This article on synthetic diamond manufacturing is quite interesting. Cost-effective manmade diamonds are a sort of holy grail in the gem and the industrial markets. Diamond has a wide variety of industrial uses that can’t be ignored, not the least of which that they would make better microchip wafers than silicon due to much higher temperature tolerances. But up to this point it’s just too expensive to make chips that way.

That may change, however, due to innovations by Gemesis and Apollo Diamond. They plan to use the gem trade to bootstrap their semiconductor enterprises, and the high quality of their diamonds is making De Beers panic.

As one of Apollo’s employees was apparently warned, this is the kind of research that can get you a bullet in the head. Don’t think for a second that the diamond cartels don’t take this kind of threat extremely seriously, to the point that they would be willing to kill someone to stop it.

If this technology is successful, as I believe it will be, it will destroy the De Beers diamond monopoly and revolutionize the semiconductor industry.

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