Last week Bush’s nominee for head of DHS, Bernard Kerik, withdrew his name from consideration, citing “nanny problems” as the cause.

Now it comes out that Kerik was having an extramaritial affair as well. Actually, two affairs at the same time. Oh, and he was under investigation for accepting gifts without proper disclosure. And he may have connections to a construction company with alleged mob ties.

At this rate, I expect that by next week we’ll learn that Kerik kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, murdered Ron Goldman and was the real captain of the Exxon Valdez.

More seriously, though, I thought last week that the “nanny problem” was kind of a thin reed on which to hang a withdrawal. Now I wonder if Kerik was trying to head off the discovery of these other, more problematic revelations. A pity — based purely on his background, Kerik seemed like an excellent choice for the job. Now it’s back to the drawing board.

Joe Liberman, anybody?

2 Responses to “Great Choice, George…”
  1. Anne Haight says:

    Oh good grief. I thought the “nanny” excuse sounded pretty lame, too. But I didn’t expect the truth to be this, um, ugly. Isn’t there someone on Bush’s staff whose job it is to investigate this kind of thing before they go public with nominees?

  2. Kyle Haight says:

    You’d like to think so. I get the impression that Kerik gave them some kind of preliminary assurances that he was basically clean and that the more in-depth vetting was ongoing. My initial reaction is to blame Kerik more than the Bush administration. I mean, sure, maybe he didn’t know about the nanny at first, but he damn sure knew about the affairs. How could he be so stupid as to think that wouldn’t be found out? (Although I do have to admit that, based on the photo on the story I linked, Judith Regan is pretty hot.)

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