CBS has kinda sorta not really admitted that the memos might have been fake and that they were duped.

CBS said Monday that Burkett did in fact mislead a CBS News producer about the documents. The network acknowledged that, based upon subsequent reporting on questions about the documents, it cannot prove they are authentic and therefore, should not have been used in its “60 Minutes” report on Sept. 8.

Notice how CBS has fingered Bill Burkett (who was the leading suspect) as the one to blame in all of this. The network, and Dan Rather, admit no culpability at all. In fact, Rather “interviewed” Burkett and “reported” his conclusion that Burkett had duped them all.

Duped, my ass. I’ll let a farker (skylabdown) speak for me again:

I love how CBS claims to be the innocent party. Nevermind they practically broke the land speed record getting this story out on the airwaves without checking it completely.

So this is CBS’ angle, is it? Make Burkett (a well-known, vocal Bush-hater) the fall guy who pulled the wool down over the eyes of one of the largest media organizations in the world? How stupid do we have to be to swallow this? How stupid would CBS and Dan Rather have to be to actually fall for a ruse like that? As far as anyone can tell, they didn’t even bother to interview any of the people involved before airing the story.

The really telling aspect of all this is that I know and talk to a number of people in real life and online who usually rush to defend (or at least suggest plausible deniability) the liberals in situations like this.

Those people have all gone silent. All I hear is crickets. No one is willing to defend CBS or Dan Rather, because these memos are such obvious, pathetic, clumsy forgeries. And the network will not come clean about it. Dan Rather still has his job and the network is protecting him. This is disgusting and even the most gullible and stalwart of their defenders are nauseated by the stench of it.

Perhaps CBS believes it has weathered the storm. Time will pass, and the kerfuffle will die down. But CBS’ reputation has been destroyed, and they will eventually come to understand that they have no crediblity any longer. There have been rumblings that shareholders might actually sue the network for malfeasance. I certainly would in their position.

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