Is it just me, or is Gray Davis starting to sound like a petulant, whining child?

I read today in the news that Davis considers the recall election an “insult”. On further reading, he apparently means that it’s an insult to those who voted for him. But I think my instinctive reading of his remark — that he considers the recall a personal insult — is more on the mark.

When the recall mumblings started, he tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away.

Then he declared he would “fight like a Bengal tiger” and that the entire recall effort was a “hostile takeover by the right.” The latter statement makes him look silly. The former is sort of pointless, since it’s long past time for “fighting”. Whether he likes it or not, the recall effort got enough signatures and filed the right paperwork, and the election will be held, period.

The legal bid to have his own name added to the list of successor candidates is just wacky. Um, yeah. I’m gonna vote to recall him, then select him as the replacement. Whatever.

He’s also suing to delay the vote until the March primary, which isn’t surprising.

Kyle remarked this morning that the whole thing makes more sense if you assume that Gray Davis (and people like him in politics) view themselves as a sort of feudal lord, and his constituents as peasants. The peasants aren’t supposed to rise up and surround the castle with pitchforks and torches, calling for his head. They’re supposed to let themselves be herded to the polls every once in a while to put their stamp of approval on the chosen feudal lord, and then shut up. They’re supposed to stay in their place.

But the idea of holding politicians accountable after they get elected is apparently foreign to people like Davis.

There are even people who are calling the recall undemocratic. The Greens, for example, and yet they support “grass roots democracy”. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco, and a loathsome individual) actually said: “This is part of a national Republican agenda to achieve what they cannot win at the polls.”

Excuse me?

The recall election is at the polls. A certain number of signatures are required to put the recall on the ballot (just shy of 900,000), but once there, the voters must go to the polls and vote on it. The outcome is not a certainty, by any means. If the Democrats are so sure that the voters “at the polls” will support them again, why are they so worried?

The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m of a divided mind on the recall. I do despise Gray Davis and consider him to be a terrible governor who has gotten this state into a mess that’s so big it will be years before we fully realize its scope. But the cost of this recall election to the taxpayers is enormous, upwards of $66 million. And there is an argument to be made that the son of a bitch shouldn’t have been reelected in the first place, and that the voters deserve to reap the full harvest they have sown.

But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m just hoping that this carnivale lets everyone see, in the bright light of day, just how venal, arrogant, and out of touch Gray Davis and his ilk really are. That might be worth it.

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  1. Kyle Haight says:

    One quick comment on the cost of the recall. At one point the cost estimates for it were much lower. Then Davis did focus group polling which revealed that $60 million is the point at which public support for the recall begins to drop off due to cost concerns. After that focus group, every mention of the recall cost leaped over the magic $60 million line.

    In short, I suspect that the projected costs have more to do with Davis and his political survival than they do with the actual projected costs of the recall.

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