Today is the Third Annual Eat An Animal For PETA Day:

The day that started as a reaction to one of the most offensive PETA ad campaigns ever is now an annual event (joined by many others). Why? Because there are still plenty of offensive PETA campaigns to get annoyed about, whether or not they’re using Jews (and let’s not even talk about their lies regarding the kosher slaughterhouse in Iowa). So, because we’ve had such a good time for the past two years, once again, I urge you all to have a fun, meat-filled day on March 15th, the official International Eat an Animal for PETA Day.

Meryl Yourish is apparently responsible for this idea, originally in response to a particularly offensive PETA ad campaign in which eating meat was compared to the Holocaust.

I wholly approve of Yourish’s response. Kyle and I intend to be having steak tonight. So take a moment today to appreciate whatever meat you have, and consider patronizing your favorite local steakhouse.

Update: Back from the restaurant. Total count was five animals: one filet, one prime rib, two sets of crab legs and a plate of buffalo wings. I love being an omnivore. Thanks, PETA!

3 Responses to “Eat An Animal For PETA Day”
  1. triticale says:

    Five animals? On the one hand, the filet and the prime rib could have come from the same cow, and on the other hand, I think it takes several buffalo to produce enough wings to fill a plate.

  2. Anne Haight says:

    several buffalo to produce enough wings to fill a plate.

    Er, actually I think it takes 0 buffalo, considering that they’re chicken wings and they come from chickens.

    But yes, there probably were many more than 5 animals involved in the creation of our meal.

  3. John says:

    No, I think triticale is right. At two wings per buffalo, it would take several Or maybe each buffalo has four wings, like a fly. My great-granddaddy used to tell me of seing flocks of buffalo gliding high over the prairie…

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