Nobody who thinks the United Nations has moral credibility belongs to the “reality-based community”.

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  1. Tom says:

    Would you agree that the United Nations has about as much moral credibility as we do? It seems to me that for every UN scandal/failure to stop atrocity there are US scandals/atrocities.

  2. Kyle Haight says:

    No, I wouldn’t agree to that.

    You have to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Some obvious differences that need to be compensated for:

    – The United States has existed about four times as long as the United Nations. That’s a lot more history in which bad things can happen.

    – The United States has many more people than the United Nations. That’s a lot more people who can engage in bad things.

    Given those two facts alone, a one-to-one pairing between scandals/failures on the part of the United States and the United Nations would reflect pretty well on the United States.

    I also think the underlying premises of the United States are far superior. The United States is based on premises of individual liberty and equality before the law. The United Nations is based on a premise of moral equivalence between free nations and dictatorships. That alone, in my opinion, is enough to strip the United Nations of any significant moral authority.

  3. syn says:

    To whom is the United Nations held accountable?

  4. Kyle Haight says:

    In theory, I think the United Nations is accountable to the member nations. In practice, I don’t see them being held accountable to anyone in any significant manner. I gather there have been rumblings about the United States withholding dues if full cooperation with the Oil-For-Food scandal is not forthcoming, but that’s more of a pragmatic “what can we do” holding-to-account rather than a formal procedure.

    Just to finish the contrast, I’ll note that the United States government is accountable to the American voting public, and if it gets too far out of line with what a working majority of said public wants then the government gets changed.

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