up to us, the voters, and to the school administrators to see that they are given the support and help that they need to teach a wide variety of kids. Too often without proper resources they are forced to “teach to the middle”…meaning that only the average student is helped and those with special needs or special abilities are ignored. We need aides in the classrooms and we need programs and resources for those children who do not fall along typical lines.

    There were many mistakes made by the teachers in this video…my son would have reacted the same way that this child did. I was taught as a foster parent how to de-escalate situations and the people in this situation only escalated them. We need to have teachers and school personel properly trained so that this kind of situation never happens again. It is never OK to handcuff a 5 yr old…period. Handcuffs are for criminals, not kindergarteners.

  651. Michelle says:

    Lori, I think we do agree. By my choice, my son is in a special ed class for the emotionally disturbed, he is at a different school, with 1 teacher, three aides and only 5 kids. My son will be there until he is stable (according to the school’s standards) and slowly mainstreamed into a regular classroom, there are problems with this situation too, there are three really severe kids and so the other kids do not get their full day of learning either. I don’t think that the teacher’s solely are responsible, I think it goes above and beyond that. So, at this point I fully agree with everything Look Deeper has said, my son’s special ed teacher, bless her heart, only has a year experience as a teacher and the aides, please forgive me (although trained how to do the CPI restraint) are low paid, employees who are not there for the children. I have had to spend numerous hours teaching them how to deal with my son, this includes the principal, vice principal, and special ed director, not just on my son, but children with bipolar. Unfortunately, I can’t force them to accept his behavior as a disability, and most of the time he has an outburst it is because one of the aides addressed something he was doing the same as the lady on the video. My son does not rage at home like he does at school because I handle it differently. I am considering going back to school to get a teaching credential to work with special ed kids, or somehow in my little spare time advocate for children with special needs.

    Lori: I don’t know where you are at with your son, but it took until my son was in kindergarten for any psychologist to even listen to me, it seems they cannot properly evaluate without someone other than the parents opinion. This is why I feel the little girl should have been evaluated instead of handcuffed, unfortunately to some she deserved it, others think it was too harsh, I see it as an unfortunate step towards getting her help. I have done a lot of research over the last 4 years, and if you haven’t already you may want to look at Aspergers as a possibility for your son. I don’t know what behaviors your child displays, but Aspergers is a form of Autism and you mentioned his fascination and ability to recite facts on presidents, as I recall that was a characteristic of Aspergers.

    Look Deeper: You made my point, perfectly. I get so emotional.

    Thanks to all who understand, I appreciate the kind words, just wish more people were willing to widen their narrow minds.

  652. NavyChief says:


    I hope each and every one of you have a Wonderful Mother’s Day. Take a moment to give a hug, get a hug, or make a phone call to a mother (maybe not even your own) and let them know they are thought of and appreciated. A little effort goes a long way.


  653. Lori says:

    Michelle and Look Deeper I completely understand what y’all are saying. I agree that everyone should be treated as people, and I want all of my children to grow up appreciating all people and not just the “normal” ones. I also agree that support should be given to teachers, so that they can deal with children with any sorts of the problems we’ve mentioned. Unfortunately, the support ISN’T there; I know that it’s not a perfect world and there are major problems within the public school system, especially regarding children with special needs. I think that with the situation being what it is, I would rather my son be in a special class, and my other children not have their school day repeatedly interrupted by outbursts by children like my son. I agree that the main goal should be to “mainstream” children like my son, eventually. However, I just don’t think that it is fair to have a classroom repeatedly interupted and for 20 other children to have to tailor their classroom experience for one child. Yes, all children should learn acceptance, but not at the price of their own education. Teachers AREN’T properly prepared to deal with children with special needs, and in some instances they may not feel like they want to take on something of that proportion. I don’t fault them for that. Like I said, I love my son, but I don’t love his problems. We haven’t learned to cope yet.

    Michelle, I brought up Asperger’s with his doctors, but they don’t think that’s the problem. His psychologist is thinking it may be ODD. (That disorder sounds like something someone made up to apply to kids that nothing else fits, if you ask me!) He has just started undergoing evalutaions, and I hope we will know something soon. He is in a private preschool program (3K), and I’m surprised his teacher has been able to deal with him as well as she has. I dread going to pick him up on the days when he’s had bad mornings (didn’t want to wear that, didn’t want to eat that, etc); I never know what she’s going to tell me. She’s held her own though; I hope his 4K teacher will do as well. I just hope that we have found something out and that we are able to curb his emotions and outbursts by the time he starts kindergarten. I know it will be a whole new ball game then. — I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Lori

  654. Kris says:

    I think it is wrong to blame the parent, but I do feel it was wrong of the school. While I did not go through a similar incident, I had a child who was in Kindergarden in FL and they took her out half way through the year to accomodate other children and set them into a portable classroom. My daughter had allergies and the principal and local school board wouldn’t do anything until I had an allergy doctor prescription stating it was in her best interest to be removed from the portable classroom. The teacher, principal, and school board thought I was a mom throwing a fit, but in reality when your child comes home from a portable classroom and shows signs of allergies on a daily basis, you bet as a parent I am going to get her removed from the classroom. I am appauled at people who seem to blame the parents these days for everything, wake up people, this world is changing and our children are reacting to it in all different manners. No child should ever be handcuffed in the manner this child was. And it doesn’t matter race or color, or creed, or religion, I SAY NO CHILD!

    I have another story to tell you. My son when at age 5 was in Kindergarden at a school in Southern Virginia. They wanted to punish him by sticking him in a board meeting room, closing the door, and turning the lights out. This school went further and kept trying to insist my child was ADD or ADHD, and yet when I spoke with my child’s doctors, there was no way my child was any of this. My child is gifted. In fact he has scored the highest on the FCAT’s in the entire school in VA, FL, and the tests of in NC. If he would have scored a few points higher on the test in FL, he would have even been the highest of all the high schoolers there, and he was in middle school.

    Why is it that most of the men are saying it is the parent to blame? Where is the compassion for this child – something wqas bothering her! Wy couldn’t they of called the mother? I feel the problem is not the parent, but the society who has to get in everyone’s business. I am sure this parent is doing the best she can and doing a great job at being a parent. Who are we to judge anyone for that matter? I do also feel that the schools need to be looked at again. There are many things wrong with them and while I do not have all the answers, the problems I have also had with them makes me feel for this parent!

    How many of the above responded and didn’t have a child? How many of the above has never had a problem with the school and your child being singled out just because you have or didn’t have money? I’ve seen it, and many of you have.

    Wake up and sniff the OJ! This world is not like it was over 10 years ago, things are changing and it takes all of us to work together not apart to solve anything. Accept all people and have compassion for their needs. We need to support our children and they should come first, after all they are tomorrow’s leaders!

    I bet you if you went back to that school, and find out what happened to those teachers and principal, you might find they have left their posts!

  655. Reese says:

    I agree with that last statement! Also I wanted to add that there is a Doctor called Doris Rapp, MD of Buffalo NY who deals with kids that have reactions to foods, envirnment and more. Perhaps this child might have an allergy. Doris Rapp MD has a website and when I read it, I was shocked that kids can even be allergic to toothpaste. My daughter is allergic to watermelon and cantelope of all things, she loves them! But needless to say there are many things around us and that we eat that cause us problems, perhaps we should all look into this further for our own children’s sakes. Find out why this little girl behaved this way. I bet you will fidn it is not the parent, but perhaps an allergy or reaction to something she ate, touched, was near, or whatever.

    No child should be put in handcuffs, and this reaction from the school was very wrong indeed. And I am not trying to judge here either, but how sad that a 5 year old was treated in this manner.

    As far as the portable classroom issue, I have heard of this too. Mold is on the classrooms and inside them. A friend of mine had a child in Tampa FL elementary school and they had about 11 classrooms covered with mold. She brought it up to the school board and even has pictures. She still wonders if she should go to the media on this. Something needs to be done. Of course money is always the issue now isn’t it?

    Oh well, maybe it is better in the countryside, versus the city. At least I have found it so with my children.

    I like that sniff the OJ! Come on people wake up and sniff the OJ!

  656. Vonne says:

    As the mother of a child, now 20, with severe allergies AND ADHD, I feel I have something to offer in this.

    Although allergies and ADHD undoubtedly cause our children to act inappropriately, we, as parents, still need to TEACH them how to act, and react in a way that is acceptable.

    My son was kicked out of three “pre-schools” before he even reached the age of 3!! From there it was down hill. Even with a very strict diet, he is allergic to dairy, popcorn, and other items, he still acted out and behaved badly.

    There was NEVER a time his father or I didnt go to get him when called by a school. There was NEVER a time my child was not made to suffer the consequences of his behavior. There was NEVER a time we blamed the schools, teachers or environment for the consequences he suffered from his behavior.

    You say, wake up and smell the OJ. I say WAKE UP and take responsibility for your children, regardless of why they behave as they do. We brought them in to this world, and as GOOD parents we have to instill in them boundaries, and consequences for crossed boundaries. When we do not do this, our children suffer.. as this 5 year old did who was handcuffed.

    Granted, troubled children may not always be in control of their actions or reactions, but as parents we can not use their “issues” as excuses for bad behavior.

    My son, even today, knows if he crosses boundaries HE, and only HE, is responsible for the consequences of his actions. Not his father, not me and certainly not the official at the college he attends.

    So.. wake up and get real.. take responsibility.

  657. Lori says:

    Great post Vonne, ‘nough said.

  658. Mike says:

    Kris and Reese, you need to wake up and smell the facts of this case!!!

    Kris, the mother was called, she said she couldn’t come down to later. The mother also explicitly warned the school not to touch her child. Also, the child lost control when she continued doing something the teacher thought was dangerous during an exercise with jelly beans (inside of jars) and the teacher took away her jar.

    Come now, allergies??? In this instance?? Read the news stories before you start apologizing for some idiot parent who doesn’t explain to her child the difference between good and bad behavior.

    Vonne, great post, well stated. Personal responsibility should be taught at the earliest sign of cognitive reasoning from a child. Searching for other reasons just justifies the behavior.

  659. Vonne says:

    Well, I think that is a big problem we face today… Some parents seem to posess NO cognitive reasoning. Perhaps their parents never taught them. Really is sad to see how many people blame others and shuck responsibility, blaming one affliction or another. Perhaps because I am older, (50), I was taught to OWN what I do and say. In turn I taught my children the same thing.

    Even with my one son’s “issues” he is one of the most responsible people I know. He doesn’t always make the best choices, but he OWNS them and never blames anyone else or his problems for poor judement. His ADHD has not gone away, nor has his allergies to food, and as an adult he struggles mor than I like to see, but I can say he is truly one of the finest young men I know. Not because he is my son, but because his father and I instilled in him self-reliance, respect and responsibility. He has always been taught right from wrong, and acts accordingly. If more parents would not only do this, but teach their kids to behave in this manner, the world certainly be a better place.

  660. MeanMommy says:

    Hmm, Well, one thing for sure, the kid will probably never act up like that again. I was arrested for shoplifting when I was 8 yrs old, and it didn’t traumatize me. I knew what I did was wrong. BFD! The kid will get over it. I totally blame the parent for this one though, ADD/ ADHD is no excuse. If I got a call at work or wherever I am that my kid was acting up like that – I’m out of there. I don’t care what consequences are that await me for leaving my job for a family emergency. Also, it was apparent that this child had problems with the police before. The cop asks the child when he comes in, “Do you remember me?”. So, the parent should have taken some responsibility ahead of time and had an action plan should the matter arise again. Whether it was appropriate or not? Probably not. A waste of tax dollars, but if you don’t want the schools to take these matters into their hands, you can always homeschool, or establish your rules ahead of time. I’d make sure the teachers have my contact info, and a backups info should this kind of thing happen. When you have a good relationship with your child’s teachers, (WEEKLY or DAILY communication) – a phone call should do the trick. The situation that it escalated into could have been completely prevented. I think suing is not a valid action, I’m hoping this will encourage parents to start getting busy laying down some rules and expectations with your child’s teacher. And hey, if your kid’s a brat, and you know that, and you send your kid to school w/o saying so, expect some difficulties. Not fair to your kids either. I think parents need boot camp. Can you say “doormat?”

  661. Vaughn says:

    I was raised in the South, and do you know what would have happened to me if I behaved like that child? First the teacher would have blistered my butt with a paddle. Then when I got home, my mom would have whipped my penis with a switch. Yes, I would have been sore front and back. But I would never have behaved like that because I was disciplined.

  662. realmom says:

    Now days the schools discipline measures are so very limited, you can barely verbally reprimand children, let alone physically handle them. everyone keeps saying that the teachers need more training to deal with the children like that, but how do you train for situations like that within limitations of the law? You can’t touch the child,and you most definetly better watch what you say. I think the teacher and principal were very professional with this child, they could have very easily lost their patience and snatched her up to whoop her ass, God knows I probably would have. The truth is that the mother is to blame for the lack of discipline of this child. And I find something wrong with the fact that the mother wasn’t able to get off work to come get her child, but she was able to get out of work to appear on Good Morning America a few days later? There is something definetly wrong with that picture, that is a clear indication that her priorities are mixed up. I can’t believe she has the nerve to shift blame here, she doesn’t disipline teh child at home and then wants to send her to school for them to deal with. When a child acts out like that it takes away from the instruction of the other children, that classroom had to be cleared because of this little girl’s tantrum. If one of my children was in that class, I would be ready to sue the mom , because her bad ass daughter does not have the right to take away from instruction time of the other children. She needs to accept her responsibility for her lack of parenting skills, and sending her to another school is not going to change the fact that this child has a behavior problem, you can only shift them around to different schools so many times, what will she do then. She needs to teach that child right from wrong and make her realize that she will not always have her way where ever it is that she goes. As far as the handcuffs are concerned, I am not sure how I feel about that, from what I saw they were not rough with the girl and she didn’t appear to be hurt. I don’t thinkshe wil be traumatized, the bottom line is that we as parents need to disipline our children so that they know and understand the consequences of their actions, one day these undisiplined children wil be adults and they will not know or understand the consequences of their action if they are not taught as children.

  663. brenda says:


    Did anyone ever stop to think if this child has some underlying developmental issue? Children with sensory issues or mild autistic issues can have major temper tantrums and no one—including a loving mother or well-intentioned teacher can often predict what will set the child off or control it. I’d hate to be in schools with some of you and your kids and ways of thinking. If a kid is “misbehaving” it is not always the teacher or parents fault—the child may have regulation issues.


  664. John says:

    You people who think its the parents fault are fucking idiots…what the fuck is going on through your fucking minds you fucking assholes…..If this is how America is going to turn out…a LITTLE CHILD THE AGE OF 5 misbehaves she gets arrested….then screw Future america…I definetly do not want fucking retards like you guys..having ANY power what so ever….honestly…what the fuck is going on in your guys fucking mind?!?!? You people are sick…Open your FUCKING EYES!!!!!!! like the person above that said about the kid having some problems…hes right…if she had some kind of problem and everything you dont want to fucking beat the child because she did something wrong…you definetly dont want to fucking arrest a FUCKING 5 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!! WHAT THE FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!! You people are seriously some of the most fucking stupid people i ever could think of… What the fuck….some 5 yr old girl throws a fit because some teacher took away some damn jelly beans…so the fucking principal or teacher calls the fucking cops?!?! That is just fucked up in EVERY way possible…and for you people who think that was the right thing to do then i just have to say…FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLES GROW UP DICKHEADS!!!!!!.. to you asshole….Hopefully one day you bitches will understand how fucking wrong it is to arrest a little FUCKING girl because she throws a fit at school…and for those who never will understand how fucking wrong that is…i pray that your afterlife in hell will go well bastards…. What the school did is wrong the parents should sue those bitches till all there money is gone…See how our public schools are turning out now? Those mother fuckers dont care who is the teacher or anything there just like oh you look ok..your hired…and fuck some little kid throws a tantrum…WHAT THE FUCK SHE IS ONLY FUCKING 5 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!! SHE ISNT OLD ENOUGH TO GRASP THE CONCEPT OF WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG YET…YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!! Screw the public school systems now if there going to be like this…Fucking dont know shit about anything…And to all those people who say yea if my kid acted like that im gonna beat the shit outta them when they get home..FUCK YOU BITCHES!!! NO YOU FUCKING WONT!!! and if you do…later you will feel like a total ass just as you are….And to those who think its might be but i doubt it…public school systems are just fucked up nowadays…And those who say back in my day i would get the shit beaten outta me if i misbehaved..WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT BACK IN YOUR FUCKING DAY..THIS IS NOW…GET THE FUCK OVER IT BITCHES!!!!!!!!!Bah you fucking americans who think this was right are just bitch ass mother fuckers who need to fucking die dickheads….

  665. DOUG says:


  666. concerned human says:

    Congratulations to everybody in their postings, comments, observations, knowledge, insight and deep wisdom. I really enjoyed and learned a great deal from each word you wrote. Remember happines is within us through God in ourselves.

  667. Auth. Floet says:

    I would like to see a white child treated in this manner! This little girl did nothing even comparable to what little white deranged, psychopathic kids do on the day to day. How about the little white boys screaming like monkeys, throwing items across rooms, running through the class slapping other students and then banging his head into walls and on the floor. Or little white girls having fits because the teacher won’t give her some attention and goes into a rage by pulling her hair and other little girls hair and then forcing herself to vomit! Yes these are actual events that I have witnessed. Sounds like a normal typical white outburst I guess, but you’ll never see the police called to intervene and send him/her to the mental institution where he/her belongs. Instead he’ll get a hug and his parents will be called. They will also be comforted and not scorned. And it will end in a lovely day. That child will grow up to probably kill his wife or bury people in his backyard and I can’t even say what the little girls future looks like.
    But instead we use color as a tool to mistreat others children and the law is in favor because it assist them in destroying black children while they are young, so they can have more criminals. Good job America!

  668. Joyce says:

    There is a difference beetween punishment and discipline as few people seem to know. That whole episode could haae been handled differently. preventing it from esculating completely out of hand as it did. Was taking the jelly beans away from the child necessary because she was acting “silly”. I would like to know just what “silly” actually meant. The act of taking awawy the jelly beans created resistence. Resistence creates resistense a principle of life. Teachers need to be trained to know this difference. If you want to know the differnce, and don’t laugh, watch the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. He is teaching people this difference and that love without discipline does not work, nor does punishment as a substitute for discipline. He demonstrates how calm assertive discipline changes negative or undesirable behavioor into a positive state of mind. He does it before it esulates by remaining calm and assertive. No teacher should ever be allowed to backhand a child. There are much more effective tools to deal with this kind of sitution. We have enough violence already in the world, we don’t need to keep it going. Spare the discipline and spoil the child would be more appropriate, not spare the rod and spoil the child. More harm has been done with this ignorant notion. We need to learn this major difference between punishment and calm assertive discipline and when it should be applied. Is there anyone out there who knows and understands this difference and how to apply the knowledge?

  669. Britney says:

    I thought that this artcle was very unexperienced because the little girl was 5 years old in is just starting out in school and jennifer piles the teacher has been ateacher for 15 years and can’t handle a simple situation i feel like you should under stand that just becuase the news betrayed her as some wild animal that poeple should think its okay to label a 5 year old girl as a threat to society its a shame that you guys didnt put in your article when the police came they had asked a teacher didnt they call the parents and the teacher said 45 minutes ago so they had not had permission to hancuff her child the just had a problem with the mother before and also handcuffs dont fit 5 year olds you cant get handcuffs at disnet land or off an ice cream truck so think real hard if your the best person to writing on such a subject you really didnt look into like you should have.

  670. Jessica says:

    Those teachers are NOT getting paid to raise lazy welfare parents kids. I think they did the right thing. If you think you’d handle it differntly then HOW???? She’s damaging property. Kids like that are the ones who become drug users and shoot people. Children learn hitting from PARENTS not teachers. Get a reality check that little girl NEEDS disipline aparently she’s well past time outs.

  671. Jennifer says:

    I am appalled by some of the comments I’ve seen here. First of all this is a 5 year old CHILD! 5 year old children throw temper tantrums, break things when they don’t get their way and generally have meltdowns when they don’t get something they want. To say this is the mothers fault is beyond ridiculous but totally untrue! The fact of the matter, our precious Government has taken the control OUT of the parents hands period! You do something they don’t like, you’ll get arrested or your children taken away from you. The mother probably tried all the “child governess actions” our precious Government (CPS, DHS etc…) wanted her to do and it’s obviously not working. Someone said a child learns hitting form their parents? That’s a load! We were all born with aggression, and to release that aggression we hit, bit, kick, punch and cause general mayhem! Our parents try to teach us what society says is not correct behavior. But once again if you have a Government official telling you time out is better (but it doesn’t work) and a spanking is bad (but it does work), then obviously, they have no freaking clue as to how to control the behavior of any child. What works for one child may well NOT work for another! To arrest a child who’s barely out of diapers is utterly ridiculous, and ludicrous at best! I’m completely sickened by the complete lack of brains I read regarding the school, and the police as well! As for the teachers not being paid to raise these children, well, tell the Government to back the heck off of the parents, and then the parents can actually DO their job without the worry of themselves possibly being arrested for corporal punishment! Good lord, raising kids in society today is like playing dodge ball with cars! Too many idiots telling you how to raise them, and not letting you do it yourself! UGGGGGGGGGGG

  672. atticus182 says:

    kinda funny. its not a big deal. teacher needs to find alternative and parent needs to be a better parent.. end of story. no need to make a big deal that isnt

  673. Bookworm says:

    Teachers are allowed to restrain students, it’s ridiculous to act like they’re not. And even if they feel like they can’t touch them, that’s what school security is for. Grabbing her wrists and restraining her would have been more than enough to stop her. Don’t try to defend the teachers by saying ‘Oh, they can’t touch her so they did the best they could.’ That’s nonsense. So much of this feels like it was obviously led by the fact that the girl is Black. Have to call the cops of the out of control Black child. If a White child had had a similar tantrum, and you can’t tell me that they haven’t because tantrums of this nature are a norm in children this age, would they have called the cops? They haven’t before have they?

    “Finally the police show up and tell her to calm down and behave. She refuses, so the cops pull her up out of the chair where she’s sulking and handcuff her. This is the first time the kid begins to whine and howl like she’s being murdered. Typical young child being a drama llama. Wow, actual consequences for her actions! No wonder she’s pissed.”

    She was sitting in a chair, sulking. Sitting in a chair sulking would be considered behaving, moron. As for her screaming, would you not if you have 3 people twice your size yanking your arms back behind your back and arresting you. This is not a typical young child being dramatic, it’s a child being justifiably frightened at 3 large adults putting her into an uncomfortable position and handcuffing her. You’ve shown your stupidity quite clearly here. I leave you with a quote by Lincoln: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

    While the child did deserve punishment, children need to know that tantrums won’t be tolerated, this was beyond excessive and honestly probably didn’t teach her a damn thing.

  674. Bookworm says:

    And can I add, any parents who are claiming this is anything beyond a normal tantrum are obvious unintelligent AND are affected by the girls race. I’ve been in TWO different human development classes, and multiple psychology classes. My mother is trained Social Worker with a Specialist’s degree in Social Work and has dealt with kids with REAL emotional issues. This was a temper tantrum, one that all young children have. And any parent on here claiming that their child has NEVER had a similar tantrum. Unless you have the most freakishly well-behaved child in the world, You Are A Liar. I will say that straight out, you are lying.

  675. Bookworm says:

    And all the people insistent that race did play a factor, including the Black people, in this are living in delusion. I love how people act like Black people are incapable of being racist again their own. Unfortunately there are many Blacks who act worse towards their own race than ever Whites. Such as the boy who was sent to boot camp and murdered. One of the guards that beat him to death was Black.

    My mom has worked in the school system for almost 20 years, before that she worked for DCS. In all her time in the schools, I’ve heard multiple stories from her of the disproportionate treatment of Black kids vs. White kids. My friend’s little brother threatened people with a knife, they didn’t call the cops for him and he’s White. They just made a note in his file, he wasn’t even suspended. A Black child brought a knife to school to cut a cake and was suspended. As much as you people might like to fool yourselves, race is a factor and will always be a factor until you people stop refusing to acknowledge it.

  676. Merwin Haight Jr says:

    I feel the school acted in the right way, regardless of skin color. If this child is the product of 5yrs parental direction from her mother/ parents/family what is the home life like? Has the mother looked at her self and asked for help? Has the mother asked for help with her child? Is it a new thing that has come to the eyes of the family that they have a real problem with this child.
    When the school system is operating as a care giver & instructor they should be given the rights to teach at all levels including discipline, with out lawsuits and charges.
    If the child has a “melt down” the teacher/ principle should be allowed to touch the child make them sit without legal recourse.
    What will be the next level of ” Melt Down” wow I did this and mommy got money and I get special treatment. Due to the mother’s actions and her lawyer this child will be tagged in the system and rejected by teachers & Principals. Would I allow this child in my class room NO!, do I want to risk the lashing from the mother and her lawyer NO! Would I risk my career as a teacher NO! The mother needs help, the child needs help, they do no need a lawyer (sucking for money)!
    I commend the police for the actions they took, they acted in the interest of the public (the school, staff & other students).
    They child should be allowed to return to school with conditions placed on her and the mother! And get rid of the money sucking lawyer!!!!!! Skin color is not an issue here it is discipline!!!!!!! I support the school’s actions & the police action’s!!!

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