Like many skeptics, I have always been interested in natural explanations for UFO phenomena. I am open to the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation, but I’ve read about enough weird natural stuff that I believe natural explanations should be pursued first, and as rigorously as possible.

This film shot in Mexico by the Mexican Air Force was released recently. It is a very rare example of a governmental agency not only having shot the footage, but backing its existence as genuine (whatever the explanation behind it). This lends important credibility concerning the source and authenticity of the film.

I am certainly not an expert on film analysis, but this is some of the most intriguing footage I’ve seen in a while.

Apparently the objects were visible and filmed in infrared. It’s unclear whether they were visible to the naked eye, but if not then there is at least an implication of some kind of thermal phenomenon. The pilots stated that the objects surrounded and followed them during a routine patrol, and when chased responded to the jets’ attention. Only three of the objects observed were visible on radar.

I’ll be curious to see the results of any detailed digital enhancement and analysis of the images.

As to natural phenomena that might be responsible for this, I only have a few thoughts. I’m not a physicist or any kind of expert in atmospheric science. Ball lightning, while definitely peculiar, doesn’t behave the way this film shows. The UFOs seem to be very coordinated and they move in steady paths like aircraft. The lack of a radar signature could indicate some sort of energy presence rather than material, or something in a state of material flux, such as plasma (back to the ball lightning again).

I know of no weather phenomena that behave like this. One would suppose that any aircraft in the vicinity would be acknowledged by their government. As to spy craft, who wants to spy on the Mexican jungle? Can’t be that interesting. Such craft would be visible on radar unless stealthed, and currently I believe that only the United States has stealth technology. Even so, stealth craft are not invisible. They just have a very low profile. But if you sent spy planes out over Mexico, why would you send a bunch of them? Why not just one?

So I’m pretty stumped by this. If anyone has opinions, of course I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Sigivald says:

    Well, experimental airframes under test wouldn’t tend to be publicly acknowledged.

    On the other hand, they’re also very unlikely to surround or “play with” MAF aircraft, either.

    It is rather interesting that the “paired” arrangement doesn’t seem to change in the slideshow ( doesn’t seem to have the video online… and what kind of name is local6, anyway? Don’t they know that every market of any size has a “6”, and “local” isn’t helpful? Anyway.), and there are what look for all world like reflections below one of the sets of lights. (Though the latter could very easily be an artifact of the FLIR system or whatever IR imager they’re using.)

  2. Anne Haight says:

    Check the little righthand box that says “slideshow” on the Local6 website. At the bottom there is a small link to the video clip.

    I also considered reflections when reading the article and watching the video, but the pilots seem quite sure that they were seeing real objects in the sky. So camera or cockpit reflection doesn’t fully explain this.

    I agree that experimental aircraft could be the culprit, but 11 of them all in one place? And it seems like a strange place to test craft anyway — out over Mexico?

    Although, if some government, like the U.S. were to test such aircraft, that would be a better location than in our country. The rural people are less likely to be believed if they report a sighting, and the technology infrastructure there makes it unlikely that anyone would have a camera with them.

  3. Troy says:

    Careful not to limit your imagination of possible UFO material to that which is found on this planet. Obviously that means you’d need to consider substances of which you have no conception at all.

    Science is a tricky creature. We’re limited to applying only what we have discovered to a problem in hopes that it will result in a satisfying conclusion. You’ve also got to be careful not to imagine too much, or else you’ll transcend that fine line from science into religion.

  4. steve says:

    oh my dont bring Religion in to it eh ? yes heaven help us if they are carriages of God eh ? haha ….this film is superb proof of ufo craft not only in the skies of earth but more than just one visiting craft…these are formations of many craft…their behavior is akin to the german bomber units that flew over the english channel before world war2 commenced with the violent bombardment of England by Nazi Germany. You see. in the beginning it was necessary to do reconnaissance, and then N. Germany had to work on placing air bases along the coast of France near England along with personnel and guard units and anti aircraft gun placements etc..well you get the point don’t you ? –Derr
    UFO Researcher since 1991 / USA

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