Doc Rampage has some important stuff to say about the terrorism, rape, and murder that’s going on — in the Sudan. Arab militiamen are waging all-out genocide on the black Muslims in their region. Women are raped to death. Entire villages are starved, tortured, or killed outright. Doc Rampage asks:

Where is the coverage? Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for resignations in the UN? Where are the damn photos? This is a true news story. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are suffering and dying from the deliberate depredations of a sadistic militia. The government of Sudan is either helping, or condoning. The UN is doing nothing more than registering mild objections.

Clearly the UN doesn’t care. They only care about maintaining the status quo where they get to live lavish lifestyles and take graft while being acclaimed the great hope of the world. Clearly the American news media doesn’t care. They only get riled up about atrocities (or minor abuse) when it can be used as a stick to beat a Republican president.

This stuff going on in the Sudan isn’t new. It’s an ongoing crisis in a country that only exists because the rest of the world recognizes its borders. It is a lawless, anarchist land with no government to speak of (and what there is, is military elite and Islamists), ruled by petty thugs and monsters like these militiamen. Islamic law is the law of the land. Sudan has been embroiled in civil war almost continuously since 1956, when it gained independence from the UK. War and famine have killed more than 2 million people since 1983, and rendered 4 million homeless.

So one must ask, what’s the United Nations been doing down there all this time? Twiddling their thumbs? That would be bad enough. But no, they’re stealing the money that comes through as humanitarian aid and lining their own pockets (and mansions and vacations and private planes) with it. As a result, millions of people who desperately need assistance are not getting it.

Go ahead and do the math there. Go on. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, UN corruption is directly murdering large numbers of people in the Sudan.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we kick the UN out of New York, and build them a brand new, shiny, HQ right in the middle of Khartoum. Let’s see how long they last when forced to confront the problems in the Sudan.

My guess is they won’t last long. Their building in Baghdad was bombed and they all scattered like spooked pigeons. In Khartoum they will either be hiding in a bomb shelter, or dead, inside of a year.

And what is the media talking about? How a few scumbag terrorists in Abu Graib had to stand around naked with bags on their heads and be humiliated because they were being “treated like women”. Oh the horror.

You know what? Fuck ’em. There are way more important things going on in the world than the humiliation and discomfort of a few terrorists being abused by a few American soldiers (who are going to all wind up in the stockade, and justly so, because we are Americans goddammit and we don’t act like that).

What matters? What sticks in my mind? Nick Berg having his neck sawed through while he’s conscious and aware, screaming. 27-year-old Zahara in the Sudan being raped until she died, while her husband was forced to watch. Islamists dancing in the streets on 9-11. Journalists who want to see us fail in Iraq, who want people to die if it means Bush won’t get reelected.

This is sick. Beyond obscene.

Vote November as if your life depends on it.

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  1. Mike says:

    “So one must ask, what’s the United Nations been doing down there all this time?”

    Did it ever occur to you that a more appropriate question to ask might be “Since it’s so bad in the Sudan, why aren’t all the ‘altruistic’ neo-cons clamoring for a ‘humanitarian’ war there?” Look, neither faction of the Republicrat Party gives two shits about people being killed if there’s no money or political capital to be made by stopping it. Clinton didn’t in Rwanda; Bush doesn’t in Sudan. The media are at best money-grubbing sensationalist whores who will ignore even the most important of stories unless it brings in advertising. I agree with you that the deafening silence on Sudan is far beyond obscene; it infuriates me that people refuse to learn from history, and the complicity of the mainstream media and the power elite is manifest. How many more times will we sit by and watch while genocide happens?

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