I keep telling you these people are repulsive and barbaric. Here’s another stage in their “giving kids nightmares” campaign.

Starting next month, Norfolk-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plans to hand out “Buckets of Blood” to children outside KFC restaurants and at schools near the restaurants. The buckets are part of PETA’s campaign against what it says are farming and slaughter abuses by KFC’s suppliers.

The 5-inch-tall, red-and-white striped containers mimic KFC’s buckets. But instead of fried chicken, each is filled with items including a bag of fake blood and bones, a bloodied plastic chicken and a cardboard caricature of a blood-spattered Colonel Sanders holding a butcher knife toward a terrified-looking chicken.

Labels on the bucket proclaim, “Shhh! The ‘secret recipe’ in this bucket of body parts is … cruelty” and “The Colonel’s secret recipe: live scalding, painful debeaking, crippled chickens.”

It is worth noting, however, that 9-11 has changed this country in more than just obvious ways. KFC’s comments included:

“We don’t comment on the corporate terrorist activities of PETA. They are corporate terrorists and just like the United States government, we will not negotiate with corporate terrorists.”

Excellent attitude. Unfortunately, this same KFC spokesperson goes on to say this:

“PETA has totally crossed the line of free speech and acceptable behavior”

Gotta disagree with you on the free speech thing. KFC might, however, be able to make a case for libel and defamation. It is certainly true that PETA’s actions are way beyond the bounds of acceptable from a cultural perspective.

This is cowardly, despicable behavior; traumatizing children when they are too young to understand or defend themselves intelligently. It cements a gut reaction of fear and horror before the child is able to process the truth or falsity of the accusation, and before the child has an established ego and strong self-identity.

The motive for this is simple. PETA knows that they cannot persuade adult, rational human beings. So they go straight for the babies. Get ’em while they’re young. Feed them lies and distortions, seasoned liberally with rabid hatred and good old fashioned mean-spiritedness. Bake at high pressure for 10 years. Serves: everyone within hearing range.

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  1. It Can't Rain All The Time... says:

    What a PITA.

    Via Haight Speech, PETA is at it again — […] PETA has created its own “Bloody Bucket,” spoofing KFC’s iconic corpse receptacle. Iconic corpse receptacle? You know, I hate to say it but that’s almost clever. I think &…

  2. mel says:

    Have you considered that children are already being lied to? Perhaps PETA is just trying to counteract damage that has already been done. Children are fed food from fast food restaurants everyday, yet they don’t know what is in the food. Again, they are unable to defend themselves against the horrible things they are eating. I have no eivdence that PETA actually gave these items to CHILDREN, and will admit that the image may be extreme for young people. However, it is better that people know the truth and make their own decisions. Perhaps by questioning the common notion that fast food is okay, PETA can get people to do a little research on their own, to develop their own conclusions.

  3. fish says:

    mel: Feigning ignorance of the design of the ad campaign, as well as that of previous campaigns, does not release PETA from their actions. Because their methods cannot persuade rational adults, they turn to scaring impressionable children. Small children are incapable of making responsible decisions about their dietary needs. I realize you feel that no one should be fed “horrible things” such as fast food, and that we animal-slaughterers that enjoy it are all going to die of some indeterminate, but obviously related cause, but that is not necessarily a viewpoint that has been proven or even hinted at as realistic by any credible source, especially when coupled with responsible dietary habits.

    The nutritional content of fast food isn’t what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about terrorizing children with pictures of Colonel Sanders as Jack the Ripper for no good reason.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No matter what the intention be, it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of. People do things every day with the “right intention”, and end up achieving a completely opposite result.

    If they want to teach children a lesson, the image of Col. Sanders covered in blood and holding a butcher knife is hardly the way to teach them. As a matter of fact, depending on the age of the child whose hands that winds up in, it will act more like an instructional image than anything else. Everyone knows, children learn what the see. If that package is handed out to children, anyone want to guess how many lawsuits get thrown at PETA for it? If you can sue a professional wrestler for showing a kid how to do a pile-driver, you can certainly sue PETA for giving your kid a picture of a man holding a butcher knife up to an animal!

    I, am not a vegetarian, however, I don’t support any cruel treatment to any animals. But I also don’t support slander and gossip. When there is PROOF that a particular restaurant obtains their meats from an organization that uses cruel methods with animals, I will boycott, but not just because PETA says so.

    I know one thing, if anyone hands that to my one of my kids, I’ll demonstrate the illustration on them!

  5. Linzi says:

    Right PETA are not barbaric!!! They are simply trying to improve living conditions for animals all over the world. Thats not barbaric its the oposite. They may not always get it right but lets face it who does. so yeah ok handing buckets of blood to kids isnt a good idea but so are a lot of things. Its impossible to protect kids from everything and i really do not think that most kids would be traumatized by these images as tbh theyve probebly seen far worse! Being 14 myself i can tell you that kids are much more capable of having an opinion as you seem to think. And the point made about PETA trying to turn kids vegetarian because they cant convince adults to turn vegetarian is just not true. And also if you go onto the PETA website you will find that it is not just PETA making acusations they have evidence which proves KFC treat their chickens cruely, which is up on the website for anyone who chosses to watch it.
    And just gotta say you really do underestimate kids.
    i am vegetarian and have been for 3 years. I turned vegetarian not because i was too young Or because i was not intelligent enough but because I believed it was wrong to eat animals.
    PETA are not brainwashing people they are simply presenting the facts. At the end of the day it is still your choice!

  6. Heidi says:

    All I have to say, is that the things that go on in the slaughterhouses in KFC are terrible. I already don’t eat meat, but if anybody say what really happens… I bet you would too. If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everybody would be a vegetarian. This coming from a very educated 12 year-old.

  7. Digital says:

    Fuck PETA.

    There are dozens of organizations out there that are doing good. REAL good for animals. This group of fanatics does little but PR stunts that would make the Westburo Baptist Church proud.

    This is nothing to do with me disliking animals, and everything to do with disliking an organization which is making fools of people. The money they are wasting could be going towards solving a lot of problems, and their well-meaning donors are only trying to help.

    Save animals, protect the world… keep both away from these lunitics.


  8. Digital says:

    also; http://www.consumerfreedom.com/article_detail.cfm/a/134-7-things-you-didnt-know-about-peta

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