A little over a week ago, I posted here about how a Bic pen can be used to open certain models of Kryptonite bike locks, and other locks that have a tubular lock design.

As it turns out, this type of tubular lock is used on a wide variety of products, including vending machines and gun safes. Concerned that his children might be able to get into his locked gun cabinet, one man decided to test a Bic pen on it:

“I used three different kinds of pens,” he said. “I need to be thorough. I’ve got three kids living in my house.”

After doing a little research on the Internet and reading about the flaw in the Kryptonite locks, the man went to a Staples store to buy a box of the Bic pens that were specifically cited as the break-in tool. He pulled the ink cartridge out of a pen and widened one end of the barrel slightly by scraping it with his pocket knife, just like a Web site instructed.

“I had run home for lunch and was in a hurry,” he said. “Within 30 seconds, I was into the safe with that pen.”

The manufacturer of the gun safe in question, Stack-On Products Co., had assured the man that the safe was secure, and the company boasts about the superior locking mechanisms that their locking tool and security cabinets have. Some of those cabinets use a tubular lock of the kind that can be opened with a Bic pen.

If you own a gun safe, or any kind of locking cabinet, check to see if it has a tubular lock design. If it does, contact the manufacturer and insist on redress such as a replacement cabinet with a different lock design, or a refund. Locking cabinets are often expensive precisely because they are supposed to be secure. If they are not, you’re being ripped off at the very least. In the worst case, a child could kill himself or someone else with a gun stolen from your collection.

2 Responses to “How Your Kids Can Open Your Gun Safe”
  1. Sigivald says:

    Well, worse comes to worse, especially if it’s mainly a children issue, you can bolt on a hasp and use a padlock.

    Unless, that is, you have a really expensive hardened safe.

  2. homer says:

    I bought a winchester rifle safe in a garage sale, where and who could supply me a key and combination replacement, i do have the serial #.

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