Once again we have a story about dumbass animal rights people releasing farm-raised animals into the wild.

In this case, they are domestic mink, bred for the usual use of mink (which is to become fur coats.) The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the release of about 10,000 domestic mink from the Roesler Brothers Fur Farm in Washington State. Most of the escaped mink were recaptured or died of thirst and/or encounters with cars. About 1,000 are estimated to still be on the loose.

But the remainder have been raining catastrophe down on the region’s other livestock and native animals. Thousands of dollars worth of rare chickens, ducks, pet cats, and other creatures have been slain by the mink. In many cases this loss is a blow to the livelihood of the owner. If the surviving mink breed, they will overwhelm the local ecology and cause a crash in populations of local small mammals and birds, in addition to livestock damage.

Once again, this proves that animal rights people like the ALF don’t really give a shit about the welfare of animals, either the ones they release or anyone else’s. These domestic mink cannot survive in the wild, according to the people who raise them, a claim which is evidenced by the fact that so many of the 10,000 died or were trapped almost immediately upon being freed.

ALF naturally asserts that the mink can survive in the wild, in spite of the word of experts and obvious proof to the contrary. The farm mink were destined for death, of course, but that makes them no different from any other living thing. At least the mink were being well cared for and comfortable during life, as it is necessary for the quality of their furs.

But by freeing them into an unfamiliar environment in which they are not able to fend for themselves, ALF doomed most of these poor creatures to an agonizing death of thirst, starvation, or being run over by cars. The few survivors have killed other animals, including those owned by people who depend on them for income.

Oh, silly me. ALF doesn’t care about the livelihood or welfare of human beings. We don’t count.

Or, perhaps, that was the point of this exercise. Perhaps ALF’s goal was not the welfare and comfort of animals, the mink or otherwise, but rather the harm to the lives of humans. A punishment for the evils of keeping livestock for profit, even if it’s just for the green eggs a rare goose lays.

Whatever the purpose, these people are either malicious or stupid, neither of which can be excused.

I haven’t bothered to point out that the mink are private property owned by the Roesler Brothers Fur Farm, and that their release constitutes a variety of crimes such as trespassing, burglary, and vandalism. That’s self-evident and I won’t go into property rights here.

I hope the FBI finds their asses quickly.

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  1. Kyle Haight says:

    I’ve found that the behavior of domestic leftist terrorist groups like the ALF and ELF makes more sense if you assume that their actions are motivated more by a nihilistic desire to damage human beings than to protect their ostensible objects of concern. This is particularly true of instances like this story. It doesn’t matter that the vast majority of the mink died frightened, starving, or violently. What matters is that their deaths did not benefit people in any way — it served no human purpose.

  2. Russ Lemley says:

    I can’t remember a time when the FBI had a press conference announcing the arrest of an ALF/ELF-type terrorist. I use the t-word intentionally. I don’t know if it’s because those folks are slippery, or what. But I’m concerned that they think that they can get away with it because they haven’t been caught.

    What really galls me about them is their criminal belief that it’s ok to trash the property of those who carry out activities they detest. I wonder if they would feel the same way if someone thrashed an ALF/ELF office, not that I’m advocating that.

  3. skirwin says:

    The Earth Liberation Front torched a LA Hummer dealership recently. The fire destroyed a warehouse and several SUVs including H2s. Slogans written in large letters on the sides and hoods of the vehicles included “I (heart) Pollution,” “American Wastefullness” and “Fat, Lazy, Americans.”

    Money Quote:
    From Rick Genovese, fire marshal for West Covina (township in LA):
    “There’s a lot more pollutants from the fire than the vehicles would pollute during their lifetime,” he said. “There’s hundreds of tons of pollutants that were spilled off.”

  4. Anne Haight says:

    Skirwin, that incident supports the theory that the motive of such terrorists is not the welfare of the Earth, but the punishment of humans. Sure, the burning Hummers polluted the atmosphere, but at least that way no people got to enjoy driving them or profiting from their sale!

  5. Anonymous says:

    There have only been 2 news clips that I enjoyed that envolved these terrorist.One being the woman that got run over by a coast gaurd boat while she was trying to head off a native american whaling boat on her jet ski. If anyone on this planet shows respect for nature its the native americans.But the ALF harasses them also.The other news clip I enjoy is the terrorist that was killed by one of the animals they were releasing.People need to ban together and strike back after every offense made by these fruitloops.They cry about the pollution from mink manure to SUVS but yet none of them are living the lifestyle of an amish men or a bushmen. The vegans claim how much better the world is because of them but dont question how many chemicals it takes to raise a decent crop. If ALF are so concerned about the cramped living conditions of the mink why dont they bat an eye when 15 mexicans live in a shack just so they can pick the veggies they eat and its a well known fact that the ALF are vegans.

  6. Bryan H. says:

    I am leader of the Animal Defence Force, a native of county Laois, Ireland. I count myself an Animal Lover and Protecter.
    But, Lat year in my a Fur farm outside the Portlaoise was raided by the ALF, they set free 1000 minks that are now causing problems ofr the local community. Its about time the ALF would show some care. My Organisation has suffered in regards to this. I think burning down car dealships has NOTHING got to do with animal rights!

  7. Anne Haight says:


    That’s because you actually seem to give a damn about the animals. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am actually very much in favor of humane treatment of animals. We should not cause them to suffer unnecessarily. However, I think it’s ok to eat them, and make things from their fur and skin. But there are humane methods of slaughter that we could be practicing better than we do.

    I approve of using animals for scientific research in cases where that research is important. Testing whether eye shadow irritates a rabbit’s eye doesn’t qualify as “important” in my book — but I also would not make such testing illegal.

    Animals do not have rights the way people have rights. They are property and should be able to be used as such. But we should also extend compassion to them, and be thankful for the benefits they provide us both in life and in death. This is only right, considering that it’s part of the natural order of things.

    But I cannot and will not support a movement that demonizes human beings, and seeks to “protect” animals at the expense of human civilization (and in many cases, human life and safety).

    PETA makes people like me look bad. I am not a heartless animal murderer who gets her jollies by torturing animals to death and then eating them while donning a coat of their bloody pelts.

    I’m just an average person who likes to eat meat and wear leather. It’s normal for humans to eat meat. Our bodies are designed for it, and we even require certain proteins that are typically only found in sufficient quantities in meat.

    It would be wasteful to not use as much of the animal as possible, so I see no particuarly reason to avoid using the skin as well, and any other part of the carcass that might yield something useful.

  8. Bigboy says:

    I think the ALF is absolutely insane. They are willing to do incredibly stupid things to save a few f***ing chickens. How pathetic can you get? Obviously if you are going to freak out about me eating a ham sandwhich you need to commit yourself to a psychiatric hospital.

  9. BS Detector says:

    I guess they aren’t so fucked up that they can avoid getting caught. Besides a few minor arrests, most actions remain unsolved despite huge amounts of Law Enforcement resources. Gosh, what would happen if REAL terrorists were in the US. We’d be in trouble then, eh ? Oh, wait, we are. Laughable ignorant fools, the lot of you.

    It’s interesting that so many of you are concerned about the animals when they are hurt in a rescue but not when you eat or wear them or the myriad other ways your lifestyles abuse and torture them. And you are so damn pro-human except for your schadenfreude when activists get killed. Hypocrites, the lot of you.

  10. jonathan says:

    I have never read such a sorry load of capitalist propaganda going by the name of free thinking in my life!Are you people sponsored by the fur trade or is Anne editing these comments?Mink are kept in tiny cages 4 to cage.They have no room to sit or stand comfotably,they are then gassed,electrocuted or strangled.I keep ferrets and there inteligence and personalitys mean I love them greatly,yes I admit with greater feeling than most human beings who I suppose are higher up the exploitation hierarchy under their supposed higher inteligence,Im not sure that that theory of higher inteligence and false ranking from that is deserved.Is inteligence a good argument from a philosophical point of view for right to exploit?I dont see the connection.

    Finaly you swallow the mink farmers lie that they cant survive in the wild yet a 1000 did quite successfuly ,I give the depletion of local livestock as proof.Death comes to us all,suffering and exploitation though is not natural.

  11. Jamie says:

    I sell Rabbit Cages for a living and i read somewhere about Armani not going the fur trade route mainly because of incidents like this.

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