Bill Hobbs has created an archive of incidents concerning voter fraud or attempted voter fraud. He invites people to submit links to articles and blog entries concerning any such occurrances around the country. A permanent link will be posted in the right hand column here for future reference. If you have any stories, go over there and check it out.

4 Responses to “Voter Fraud: You Can Help Spot It”
  1. Oscar Cwajbaum says:

    The site would be more credible if it listed Republican *and* Democratic attempted voter fraud.

  2. Anne Haight says:

    Bill Hobbs doesn’t specify that he’s only looking for Democrat voter fraud, nor is there any implication of that in his post.

    One could suppose that the majority of Bill Hobbs’ readers are on the “right” side of the political spectrum, thus creating an innate bias in the self-reporting.

    It could also be concluded that those on the “left” are simply engaging in more fraud than those on the “right”.

    Also, the archive doesn’t have a lot of reports yet. Possibly as time goes on we’ll see more balance.

  3. Tom says:

    In his “five BIG questions that need to be answered”, Hobbs lists:
    * Are the supposedly “non-partisan” organizations seeking to register new voters actually focusing their voter registration efforts in a partisan manner – i.e., are they focusing the vast majority of their outreach efforts in communities, neighborhoods and districts that lean heavily Democratic?

    (Besides pointing out Democrats, I’d argue this isn’t vote fraud, it’s abuse of non-partisan status, which is a bit less heinous in my mind)

    OK, so that’s only one example. All the blogs he thanks for links are anti-Kerry, but that’s tangential. But if you scroll down the front page of his site below the announcement for the voter fraud site, three of the next six stories lead off with allegations of fraud by the left or by the Democratic party, and another two contain anti-left/anti-Democrat text if you follow the link.

    To me, the site appears to be oriented to expect left/Democrat vote fraud, and Oscar’s skepticism is reasonable. I’m not *denouncing* the site, because we haven’t seen it e.g. censor reports of right/Republican fraud, but there have been lots of claims of right/Republican vote suppression during the 14 days that the author has been collecting links, and the absence of any mention of those looks biased.

  4. AnnDee says:

    Watch the Mifflin Street Block party at U.W.Madison. They are busing students from other states to register for absentee voters.

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