I have a screen cap of this I will post later just to prove it’s real, but today I see a Fox News sidebar headline with a small lede that reads as follows:

Arafat Denies Gaza Crisis
Palestinian leader says Gaza in control; militants burn police station

Is this one of those matter/antimatter annihilation things you hear about on Star Trek? I wonder how long it will be before the left faces up to the fact that the Palestinian Civil War has begun.

Kyle adds: I’m not sure how you transition from a headline on Fox News to left-wing denial of the Palentinian Civil War. I agree that the left seems to be in denial, I just don’t see the Fox connection.

More seriously, though, if you think it’s bad there now wait until Arafat dies. Even now it’s still possible to maintain the fiction that Arafat has some legitimacy as the Palentinian leader. Once he’s gone, that goes out the window. The current conflict will likely escalate to a full-scale war of succession between the different factions, and there won’t be anybody with an even vaguely plausible claim to legitimacy until one group manages to decisively crush its rivals. It’s going to be bloody, and messy.

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  1. coool says:

    cool we are all dead

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