Hypocrite of the Day Award goes to Kobe Bryant for this:

LOS ANGELES — Another Kobe conflict for the Lakers. Bryant has accused Karl Malone of making a pass at his wife at a game last month.

Bryant said he had phoned Malone, who has a home near Bryant’s in Newport Beach, after Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, told him on Nov. 23 that Malone had made inappropriate comments to her that night at Staples Center.

“The comments that he said, I don’t know any man in this room that wouldn’t be upset about that,” Bryant said in the Lakers’ locker room.

Call me crazy, but Kobe has a lot of nerve being outraged, given his history of screwing around on his wife (at least three other women, including the woman currently suing him, by his own admission). He’s out fucking other women when she’s not around, and he’s upset that somebody made a pass at her? Grow the fuck up, Kobe, and grow some balls while you’re at it. This insecure, macho bullshit is very tiresome. Karl Malone seems to have a similar view:

“Karl’s response to Kobe’s comments today is that he’s a basketball player and not a soap opera actor and he doesn’t intend to be involved in a personal soap opera,” Manley said of his client.

Translation: “Kobe’s being a drama queen and homey don’t play dat.”

Normally I don’t comment on or get involved in stupid sports celebrity scandals. But I’ve been following Kobe’s case out of curiosity to see how a high-profile “he said/she said” case might play out both in court and in the court of public opinion. He doesn’t deny having sex with her. The only issue under dispute is one of consent. My personal conclusion is that the woman is a gold digger who screwed a famous basketball player for kicks and then decided she might be able to make some money if she screamed “rape”. But I remain unimpressed by Kobe’s character.

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  1. karl says:

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  2. Computer Repair Los Angeles says:

    Let’s go Kobe! Beat Boston in 4! Show them who is the best team in the NBA!

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