A few months ago, I posted a link (which no longer works) to a story about a gas station convenience store that arranged to have police officers perform a fake burglary in order to test how employees responded. The store manager (who was not informed beforehand) was extremely traumatized by the incident, not to mention the fact that it was a stupid stunt in the first place.

Well, apparently, she’s suing the store and the City of Schuyler. You can read a recap of the original incident there.

24 Responses to “Why Some People Hate Cops: Part II”
  1. Sigivald says:

    The owners are lucky none of the employees were (against store policy, no doubt) carrying. And didn’t shoot the “robbers”.

    Concealed carry appears to be generally unlawful in Nebraska, but there’s an exception for people engaged in “lawful business” such that carrying would “justify a prudent person in carrying the weapon or weapons for the defense of his or her person, property, or family.”

    Seems to me that “gas station attendant” is very likely to meet that affirmative defense requirement.

  2. timmy says:

    cops are stupid dumb arses even in australia.
    they should be rounded up and shot. as well a catastrophising journalists pedophiles save the gay whales greenys ,fat people and people who own or work or first struck the idea of mcdonalds mcafe’ stunt. it’s all fucking swine-talk ass babble that the human race just doesn’t need. fuck nazi’s communists, sadists, masochists, terrorists and all those other inbred murdering scum that walk this warped planet.

  3. timmy says:

    It wouldn’t affect the police officers at all unless they used particularly out of character and brutal demonstrations in what might happen(a.k.a-tackling people, pointing guns in faces, swearing, taking stuff.

  4. ryan says:

    Just because they wear their nice suit and a shiny badge doesn’t mean their better than the average citizen. However, they think they are and that makes them the most arrogant pieces of crap on the face of the planet. Don’t worry folks, they will get their treatment one of these days.

  5. wver says:

    General note, i didnt get to read the story, the link doesnt work.
    It doesnt affect officer’s at all? Well since officers are held to a higher responsibility while in plain clothes as well as uniform its really hard to understand how this could be. In the first forum many things have been noted, from everywhere. I find it really hard to believe that the owner didnt know anything about it since it was ‘arranged’. In essence this entire situation is calling the officers liars since the store owner is not acknowledging this ‘arranged’ armed robbery.
    I will not deny that some officers lie, i wont deny that some are crooked, but thats only some not all. I dont judge everybody by the action of one, if i did i’d hate cops just as much as the next person.

  6. joey says:

    stupid fucking cops took my fuckin weed wut they didnt know is that i had hella stashed and they only took a ten

  7. Denise Alter says:

    No, not all people who are disgusted with cops are criminals. I’m a nice, hard-working, law-abiding property-tax paying, school-volunteering middle-aged, middle-class white mom in a small town. I work in a job where I meet the public every day. I find the cops here in general to be arrogant, condescending, threatening and rude. Many other “soccer moms” and I have discussed it, and I don’t remember a single one disagreeing with me. They expect to have their meals free at restaurants, park anywhere they darn well please, turn on their sirens and lights to avoid sitting at a red light (and don’t say they’re on their way to a disturbance – my next door neighbor is a cop, and he passed me one night with lights flashing and siren blaring, flew down our non-lit rural road at at least 15 miles over the speed limit, and was walking in his front door as I turned onto our street). Perhaps it’s because we live in south Florida. My daughter was telling her friends about another friend who lives in a huge house, has a pool, fourwheelers, etc., etc. She said “Haley’s house is so nice because her dad is a cop. That seems to be too often the case down here where political corruption and drugs are rampant. I’ve met one or two respectful cops, but I have also seen cops bully people, especially teen-agers, for no reasonable cause. Want respect? Be respectful.
    Over the summer I was at my dad’s house. We were watching a court TV show about a cop who pulled over a guy in a pickup truck for a traffic violation. The guy pulled over to the side of the road more than the average stop, and the cop took this a some kind of threat and shot an unarmed man in the face, killing him. My father is a deacon in the Catholic church. In his 75 years, I don’t know of a single run-in with the law. He was completely disgusted, and for the first time in our lives told me how much he distrusted cops.

    Who would I call if my life were in danger? Well, if I couldn’t get my husband, my dad, or my brothers, I’d call a cop. I look upon them as a necessary evil – a last resort.

  8. Hannan says:

    I fuckin hate cops.
    Plz if you would ever like to kill a cop, i will pusonally help you. Fuck these basterd. This would cannot be a safe place until the last cop exists.

    Trust me there are of no good. Have they ever helped you when you needed them, when you were in trouble or when you were robbed.

    Have they ever spared you when you were going 5 mile/hr over the posted limit.

  9. SKDC says:

    I hate cops also.

    They rape, they rob, they assault, they harrass, they torture & they humiliate people on a daily basis. They ruin lives. The worst part of it all? They get away with it!

    Of course, not ALL cops are bad, BUT, the majority are sadistic lunatics.

    I hate them so much, I don’t even consider them human, they’re inhuman. I could easily kill one with no hesitation and have no regrets whatsoever. That’s how much I hate them.

    Now a human being on the otherhand, I could never bring myself to harm a human being (unless out of self defense of course). I’ve never even gotten in a fight before, that’s how much I dislike violence…

  10. Neil says:

    cops are the biggest fuckin dirtbags in the world,they pulled me over for tailgating when i was like 3 car-lengths behind the next car,and the fuckin car was tailgating me! loser ass cops searched my car for drugs and turned it inside out also for no reason..racist ass cops can’t handle a filipino kid driving a bmw,its cool cause i’m probly fuckin his wife anyway,thats why hes such a prick,he ain’t gettin any…

  11. truelies says:

    Cops are cocksuckers, 99% of them.
    They are uneducated, power thirsty, pathetic fucks–high school drop out control freaks who could never achieve the kind of power and authority they have by any other means, such as social position, wealth, scholarship, or just plain fucking hard work.

    Cops and crooks–they need one another to justify their existence. But cops–they add to the odiousness of their being with hypocricy, stupidity, and their love of wasting tax dollars and hours.

    Fucking cops. I have yet to see a decent cop.

    I say every citizen should be able to use a radar gun and write citations to cops when they break the law, force them to appear in court and have them lose a day’s pay.

    Fuck cops.

  12. SMART says:

    I love how people who dog cops seem to think they are not discriminating assholes. for all the thousands of good cops who put on a bullet proof vest and listen to drunk idiots, pompass “taxpayers (by the way cops pay taxes too)”, and flat out lying criminal trash…..there is one stupid cop who does something wrong and BAM the news, media, and all the small minded idiots (I call them sheep) attack all cops. I sure know a lot of dumbasses in all sorts of jobs but their screw ups are not blasted on the internet. I have never posted in a forum before but I have say that to all the little piss asses in here who got a ticket (I’m sure for something they deserved) You are a bunch of fucking morons and I hope when something terrible happens to you,the cop who shows up to help you doesn’t ever find out the stupid horse shit you have bitched about on here. By the way I’m not a cop or even related to one but I have a brain and I know that none of you dumb fucks could ever do that kind of work.

    PS. to the moron who said some crap about citizens having radar guns..why don’t u educatute yourself a bit then you would learn that maybe that cop is on his way to help his friend or to help someone in need but ofcourse u don’t know what the hell the cop is doing u just assume because you’re mad that u got a ticket. boohoo you’re the one who is probably speeding on his way to burger king.

    I won’t waste my time in a forum again but I had to say something to some of the bitchy girls on this site.

  13. Mark Crater says:

    To Smart,
    You are incredibly biased & either work in law enforcement yourself or a close family member does. I am homeless and live in a car every night some cop come wakes me up (on quasi-private property such as a 24 hr store) and tells me it is against the law to sleep in a vehicle. That is blatant lie and said cop usually tells me to leave (no authority to do so, legally only the owner can make me leave, and if I refuse then the law is broken) I am tired of bullies hiding behind their badges, (I meet maybe 1 sympathetic decent law abiding cop in ten). On low ranking cops I often use psychology tricks and have broken some of these jerks down through nothing but articulate and well placed polite but powerful wording, I love it when I break them because they run away from me like the scared little cowards most of them are, I broke no law just fucked with their mind is all, it’s very fun. Homeless people commit less crime than the overall avg. and yet are way more likely to be victimized by crime. Cops are not doing their job by harrassing the homeless and are actually committing a misdemeanor and yes in NJ you can citizen arrest even a cop but he’s the one with gun so don’t bother. To all nice cops (I’ve met a few) thank U & no offense but to the rest bite me, I probably know more about the law than u do & if your IQ

  14. Anne Haight says:

    You’re homeless and live in your car, yet you have the time/ability to read blogs on the internet? Public library I assume? Why aren’t you out working?

    And depending on where you live, sleeping in your car might very well be illegal. I know it is in Santa Cruz, precisely because of problems with people who do it.

    A 24-hour store parking lot is private property. The owner of said store can have the police make you leave. Loitering and all that. I don’t know you personally, but from my limited experience dealing with homeless people, I don’t blame the cops for making you leave.

    The car-dwelling people I have dealt with were, without exception, dishonest, shiftless, and belligerent. At least half of them had some kind of alcohol or drug problem (sometimes too much of the wrong drugs, or not enough of the right kind).

    As for homeless people committing less crime than the overall average (and what does that mean, exactly?), you’re wrong about that, too.

    A study was conducted to gather information through self-report and from archival data on a sample of 125 homeless shelter users concerning both their criminal history and their current illegal activity. Interview data were gathered on prior arrests, incarceration history, illegal drug use, and current illegal sources of support. The results revealed a wide range of past and current criminal behavior: as many as 62.4% of the subjects had been arrested for illegal behavior, or admitted to earning current illegal income, and 44.3% of male respondents had a history of incarceration in jail or prison.

    So yeah. You can bite me.

  15. stacey says:

    I HATE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could I say this any more forcefully? Up untill 1 week ago today, I respected cops, beleived they were on the job to protect the innocent Blah, Blah, Blah Blah. Well, I have now seen the light. I used to be a pollyanna. Not anymore. I don’t trust any cop as far as I can throw them. I know several cops and actually have one pretty good friend who is a cop. Lets just say, I have no intentions of remaining friends with him or his family after this. Yes, I am probably unfairly grouping all cops into one group of pompous assholes. But, that is my perogotive. It’s called freedom of speech and is guranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
    Let me explain why I now hate all cops and have learned that most cops only take into account what THEY THINK is going on in a situation. Last Sunday I called 911 because my husband, who is a struggling alcoholic, was threatening to kill himself. I will also NEVER EVER call 911 again. I will figure out a way to handle any and all situations by myself. Well, when the cops finally got here they decided to turn this situation into Domestic Violence #3 (they counted by kids in this) and also slapped my husband with a Felony weapons charge. Now, before any of you jump to conclutions, let me explain further. My husband at no time threatened either verbally or by action to harm me or our kids. He never chambered a round. He never pointed any of the guns in any direction. He was going through our gun safe which contained all of our hunting rifles and shotguns. We are hunters. We own no hand guns. He did pull a couple of guns out of the safe with the barrel pointed up and the butt of the rifle perpendicular to the ground and he placed them along side of the gun safe. I never had any fear that he would harm either me or my kids. I have known this man for 15 years and have been dealing with his alcolholism for several years now and have never seen him in this state of mind ever before, either sobber or intoxicated.
    Anyway, the small town cops arrive and proceed to declare this situation a domestic violence situation. So far from the truth! My husband was threatening to take his own life and he would not listen to my pleas to calm down and reconsider what he was saying. Since when is it a crime to threaten verbally to take your own life? Since when is it a crime to own firearms? I know it isn’t yet, but give the liberal do-gooders enough time and unchallenged chance and they will outlaw all guns. But that is a whole other post. So, they handcuff my husband and haul his off to jail where he spends the night because it is a Sunday afternoon and he has to wait until Monday morning to go before a judge. Now, the judge beleives everything that is written in the incident report which I should say was incorrect on so many levels and most of what I reported to the cops was not included in the report. So, yes they did report what THEY THOUGHT the situation was as THEY THOUGHT it appeared. Anyway, my husband has been restricted from making any contact with my children or I until day after tomarrow (Tuesday) when he goes before the court for his E.D. The only good thing that has come from going through this HELL this week is that my husband checked himself into rehab this past Wednesday and is getting the help that he so desperately needs. During the past week I have found no one in any position of authority to listen to my side of the story and give any credibility to it. I might also add that my husband dosen’t even have a record of any sort, except for 4 speeding tickets over the past 15 years and none of them were even for Felony speed. The cops have NEVER been called to our house for anything, let alone a domestic situation.
    I have now nicknamed all of the cops in the agency here Barney (like in Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show). They are all on power trips. They all seem to have the mindset that they are GOD in any situation that they are called into. This whole insident has been a real eye opener for someone who has always thought and who has always told her children that cops are here to protect us and are out there getting the bad guys. WRONG!!!!!!!!!! I HATE COPS! COPS SUCK! COPS CAN KISS MY ASS! COPS CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES!

  16. Anne Haight says:

    I’m with the cops on this one, Stacey. The situation you describe was 1) illegal, and 2) indeed a danger to your family. It certainly does qualify as domestic violence. You are delusional to believe otherwise, and I would suggest that you are an enabler who is not able to see the problem objectively.

  17. Silver says:

    *Sigh* People must remember that cops are not perfect but they must follow orders, (they dont make the law, the GOVERNMENT does) if you have a problem with the law then I suggest you take it up with the them because cops cant change that, they just wanting to help people, I’m a cop in training and i WANT to help people. Everyone that hates cops on here hasen’t even made a good statement as to why they hate cops, all they do is cuss and call them names which isn’t very mature at all, then again I’ve seen many who aren’t. But seriously there job is hard enough, jsut leave them alone, they always make me feel safe because there are people out there that try to kill not only you, the people that you love and would you want that person to get away with what they done? I think not. Thank you for reading this, I’m not trying to argue I’m jsut stating the facts.

  18. Ace Cards says:

    To hate a person or thing is not benificial to anyone. My advice is to 1, never call 911 and handle your own problems. 2, if you have an ego adress the fact and eliminate it. 3, do not allow yourself to be provoked by meaningless name calling or other methods to offend. 4, mind your own business. 5, and lastly do not by your actions violate anothers rights and judge your fellow man with the same credo. Oh and learn to spell properly as I obviously have not done.

  19. chuck says:

    i hate cops also and this why they pulled me over and asked me questions and told me to shut the fuck up when i tried to answer them question isnt that a violation of my freedom of speech?

  20. WOW says:

    WOW this is ridiculous….I’d love the day to come when you need help. All these cop bashing comments are made by ignorant fools.

  21. CopKilla says:

    WOW you are The one show ignorant why do you cop loving ass wipes always kiss cop ass while attacking your fellow citizen for criticizing their actions…
    Please try to rethink your life…

  22. george says:

    i hate fucking cops and consider it the normal thing to do. theres already more than enuff predators in the world with out dumbass people creating more pain and suffering by making cops. as far as i am concerned there is absolutely no use whatsoever for these goddamned merciless sons of bitches running rampant everywhere with no other motive than to make peoples lives more miserable. i profoundly hate to advocate violence, but this shit has gone way to far and its time for decent minded people to unite in an all out war on cops, lawyers, judges, and any other bastard that is remotely connected to the so called criminal justice system, a system that dose what it says it dose and justifies these fucked up mindless goon criminal who make their living by going around fucking with decent peaceloving citizens.

  23. cartoonist george says:

    fuck you bastards. i wrote some kinda shit 3 times about how cops suck, and where the hell is it. you stupid fucks dident publish it. now i know it wasent any nobel prize winning literature or anything, but it was a least as good as the crap that all these other yahoos are yapping about, so, i liked your forum and then nothing…im outta here,assholes…

  24. Kyle Haight says:

    Apologies… I went longer than usual without going through the pending comments and approving the non-spam. No reflection on your writing, I just didn’t see any of your comments until about two minutes ago.

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