There’s been a little dust-up in the news about the arrest of Michael Danton, who plays for the St. Louis Blues hockey team. Apparently he arranged to pay $10,000 for the murder of a “close acquaintance” who was staying in his apartment in Missouri.

What is interesting about this case is the number of small details that cause the reader to draw a rather different conclusion about what was really going on here.

…the National Hockey League player allegedly told Wolfmeyer [his girlfriend] that a hitman was traveling from his native Canada to kill him over a financial debt.

The “hitman” that Danton wanted dead turned out to be a roommate who had argued recently with Danton about Danton’s “promiscuity and use of alcohol,” according to the FBI. “Danton begged the acquaintance not to go to the General Manager of the St. Louis Blues … and ruin his career.”

Huh? Danton thinks that his Manager — or anybody, for that matter — would give a crap about a hockey player who has sex with lots of women and drinks booze? Since when? Danton’s not even married so it isn’t like it would be adultery (not that sports fans have seemed to care overly about that, either).

The hitman hired to kill the “hitman” was scared away when the roommate emerged from Danton’s apartment and said he was Danton’s father, officials said.

Ok, so we have established that this roommate is old enough to look plausibly like Danton’s father. Danton is 23, which makes this roommate about, what, mid- to late forties?

“Danton broke down and sobbed,” according to the criminal complaint. “Danton explained that he felt backed into a corner and also felt that the acquaintance was going to leave him … (and) therefore decided to have him murdered.”

We have an older “close acquaintance” with whom Danton had recently had a fight allegedly regarding something that no sane person would consider a career ender for a hockey player, and Danton sobbing when confronted and saying that he was afraid the guy would “leave him”.

I think the obvious conclusion to draw here is that this roommate was in fact Danton’s lover, that they had a fight about something, and that the threat the lover made was not to tell Danton’s manager about “promiscuity and use of alcohol” but in fact to go public with their gay relationship and damage Danton’s reputation as a macho hockey player with a girlfriend.

Personally I don’t have a problem with Danton being gay, or having a lover outside his age bracket, or any of that shit. But it’s curious that the news media seem to be bending over backwards to avoid drawing the obvious conclusion.

It’s a sad situation, to be sure, that Danton would feel so trapped that he would try to have the guy murdered. He was worried that his career would be ruined, and it is.

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  1. Yeah says:

    Yes I agree you are right the media blows.

  2. mellissa says:

    If he is gay its none of our business. i do not believe he is. The news says it has nothing do do with him gay or sexually involved with a guy. he is not those rumors are false that is what are sick twisted media wants to make money even if it isnt true. It is more differnt than that. Also what do these news people think who they are. they are a bunch of fuck*n liberals who lie to get what they want. Anways did you get that from CNN they are a bunch of liars and fat asses. I think it has something to do with his agent and I believe his agent is very manipulative. He moved from his family and changed his last name. Does that give you a clue that his agent told him to do it. Also his family is trying to reach him and he doesnt want to talk. Anyways how old is this alleged victim do you know. if he is over 30 he probably melested danton and that is why danton hired a hitman to kill the alleged victim.

  3. Cairo says:

    This article (from Reuters), is pretty comfortable suggesting a relationship between the men. And this article in the Winnipeg Sun includes comments of support from his team regardless of the nature of the relationship.

  4. T. Zimmerman says:

    Anne Haight, your connection of “small details” is bewildering. View reality at the following link.

  5. Anne Haight says:

    Yes, I am aware of Frost’s role in Danton’s life, although it was just after I posted to the blog that I began reading about it.

    Even so, I think the stuff about Frost just makes my conclusion even more plausible, and even weirder. It isn’t normal for a man to have that kind of intense, controlling relationship with teen and young adult boys, even in the capacity as a coach and a mentor.

  6. Raymond says:

    Why the hell would you censor the “i” in “fucking”?

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