This is too goddamn funny. The UN has condemned the security fence that Israel is building, and Israel of course has told them to fuck off. But the EU (in both cases read “France”) just can’t stand it.

“The European Union is a very important international power and is going to play a role here, whether you like it or not,” European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Friday.

A general rule of thumb: If you have to point out that you are important, you’re not. I’m sure Israel is quaking in their boots. What’s the UN gonna do? Pass another resolution? Oh no, anything but that!

And what does the EU imagine its “role” to be here? Whinging? Flailing uselessly in an attempt to make the UN and the World Court look like they actually have any significance or power? There’s talk of “sanctions” against Israel to “force” them to comply with the UN directive to remove the fence.

Sorry to inform you folks at the UN, but America voted against your stupid little resolution and is Israel’s primary supporter. That in mind, I can’t imagine that any sort of boycott by the rest of the UN and/or European Union is really going to make any difference.

But go ahead. I have a comfortable chair and some popcorn. It’s entertaining.

Kyle adds: Like Anne, I’m doubtful that the EU will actually manage to come up with any serious sanctions to back their words against Israel. But if they do, it will be revealing in a different way. When it comes to dealing with things like the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda in the 1990s, or the current genocide in the Sudan, or nuclear seeking theocrats in Iran, or murderous dictators in Iraq, the EU never managed to pull their thumb out of their collective ass. Those situations apparently weren’t (or aren’t) major enough to spur them to the needed effort. But perhaps the EU views a bunch of Jews building a wall for self-defense as a significant enough threat to world peace that they’ll move beyond words into action.

There’s a concept in economics called “revealed preference”. The basic idea is that the true values of a person or organization are better reflected through actions than through words. It’s easy to say something that doesn’t reflect what you really think. But your actions reveal your true desires. If the EU manages to act against Israel, that would reveal something about their values and preferences, and it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

(Revealed preference is also behind one of the two funny economics jokes I know: Two economists are looking in the window of a car dealership. One economist says “I really want that car.” The other economist replies “Obviously not.” If you understand why that’s funny, you understand the concept of revealed preference.)

2 Responses to “The European Union: Attention Whore”
  1. Sigivald says:

    Well, I think the EU is probably Israel’s largest trading partner, but I doubt that will really override Israel’s security concerns, no matter how much the Brussels Bastards whine.

  2. TTK Ciar says:

    Note, also, that Israel has made a determined effort to make themselves self-sufficient in the production of a variety of goods. Sanctions might make them unhappy, but would never break them.

    — TTK

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