CLAMART, France — Yasser Arafat’s French physicians are refusing to discuss his health crisis, leading to rampant speculation about the Palestinian leader’s dramatic deterioration.

This kind of situation is usually code for “he’s dead but we don’t want to cause a panic until the succession of power is sorted out”, a la Joseph Stalin.

The bastard can’t die too soon for me. He’s refused to groom a successor, which means everybody is going to be duking it out for control of his assets, and the Palestinian lands will collapse into chaos.

2 Responses to “Is Arafat Dead?”
  1. poll troll says:

    …..don’t get your hopes up about aRafat….he’s like a rubber chicken……..he keeps showin’ up somewhere………

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  2. Avenger says:

    “and the Palestinian lands will collapse into chaos”

    You mean it already isn’t?

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