Lately it has become chic for women to wear jeans with rips, holes, and worn spots on them. This has resulted in a challenge for me, because it’s already difficult for me to find jeans that fit well. But now there’s the added obstacle of finding some jeans that actually look new, and not like they’ve been washed 500,000 times, run over by a truck repeatedly, and savaged by wild dogs.

Old Navy is a good place to find these worn jeans. To their credit, they also don’t charge much for them, either.

But there is the other end of this spectrum. The jeans pictured below are “Chip and Pepper” brand. They cost $178.00 at Nordstrom. No, that’s not a typo. One hundred and seventy-eight dollars.

This strikes me as something akin to lottery tickets; a stupid tax. Only for jeans, it’s a tax on the stupid rich instead of the stupid poor. I can’t tell the difference between these jeans and the $19.99 ones available at Old Navy. Do people really think that these are somehow “better” because they cost $178 and came from Nordstrom?

Of course, the whole “trailer trash/unwashed hippie” look is very popular for some reason. I truly fail to understand this. Perhaps it’s a manifestation of rich liberal chic? They’re actually affluent but trying to look like the downtrodden proletariat, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a K-Mart?

2 Responses to “You Have to Be Rich to Look This Trashy”
  1. Alessandra says:

    You nailed it. It´s like swearing. Having a diarrhea mouth and trashy clothes makes this generation think it has style.

  2. Anne Haight says:

    Yes, the trash-mouth is another thing. They need only to open their pie hole to reveal to the entire world how classless and ignorant they are. Wow, I’m so edgy because I said “fuck” to my mother’s face and called my teacher a “bitch”.

    Yeah, kid, you’re so avant garde I’m blinded by it. You’re the first person in the history of the world to rebel against authority by using vulgar words and refusing to obey rules.

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