I see in the news today that Mary Kay Letourneau and her boyfriend, Vili Fualaau are engaged to be married. You may remember them as the couple from the “34-year-old teacher rapes 12-year-old student, goes to jail, caught screwing him again in a car after being released, now has 2 kids by him” news story of a few years ago.

They have both insisted the whole time that they are in love. The boy doesn’t view himself as a victim. Apparently the boy’s family is okay with this development. He is now 22 and she is 43. They have a bridal registry at Macy’s, and that gave rise to a comment from “Almighty” on Fark:

“I’m sorry, but any union that would produce dishes that ugly cannot be natural. I mean come on people, green and yellow?”

The dishes in question:

I have to agree that they’re awful.

I’ve never been entirely sure what to think of this entire situation. It initially seemed like a pretty straightforward child rape case. But the fact that they have stuck together, even through Letourneau’s prison sentence, leads to only two possible conclusions. Either they really are in love, or they’re both mentally ill. Possibly both.

Letourneau was married and already had kids at the time she began molesting Vili. Her husband divorced her more or less immediately after her crimes became known, and if I recall correctly, he was completely disgusted by the whole thing (not that I blame him). I feel sorry for her 6 kids caught up in this whole mess. The 2 that Vili fathered were raised by his mother. The 4 from her first marriage are estranged from her, probably at their father’s insistence. All 6 of them are going to be in therapy for a while.

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