Do Palestinian terrorists and their apologists really think they are fooling anyone anymore? Or are they just desperate?

RAMALLAH, West Bank — Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said Wednesday the peace process would be dead if the United States assures Israel it can keep some key West Bank settlement blocs and would not have to absorb Palestinian refugees.

First of all, who gives a shit what Arafat thinks?

Second, what peace process would that be, exactly? The one where terrorists make unreasonable demands that they know Israel will never agree to? The one where Hamas keeps blowing innocent people to bits? The one where smuggling tunnels are still being used to bring arms and supplies in from Egypt and Syria? The one where there has been absolutely zero actual effort to rein in the terrorist elements by the “government” of “Palestine”?

“The Palestinian leadership warns of the dangers of reaching such an accord, because it means clearly the complete end of the peace process,” the statement said.

Such crocodile tears, mourning the death of something they killed themselves.

The assurances would also lead to a “cycle of violence and end all the signed agreements” between the Palestinians and Israel, the statement said.

A “cycle” of violence? That sort of implies that there has been a lull or a cessation of some kind. Personally I’ve never been able to correlate the terrorist violence against Israel with any kind of “peace process” or other negotiations. It’s all pretty much one big long homicide bombing.

One Palestinian, identified as Ali Amar, 22, was killed when he was shot in the head by gunmen firing in the air, hospital officials said.

Killed by his own stupid side, in other words. What purpose this fact is intended to serve in the media, I’m not sure. That the gunmen wouldn’t have been firing into the air if it weren’t for “Israel aggression”?

Also Wednesday, about 3,000 Palestinian laborers refused to cross into the Erez industrial zone along the boundary between Gaza and Israel for the second day.

Workers say they were protesting what they called humiliating security checks, especially body searches.

Get used to it, otherwise don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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  1. Kyle Haight says:

    I disagree with one point you made here. The terrorist violence against Israel does correlate with the “peace process”. Before they got sucked into it in the 1990s there wasn’t as much terrorist violence.

    Also, apropos of nothing in particular, I read a week or so ago that something like 25% of the Palestinians are Christian. If the cause of Palestinian terrorist is the oppression of the Israeli occupation, that would imply that an equivalent percentage of homicide bombers should be Christian as well; after all they’re just as oppressed.

    I don’t have actual figures on hand, but I suspect that the percentage of Christian homicide bombers is a lot closer to 0% than 25%. Conclusion: explaining the terrorism requires causal factors beyond the occupation.

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